Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Obama's Speech

Just more moral equivalancy. This is no different than Sir Neville Chamberlain waving a piece of paper declaring there will be peace in our time. I put the TV on mute and the only sounds I hear are the laughing and cheers coming from the Islamic jihadists.


  1. Not much, unfortunately . Do they really believe these people want to change ?
    Of course not ,they are so consumed in ideology that anyone who is willing to behead people because of their religion would not welcome other options.
    And how do we do that anyway,what we are doing now?
    Haters gonna hate

  2. I heartily endorse what Jenna Seidel said at two other blogs.

    "The only thing to do is for the western countries to outlaw the practice of Islam and unite in opposition to the spread of Islam, then do to Islam's adherents what the Allied Forces did to the Japanese. The threat of complete annihilation is the only "language" these savages could understand. The longer we wait, the harder it will be to achieve this very necessary objective.

    "I hope it soon gets to the point where all defenders and apologists for Islam are treated like the traitors they are to western ideals and the security of their respective western nations."

    Right, Jenna, the UN-American American traitors should be muzzled, deprived of their "Civil Rights," stripped of their US citizenship, and thrown into jail for who-knows how long. UN-American Americans should have no right to be TREATED as though they WERE Americans.

    Saint Stinkin Lincoln would have done it -- as well he did during another brutal conflict not so very long ago. So did Woodenhead Wilson.


  3. Imagine what they think of the 15 yr old female state dept spokesman.

  4. It sounded like a skit from SNL


  5. State department Barbie said we should be giving the ISIS guys job's and skateboards.
    I wonder what 4 or5 of them would do to her if they got their hands on her.

    1. You mean HARF the Hackhag Obama shill?

      Wouldn't it be fun to SEE what they would do to her -- LIVE on International TV?

      It would be a great Object Lesson, and well worth the sacrifice. She'd only be getting what she richly deserves anyway for being such a shrill, ideologically driven DUNCETTE.

  6. More practical wisdom from Jenna Seidel. This time she was commenting on some well-meaning soul's ignorant opinion that what we did to the Japanese (meaning Hiroshima and Nagasaki) was "terrible."

    Jenna Seidel said:

    "What we did to Japan was NOT "terrible;" that is a modern liberal canard. It was NECESSARY.

    Very frankly I think it is time for US to start practicing out-and-out GENOCIDE on the Muslim world. Keep killing every man woman and child in sight and keep destroying their towns, their supply lines, and all their infrastructure till either they surrender and BEG on bended knee for the privilege of doing it do it OUR way - OR - until they and every trace of their benighted presence are utterly ERADICATED from the face of the earth.

    This pussy talk about how "terrible" it is to do what MUST be dine to WIN a DECISIVE, CLEAR-CUT VICTORY is just that –– weak, foolish PUSSY TALK.

    Of COURSE it's terrible. WAR IS HELL, and the best thing anyone could do to anyone who STARTS a war would be to ANNIHILATE them ASAP.

    Smart girl, Jenna. How I wish you were at the helm. As much as I despise the crypto-Socialist, FDR, I am grateful that at least HE had the guts -- and the good sense -- to give full support and free reign to his pro-American, pro-British Military leaders, stand with Winston Churchill and General De Gaulle, and wage an all-out, no-holds-barred defense against EVIL.

    Had we had what we have today in office in 1941, we wouldn't have he privilege of being able to argue over petty trifles. We wouldn't even BE here.

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue.
    If you don't get them
    They're sure to get you.

  7. How can you defeat an enemy when you won't even admit what they are

  8. Yes siree Lisa, I couldn't agree more. We're still trying to shovel out from under the deep shit our former pResident George W. Bush managed to bury us in.

    Iraq was the breeding grounds for the shit going on today. Iraq was both unnecessary and unjustified war against a sovereign nation that posed no threat to the USA. pResident Bush was right in responding to 911, he was wrong in his unprovoked military action in Iraq. We pay the price today whether any bone heads want to believe so or not.

    As for advocating genocide, FT you are absolutely nuts.

    1. a sovereign nation that posed no threat to the USA.

      That's not what UN Security Council Resolution 1441 said.

    2. The Regestered Nurse is starting to sound like Dave Weiner Miller.

    3. Thank you Brian. The left doesn't seem to remember the resolutions he broke.
      Amazing how Bush is so dumb yet he was smart enough to trick all those democrats to authorize military force in Iraq.
      At least Bush's was more justified than Slick Willie's attack on Iraq. To distract form the Lewinsky scandal. Now there's a reason to attack a Soverign Nation

      Of course they will forgive Hillary,the worst Sec of State eva!

    4. So, you admit Bush 'tricked' us into a war which crashed our economy and hurt the middle class, killed thousands of American soldiers and millions of Muslim lives but it's OK because he 'tricked the Democrats?' You really are a sick piece of shit.

    5. SHUT UP, you God-damned FUCKIN' piece of SHIT. I hope you die a long, slow, very painful death of CANCER.

      Sooner of later lis is going to HAVE to censor ONE of us, because as long as you show your ugly, smelly, shit-caked face here I'm going to say EXACTLY what I think of you, you God-Damned BASTARDi

  9. RN, you are either SICK or STUPID or both. I pick BOTH.


  10. You just know one of Boston Piggy's piglets would bring it around to Bush.
    Obama is a typical liberal.....not responsible for anything.

    1. Well JA, perhaps you might at least try thinking a bit deeper than a 1/4 teaspoon depth. I know that is damn hard for you but you could try now and again.

    2. Obama took responsibiltiy for the 2014 election .
      He said the reason the democrats got their asses whipped wasn't because of HIS policies, but rather because the dems did not get his message out to the people.

      He says "I heard from the 1/3 of the electorate that voted, but I also heard from the 2/3 that did not vote." Who knew the president was clairvoyant?

      all the people in this admin is more nuts than the next one. They say any off the wall comments and the droolers still drool.

  11. Rational Nancy is well known as a deep thinker who very often will retire to his study while wearing his silk smoking jacket and ascot,sipping on a warm snifter of brandy and he will then ponder deep thoughts that are hard for the average person to comprehend.
    Nancy's abnormally large brain allows him to drill down to depths of knowledge most people cannot even imagine.Rational Nancy is the definition of a thinker of great thoughts......sort of like the scarecrow in Oz.

  12. Yes the liberals in this country are self proclaimed deep thinkers,it's the Alinsky method instead of acknowledging that other people have a veiw point too the pretend only they are legitimate

  13. Go Mayor Giuliani . Iwe got your back.
    About time we get leaders who have some balls

  14. Rudy G., a leader? LMAO on that one. What has he been leading these days? Other than the clown car of intellectual misfits and malcontents?

    A real piece of work.

    1. And I suppose you think that Moron, coward, that we have on the White House's Golf Course, is a brilliant leader?
      Well what else would I have expected from an Ass-Hole like you.

    2. Yup, anyone who questions anything about the motives or veracity of the BS that flows out of the mouths of one of your make believe hero is an asshole,

      Proud to be an asshole!