Thursday, January 29, 2015


On MSNBC this morning, NBC Reporter Ayman Mohyeldin suggested that Chris Kyle, the real "American Sniper," was a "racist" whose military missions were nothing less than "killing sprees." 

Ayman Mohyeldin is an anti-American coward. NBC and Ayman owe an apology to Kyle's family and all active service members.

What a typical statement from the sneering haters at MSNBC.

Liberals are always looking for things to get angry at


  1. I (heart) Chris Kyle! He killed dune coons!

    1. Ah, the pea brained coward Radical Redneck is using my name again (as well as Chris Kyle's words).

      Yeah, Kyle was one sick puppy. Have you read the racist comments he made about his targets?

      The question is was he a sick hater before he joined of was he a product of his training?

      Either way the movie moves from 9/11 to fighting in Iraq as if there was a correlation. Even Bush admits there was none.

  2. This kind of thing is the Liberal Mind/Set

    1. You mean the kind of 'Mind/Set' which prefers critical analysis and logic in analyzing a subject or situation over mindless hate and fear the right employs because they're...stupid?

  3. Holy Smoke! Now I head it ALL!
    Some Libbrual Jakass called Bill Clintons "gentleman"
    What the hell was he thinking, or smoking?

  4. Quick, somebody hand Ed a real gun!

  5. “Righties with the brains of chipmunks”? I don’t agree. But I do agree that. Ms. Obama has a painted on smile. She had no respect for this country until, by some miracle, during the campaign, finally she was able to conjure up a little pride in the USA. I have not forgotten what she said. And her plastic new look does not deceive me.
    Beautiful = Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Candace Parker, Vanessa Williams

    Ugly = Venus WIlliams, Serena Williams, Michelle Obama.

    I think there are lots of beautiful black women out there, but sorry she just don’t make the ranks, I don't want to say anything bad, but she really is not very attractive at all.. I have watched videos of her and she seems to always be such an angry looking l lady.. Sorry folks, can't help it, but she looks angry and scary on the outside..
    She brings most of the bad criticism on herself, while constantly being on that bandstand, and preaching about children’s lunches, the poor, equality, & social justice,
    She eats as if there was not going to be a tomorrow, she spends taxpayer money like the Queen Of Shiba, and she goes on those lavish vacations like the Queen of England.
    Just another Limousine Liberal Hypocrite
    Michelle Obama has won First Place in a contest of First Lady lookalikes to Deputydawg. Mary Todd Lincoln took second place. Dolly Madison, Laura Bush and Jackie Kennedy bottomed the list as the most beautiful.
    Granted I as a conservative had some criticisms of George Bush, as most of us had. But no American president ever had the media smear job that Bush dealt with. It was not even close. So spare me your tears for poor Michelle Obama. It's hilarious that now the KING AND QUEEN are getting a little heat from “Righties”with the brains of chipmunks!
    Although I'm quite sure First lady Michele Obama is comfortable in her own skin and happy as well. But hey! That’s for another time and another subject..
    Hey there owner of I read your site. I think you should put a little more thought into what you write, because most of what you have to say is well, The word "crazy" comes to mind. And the name-calling is not really doing you any justice, and can be called "crazy" too!

    What this country has come to because of the outrageousness of Barack Obama, Bill di Blasio, and Al Sharpton is beyond words.
    Now we have two Bronx public defenders appearing in a VILE, SICKENING rap video that urges to kill New York Cops.
    It’s called “Hands Up,” and shows black men holding guns to cops heads and features disgusting, hatefilled lyrics.

    1. Change your name with each of your asinine rants, but you're still a dumbfu*k.

  6. How come the "Wicked One" didn't post THIS picture?

  7. Or This One?

  8. Frankly, I get so sick of looking at either of them, they make me physically ill. I don't watch any of those programs where either one of them are on. As for Barrack, I can't stand the sight of him, or hearing any more of his speeches, LIES, etc. That’s why i didn’t watch or listen to his State of the Union Speech. Why watch or listen to a Psychopathic Liar? . The whole final Clinton term I was the same way with him. And now we have to contend with his Psychopathic Serial Lying Wife.
    I don't even want to hear the sound of his or her names!
    And another thing, Have you heard the report this morning about the Gitmo prisoners that Obama released? Does anyone think that the five Afghan Taliban leaders Obama set free last year are still in Qatar? Among the things Obama will be remembered for will be his promise to close Gitmo and these releases of U.S. enemies to return to killing Americans. .
    Since when is freeing Islamic terrorists to return to the battlefield not giving aid and comfort to the enemy?

    God Bless America!

  9. Sweetness and light!
    Sweetness and light!
    And still we carry on the fight.

    Once rid of our enemies
    We still won't live in peace and ease.
    Antagonism's meat and drink
    To those who'd rather fight than think.

    Taking umbrage is much more fun
    Than facing the Truth in the light of the sun.
    The more we follow paths of anger
    Our souls move nearer to grave danger.

    Once one demon disappears,
    Another’s ugly head soon rears
    And swoops to stoke the raging fire,
    For we'd be nothing without fears.
    Pet hates comprise our heart's desire.

    ~ FreeThinke

  10. Yep FT tis a vicious cycle. Desires are much better for sure
    Although I still would rather be here than some other countries

  11. I hope that someone here gets back to the point of your post...
    Maybe it'll be me; there are people calling for an apology to Kyle's family for this, think he'll get it.

    That will tell us his background and how undeniably biased he is. But, I'm starting to think liberal bias doesn't they slam and insult FOX as often as possible. Maybe they're uncomfortable because FOX actually does have SO MANY liberal contributors and guests on and...they don't? I'd be ashamed if I were liberal.
    But then, I'd be ashamed for a LOT more reasons than that if I were liberal, that's for sure.
    Ya, this guy on MSNBC is nothing but an Egyptian/Pakistani shill....nothing more. And he proved it.
    Thank goodness all cable channels aren't like this; employing Sharpton, and even Lawrence O'Donnell who I heard identify as a socialist. I'm hoping more than only FOX starts putting American values first again.

    1. so true Z, And like the Muslim Brotherhood,MSNBC is a frequent guest of the WH.

  12. Libtards have no idea that evil exists and don't even know what it is for that matter. Their comfort zone is their kindergarten playground where if someone is 'bad' they get a time out and it's all good again. How the F did 2 year old morons get so powerful.

    1. Keep babbling and sooner or later something of substance mght pop out of your head Kid.

    2. I'll certainly know it before you do.

    3. ^"I know you are but what am I?" - part 12,996

  13. Good question kid,better yet how did they become president?

    1. Because a majority if Americans elected them. That's how our democracy republic works Lisa.

    2. Rhoid Nation, obtuse and tedious hardly makes you sound intelligent. You. Are. Inferiour.

    3. So sayeth the Racist Radical ignorant Redneck.

  14. Let me say this, it’s been almost five years since I came home from Iraq in and since then I haven’t stopped talking about the kind of enemy we have been facing there. I have been in the US marines for almost 11 years now. And even though I share many of my stories, and the hardships that I had faced with my friends and family, I really only never tell the as much as I can and only what is appropriate. But what I do say and say it constantly is that I and many others like myself continue to be discouraged by how few Americans and especially the few of my friends who are on the left really don’t understand or even try to what our country faces. How do you explain, or even try to describe the un-human people that we re encountering over there? How do you explain how another human being could intentionally hide behind a women or child and use them as a shield?
    Why can’t these liberals understand the evil, and the madness of these radical Islamic madmen? And why don’t they want to see the terror that we are and have been facing for a decade now.
    Are these people and the terrible thing that hey do to be excused by “culture”? Is the beheading of another human being part of the “culture” of the Religion of peace? If so, then this kind of Religion is the worst kind tradition that I have ever seen or heard of.

    We constantly hear that Islam is a Religion of Peace, and that Islam is Tolerant of Other Religions Yes, they’re angry — says the liberal — but they’re angry for many very good reasons.
    There are deeper psychological reasons Leftists and Liberals won't recognize the evil of Islamist terrorists.
    As for the liberals, these people live in a world of their own, where there are no moral values, now American dream, and no love of country, (at least not the king of love that I have for this country) no real right for the kind of free speech that I was raised to have and to want for my family and fellow Americans. They have their own way of rationalizing wrongdoing and choosing what principles, and ethics required to have so that our children will be inspiried to have the same. And not to run wild in the streets protesting to “Kill Cops” etc. Leftists / Liberals won't recognize the evil of Islamist terrorists. How could we expect them to, when they won’t even recognize the evil of these race pimps running around our own country instigating riots?
    Modern Day Progressive Liberals are so awful it's just unreal. All I can say is this, in 2 years we will be having another Presidential election, and the results of it will really matter. This country just can not stand another Socialist President like Hillary Clinton. So you must get out there and vote, and vote for whoever is running against the Democrats, or should I say the “Progressives”.. We already saw what happened in New York where they elected a “Progressive” Mayor who is taking advice from Al Sharpton! .
    It's going to take people like you and me to take back control of our country. It's has nothing to do with race, bigotry or at this point even ideology, it's about common sense and freedom. The progressive liberal socialists have hijacked the Democratic Party and unfortunately the majority of democrats do not understand this, they live with their heads in the sand and their eyes blindfolded. In other words, they've been brainwashed. It's literally up to you and I to save these foolish people from themselves. Maybe we need a president Benjamin Netanyahu to show us the way. Lest face it, this administration has been laying the groundwork for a dictatorship and for lawlessness. We have already seen it in the actions and reactions to the lawlessness in some of our major cities, like New York City and in Ferguson, Missouri.

    1. Thank you very much for your service AJ..
      I appreciate a veterans view,having first hand knowledge.
      If people cant realize that they don't matter anymore,then I fear for this country. Too many people have their heads buried in the sand

    2. You tell the simple truth very well, AmJad. I think most of us on the Right have been aware of all that for a long time, and would, therefore, agree with you. Unfortunately Leftists will never see what-to-us seems obvious. I think it may be because they are more interested in scoring political points by any means fair or foul than they are at getting at the truth. To the Left it's all just a GAME. They define "winning," as gaining enough power to silence, and if possible, destroy all opposition. They want to rule us as DICTATORS.

      If siding with America's mortal enemies, vilifying genuine patriots, mocking virtue, categorically rejecting Tradition, and mischaracterizing our best friends can help the Left grab hold of the levers of power, they won't hesitate to do all of that -- and worse -- if they feel they have to to get wha they want.

      Unfortunately for them -- and all of us -- they can't see beyond the end of their collective nose, and don' realize they are putting THEMSELVES in grave danger along with he rest of us,.

  15. Replies
    1. Very mature of the dimwit 1/2 term governor. Where up is down and down it up that is where you'll find Sarah.

    2. But you'll ALWAYS praise and defend your idols like Alan Grayson, Al Sharpton and Stalin when they perpetrate far more egregious buffoonery.


    3. Nope, wrong again as usual. Link to anything I have stated anywhere in support of either Sharpton, Grayson, or Stalin.

      You can't so therefore STFU.

      Like Sharpton you are a dirt bag and a race hustler Racist Radical Redneck.

    4. As what level pedophile are you registered?

    5. You again asshole?

      Craw back into your racist shit hole Burt bag.

    6. Talking to yourself again Nursie!

    7. You are the Poster Boy for boring RN