Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kanye West Pulls A Joe Biden

Kanye West brought his Yeezus tour to the Qantas Credit Union Arena in Sydney, Australia, Saturday night, and demanded that everyone in the crowd stand up before he continued -- including a pair of disabled folks in wheelchairs.

"I can't do this show until everybody stand up," Kanye told the crowd after halting the show in the middle of single "The Good Life." "Unless you got a handicap pass and you get special parking and s**t.

"Imma see you if you ain't standing up, believe me, I'm very good at that."

Most of the crowd at the arena were already on their feet, but the rapper spotted two people still sitting and sent one of his crew members to check it out after one of the fans raised his prosthetic leg in the air to prove his worthihness to remain seated during the show.

"Okay, you fine," Kanye replied, but still wouldn't go on until it was proven that the second fan couldn't stand either.

"This is the longest I've had to wait to do a song, it's unbelievable," the rapper said before it was confirmed that the fan could not stand and he went on with the show.

A video of the incident was uploaded to YouTube by user Peter Galbraith, who wrote, "Kanye asks everyone to stand up, someone doesn't. Kanye asks them to stand up, they're in a wheelchair. Misunderstanding."

While many in the crowd considered it a 'misunderstanding,' we can only wonder how it made those two fans feel.

Remember when Joe Biden put his foot in his mouth once again when he asked a man in a wheelchair to stand up so the audience can see him? I know it’s hard to believe that Joe Biden said something before thinking.

But nothing to see here because that was Joe just being, well, "Joe" and Kanye just being,well.... you know.

Fortunately for them one has a D after his name and not an R and the other is a rapper not a country singer so there will be no suing and it will be written off as a "misunderstanding".
 Just Sayin'


  1. Whether it is a VP or an entertainer, anyone who demands people to stand for them is an arrogant dolt.

  2. A Biden stunt exactly, oh I almost forgot it was Grorge Bush who was Stupid! Yeah Right!

  3. Maybe the two who remained seated don't understand Ebonics.

  4. Imma sure they didn't Rusty,lol

  5. Well, the way I see it the fault is not in the arrogance and presumption of the performer but in those stupid enough to consider themselves his "fans" and pay MONEY to witness the Feces Festival he puts on in the name of "entertainment." If you worship ess-aitch-eye-tea, it stands to reason ess-aitch-eye-tea is what you're going to get. Moreover ess-aitch-ete-tea is what you DESERVE.

  6. BENGHAZI! BENGHAZI! BENGHAZI! Part 101, and counting...

    But lets blog about George Zimmerman!

    Laughing My Friggen ASS off!

  7. Hi T.S.

    The title of my blog post is "BENGHAZI! BENGHAZI! BENGHAZI! Part The Infinity," not what you've posted. Please try to get what I post correct when you spread it around these conservative bogs. And once again, I sincerely thank you for your loyalty in reading my blog.

    Lisa, please excuse me for making this correction, but I would certainly allow you to do the same if one of my commenters misquoted a blog post title of yours. Just doing it in the interest of accuracy, which is something I know everyone here is devoted to.

    Thank you, and have a sparkling day!

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    1. lol thanks celador well put. They only hate FOX because they don't lockstep with Dear Leader.
      Obama is like their child. They feel the need to coddle him and make him feel good about himself .

  10. FT that is what I said too . Who would pay to see a no talent pice of trash?

  11. I’m so with sick of this psychotic President and this Media and these as Rev. Wright would say “DAMN” liberals and I just dońt trust a thing they say any more. And yes, “Benghazi”, “Benghazi”, “Benghazi”!!

  12. In the liberal's sick mind, they think that they were put here on this earth to solve all the world's problems through liberal initiatives. Only the liberal's initiatives will ultimately work, all other ideas are inadequate solutions. It does not matter about results. This is an important aspect to remember. The liberal will always discover reasons why their liberal initiatives fail and it usually involves those of us who are not liberal and our not going along with their liberal approach. If only the entire world were liberal, all the problems could be resolved and everyone would be happy.

    From the liberal's perspective, they think that they are completely normal and their ideas are totally valid. They view those of us who are not liberal as the ones with the problem. and that we republicans are greedy, uncaring and bigoted, simply because we do not accept the liberal ideology. They believe there is simply no hope for us until we become indoctrinated into the liberal philosophy.

    I can remember when a certain Progressive that we all know “too well” used to say, and by the way she still does say that the worst threat to peace was Fox News, the Tea Party, and George W Bush! Well isn’t that a bit much? Isn’t that kind of slanted these days?
    Lets face it, Facts are Facts, and Facts are evidence, and the Facts are that Mr. Obama is the biggest LOSER (and I’m not speaking about her weight)in American history and his Mooching wife is a close second. And second to none else but him !
    The Obama regime has been a disaster and the liberal agenda has proven to be disastrous to America!
    What's Your Opinion?


  13. The desperation of those on the right to contrive BENGHAZI into some sort of a "scandal" is palpable and pathetic.

    It's gotten to the point where conservatives don't even know what the truth is anymore.

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  15. Boston Chubby has about six minions commenting at her chat room,yet she is delusional enough to believe there are multitudes reading her tripe,while waiting with baited breath for her next jewel of wisdom.

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    2. DEMOCRATS/LIBERALS/PROGRESSIVES, Have No Shame. Now we see where these comment imitators are coming from! The one posted on the Progressives blog with MY name on it was NOT written by ME!
      So along with “Boston Chubby” the wicked Witch of the Blogisphere, we also have RN, Dave Miller, the little creep with a Squids name (who I still don’t know the sex of, or if he or she has a sexual preference , we have several other “Ass-Kissers” like FT, ( the Ass-Kisser in chief) , Okjimm, (whatever the hell that means), we have a bunch of Ass-holes who go around using other peoples names... Liberals Love To Lie To People!!
      This takes Bull-Shit to a whole new level!

  16. I hate to break this to the troll who used my name on the progressive blog , but it is the Kenyan Boy you should be going after, not me.. I only tell it like it is, I only report the fact that people like YOU want to hide, or “cover-up” . It’s NOT me that wants to strip away your constitutional rights, it’s your side led by, You guessed it The Kenyan Boy!
    Have you not been paying attention to whats been going on?

    And by the way, you liberal minded-liberal educated dumbass, the Jim Crow laws, that you folks have been bitching about were written and voted into existence by DEMOCRATS.
    Now run on back to your progressive Leader’s board, it’s time for The Kenyan Boy and his Puppet master George Soros to give you some more Commie orders and you know how cranky, and pissed he gets if he doesn’t get what he wants!
    Better take your air pump along with you just in case your Obama blow-up doll
    And by the way, that was an excellent job imitating me and my blog that you posted on Boston’s Tokyo Rose’s blog. OUTSTANDING JOB !!
    There’s no honor among thieves and scoundrels!

    1. Please people we must not speak about these people like that!

      We must have pity on the mentally disabled..

  17. I know one thing for an absolute fact about Miss Shaw Kenawe: Whatever else she may or may not be, she is definitely NOT "chubby." Neither is she "wicked."

    Politics is hardly everything that matters, and aside from that Miss Shaw has many fine -- even admirable -- qualities.

    I do not understand why she is a leftist any more than I understand why Bill Clinton is (or was) an aggressive sex addict, why Michael Jackson was a pedophile who tried desperately to turn himself into a white woman through excessive plastic surgery, or why Robin Williams hanged himself.

    What I do understand is that people with whom we have profound disagreements can still be wonderful human beings.

    Lose sight of that, and you lose touch with your humanity.

  18. It is NOT for us to wonder why!!

    Facts are what they are!

  19. FT, stop with your bleeding heart BS, those people are the bottom of the swamp, period.

  20. Hey FT, it seems like you are the only one who has any love for these Creeps.

  21. Shaw Kenawe, you're WAY too stupid to even be in this discussion!

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    Dave Miller said...

    Lisa, did you vote for McCain and Romney because they were white?

    Prove you did not!

  24. Lisa, I have to ask you something, why do you let that AIR HEAD Liberal/Progressive talk to you that way?
    Could anything be more contemptible then to have some stupid POS Progressive talk down to you!

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  26. I didn't even bother going back there to read their comments. I said what I wanted to say .
    Dave knows darn well I would have voted for Herman Cain,Allen West or Ben Carson.
    So obvious people voted for Obama because of his color to prove something

  27. Now they will vote for Hillary because she is a woman. With the left it is more about identity politics instead of being qualified

  28. Lisa, we can try it here... You said people voted for Obama because he's black, yet could offer no empirical proof. Why can't I make just as asinine statements about you? I know you would have voted for Cain, but you said black people voted in such large numbers for Obama simy because he's black, something you can't prove at all...

    1. Hi Dave,
      Not that Lisa or anyone else here needs my help, but here goes...

      Liberals blathered on excessively about Obama's blackness, and many made no effort to hide their giddy frisson at voting for a black man. Liberals are still talking about his blackness, using it as a shield for his serial and manifold failures.

      Poor what's her name got drummed out of the Democrat circle for saying it, but it's true: If George Bush was the trust fund president, Barack Obama is the affirmative action president.

      And that's a shame, because our great nation is spilling over with experienced black people who have demonstrated greatness by leading armies, running large organizations, etc.

      Barack Obama is the least prepared, most inexperienced president in our nation's history, and it shows. We knew he had nothing but two self-worshipful autobiographies to recommend him when we elected him.

      How do you explain it?

    2. Thanks SF,appreciate the help.well said

  29. Hey Einstein, it really isn't too difficult to explain...you really don't have to be a Brain Surgeon to figure it out
    When blacks gave 95 or 96 percent of their vote to Obama, and gave him heir blind support in the election, what does that tell you? What is that called? Besides "political morons."

    There is no rational explanation of a 95% voting bloc by any race, other than people casting their vote to a candidate because of his color or religion , rather a real, honest opinion on the issues that the candidate offers them. Like Free Stuff!.

    All this plus the fact that most Americans, as well as most pollsters give Obama low grades in his first term, on his handling of the economy, the recession; the fact that most Americans said that , they don’t like or want ObamaCare despite the fact that according to Rasmussen only 29 percent of likely voters thought America is heading in the right direction and over 70 percent thought we were headed in the wrong direction, despite the fact that obama put us into 2-3 more additions wars, and 3-4 new scandals, the cover-up in Benghazi, yes I said BENGHAZI! all that, and that he has a 38 percent approval rate, and you and people like you still think that he (Obama) is doing a “good Job”. Huh, are you kidding?
    And you think that race had nothing to do with his getting elected? They voted for him (Obama) for that reason and that reason only, It couldn’t be for his qualifications, because he didn’t have any. But they didn’t care.
    .Most of these voters were ignorant, and ignorance was truly bliss. I fully believe that race was most definitely the defining factor for 96% of the black vote and I believe that liberal ideology accounted for the 80% of the Hispanic vote, and the white vote. Lastly, I also believe that the anti-Bush sentiment, whether just or unjust, accounted for much of the white vote. And certainly NOT Obama’s ability or qualifications.
    To get elected after the Reverend Wright fiasco, just showed how ludicrous the leftist voters are.

    I don’t care what YOU call it, I call it “low information” voters, and even STUPID voters. .And YOU and your Progressive friends call the TeaParty stupid? You dare to call George Bush and or Sarah Palin Stupid? And the Obama presidency remains to be a disaster and a complete failure!
    Sorry Einstein, but I call that entire bunch over there on the left STUPID and much more, but I’ll be nice and not say what I really think.
    I hope that wasn’t to much of a rude awakening for ya!


  30. The Debonair Dude is absolutely correct, it all boils down to race.
    Blacks vote democrat because they have been told, year after year, over and over, that is\t’s in their best interest to vote democrat, or liberal, and now progressive as we see in New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio A douchebag who ruining the city that Giuliani built. De Blasio is a left-wing radical progressive whose family life even makes Anthony Weiner look good. Black teenagers are running wild in New York, I’m sure that you have seen the Knock Out Punch Game that is rampart in New York.

    Call it whatever you wish to, but the fact is that a very large percentage of Black America is information-ally challenged and political stupid.. They refuse to open their eyes to see it but rather listen to the Democratic crap and the liberal propaganda that does the thinking for them, and who tells them what to do..Some people are easily fooled, and can be bought with a cheap Obamaphone..