Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Race Baiting Racists at MSNBC are at it Already and Again

Don't they ever get tired of their phony outrage?



  1. I hate to say it, but we are living in a very violent world living in republican areas we need to be EXTRA vigilant, ditto those in interracial relationships. NEVER underestimate the capacity for a fanatic to resort to violence, especially when they feel their way of life is threatened. Like Ted Nugent the radical righties are freaking out and removing all doubt that they are extremely racist people
    You’re not going to change these people. But you have to keep an eye them, but don’t let them get to you.

  2. you are so delusional QM. Maybe you don't care about the president's hateful background,but some people refuse to put their fingers in their ear while crying nah,nah,nah,nah,nah

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  4. Obama is NOT a crazy white-hating communist, like that illiterate, racist, lying POS a-hole, mentally damaged black-hating, Klansman Radical Redneck says. Obama is not an America-hating marxist. You’re a retarded racist, who actually believes Obama is a Muslim and you need to get your head examined, you disgusting bigoted A-hole.
    You lost in 2008, and you lost again in 2012. And a now a BLACK MAN is your President. You’re not going to find a magic document that undoes the fact that he wiped the floor with Grandpa McCain and Secessionist Sarah. And then again he wiped the floor with that lying dumbass Romney, and his side kick Ryan so GET OVER IT.
    Would you rather we call it what it really is, RACISM ! All of the evidence that Obama isn’t a citizen is imaginary. He has a Hawaiian birth certificate, the state of Hawaii has confirmed its authenticity. That is pretty conclusive. In order to maintain your delusion that he can’t really be president you have to resort to some pretty far-fetched conspiracy theories. Of course your kind thinks no conspiracy theory is too far-fetched if confirms what you want to believe. But you will never accept the obvious, that he IS a citizen, but you will keep on adding more elaborate conspiracies every time your view is disproved.
    If he was such a bad president then he would have lost, but he didn’t! Maybe you really have just lost your mind over the idea of a black President, and a beautiful First Lady.
    Maybe you ask why do I go bother to go through all this crap? Because I love to rub it in to your illiterate, racist, lying, brain. Yes OBAMA WON TWICE! So all of your lies and slander is meaningless now. ALL you RACIST RIGHTIES have left is your cheap Character Assassination.

    1. Don't you have a "Knock Out" game to attend