Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lefty's are Brainwashed-Here's The Proof

I just commented on our Friend Sue's Blog   This is her original post:
Once again showing her unconditional  love for this President
I replied with this:

Imagine if a Republican created a health care bill that prevented a family member from being able to obtain a life saving drug. Well F--- Hope and Change because that's what is happening to my mother right now and according to the pharmacists it's because of the new health care law.
And she with this:
Blogger Sue said...
I don't believe that for a minute Lisa!!

What I will say is this, my husband was prescribed a pill for COPD that was not approved by the FDA, so he had to jump through hoops to get Medicare to pay for it, and they are! You are your Mom need to do some work, this HC law will not allow her to die without the meds she needs, I just don't believe you....

See she just won't believe anything that goes against her guy. Truth is the drug she has been on for afib through trial and error the doctor found one that works for her. problem is the drug companies aren't manufacturing the one she was on and according to the pharmacists it's due to the new Health Care Law.
They don't make the one that works for her in a Generic and the government is dictating to them they need to only try and sell generic.
I tried to explain that to her but I doubt she will publish the comment.
The economy is the worst since 1965. companies aren't hiring,our national debt is the highest it's ever been 1 in 10 compamies are dropping emlpoyee insurance and now we will have unintentional consequences thanks to this ridiculous health care law.
Does anyone have any suggestions about what to do regarding this medication?
I am really concerned about the Pradaxa she is on if she can't get that one. Because you can' just stop that cold turkey.



  1. I wouldn't give that ass hole the time of day!

  2. I am now in the process of contacting Canadian Drug Companies.

  3. Anyone that still truly supports this POS, meaning they think he is good for America, has sh*t for brains.

    Good Luck Lisa. Let's hope Canadia has gotten some 'altitude' back after flushing their health care system a couple decades ago.

    I know some executive types up there and they say if you have private insurance, you'll be OK. The folks feeding off the government system up there are F*d as a general rule.

    So, now Canadians get to pay for HC through a multitude of taxes and because that won't get them any, they must go out and pay privately. I personally believe oblabbercare will be 10 times more evil.

  4. Got that right kid it's already rearing its ugly head.It's crappy care for all but hey the 85% who already had it need to share unlike those evil people who passed this who wouldn't dare subject themselves or their families to the same system they want the rest of us to have.. My mom has 2 plans so insurance isn't the problem it's th government dictatorship.
    All the socialized health care systems are rationing big time and Obama wants to force that on us just so he can be the president who passed health care no matter how bad it will be. Yep it's always been about "him"

  5. Lisa, Worse comes to worse and then I say As long as they always call it obamacare.

    That might just electrify a couple brain cells over time. CLEAR! ;-)

    Good thoughts to your Mom. Really. I wish I knew more about the HC stuff, but unfortunately, I've been spoiled by not having to worry about it for so damn long.

  6. thanks kid. Looks like her doctor is going to prescribe something else. What she is on is Norpace 100 mg CR /her cardiologist tried many different ones and she felt the best with this one. But no matter how much the left defends this bill and this president,it's because of this bill she cannot get this medication and why the pharmaceutical companies are not manufacturing the drugs. This was not my words,this is what the pharmacist told me. And this is just the beginning. They throw out all the goodies like the sub prime mortgages only to lose your home when the bill comes due.
    She felt dizzy on all the others and was so happy to feel "normal" finally. And I feel bad for her because after all the trial and errors she was feeling good.
    What I am feeling now is exactly what I was fearing for our future. We have to take back the White House and the senate this Nov. It's crucial. If Obama wins he will go full force to bring us down even more.
    I am beyond disgusted.

  7. Good luck with the Canadian drug companies...something the media's not talked about is the deal Obama did with Pharma; remember when big Pharma was anti Obama Care and then, suddenly, all for it? My head spun, I remember that so clearly. I just read recently that Obama told Pharma that if they went along with him on the health bill, he'd make it harder for Americans to get cheaper drugs in Canada. Nice, eh?

    We will have less good drugs because the companies won't profit enough to be able to spend on R&R, either..the whole world should be worried about that but they're too into Obama to think about anything but LOVE :-)

    1. yes that is what the pharmacist told us Z about the profits and yes another thing the lefty's are afraid to admit that everything Bad under Bush is even better under Obama.
      The Canadian drug Co's cannot get it either. They are back ordered but we can't take a chance and wait so she has to go on something else. After over a year of experimenting with different drugs finally this one made her feel the best. It's such a violating feeling.

  8. So why was your mother denied the drug?

    You seem good at the name calling but deficient at explanation.

    Let us know. Or maybe we can give her The Full Ayn Rand. She can't pay, no medication. That's a fringe right dream.

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  10. it seems the left wingers can't read either. Nowhere fake Ducky does i say she was denied the drug.She's been on it for 4 months and they are not mfg it anymore. Get your head out of Obama's butt once in awhile and come up for the air the rest of us are breathing.

  11. Lisa, good luck. This situation is only going to get worse; I just read a few days back that some EMTs are resorting to using expired meds, figuring that it's better than nothing because they can't get certain drugs.

    HELLO, MSM?!? This country is facing an acute shortage of meds and there's nary a peep from Obama's lapdogs.

    1. crickets from the Media is right Brooke when it comes to their chosen guy. My mom's doctor just changed her prescription to another Norpace that isn't CR Controlled release which she would rather not have had to have done but it was the only choice. Thanks for stopping by

  12. Lisa, I wish you and your Mom Good luck.

    1. thank you MW. We are fortunate my mom is a very young 81.

  13. It's always fun watching the Obama- freaks, especially ass wipes like Sue trying to spin things.

  14. that's what is happening to my mother right now and according to the pharmacists it's because of the new health care law

    I absolutely believe you, Lisa, as this household had a similar situation, albeit not as serious as that of your mother!

    We went through HELL scheduling my husband's cataract surgery in June. Why? Because of ObamaCare regulations that took effect on January 1, 2012.

  15. thanks for that AOW . Looking forward to the day when like the UK,we have to wait till totally blind in one eye before being able to have cataract surgery.
    Make sure you brush and floss!

  16. Sorry Darth had to delete that last comment. I don't want to be accused of condoning name calling. Well maybe some name calling.