Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Of course they fear all conservatives but black conservatives more because they don't need white liberals to speak for them.


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    1. Who does what to whom? Sorry. I don't understand what you mean.

    2. Thanks FT I didn't get that either

  2. Can't argue against that.

    To your typical Marxist-Liberal-Progressive a Negro Conservative is not really a Negro. He's not even "black," the term they'd prefer "us' to use, which is why I stick with "Negro." "Negro" was never intended as a "slur," and it ISN'T. "they" (liberals) just want to cintrol the language, because it gives them a big advantage.

    DON'T give in to them.

    PS: I won/der if Conservative Women are not considered 'true females" by the Feminazis? Or conservative homosexuals not seen as "real" human beings?

    Nothing and No One is crazier than Marxist-Liberal-Progressives -- even if they do mean well.

    1. They mean so well that they have to change the meaning of everything while trying.

  3. Great post liza, Like you, I'm sick and tired of slave movies and movies showing us a subservient. I'd rather stay focused on the greatness moments in our history, like the Great Hillary Clinton Lying her Fat Ass off about not being responsible for the 4 dead Americans in Benghazi...

    1. They sure like to dredge up the past for the wrong reasons. They ruin everything. Like when Katrina happened. The left and the media politicized it and caused division like they always do

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  5. Paying women, (not just black) to pop kids out like pieces of toast is one of the most serious problems today followed closely by federal 'education'.

    An intelligent population will rid itself of all the other evils.

    1. It is a terribly serious problem kid I agree and it has caused a dumbed down population

  6. Great stuff here Lisa, I have to say that t his is the blog to go to ....Daily.

    It has the best Politics , Humor, Information, Cartoons and , it features the best daily gossip as well if that's your thing.. Thanks Lisa, Keep it going

    1. thanks ARRRGHHHH but I know you aren't being serious

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    1. Oh Lord but she is soooooo beautiful don't you know.

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  9. Did you ever read such CRAP like this before in your life?
    Written by the Pussy known as Dervish Sanders

    A Thank You To The Amazing Octopus

    Does the Amazing Octo wear a skin tight leotard with a large "O" emblazoned on the chest (or perhaps the picture of an octopus)? Is there a large billowing cape attached to his shoulders? If Octo does not wear such a costume... the proprietor of this blog indubitably believes he should.

    Octopus is the highly-principled and moral blogger who springs into action whenever discord in blogostan threatens the peace. Once in awhile an outlier infiltrates the ranks of those who only seek peace and harmony among all, even those with differing political ideologies, and when that happens Octo can be relied upon to take the offender to task.

    Affiliations with opposing political groups do not mean a person is necessarily bad and therefore unworthy of civil and humane treatment, the sage cephalopod counsels... and all rational individuals who are able to act like grown ups and not big babies agree.

    The outliers who do not represent the values of Octo (or those of his friends and associates) should be ignored. "Do not respond to them. Do not call attention to their blogs, visit them, or read the posts and comments therein – even out of curiosity", the noble and prodigiously virtuous creator of the Swash Zone instructs.

    And those who are wise like Octo agree and hold fast to this credo. Those who violate it will find themselves justly and righteously admonished and shunned. That is why LLIN had to be closed and must remain closed. The proprietor mocked and chagrined the stunningly marvelous and exemplary octopod who is beyond reproach.

  10. And to add to that Gallant " Let's continue to bow to our king Barrack Obama,our Lord and Savior"

  11. I agree it is total crap,but then again they can't help themselves as they have all been schooled in the Marxist intellect school of thought. I prefer to call it Manchurian school of thought

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  13. Talking about Lying Lester, makes me think about that Jerk-off liberal ass-kisser Libertarian, National USA Guy........
    Libertarians are idiots! Why? Because they wrongfully believe we are all responsible individuals, who would cherish our unfettered liberty and freedom and do the right thing, but we know this isn't true of human nature. They will say, we should just legalize all drugs... okay, what are you going to do with 100 million opium addicts? Most Libertarians than I’ve come in contact with are very naïve and misguided. When school buses go careening off the road into ravines, because the driver was stoned, and kill a bunch of kids, how are you going to respond to those families?
    Not to mention that many Libertarians are White "Nationalist" Supremacists, and many of them are anti-Semitic. I read somewhere and I would agrre that Libertarianism = Assholism.. They only want less government in order fulfill their sick plans to disenfranchise or kill non-whites.
    Libertarians will say, what could possibly be wrong with allowing people to do drugs in their own homes? Well Duh! Societies need some sort of constraint, something that resemblances law and order and moral boundries. Libertarians are idiots because they wrongfully believe that people are able to govern themselves. They want us to live in THEIR idea of society, whether we want that or not, and do away with the Government dictating what we should and shouldn’t do. It’s like taking us back to the days of the caveman! They are walking oxymorons, with an accent on morons. .
    How many billions of people will need to be slaughtered by a tyrant ruler, before our moral obligations kick in? Like all liberals, the libertarians haven't though this through completely, they just want us to live in THEIR idea of society, whether we want that or not, In other words, they don’t give a crap about the laws of society. They only want things to be their way period.

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  15. Good point Lisa..
    Here’s some more on the subject of that blog.
    “Octo was not pleased with this blog. In fact it rather offended his moral sensibilities. And, given that Octo is a blogger well known for having the highest integrity I have no choice but to bow to his wishes.
    I do recognize that Octo, being both highly-principled and incredibly moral, knows more about these things than an individual who views greed as a virtue does. Simply put - I don't understand how this blog so offends - but I absolutely take Octo's word that it does.
    And therefore the blog MUST be closed. Not because of any "demands", but because I acknowledge Octo's authority in the matter of violations of "all standards of civility and decorum" and as well as Octo's authoritative determination that this blog crossed a boundary and turned "petty and abusive and ugly".


    Tell me, don’t this make you want to PUKE!
    BTW, just incase you folks don’t know who “Octo” is, he’s one of the members who writes that trash on the Progressive Eruptions blog, Where the propaganda flows like the slop in a cesspool, or in a pigsty. And where they DENY that Obama and Hillary were responsible for Benghazi. And that it WAS a video that caused the attack the American ambassador in Libya who was raped and murdered during an attack on the U.S. Consulate and his crew, and ultimately Murdered them. And they actually think that Obama is “truthful”
    It’s a slippery slope from that blog to the disgusting cesspools, but it is what it is!

    These people have prompted me to think that progressives have a real problem. problem. Unlike the Tea Party, most left wingers don’t really believe their own ideology. They put partisanship first, or they put the color of a candidate’s skin or the shape of their genitals over the candidate’s policy, no matter what the candidate’s policy may be. And I’m afraid it’s not a very funny one, it is on people who thought “progressive blogging” was a movement..Why does this matter? Because we have “Zombies” also know as “Progressives and Libertarians” occupying the voting machines, and electing these inept, unqualified and worse people in to high office. And that my friends is very serious.
    Look at this insane post written on a progress/liberal blog
    Brought To You By These Crazed Sociologist, progress, Idiots who are voting for their Marxist/ Messiah.
    Ugh. What a pile of shit.. Be careful what you wish for and all that.
    To make my point, look at this

    It Kinda Scares Me That Octopus Might Not Approve

    Yesterday I, Lying Lester, published a commentary titled "The Affordable Care Act Stinks". And while, before getting to my thoughts on the issue, I first reaffirmed the fact that this blog is closing (at Octo's request), it does occur to me in retrospect that Octo might object to the content.

    I was not sure exactly what it was that he objected to in the first place, but to be certain this last post had some actual content (my thoughts on one of the political issues of the day). It was not me talking about shutting down this blog or praising Octo (all praise that he deserves and which I stand by, for the record).

    But the last time I published a post containing political commentary Octo reprimanded me and told me to shut down this blog. At first I did not agree about closing it, but when Octo got that news he just about blew a gasket.


  17. What a load of horse shit., this guy Dervish Sanders is.. First of all, I have to say right up front that I completely disagree with the notion that all men are created equal. First of all, these people are NOT Idiots as you say, the only Idiots here are YOU and the Ass-Hole blogger known as (O)CT(O)PUS...

    Most children are not born to be radical Leftist, they become that way because of the CRAZY Leftist Idiotic, Sick Parents. And are likely to become ignorant, non-thinking, half-assed Progressives through the years.

  18. So folks those of you that voted for Obama... while most of you won't admit it here is why you voted for him...
    You couldn't vote for him because he was experienced. EVERYONE agrees with the fact he was the LEAST executive experienced President in history.
    You couldn't vote for him because YOU didn't know much about his past.
    So in that voting booth the ONLY reason you pulled the lever for Obama was because he was black AND you could not conceive voting against him because he was black!

    I and millions of evidently less guilty people DIDN'T vote for him because of his color.
    We didn't vote for him because he had NOT one executive experience...never was a governor, never ran a business.. NEVER knew how to hire and administer people!
    We didn't vote for him because Obama was black.. it was because he wasn't competent.

    BUT the majority of whites that did vote for Obama did so simply out of ignorance of his incompetence and because they knew nothing about him other then he was
    black that if they voted against because of that only reason.. they would be and correctly so RACIST!

    I and 9% of the blacks in this country in 2008 and 13% blacks in 2012 didn't vote for Obama because he was black nor should have the majority of white voters.
    Why would 9% of the blacks in 2008 and 13% in 2012 vote against Obama.. because he was black????
    It really amazes me how much HATE mail I am getting from Liberals and Progressives who are calling me a Racist because I have a mind and I thought about what I think is best for our Country and voted with my Conscious rather than being a person who just votes for a Black Man, or a Woman voting for a Woman, because they are Black or female! ... Or a Liberal voting for the Most Liberal person who ends up being just like all the centrists and who's ONLY Change is to bring back more of the same! The Obummer ONLY says what the crowd he is talking to wants to hear and then goes to another group is exactly like that ! He is a Liar and the proof is all the bad policies that he has tried to put fourth and has failed in. And Hillary Right hand Stooge and all the other people who are spewing his rhetoric and end up dividing the country more by their expressing their hate towards the Right! The day Liberals see the Truth, they will become Republicans!!!

  19. If you are a member of the 47% of the US population who actually DON'T pay any income taxes, that are due today.


  20. With eight months till the November elections, It’s starting to seem like the Conservatives are on the War Path, making fun of us Liberals and the Obama administration, like it’s New Years Eve.
    Want to see the rabid right wing of the Republican party squirm?
    Just call them what they are: racists.
    Nothing makes an ultra-conservative more nervous because while they scream and moan that they aren’t bigots who hate blacks, other minorities, homosexuals and anyone else who doesn’t fit their lilly-white view of the world, they know down deep that racism drives their narrow focus view of the world and guides just about everything they do.

    And with a black President residing at 160o Pennsylvania, their racism is in full bloom. It drives not only everything the party’s hatred of everything that Barack Obama wants to do but also feeds their opposition to immigration and fuels their steadfast hatred of anything that is not fat, rich and white..
    The Great Baseball Hall of Famer Hank Aaron offered up a good description of Republicans recently when he compared GOP opposition to Obama to actions of the Ku Klux Klan.
    Sure, this country has a black president, but when you look at a black president, President Obama is left with his foot stuck in the mud from all the Republicans with the way he’s treated,” Aaron said in an interview with USA Today. “The bigger difference is that back then they had hoods. Now they have neckties and starched shirts.”
    Unfortunate but true. Earlier, former Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi fueled the debate by noting that “race has something to do with the fact that (Republicans) are not bringing up an immigration bill.”
    Recent racism is more apparent within the GOP and drives much of the agenda controlled by the right-wing of the party. The Republicans’ tea party elements are also driven by racism. As a reporter and photographer, I often find racist themes on posters and signs waved by tea party members.
    Racism is repugnant. Racism has no place in a country that claims to be dedicated to freedom and equality.
    But as long as the Republican Party is dominated by racism, that pursuit of freedom and equality is a dream that can never become reality.
    Yes it is always about race with the racist right. And they are not even honest enough to admit it. People like them started the racial invectives and epithets. He was called every name in the book except his own name– to wit: monkey, ape, communist, Kenyan, Obozo, worst President, racist. His birth certificate was questioned; his and his wife’s love of america was questioned. His children were insulted. Yet they bold-facedly claim that it is not about race? It just shows how morally deficient they are. But no matter what they do they cannot change the course of history.
    And so the only question we’re left debating is when all this might change. For starters, it will change some when Barack Obama leaves office. All the Obama-related racial craziness will, obviously, end. But we shouldn’t count on that for much. True, the next president will apparently be a Caucasian one, but racial controversies will still occur, black celebrities will continue to die, juries will keep letting George Zimmermans off. We are going to be divided by the same things we always have.

    Still and all, some progress has been made in the Obama era. Outside that ugly whatever-percent-it-is, most Americans, even if they’re mixed on his job performance, feel that some historical settling of debts has occurred now that we crossed the barrier of electing a black president. Two-thirds of Americans admire the first lady. Millions of young children are growing up thinking that Barack Obama is what a president is supposed to look like. All this means there is some good left in America after all.

  21. For all you Obama lovers and worshipers, it’s high time that you get your heads on straight and come back to reality.
    Obama is not the end all of all Kings and Hero’s like you would like to think he is. First, Obama bailed out the rich he trash talks with tax payer money with nothing to show for it. He takes credit for killing Bin laden when it was the military under Bush’s orders. Obama is forcing socialized medicine on the people who don’t want it. All his spending has done nothing to help the middle class and will result in a big bill to pay and inflation. He let Americans die in Benghazi to not make waves so close to election. He winked at the IRS to attack tea party applicants. Obama is a lying bastard who uses the jedi mind trick constantly to tell the people the recession is over when it’s in shambles. He bluffed to Syria then got called on it. Putin took charge and bailed Obama out. Now get your blind heads out of the sand and wake up to reality.... HE DOES NOT WALK ON WATER!

  22. "HE DOES NOT WALK ON WATER!" True. But do us all a favor and take a long walk under it! Thanks.