Tuesday, February 5, 2013



  1. On yeah! So your dumb ASS cartoon is supposed to make things right! Laughing my black ass off.
    Just how stupid do you think we are because we are not whites.I find this fruitless and immature.
    You're truly pathetic. Make sure you tell your white child the following!
    Who slaughtered millions of Native American Indians?
    Who enslaved millions and millions of Negros and West Indians?
    Who has made war with every nation on the face of the earth?
    Who maliciously hunts animals and sometimes even people?
    Who consistently destroys the earth by polluting its natural resources?
    Who puts on Hoods and robes to hies themselves while they commit these acts of violence against their fellow men ?
    There isn't a superior race of people here on earth, you people only think that way.
    And by the way, Adolf Hitler was WHITE!
    The answer to each and every one of these questions is obvious

    1. And by the way, Adolf Hitler was WHITE

      wow really? And Idi Amin was Black.
      you really need to stop living in the past.In case you haven't noticed the shackles came off awhile ago.Maybe you should unshackle your brain so you can go trough life without all that hate and anger you carry around with you.

      Who enslaved millions and millions of Negro's and West Indians?
      who loaded them on boats and sent them here?

      FYI many countries had slaves,even white slaves.
      If your so concerned about it you should take that anger and use it against countries who are in the child sex slave business. You can't change history but you can help change the present.

  2. I truly think that American White’s are afraid of this intelligent black man who has not only won the election of President of the USA once, but twice. And that this country has made history and that’s the reason for all this racism,. It because of JEALOUSY, cuz American white folks LOST and the Black folks won. And a intelligent black man is now the worlds leader. . If this offends anybody sorry, but your gonna have to deal with it or leave the country.... period. No other choice. We needed a change in how politics are ran and how this country is governed, and we have it now, and you losers just can’t deal with it, so screw yourselves and write all this crap that you want to, WE STILL HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT HERE IN AMERICA, nothing you can do or say is going to change that! .
    YOU pussies you really are pathetic,especially that Albino Radical Redneck. Ha, ha, ha....

  3. blah blah blah. Yeah we see all the "changes" going on.
    Knock out Game ,Flash Mobs, cop killings. More people living in poverty. Triple gas prices oh but wait the dems aren't done yet with climate change. They want gas prices even higher. You don't care what he does as long as he is black an he is a democrat you will always make him walk on water.

  4. Hey Shackled Brain,did you know that the ex cop killing the people in CA is a big Obama
    supporter. You're such a loser it's not even funny.

  5. Hey Courtney, why do you worship the Osamas so much?

    Did they get married by the same witch doctor as your parants?

  6. who the heck is this Courtney that you keep calling me?

    Radical Redneck, y'all are dumb, Y'all are white trash. Y'all just want to judge all Black people, y'all make fools of yourselves as well. Y'all are ignorant, and I don't even know why I'm wasting my time.
    I have been saying one thing for years that if Y'all vote Republican you are either stupid or evil or both. Y'all are
    a honky, whitey, cracker, redneck, southern, asswipe hillbilly redneck idiot, ... Y'all are too stupid to recognize the facts.

  7. So Lisa we have a racist, bigoted black-hating troll named Radical Redneck that YOU call your friend! And they have the galls to call themselves “Patriots”. You are not “Patriots”You never were. You are nothing but sick, demented, and hateful racists that can’t stand that a black man is President of the United States of America. That facts are obvious. Obama is NOT subservient when dealing with other world leaders. Not sure where you guys get this. By stating that Obama is not an American 'at heart' you demonstrate profound ignorance. Face it, you tea baggers are still upset that a smart well educated black man won the election. So even if Obama is a Muslim is a bad thing? Even though his not a Muslim, there is such a thing called Freedom of religion… Obama is not a Muslim. George W Bush also said good things about Islam. I don’t remember anyone accusing Bush of being a Muslim. Maybe I’m Muslim because I respect the good people that practice Islam, and allow them their beliefs. This isn’t proof of anything except his family history and respect for others.

    Thanks for proving my point, you disgusting, disgraceful sack of s-h-i-t! You are sick-in the head piece of shit . Get out of my country you Un-American slimeball!
    Wow, you must hate America an awful lot for electing a black president to feel the need to spread such lies about our freely elected president. Your idol Hitler must be mighty proud of you!

  8. As usual the shithead called Radical Redneck has resorted to racist name-calling! "Michelle(Moochelle, etc) is posting the image of the First Lady as a Ape or something like that!She's only done what every other First Lady's have done. Sheesh. You won't racists stop at nothing.!
    Lisa, your disgusting readers are pathetic! You stupid ignorant Racist Republicans make me sick

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  11. Another stupid racist comment by the Question Jerk, who has been spreading his filthy racist remarks all over the blogisphere ..
    This pathetic idiot thinks that every black with conservative morals and ideas is a Uncle Tom? But he idolizes every dumb uneducated moron in the street that knows how to break dance, because he happens to be black. He complains about rich people, but never seems to bitch about the rich black people like that racist Oprah Winfrey, or those thugs who make millions by throwing a ball into a hoop.

    Why do blacks think that rappers are so cool, when they stick gold allover themselves, in their noses, in their tongues, in their bellybuttons etc. like a goldmine, but hate conservatives because they love the good thinks about America? How come all the gangsta’s that get thrown in jail for carrying guns are black?

    1. Well Shaun what has happened in our society with the help of the president is that those who pull the cart are made out to be pond scum and the ones who take the free ride in the cart are the ones he puts up on a pedestal. All of a sudden those non producing,non contributing bottom sucking members of society is what he thinks we should build our country around. It's such bassackwards thinking.