Thursday, August 14, 2014

Johnathan Gentry on Ferguson, Missouri Rioting. Thoughts?


  1. Oh, you FOUND it! I need to send this to Impertinent via email!

    Wasn't he WONDERFUL? (California, you know? HA HA~!)) xxx

    1. You should publish it at your blog too, Z. I hope it goes WILDY viral.

      When a Black Man says these things in Black Street Language it really carries a lot of weight. No WHITE man -- or woman -- would dare to say what he said in this video -- at least not the WAY he said it, so I think this is extraordinarily important and ought to be seen EVERYWHERE.

      Ben Carson, the eminent neurosurgeon, has said as much, but he speaks so quietly, and seems so modest and self-effacing I'm afraid his style could never reach the lower classes to which his message would be properly addressed.

  2. "acting like Curious George on Red Bull!" THAT IS HILARIOUS!
    He is a PROUD BLACK MAN and he should be...and it IS embarrassing for most Black folks.
    Good for him~!

  3. If these idiots in St. Louis would wait a while until after the cop in question is charged they'd probably get their freaking justice. Instead, what do they do? They riot, they loot, they set fires and burn down their own neighborhoods and they destroy other peoples property, and that makes me think that's exactly what they wanted in the first place. Those people aren't interest in "Justice" what THEY want is FREE STUFF! And this is their chance to get it..

    Dumb is the key word here.. We don't even have all the facts yet, (except for Obama, he already knows it was a ("Hate Crime")
    How would anyone know that hate was involved in the crime?

  4. Bro, at this point it wouldn't even matter if the cop was right or wrong. Journalists were savagely assaulted by the police, whatever the cause of the riots and protests is now irrelevant.

    If anything, this event proved that a little rioting is necessary for public officials to give a damn at all.

    1. it just adds more tension. Half those people don't even care about Mihael Brown I bet. They are like 'great there's unrest,I need a new TV'

  5. Rioting is NOT an excuse for anything . It just confirms the fact that these people are savages.

  6. Right on Georgie, that's all these animals know how to do and how to get free stuff. Is by stealing and rioting.

  7. The guy is a real black man and not a "NIGGER." I highly suggest the book, "The Un-Civil War: Blacks vs Niggers," by Taleeb Starkes - and, yes, he is a black man who decries the behavior of those he calls "NIGGERS." I think all black people should read his book and wake up to what they are doing.

    1. THANK YOU! This is EXACTLY the point I, a white man, try to make repeatedly in my one man war against PC, and BOY do the Marxian-Fabian-Socialist-Progressive-Statist- agitators despise me! Makes me feel kinda proud to tell you the truth.

  8. I understand the outcry from the black community. I sympathize with the family. What we need to do and I agree with Mr Gentry is that yes the black community must take a hard look at what is going on.
    Does anyone believe that a white person could walk through those streets and come out on the other end unscathed?
    Change really needs to happen and we need real leaders who can help make that happen instead of the same old blame game that the democrat leaders in those communities continue to keep doing.
    I don't doubt had this been a white teenager under the same circumstances that the outcome would have been the same. I doubt this cop woke up that morning with the intentions of looking to shoot an unarmed black teenager.

    1. I used to teach at the Institute for the Blind in New York about 45 years ago. I had many Black and Puerto Rican students who came from the Housing Projects -- and worse. I also had students from the white middle class. It was a private school, and we taught very small classes, so it was possible to get to know the students pretty well. despite the somewhat-threatening aspect of the neighborhoods, I used to visit my students' parents in their homes, and made a real effort to get them more involved in school affairs. You might be surprised to learn that for the most part I was received with genuine friendliness, a show of gratitude, and was always offered hospitality. I would call my success "modest," but it WAS success. My kids and I got along very well together.

      It was only after the STATE of NEW YORKwith all its ultra-liberal might and main muscled into our affairs and decided to "update" and "expand" our curriculum and "revise" our teaching methods, that Trouble with a Capital-T began. You never saw a place go to pot faster anywhere on earth. It was though a bomb had been exploded in our midst,. It was astonishing, I could no longer teach the way I wanted to or teach what i believed valuable, so I had to leave.

      It was THAT experience -- that and the travesty called Watergate -- that turned me into a RADICAL CONSERVATIVE where before I was only a moderate Republican.

      The trouble, however, was NOT the students' fault nor their parents' either. It was the WHITE LIBERALS and maybe some Black ACTIVISTS who destroyed that school.

    2. That is an amazing observation FT . No doubt it is white liberalism . We see it all over. Saying they care and stoking the flames are very contradictory.

  9. I wouldn't walk down those streets on a bet .

  10. WhT they need mostly in St, Louis is a good Community Organizer

  11. There was a video on TV today showing that cute little innocen "teen" robbing a store!

    1. The thief's identity has not yet been established beyond a reasonable doubt. We need to remember that.

      Besides, robbery or "acting weird in the middle of street," which is the reason given for Officer Wilson's attempt to arrest Brown, doesn't require a Death Sentence in any state the last time I looked.

  12. As is their usual way the bleeding hearts jumped to conclusions and tried to make a saint out of someone who turned out to be a common thug who robbed a store and roughed up the clerk.

    1. The identity of the "thug" has yet to be proven conclusively. It's important to keep that in mind. A rush to judgment is never good from ANY side of a dispute.

      Besides the police chief has said that officer Carren Wilson, who apparently fired the fatal shots, did not know about the robbery before he went after Michael Brown.

      This hot-headed jumping to conclusions and crying for blood is EXACTLY what the man in the video condemns so eloquently in characteristic Black street parlance.

  13. All one has to do is watch the truth on Fox news the only station that has the balls to tell and SHOW the truth and the facts of this case, and see whT a POS this "teen was! Yes, was!

  14. Saw that video too. The clerk didn't stand a chance. Brown pushed him like he had the right to the stolen merchandise. Plus when you are 18 you are an adult . This was a big guy who was said to have tried to take the cops gun. If that is true ,what outcome would one expect? Click on the link that kid left in his comment

    1. From what I've read and seen on TV so far, the robber has not yet been positively identified as Michael Brown. The attorney for the Brown family admits that 'the suspect" looks like Brown, but they can't be sure -- yet..

  15. I think that the cop did society a favor!

    1. Saying that is not only unkind, it's unwise and detrimental to the legitimate Conserative-Libertauan cause. Don't you realize it makes you sound like a fan of Bull Connor, and an advocate of Cross Burnings and Saturday Night Lynchings by the KKK?

    2. I agree on that FT that kind of talk does nothing to calm the unrest

  16. In case you don't know what the word VEHEMENCE means all you need to do is sit through this video, and you'll never have to wonder about it ever again.

    While I think his style is WAAAAAAAAY "over the top" to put it mildly, what he's SAYING is EXACTLY what all sectors of society need to hear.

    I hope his fellow black citizens listen and HEED his very good advice.

    1. If the people of Ferguson did not rise up the whole world would not be watching. The USA has lost their moral authority.

  17. FreeThinke said

    "Saying that is not only unkind it's unwise and detrimental to the legitimate Conserative-Libertauan cause"

    The perfect illustration of the NON-Information voter. These "Dis-Advantaged" Progressive Morons.

    This incredible imbecile thinks that the Moonbat Messiah we now have as resident of OUR White House grew up as an ordinary Black American Citizen.

    That couldn't be further from the truth.

    Obozo has no clue what it's like to live as an impoverished black person growing up in a ghetto. He's never been arrested for Walking While Black" in a white suburb. He's never had to choose between working hard at school or being ridiculed for "acting white". He's never been denied a job because he was black, he's never had a real job anyway. But he sure likes to yack about it. He sure wants everyone to think it’s so.

    Obozo doesn't give a flying rat's behaid about black people in this country. He uses them for HIS own political gain, period.

    His own blood relatives (that is if Frank Marshal Davis isn't his true father) live in squalid conditions in Kenya. $100 a month from him could change their lives. He has "family" in the states that live in the ghetto, but only Moochelle's mother is fit to get any support from the family.
    And pleeeaase don’t get me started on Moochelle, our First Wookie, the one that these Smug, Arrogant, Imbeciles think is the most Wonderful and Beautiful First lady American has ever had!!.
    If black people ever wake up and realize the democrook party still has it's foot on their necks, the country will be far better served. But that will never happen in our lifetime.

    Maybe so, BUT! It's is also TRUE and it would be unwise (as YOU say) to not tell it like it is!

    Need Proof? Just read the blog written by your Progressive Friend Ms. Shaw.

  18. De gustibus non disputandum. (;-s

    Thanks, Lisa. This was a lively thread.

  19. Thank you Sarah B. For a perfect description of both our First Family and their Cheer Leader Progressive bunch of idiots!!!!!

  20. JUST LOOK AT THE FILTH ON THIS BLOG! Is it any wonder that black are pissed off at the way they have been treated! I have news for you name-calling idiots, and it ain't pretty.
    I think that both the Right and the Left are correct SOMETHIMES. Liberal programs have created an underclass of dependents who are as dumb as dirt. Listen to some of the Ferguson protesters and you will realize that not a one of them has an IQ above 50. I feel the same towards all races who adopt that attitude. These people on the Right who are telling the Blacks what to do are seriously full of shit. And when anyone calls them on their stupidity, they are taught to respond by calling people racists or Uncle Toms. They really believe that and it scares me.

    I feel that these WHITE’S should clean their own back yard before you start telling other people how dirty theirs is?
    Why do the Whites ALWAYS bring racism into the discussion. It was not written on anything on this blog. Also, I stand by my claim that certain elements on the Right have a visceral HATRED of this president. I read it every single day on blogs and other venues from the Righteous Right. Their hatred of Mr. Obama extends even to his wife who is doing nothing that any other FLOTUS has done. And they spice up their criticism with a nice dollop of bigotry, calling her a “WOOKIE” and picturing her as an Ape and, even the FAUX NOOZ goons making remarks about her weight, and her posterior. (“Fat butt Michelle Obama,”)
    So I ask: What purpose will gratuitous sniping, name calling, and partisan finger pointing serve at this time?
    When did any liberal/Democrat question a republican president's origin of birth? His faith? His loyalty to the United States? Rage over a program a first lady initiated that is aimed at improving children's well-being? The wingers have even stooped to questioning why Mrs. Obama's mother should live in the White House.

    It is the WINGERS who infected the internet with racially charged photos of the first family--watermelons on the White House lawn, President Obama depicted as a witch doctor with a bone through his nose, the first lady as an Ape. This can't be done to white presidents because up to the present white people have been the majority in this country.

    American blacks have been victimized throughout this nation's history.
    That's about to change, when Hillary Clinton becomes our next President, you can bet on it! Thank You.

    1. you have some fair statements here. Let's take the OJ trial for one. Are we now led to believe that he was found not guilty in order to prevent riots?
      And when was the last time you heard white people looting and destroying businesses? Is this civilized behavior? You think most o those looting give a darn abotu Mihael Brown?
      Rodney King is another one. That repeat offender was in and out of jail and there is no doubt frustration in the police force when every time that thug committed yet another crime it was another 6 hours of paperwork. What is wrong with not breaking the law? So they destroyed another city and darn near killed Reginald Denny and let's not forget Crown Heights when an innocent man named Yankel Rosenbaum was killed . Where is the outrage over those things?
      If white liberals and people like Sharpton would for once stop fanning the flames until we get all the facts maybe we can return to some civility.
      And to the racist thing with Obama . Guaranteed had the left not mentioned racism at every turn people would not be feeding not it. Most right wingers ,if you had any real insight, do those things more to piss off the white race baiters.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. I wonder if every liberal is an immoral, nasty tempered, habitual liar who accuses people of racism for fun and trashes his own country because he thinks it makes him look sophisticated? Of course, not! On the other hand, is that a fairly accurate description of most liberals in politics? Yes, it is. Most of them aren't evil per se, but even other Liberals view themselves as good people only because they're liberals. People who are outside of that ugly little bit of circular reasoning don't have such a benign view of their horrible behavior. So, what reason could you have to dislike liberals?
    Only liberals would be cruel enough to pick on kids running lemonade stands with a permit, children putting on Christmas plays at school and the Boy Scouts.
    Because the closest thing to Sodom and Gomorrah in the modern world is San Francisco and Berkeley.
    Whether you're talking about cop killers, terrorists, radical Islamists or dictators, all you have to do is say, "I hate America," and liberals start to sympathize with you.
    Liberals are actually bothered by people who do love America. On the rare occasion when you do see a liberal waving a flag, look for a camera.
    The same people who voted Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama into office think they're smarter than tradition, the Founding Fathers and God Himself.
    Liberals might not want to admit it, but the world would have been a better place if Mary Jo Kopechne had crawled up out of that car instead of Ted Kennedy.
    Only an total ASS could like Bill Maher, Alan Grayson or Sheila Jackson Lee.
    Liberals believe in taking money from people who earn it, handing it out as bribes in order to get more power and then using that power to hurt the people that are giving them money.
    The same liberal who'll laugh at a rape joke about Sarah Palin and then attack Michele Bachmann's family will then turn around and accuse someone else of being sexist for respectfully noting that a woman is attractive.
    Liberals view hooking people on welfare and food stamps as a core part of their election strategy, which is terrible for the country, shows they have no character and requires more than a little hatred for poor people.

  23. The dumbest, most close-minded and mean spirited people in all of politics are inevitably liberals who are convinced they're brilliant, open-minded and compassionate because they call themselves liberals.
    A policy that makes liberals feel superior and caring that doesn't work and wastes billions is considered a smashing success because they genuinely DON'T CARE
    The same liberal who pretends to be angry about Susan Smith or Casey Anthony will then turn around and give the thumbs up to women who do the same thing to their children via abortion.
    There's a reason why the average homeschooled kid gets a better education than he would in a public school run by liberals. It's because the kid's parents are interested in educating him while his liberal teachers view public schools as just another way to indoctrinate children.
    Noam Chomsky is an America-hating creep and to think of him as some kind of genius, you have to both despise our country enough to suspend your disbelief and be largely ignorant of world history. But a Liberal, Progress, IDIOT like the one who runs the Progressive Eruptions blog is exactly this type.
    Anyone whose first reaction after a terrorist attack is, "Why do they hate us?" is just an intolerable douche.
    Liberals talk up Hillary Clinton as the most prominent and important female politician in America; yet her entire political career is based on the fact that she married Bill Clinton. That's actually kind of pathetic.
    Liberals have been big supporters of slavery, Indian massacres, the KKK, eugenics, fascism, communism and Jim Crow laws. Then, down the road, after liberals finally join everyone else, they try to claim that conservatives still support all the practices that we fought liberals on from the beginning.
    Liberals think black Americans are Superior to whites, which is why the worst, most crime-ridden places to live in America are inevitably run by liberals. That's acceptable to liberals because they don't think black Americans deserve any better.
    A liberal is more likely to support a man who murders a cop like Mumia Abu Jamal than cops who want to regularly patrol a bad neighborhood in force to keep the criminals from terrorizing the innocent people who live there.
    The average middle aged Tea Partier who's going to rallies, talking about the Constitution and calling for reduced spending cares more about "the children" than 99% of the liberals out there who demand that we support one stupid program after the other "for the children."
    You have to be a horrible human being to be okay with terrorists like Bill Ayers teaching kids at a college.
    Because liberals are unable to ever admit they're wrong, they systematically ruin and destroy everything they become involved with and then either point the finger elsewhere or demand even more government involvement to fix the problems they created.
    Detroit – and, yes, liberals did that.
    Even "liberal Christians" are generally supportive of other liberals who attack Christianity, which is why "liberal Christians" is in quotes.

  24. Question:....Are there any bloggers, commenters, or posters, you have zero respect for?
    Answer:......Shaw Kenawe and all her butt buddies, and I’m not only referring to her personal hygiene!

  25. Outstanding video, Lisa!

    Information about the autopsy has now been released. Michael Brown was not shot in the back. And the autopsy also may indicate that he did not have his hands raised.

    Eric Holder has ordered yet another autopsy. Third autopsy? Definitely the second one.

    I wonder what the toxicology report will show.

    1. oh wow AOW hadn't heard that. Thank you for the update. We shall see how this all plays out

  26. Obama and Holder want it to be the Cops fault, so that they can hang all of this on the police who are out there trying to cease the looting and mayhem.
    There is NO excuse for what the blacks are doing in Ferguson, the rioting, looting, burning and assaulting the police.

    These uncontrolled lawless thieving people and Obama, Holder, and Sharpton, only add fuel to the flames out there. And they make blacks look bad.

    There is something rotten and repugnant at the core of this administration. As yet, We don’t know what happened in this case. All we know is that a young man was shot, not why. Why isn’t Obama saying Don’t Jump To Conclusions now?

    “No Justice, No Peace”: That’s the Traditional Black Leftist Chant, Which REALLY Means “Give Us What We Want or There Will Be More Violence”.

    If this cop really did what they are saying then, why don’t we wait for all the evidence to come out give his a fair trial and charge him with murderer . Let them do like they would in any case, charge him, give him a fair trial and if he’s found to be guilty throw him jail. Just like they did to OJ Simpson in the first trial!

    Or will the Black Panther’s call for His immediate hanging?

  27. These rioters MUST share the blame...Not the police...there are people killed by police each year and riots are not the go to answer in any of those let's blame the people doing the rioting, along with their “So Called” Leader Al Sharpton. ...
    Lets bring a little truth to the situation...remember, the media was painting the “Teenager” as a "gentle giant," and that meme, the gentle kind teenager gunned down by a mad dog racist cop...helped fan the fires of the riot and the looting... They never mentioned that this “So Called TEENAGER” was a 6' ft 5", 300 pound 19 year old. Kind of reminds me of the way they described Trayvon Martin and constantly printed his 10 year old photo of when he was 11 years old instead of the thug that he was, to show the kids innocence. Yeah Right!

    Yes, this is one of the things democrats do when they need to control a hot situation...they undermine the police at every opportunity and put the local leaders like Al Sharpton in charge and put the police in a state of hostility...Because chaos and poverty works for the democrat party.

    This guy was supposedly 6'5" and 300 lbs and was allegedly charging at the cop. If true, he got what he deserved. A cop would be stupid to use anything less. But nevertheless, right or wrong, this Cop will hang..

  28. Now, I don't have a vested stake in this., but...Isn’t it funny, or it may not be at all that all of these riots have one thing in common the shooting of a black man by a white or Hispanic officer, presumably in fear for his life, with the exception of the response to the Rodney King beating following a high speed car chase, and the strange events of the murdering of Mrs. Brown, the wife of OJ Simpson . This was the biggest travesty of justice that America has ever seen. Where a man got away with Murdering his wife and her friend as well. And the verdict disgusting.
    Lost amidst these events is the fact that black men are more likely to be murdered by other black men, fully 94 percent of such deaths, despite the fact that blacks are 13 percent of the population. They account for more than 50 percent of homicide victims in America, some 7,000 annually.

    Recently, a fellow blogger cited a few of the riots since the days of civil rights protests. In the Overton riot in Miami, Florida, in reaction to the shooting of a black motorcyclist by a Hispanic police officer in that predominantly black community. Also the Los Angeles riots in reaction to the acquittal of LAPD officers involved in the videotaped beating of another poor innocent man by the name of Rodney King.

    That puts the latest riots in Ferguson in perspective and is an indictment of men like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and others who have profited from keeping blacks in a mental state of victimization when the real problem of too many in the black community is rooted in a culture of violence and criminality. The statistics do not lie, our good friend the Rev. Al Sharpton would NEVER let the facts get in the way of a good riot! Add to let the fact that the Lame Stream media will do its level best to suppress facts promote the leftist meme. The "Good" Reverend Sharpy Al is just interested in getting his kudos from the black community and appeasing the black community even though the facts might not fit the narrative that the black community is trying to portray about saint the Michael Brown, and it was in the (Respectable Negro) Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman absurd and cheap circus act.

  29. Oh so now enters Michael Badon , to give the result of his autopsy for hire to the highest bidder.
    I wouldn't trust that whore as far as I could throw him,

  30. it wouldn't matter what he says anyway The left wingers are going to believe the outcome of Holder's autopsy regardless of the results.
    If the cop was at fault they will rejoice. If it shows Brown was at fault they will hang there heads in sorrow but they will still accept it.
    excuse it came out of Obama's office and that is good enough for them
    I just read somewhere that the guy who was with Michael Brown alleged that Michael Brown did have the officer's gun in his hand at one point. He was the one who made the 911 call I believe

    1. Lisa,
      If that information about the 911 call is correct, the police will have a record of it.

      Not that the rioters and other parties will believe anything that the Ferguson police say!

      It's all about agenda now. **sigh**

  31. Mr. Gentry has a point. Listening to the existing black leaders such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton has been getting them nowhere. Dump those guys, pull yourselves up by your bootstraps and change.

    What he said.

    1. But its makes white liberals feel so much etter about themselves to blame white people They like to "pretend" help

  32. It didn't take too long did it!
    Now we see The New Black Panthers are leading a march in Ferguson, Missouri tonight. Over a thousand people are marching.

    The Black Panthers are chanting:

    What do we want? – Darren Wilson How do we want him? – Dead.
    How come our Black Attorney General or our President, and the Great Leader of the Shit Party don't call these Shit-Heads Domestic Terrorists?
    I'd bet that if they were WHITE and if the KLAN were marching and threatening to kill Negro Cops....THAT would be different. But when it's racism from the left , so they'll ignore it....

    1. they don't care about the killing of a black man,just who killed him. If they cared so much they would be marching in Chicago where since 2001, 5000 people including innocent bystanders have been killed

  33. So Eric Holder is going to Ferguson! May I ask, What The hell For? To spread fuel on the fire?
    Now with the curfew cancelled, the arrival of The National Guard has brought with it new 'rules' as standing become loitering and peaceful protests must keep moving. Several arrests have already been made including 'white' Getty Images photographer Scott Olson. St.Louis native and famous rapper Nelly is on the scene suggesting the people have 'options'. Several protesters have been spotted carrying posters with the words "Negro Spring" on them and this term is beginning to gain traction on social media. As darkness falls (and with no curfew-induced deadline), we suspect the presence of the military will do nothing to resolve roiling tensions as the numbers of protesters is rising rapidly. Perhaps John Oliver said it best - "let's totally demilitarize the police; and if and only if they can get through a month without killing a young black man can get their toys back."
    Holders presence will only inflame things. Wait until he gets a brick bounced off his head by these savages, pardon me, I meant to say "Protesters."
    "if you are standing in the street or not moving, you are unlawfully assembled... you will be subject to arrest"

    Where's Obama when we need him? Oh right, he said "I Have to Be
    Careful About Not Pre-Judging" Ain't that a sack of crap. Since when didn't he "PRE-JUDGE"!
    Maybe he learned something from the Treyvon Martin disaster, when he said that "Treyvon could have been my Son!"

    I guess that pre judging, doesn't include sending the Attorney General of the USA down to St. Louis and taking over a local, investigation .....

  34. 53 people were killed in the LA riots 10 by police so now we understand the National Guard being called in to Freguson

  35. There is no innocent till proven guilty when the President of the United States, and the Attorney General keep making comments that condemn the police officer in this case. The facts do not support the original claim that the man was running away, nor that he got on his knees and raised his hands. Yet our Government is intent on making it that way.
    What we have here is Reverse Racism at it's finest! No doubt about it especially since Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and Obama are involved. Remember, "The police acted stupidly", Obama doesn't care about facts. But he does care about his Golf Score.
    We have evidence the police officer tried to wound the “300 pound Thug” and when that failed, he shot to kill. We also have evidence that the perp attacked the officer and that he charged at him when out of the car. We have evidence that prove most of the supposed eye witnesses lied to investigators about what happened. yet Obama and Holder do not care. So much for Obama style Justice.
    Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are more pliable! And we see both here.

  36. Would there be any rioting if a white police officer had killed a white "teenager"?

    Let's remember that Michael Brown was 18 years old. Not exactly a kid!

  37. And there would be no rioting if a black cop killed black person either and white liberals would def be silent.

  38. The Gateway Pundit can now confirm from two local St. Louis sources that police Officer Darren Wilson suffered facial fractures during his confrontation with deceased 18 year-old Michael Brown. Officer Wilson clearly feared for his life during the incident that led to the shooting death of Brown. This was after Michael Brown and his accomplice Dorian Johnson robbed a local Ferguson convenience store. Local St. Louis sources said Wilson suffered an “orbital blowout fracture to the eye socket.” This comes from a source within the District Attorney’s office and confirmed by the St. Louis County Police.
    Apparently, the 300 pound, 6'5" ́́gentle giant́́ had some ́́anger issueś́ wouldn’t you say!
    I hope YOU paranoid racist Progressives, from the blogs to the streets of Ferguson to the Oval Office in the White House are satisfied now! You people who never let the facts get in the way of a good story. So it only goes to show you that your opinion and your mouth are not evidence! No matter what you think this Big fat Thug was nothing less than a Big fat Thug!

  39. They just want this cop prosecuted regardless that MB charged him. I knew there was more to this story. He bullied the store owner just prior and that showed who he was. I hate this BS