Friday, November 8, 2013

The President's Checked off To Do List

✔Cancel the paid-up insurance of 15,000,000 to give free healthcare to a different 15,000,000.
✔End sanctions to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons.
✔Make Saudi Arabia so nervous they buy nuclear weapons from Pakistan.
✔Throw Israel under the bus.......
✔Spy on every friend, ally and citizen to make them angry and afraid.
✔Invest billions in bankrupt green companies to stop global warming that had already stopped.
✔Double the National Debt.
✔Force Americans to buy insurance products from companies that are forced to sell them.
And that's just page one


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  2. Hee, hee, hee, stupid people say stupid things.

  3. Nice list, I'd add - Steal as much money as possible as fast as possible.

    Watch how fast the private insurers go out of business and single payer becomes a reality. Then watch things go to hell. And the kids aren't going to buy insurance. Most of them don't even have enough in 'tax refunds' for the IRS to confiscate 'the fine'. They'll still be laughing all the way to the ER when they get the sniffles. The best laid plans of imbecile libtards will be on display center stage the next few years.

    1. they don't care how they get to their goal as long as they get there They really are immature children Kid

    2. Very immature Lisa, AND Fascist. Many more are recognizing that fact I'm glad to report from my reading.

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  5. We can add a lot more to that list. Sickening.

    1. that's for sure Leticia. It does say that's just page one. I can't believe where we are.

  6. Kid: Watch how fast the private insurers go out of business and single payer becomes a reality.

    I wish. But why would the go out of business when the law mandates that they get a lot more customers? That you would think more customers and more profits would drive them out of business really makes no sense at all.

    1. Dervish, a respectful question is met with a respectful answer.

      In the opinion of many, obamacare was meant all along to put the private insurers out of business so that all that money could be re-routed through DC. And stolen, misused etc. The government has kicked the can down the road too far and is out of options. I will ask you to reflect on that last sentence.
      In fact they won't get a lot more customers.

      Picture yourself a healthy young person. Are you going to pay a large amount of money for something you really don't feel you need or pay the fine, which you only pay if you have a net IRS refund greater than the fine?

      I wouldn't. And this is why the private insurers will crash and burn. Projected revenue won't materialize and costs (pre-condition folks and other examples will escalate and capitalize on the insurers.

      In addition, many companies, small business and otherwise will choose to kick their employees to the HC curb (government HC) and pay the fine as it will be Way cheaper for them to do that, and in many cases, this is not motivated by greed, but by a way to say in business and keep their current employees working and receiving a paycheck. Motivation is too keep people employed and stay in business.

      Offered in honesty without political motivation as I don't think we even have a 2 party system anymore. The repubs are useless so I don't speak politically, I speak Conservatively. The concept that has created a country and economic system that has lasted longer than any other in the history of the world.

      Best to ya.

      See both sides. Always see both sides. You may not agree, but understand the other side.

    2. The article you link to is inaccurate. I've heard about the spin being applied to trick people. The cost is stated without taking a subsidy into consideration. A plan picked by the insurance company is cited when cheaper plans are available through the exchange. The plans being cancelled are crap and the only reason the people paying for them are "happy" with them is because they have never used them. If they did they would find out they were crap.

      Then there is also the fact that costs in states where Republican governors are not cooperating are rising while costs where the governor cooperates are going down. And young "healthy" people can get sick or be injured in an accident.

      So, no, I do not agree with your side. And I am pretty sure you are wrong... although I do hope you are right. The health insurance companies put out of business would be a good thing :) They are the ones stealing and misusing our money. SINGLE PAYER!

      btw, WHY do you put so much trust in rich a-holes who are only out to make a buck and none in our elected officials whose job it is to help us and aren't in it for the profit? I honestly do not get it.

    3. Well, I know the 100 to 1800 is a little extreme, nevertheless. The situation is people, especially young peole, don't need anything other than Major medical. Break a leg, hit by car, etc. They don't get sick and they don't need presecirption coverage, etc like older people do, So are you saying the plan is crap becuase they'd have to pay their own doctor checkup bills and prescription prices? They don't need them and don't use them

      I never saw a doctor between the ages of 18 and 46. Didn't need to. So, yea give me a plan that covers extreme events.

      Anyway, Here is the main problem with your analysis " none in our elected officials whose job it is to help us and aren't in it for the profit"

      They don't give a damn about you. They spend most of their time stealing money and point to the rich people to give you an outlet for your anger. It's called misdirection. Don't believe you're being informed by the media either. Bedtime stories is all you're gonna get.

      Life is hard friend. It won't come blasting out to you through your TV as you sit on the couch watching.

      Rich A-holes? Tell me what in your life you value. house, car, clothes, energy, entertainment devices, you name it. It all came from rich a-holes as you put it. What do you really get from the government ? Federal in particular. Local government actually does provide things.

      Here's a good vid - you won't buy it but file it away somewhere and wonder about it as the decades roll on.

      Here it is And there is a longer version out there but this is pretty well it.

      Good luck.

    4. Dervish, some housekeeping.....
      There are 2 kinds of rich. The business owners. OK. The rich * on wall street like the Goldman Sachs people Not Ok. They don't provide anything of value. They harvest money from us. That's their sole purpose in life.

      The mutual funds take your 100,000 in 401K money and in 40 years give you back a million and make you thinhk you actually got something. You didn't. You didn't even stay even wiht the inflation that stole your money. (Tho it's better than putting a dollar in a box and finding out it's only worth 20 cents when you retire and pull it out.

      Here's obamacare in two sentences, and why it was created

      - a new revenue source for the federal government
      - a way for the federal government to CONTROL the population.
      Don't want to play along wiht uncle Sammie? You might not get the HC you need, or more likely, You'll have to pay more for it because, your BMI is too high, have a gun in your house to protect yourself from vermin that they can't- or you smoke, or got caught without your seatbelt once. You'll get to pay a lot more.

      I know you think that's tin foil hat stuff but watch how it comes down over the next 5-10-15 years.

  7. Kid: Tell me what in your life you value. house, car, clothes, energy, entertainment devices, you name it. It all came from rich a-holes as you put it.

    I didn't get any of those things from rich people. Some was made by workers here in the US while many of those items were made by workers overseas. Rich leeches profited from their labor, but these things did not come from them, they came from the workers.

    As for the misdirection you speak of, I'd say it is working in the opposite direction... the Republican politicians praise the rich "job creators" and tell people who identify as "conservative" that the rich people are to be thanked for all that we have... but they are actually just leeches profiting off the labor of the workers... underpaying them and taking most of the profit for themselves.

    1. DS, yea I didn't expect anything else. Here it is. The politicians Profit beyond belief and do nothing but abuse and disrespect the population.

      ie. michele obama's friend gets a no bid contract to create a website for 650 million ++ hidden money that was logged to other budget categories - that neither works or is secure after 3 years. My boss and I created the website at work in the same time frame. It has much more functionality -is secure - and if we'd had done it as private contractors, we'd be beside ourselves to have charged 50 million. So, is this one of the rich aholes you despise too? Your feelings and beliefs are full of contradictions.

      This isn't even the flea sitting on the tip of the iceberg. This goes on all day every day. Billions/Trillions of dollars. The Federal Reserve printed up 43 trillion to give to the banks so they could have a do over. Politicians resist any of that? No offense, but there is so much you don't know, that's mind boggling in itself. Who gets to pay for that? You do and your descendents. In higher taxes, Inflation that thief a lot of people don't know anything about and through devaluation of the middle class. It will cease to exist.

      I don't know who you think is going to keep store shelves stocked with all the stuff you need when you put the rich aholes out of business. the government? Please. go check out how that worked out for Russia.

      The politicians shit on you all day and that you don't see any of that is mind boggling to me. The local public union 'workers' steal you blind and simply raise taxes when they want to steal more.
      You have no choice about it.

      Capitalism isn't perfect but it beats the crap out of any other system. If you try to keep an open mind and Do Some Research along the way, you'll come to learn this.

      Consider this. I've been where you are. A liberal. I found it to be a lie and a dead end fullof fairy tales.. So, I have the advantage of knowing what you speak. You on the other hand have not been where I am. Wiser with years of life experience. Consider that. Cordially.

      I'm going to consider the conversation closed because we're beating a dead horse now.

  8. DS, Here's an interesting item actually. Among the American population only 1% are millionaires, yet in Congress, (Senate and House) - the ones you adore - 50% are millionaires, and the majority of those are democrats. Food for thought.

  9. hey DS, here are your politicians 'taking care of you'. They don't even read the bills. Worse yet, they don't write them either. Guess who does. Those rich aholes you talk about. Congress hasn't written tax law for 4 decades or more.