Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Uniter



  1. A uniter? Yeah. Except when he likened marriage equality to beastiality and pedophilia, or when he called the ACA just like something out of Stalin's Communist Russia. Yeah, he a beauty of a uniter. He unites the right in their hatreds.

    He had to make a very public apology for his incredibly divisive remarks on marriage equality.

    But cling to your delusion that he's a "uniter." LOL!

    A talented surgeon? Yes. A unifying politician? Ha! Not so much.

    He obviously suffers from HiM disease.

  2. Oh get over it Shaw. At least he has an American story, unlike President Bought and Sold. He was forced to make that apology,frankly who gives a crap?
    Way better than the s----stirrer you idiolize.

  3. Don't mind Chaw. She has a telephone pole up her area code sized ass - not only did the Bruins lose but MANDINGO on the Montreal blue line laughed at her and refused her the jungle fever she obviously, desperately craves.

  4. I see the usual vile liberal laughable liar commenter here (Shaw Kenawe) trying once again to derail another Conservative candidate.

    Dr. Carson. is a brilliant neurosurgeon who loves America, and wants the best for its citizens. His point is well-taken, and I totally agree with him, and respect him.

    1. it's what they do best Stephanie. And they have 95% of the media helping them do it. They do nothing but discredit good people and promote people like Obama who's claim to fame was rabble rousing and we still don't know his grades from University. The Smartest guy in the room who was on the Law Review never wrote one article. Man if he were a Republican the left would have had a field day with him. He would never had even made it to the candidacy. They would have destroyed him.

  5. Lisa said
    Oh get over it Shaw. At least he has an American story,

    At Least He's American Period!

  6. Excellent. and yes True Dat.