Monday, March 23, 2015

Economically, America's Worst President?

The recession ended four years ago, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research.  So Obamanomics has had plenty of time to produce a solid recovery.  In fact, since the American historical record is the worse the recession, the stronger the recovery, Obama should have had an easy time producing a booming recovery by now.
Obama likes to tout that we are doing better now than at the worst of the recession.  But every recovery is better than the recession, by definition.  So that doesn’t mean much.
The right measure and comparison for Obama’s record is not to compare the recovery to the recession, but to compare Obama’s recovery with other recoveries from other recessions since the Great Depression.  By that measure, what is clear is that Obamanomics has produced the worst recovery from a recession since the Great Depression, worse than what every other President who has faced a recession has achieved since the Great Depression.-Forbes


  1. After inheriting a near depression economy from Bush which continued 6 months into his Presidency and then a Congress who has fought him every inch of the way to prevent a recovery-leaving the middle class (you and me, idiot) suffering including cutting in half the amount of the Stimulus package, the economy has;

    Save the auto industry from ruin.
    Shown economic growth every month.
    Unemployment at 5.5% (faster than Mitt's prediction).
    More jobs created in his first 2 years than all of Bush's two terms.
    Federal spending at a record low.
    Stock market booming.
    Obamacare saving billions already. CBO just said it will cut deficit spending by $600 Billion in ten years.
    Consumer confidence up 60 points.

    Gimme a break, liar. For the past 30 years a Democratic President has had to clean up the economy left by the GOP.

    1. Bullshit copy/pasted from where his kind are INSTRUCTED to spread these lies.

      Federal spending at a record low.

      Really? Amazing! You must think we're as stupid as you to even attempt to spread that manure.

      This, ladies and gentlemen, is the EPITOME of a useful idiot.

    2. Yo One,

      Only one Auto company was saved, the other one was sold to Fiat.
      Had they have approved double the stimulus amount we could have bought twice as many junkers and produced the same amount of jobs, zero.
      Do you count 20 hours per week as part of the jobs created, you do know that wages are flat for six years. Part of that is because full time to part time jobs.
      Stock Market is soaring because the economy is weak and there is no where else to put money. The only ones benefiting are the rich.
      Obamacare is going to cost the taxpayer (that's people who work and pay taxes) double what was originally sold to the public.
      Obama has succeeded in one area. The attack on the middle class and small businesses is a resounding success.
      Who was it that created the economic collapse (hint - dodd, frank, waters and a majority democrat congress)

    3. The problem is the wealthy are thriving but the middle class is stagnant. Again thank the GOP for stymieing jobs and infrastructure bills. Oh, and let's not forget their insistence on not raising the minimum wage. The GOP is working against average Americans.

    4. The minimum wage has nothing to do with the middle class (ave hourly salary $20.62 an hour).

      Seven year into his presidency, Obama has done nothing but pad the welfare rolls, pass out Obamaphones, and give the poor "free healthcare" out the pockets of middle class insurance premium payers. Obama's entire focus has been milking the middle class to add to an ever growing list of perks for the ever growing UNDERCLASS.


    5. Youtube - GM China. The former CEO explains how all new money is going to China. 7 of 10 GM vehicles come from out of country. Nice way to save American jobs.
      2014 Silverado on the top 5 worst vehicles list. lol. Morons.

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    7. The government numbers are all bullshit. The middle class is getting screwed by the minute by the moslem in chief. Anyone that thinks the economy is good is some loser spending other people's money.

    8. Moslem in chief? You truly are a freaking moron. I knew they grew them stupid in southern Ohio and northern Kentucky but you are a freaking poster child.

      The middle class is getting squeezed? No crap you bimbo.
      Has been happening at an accelerated rate since your hero Saint Ronnie Raygun (worst economic president in recent history) helped foist tinkle down/supply side economics on the suckers.

      If you dickwads could stop sniffing Ronnie's rotting brain tissue long enough to take in some fresh air you might come to your senses.
      Muslim in chief? Damn, you're dumb.

    9. As you must be snifting that lefty Progressive POS's ass.

    10. Ad hominem sure does drive traffic.

    11. Speedy G is still stuck on 'Obamaphones' and thinks health care is 'free.' Idiot.

    12. Those receiving Obamacare subsidies "pay" for them? Who knew?

    13. I guess that This One is unaware of the 6-7 million Obamacare recipients eligible for "Zero-Net-Premium" plans.

      Informed, Democrats are NOT.

    14. That bald fellow in yellow cannot shut his mouth,
      With his mind full of Jello, we wish he'd head south.
      He hectors and badgers, bedevils all day
      And I'll bet it's been years since he had a good lay!

    15. Ducky in the Muslim world if your father is a muslim,you are automatically a muslim,it is a crime to convert.

  2. Late Breaking News!

    367 House lawmakers warn Obama that he's an Ass-Hole
    A veto-proof, bipartisan majority of House lawmakers have signed an open letter to President Barack Obama warning him that any nuclear deal with Iran will effectively require congressional approval for implementation. A group of bipartisan senators have penned a bill mandating that any deal be reviewed and approved by Congress, but the House letter notes that lawmakers have another way to halt an agreement — by refusing to roll back sanctions.

  3. you must be retired collecting your govt' pension or getting a gov't salary and not out in the real world
    Maybe you should stop getting your so called facts from

  4. The newest polls out show that Obama is officially the worst president in American history!
    Hands down, he’s the winner.
    Obama’s dipping approval rating in recent months, but Wednesday brought perhaps the cruelest cut to date: A new Quinnipiac University survey found that voters rate Mr. Obama as the country’s worst president since World War II.

    Unfortunately Obama's agenda is to turn us all into peons and peasants. Vote Conservative Republicans in November and let's stop this insanity. With Harry Reid no longer Senate Majority Leader we can take back America and rid ourselves of Obama.

    And what I find to be astonishing about these polls is that George Bush was battered by the (leftists in the) media every single day, year after year. Obama has been protected, promoted, and glorified by this same media. And still, finally, Americans are starting to realize that Barack Obama is an intentionally destructive man, who never, ever, acts in America's best interests.

    And of course, Romney would have been a far, far, better president. (And I will always believe that Obama, not only used the power of his office, i.e massive vote buying, using taxpayers' and borrowed money, but massive voter fraud, particularly in our inner cities, to win re-election. Which was why Democrats waged their phony campaign about voter suppression and voter ID laws.) And still, after failure, after failure, the Liberals/Progressives follow him like flys to horse manure. Just goes to show you that you can’t fix stupid.

    1. Wow, a long way to go to prove you're just full of shit.

    2. Obama's agenda Is to turn us all into peons and peasants?

      Damn, guess simple answers work
      for some. Just drink enough kool aide poured by the wealthy oligarchs and plutocrats.

  5. Replies
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    2. Yeah, let's get all military on their ass. That kind of stupidity has been such a success.

      You and your military friends have created this mess in the mideast and you're too freaking stupid to see it.

      Radical Redass, dumber the kid. Dumber than a freaking stump.

  6. Good for them RR ,they were elected to stop Obama ,as Rush Limbaugh said we want his policies to fail because when Obama fails,America succeeds

  7. i don't know if he's the worst president economically but he's definitely the most narcissistic. I can't recall any president hamming it up on talk shows as much as obama. and his communications team can certainly fire up the rubes on social media.

  8. As long as the fed maintains a zero or very low interest rate policy, there ain't no recovery. Simple as that.

    1. High interest rates stimulate growth?

    2. The Kid is struggling to catch up. Might be a long wait.

    3. Zero interest rates stimulate the stock market which aids the rich and punishes the middle class and the retirees. The current administration has been very good to the wealthy and to a lessor extent the poor.
      The rich take care of themselves, the poor are taken care of and the middle class takes care of both. Don't tell the minority youth that obama has been good for the job market. The minimum wadge is a way to control people and keep them in line and the democrats are very good at that.

    4. High interest rates stimulate growth?

      Nope. But they're typically a 'proxy'/'indicator' of it. Rates represent the competition between business for money to spend and invest. So if interest rates are 0... THAT's a pretty good indicator that there has been no real "growth" in our economy since Obama took office, and that business are not competing to "grow" their business segments.

      What the Kid probably should have said was, "There has been no recovery, and the 'proof' lies in the fact that the Fed MUST maintain a zero/very low interest rate policy."

    5. Notice how kid drops in to clarify his "ideas".

      A real tyro, that one.

    6. Notice how the duck construct his Invisible Man... You're getting paranoiac-critical in your old age, Duckman.

  9. In personal terms Obama's "recovery" is like this:

    Joe Doakes was a mid-level executive in a large corporation earning 100K a year before the recession hit in late 2008. Joe lived in a 3,500 -square-foot house for which he had paid 650K. Wi him were his wife of 23 years, and their three teenaged children -- two boys and a girl.

    Then came the Recession. Joe lost his job. Then he lost his house, because he was overextended, "under water" and couldn't make the mortgage payments.

    Then he and his wife started quarreling. The children, who'd been spoiled by their former prosperity, became sullen and hostile. The girl ran away from home and got pregnant by a black thug who beat her and rented her out by the hour to pay for his drug habit. One of the boys got on drugs and dropped out of high school, lives on the street, and seems headed for reform school any day now. The other boy became a religious fanatic, ran away from home and joined a monastic cult.

    Joe's wife blamed Joe for all this and left him to go back to live with her aged parents.

    BUT according to Barack Obama's worldview this story had a happy ending, BECAUSE Joe FINALLY after being out of a job for nearly five years accepted a job as a clerk in a department store in a mall near his former home. He's now earning 18K a year -- just enough money to enable him to rent a trailer and keep reasonably well fed as long as he eats at home. His car is ten years old, but it still runs. He can't afford to take a vacation. He can hardly afford Cable TV, but according to the White House Statistics bureau he's "gainfully EMPLOYED" and paying taxes once again, and -- even though Joe can't afford health insurance at all anymore -- that's ALL the Obama administration needs to claim "SUCCESS."

    GOT IT?

    It SUCKS doesn't it?

    1. perfect analysis FT. I may need to borrow this down the road


  10. Obama has a different description of success then the average American.

    Why just a few months ago he said the situation in Yemen was a "success."

  11. That POS on the left is so quick to criticize Cruz's father. But never, ever mentions Obama's Commie mother and father.
    But what would anyone have expected from a POS!

    1. and let's not forget the fact she posed nude so some horny old men can lust over her photos and fantasize.

  12. Speaking of POS, wonder how many little turds will announce for 2016. The big turd came out with a loud plop so the little turds can't be far behind.

    1. Is that the best ya got Squeaky pants??

    2. As good as it can get with the line ups.

      Popcorn anyone?

  13. You can tell a political party has no good ideas when they feel they have to start flinging insults the moment a candidate announces he will be running for president. With Ted Cruz it began with silly accusations about scaring 3 year olds.

    The wailing by Democrats is deafening. Calling Ted Cruz crazy, scary, dangerous, you name it. I think he's the right guy for the job. Nothing causes liberals to lose their minds like a genuine candidate that scares the shit out of them, meaning somebody that is a real conservative, not a fake conservative that can be manipulated. I figure they're going to be Palinizing him for the next year or so. They even have their bought and paid for Spanish station Univision trashing Cruz. Chris Matthews called him a hijacker, alluding to his Cuban ancestry, a Cruise missile aimed at the U.S. Capital. This insanity is a direct reflection of Democrats that feel they need to trash their opposition rather than give voters a reason to vote for their shitty candidate of choice, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    It's absolutely priceless some of the accusations they're using.

    He's not qualified because he doesn't have a valid birth certificate
    He's never accomplished anythingHis Father was friendly with Fidel Castro.
    He's inexperienced
    His ideas on Global Warming are crazy

    Isn’t it funny that these are the same MORON’S who NEVER even mention the FACTS about Obama’s Father or that his Mommie was a Commie.
    And the Blacks swallow his shit regardless. They're just happy a black guy is presiden, they don’t care about what kind of a failure he is, just that he’s the president. Or that the Dems are the Party of SLAVERY, SEGREGATION, JIM CROW, THE KKK .

    By the way, I heard that Hillary picks her nose and eats her boogers.
    She represents the most contemptible, conscienceless, corrupt element of the party leadership. She's a lying Vulture who somehow clings to life but really ought to be extinct.
    And I'm still waiting on one person to tell me something she has actually accomplished. Just one. I can understand ONE scandal, okay we can accept that , two scandals and we need to think about what she does, but this is like the 10th and you Progressive moron’s are still kissing her ass. Grow up and think for yourselves for a change, you ALL can’t be THAT stupid! Or can you?
    And where are all the Clinton Butt Kissers, now after she was caught AGAIN? She is totally washed up now! You can still wish if you want? But like it or not, I see a Republican taken over the White House in 2016! Damn does that piss you Progressive Radicals off? Tough, live with it!!!

  14. Well Rambo, you really laid it out. Great job'

    Bottom line for me, the democrats ain't got shit and the republicans have tons of it. :-)

    1. We'll somebody had to!
      Your progressive friends had a field day doing a hatchet job on him!

    2. I will be happy when Obama's term ends, but Cruz? From the frying pan into the fire methinks it would be. The upside is we get to enjoy a year and a half of political comedy.

    3. Nice. Well when you have far left money invested in media they will take out all the stops
      All these seroius issues going on in the world and what does madam secretary say"Americans need to have more fun,like camp for adults"
      Really lady? This is the left's serious candidate?
      She is just anothet Soros puppet


    4. political comedy form the left. At least the right has some fresh faces like Rubio,Walker,Cruz and who does the left have ? 2 angry grandmas Hillary and Warren an maybe throw in that old choot Bernie Sanders as a filler funny

  15. Well then maybe you;d be Happy with Old Pig in a Pant Suit?
    Talking about that Old hag, I challange anyone one to list at least 2 or 3 accomplishments of Hillary Clinton that were done without Bill Clinton's help or his name .
    Talking about Women’s rights and such, lets not forget that Hillary defended a MAN's sexual predation, turning against his female accusers, calling them "bimbos", taking advantage of so many of them that I can’t even remember the count. . Hillary championed the "Nuts and Sluts" in defense of he lying, CHEATING Husband. Hillary has no accomplishments of her own to speak of. And democrats think she's some kind of feminist hero? Are you kidding? She has so much baggage, that she would need to use a Cargo plane to go anywhere.
    Oh wait a minute, she ducked when someone threw a shoe at her when she was on stage...THAT'S AN ACHIEVEMENT RIGHT?
    And lets not forget how she “dodged all those sniper’s bullets in Bosnia.
    Other then with Bill. She's done nothing at all outstanding, that is nothing positive, but people see her as some kind of celebrity.
    What rock have you been living under?
    I have more respect for Monica Lewinsky than for Hillary Clinton, after all, what did Monica do? It was Bubba who was the Cheater!

  16. Lets tell it like it was, Monica Lewinsky was young and naive, Bill Clinton was the president. Bill is the one who should ashamed of himself, not her! It was HIS behavior that was disgusting. . I know what she did wasn't good and she deserved to be criticized then, as did he. But it's over, let's move on. We've allowed Bill to get a free pass and get past it, we've allowed Hilary a pass for taking him back, why doesn't Monica Lewinsky get the same treatment? Her whole identity is wrapped up in the Clinton BJ and the blue dress! And Bill Clinton is treated like some kind of a hero, and a Great president.. Monica’s life was destroyed, and Hillary is going to run for the presidency! Something not right here! If anyone did anything that was horrible, it was Bill Clinton. And Saint Hillary has enough skeletons and shortcomings of her own to worry about..

    1. It's the war on women and Hillary will trot out her phony BS on how she is the new Hope and Change for females

  17. Here we go with their same old nonsense, the Progressive IDIOTS trying to destroy a Conservative candidate even before he’s nominated. :

    It’s the same OLD BS again:
    He only wants to cut taxes on the wealthy. BUT it was ok when Obama only wanted to raise taxes on the wealthy. It's a shame people falls for this nonsense. but it's the democrat fear mongering tactic.

    What else do they have to run. getting kicked out of Congress after only SIX years of their Messiah coming into office

    Democrats want to raise taxes =GOOD GOOD GOOD

    Anyone suggesting cutting taxes- EVIL BAD EVIL
    This crap is why our country is doomed.

    These people are brainwashed sheep. this is what we up against in this country and how we got someone like that thug Obama as President in the first place.
    What really scares me is these idiots vote! And whenever another scandal breaks in the news, Hillary Clinton and Obozo did not know it was happening? They’re Despicable!
    Go cry to someone else. like the dailykos, or the huffepost, or the underground where you all belong.

    1. Republicans want to lower taxes, spend more on the MIC, and fight unfunded conflicts across the globe.

      AYUP, sounds like a perfectly logical plan. Oh, that's right. Did that already... and we've seen those results.

  18. Hillary will be no different than that the black-hearted man that is President now, only it will be in a Pant Suit, with Thunder Thighs....she will have this same cast of evil people from this administration behind her, SO A VOTE for her is a vote for the same we've had with Obama

    Hillary stood by her man while he got blow jobs from a young lady almost the same age his daughter was, yet they have no problems with that
    but they can bring up Gingrich divorce, Cain supposedly sexual harassment, etc
    Like Billy boy, Hillary will be a fine example of who we want our children to admire....NOT...look the other way while your husband is a serial adulterer.

  19. Personally, I'd like to see a Walker-Rubio ticket.

    1. NOW you're talking, Stephanie. I have a lot of confidence in Scott Walker's judgment and general worldview. His record as Wisconsin's governor is superb.

      But why not Ted Cruz and Rand Paul? Not pushing them, just asking you what you think, that's all.

      May I assume you are agains a Jeb Bush candidacy? I certainly am, but I'd like to hear what you might have to say about it.

  20. So, Obama is furious that Israel found out Iran nuke deal secrets and told Congress?
    Let’s see now, I guess that this is the way it went...…
    “The Obama administration has vented its fury at Israel based on Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress, and pre-election statements. None of those issues justified the complete fury coming from the administration. It just didn’t add up. Now The Wall Street Journal reveals the back story “
    His Highness Barry Obama was formulating a plan to give Iran nukes, and remove legal sanctions illegally by some end-run around Congress.
    Obama made no secret of his displeasure that Benjamin Netanyahu was reelected to be Israel’s Prime Minister. We all were able to see that!
    The Israelis had good enough intel to know this.
    So now here we have a guy the strongest influences on his life seem to be Islam (which isn't exactly always Jewish friendly) and Rev. Wright who claims its the Jews who forced Obama away from him. Obama legitimizes Al Sharpton (who refers to Jews as diamond merchants and is pretty fairly seen as a substantial influence behind Jewish deaths) and vilifies Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama is part of the far left of the Democratic party where both anti-Israel sentiment and anti-Semitism are well established. The effort to discredit Israel and move towards Iran and the Palestinians seems like no coincidence.

    So isn't it time to call a spade a spade
    The Israelis vouchsafed this information to Congress…and presumably others (think military)…without Bathhouse Barry knowing.
    The talks with Iran that have been Obama’s obsession since he took office have continued despite his promise not to “have talks forever.” This has been his pattern of behavior since the day he took office.
    Netanyahu’s speech to a joint meeting of Congress left the White House deeply angered and his reelection probably stunned them.
    Now that he is in the final years of his presidency, Obama does not have to hide his antipathy to Israel, nor did he make much effort to do so in this first term
    His Highness Barry Obama is highly pissed his scheme is busted.
    The regime in Iran is evil. They want to wipe Israel off the map. That should be enough to not negotiate with the mad mullah’s Overthrow them and let the Persian people reclaim their country sans Islamic extremists (if there are any left…)
    So, who’s our friend here, and who’s the enemy…???
    The regime in Iran is evil. They want to wipe Israel off the map. That should be enough to not negotiate with the mad mullah’s Overthrow them and let the Persian people reclaim their country sans islamic extremists (if there are any left…)
    Well, Obama has treated Israel as an enemy for so long, I guess Bibi just took him at his word and started acting accordingly. Can’t say I blame him
    It is LONG past time that this fraud got impeached, and kicked out of office.
    This guy just ticks me off more and more every day, and his policy of treating Israel has caused allies and enemies alike to distrust him.

    1. Netanyahu’s speech to Congress left Obama deeply angered and his re-election stunned him..
      The proof is usually in the actual pudding.

  21. The Conduct Of The Democrats Is Despicable

    As you mentioned, never doubt a Liberal’s ability to lie, and attempt tocover up the mess’s they create...

    Outside of NY, California and the loony tunes, Barrck Hussein Obama is a joke. A very bad one, at that.

    So Mr (O)CT(O)SCHMUCK, stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

    1. The Octoturd's not been seen on this thread.
      'Twould be better if we looked on him as dead.
      The mention of his name just brings up bile
      With thoughts of everything we know is vile.

  22. Mr OctoSchmuck seems to always get it wrong. Ted Cruze isn't stupid, he's retarted!

    1. Thus spake the vicious bitch with open maw
      Against whose presence there should be a law.
      Naught passes twixt her lops but stinking crap.
      We wish someone would catch her in a trap,
      Baited with fly covered, rotting meat ––
      The only thing this feral bitch will eat.
      After that just throw her in the trash
      Dead or alive she's not worthy any cash.

  23. That bald fellow in yellow cannot shut his mouth,
    With his mind full of Jello, we wish he'd head south.
    He hectors and badgers, bedevils all day
    And I'll bet it's been years since he had a good lay!

    1. That poor Guy, is much too far gone already to "Get It'

    2. I might say that he never got Laid. Who would want to lay him?

      Don't look at me!

    3. More projection eh FreeThinke?

      What a shame.

  24. The only people who could possibly think this is a good economy are those on the receiving sad.
    No more American SPIRIT, or being embarrassed by having to accept, it's a badge of honor today.
    I hate the left.

    1. And I'm not so crazy about the right!

    2. It is so shameful Z. It is really unsustainable I hate the left too,they are such a nasty ,angry bunch

    3. It is so shameful Z. It is really unsustainable I hate the left too,they are such a nasty ,angry bunch

    4. Yeah, z, they must frost your little Calvinist soul.

    5. By the way Mr. Octopussy, President Barack Obama's father was an African Muslim. That doesn't sit well with the patriotic Americans, , the Military, or the families of those who were MURDERED at the World Trade center on 9-11. Or for that matter ANY loyal American....
      And by the way, My sister, one of those "Typical White People", spent almost 2 years fighting those parasites that YOU seem to love so damn much.
      After reading the CRAP that YOU wrote regarding the rubbish that both YOU and that Progressive Witch has been slinging against Ted Cruz.on that Progressive piece of HORSE MANURE, called a "blog" My Give A SHIT METER is registering zero!

    6. Hm, where Z does Christ say one should hate there brothers and sisters for their differences? Hating an entire group based on political differences only, why that just seems foolish.

    7. Funny, Ted Cruz's father was Cuban and apparently had involvement with Communist Fidel Castro at some point at some level. Now that in and of itself doesn't bother me but your hypocrisy does.

      Cruz will fail or succeed because he is Ted Cruz, regardless what his father was or wasn't, and did or did
      not do.

      Stocking up on popcorn. It's gonna be interesting.

  25. Not that I’m a Ted Cruz fan, because I’m not, I support Scott Walker and or Marco Rubio, but....................................................................................

    Somehow, despite the fact that Cruz's father, Rafael, actually fought for Cuba, he didn't know Castro was a Communist and neither did anybody else at the time.
    What the stupid dimocrap scumbag Octocrap doesn't know is that Fidel Castro (because he is a “dimwitocrap” and that means he's stupid) Fidel Castro didn't even announce he was a communist until JFK was in Office.

    Just a fact that you Scumbags might want to know.

    I would be very interested to see what the politics were of Obama's step Father. We do know that his white grand parents and mother were lefties to the highest extreme. I'm guessing Barry's Mom was afraid of white men since she was a “Typical” White Person” But As Hillary Clinton would say, " What Difference, Does It Make Now?"

  26. Regarding Obama’s recent despicable behavior towards Benjamin Netanyahu do you think that Obama is Anti-Semitic?"
    Is the Pope a catholic?
    We have had plenty of warnings regarding that in the past. But the American electorate (and elsewhere, around the world, just seemed to want to disregard that) don't know how to judge character, even the total lack of it. (Well, it's perhaps more correct to say, a lot of them just don't want to let go of their pet ideologies--dogmas--when choosing a "leader".) Do the names Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan come to mind?
    The reason is that he has outsmarted Obama at every turn. Bibi ha shown his his brilliance by upstaging Obama on every interaction Obama has had with Benjamin. Bibi is having a battle of wits with an unarmed man..and Bibi is going easy on him.
    But what is amazing to me is that the American Jews still support Obama after all of his hatred.

  27. After reading some of those progressive post’s..... Seems to me that I was totally, completely, 100% absolutely correct.

    Not just a little bit..... 100% on the money.

    Who are the stupid commentors now?

    After the announcement from Ted Cruz, just as expected the lefties pouted like the little bitch’s they are...
    Know why? Because anybody with a “R” before their name in their simple minds have a tail and two horns! And you must destroy them.. But, you know what? is preferable to the scum of the fucking earth Dimocrap party.

    You REALLY don't know what you're wishing for. Look around you dumbassed idiots, since the election of Barack Obama, the whole COUNTRY is collapsing and going to Hell.
    You think it will be fun watching Americans die, by having their heads chopped off? Including your very own family members and maybe even your own stupid self?

    Know what happens when Countries Collapse like that? When the shit starts, Obama the Messiah’s thoughts are, "We'll bring everyone of these responsible to a swift Justice." Damn, how many times have I heard that before?
    But it doesn't work that way. The other side is gonna fight back. And they aren't going to fight hard, and with every thing that they can get their filthy hands on, and yes, that includes Iran! . Think about who you'd be fighting, you freaken genius’s

    Then, once we start to accumulate serious losses, you're gonna say, " Hey, this thing is getting really costly. For the price we're paying, we could have sent thousands of minority kids to school!
    I hear that “Bleeding Heart” shit from your side all the time and I'm telling you -- You have NO freaken clue what you're talking about. None.
    Stop being immature little bitches, that you are and join the team.
    THAT is what's called being a dedicated, and LOYAL American. Not a little sissy-assed pee-pants little girl that runs away when she can't get her way.

    And while I have your attention, I believe that our boy president made the wrong choice in siding with Iran instead of with Israel. I am not sure whether it was induced by the anti-Israeli beliefs of Mr. Obama, or what it is, but whatever the reason, it was still an ill-advised decision. Israel is a long-standing ally if the United States, and why in the world would you like to pal up with terrorist nation like Iran at the cost of alliance with the state of Israel? Poor decision to make.

  28. Why dont your Baggers leave Octopus alone. It seems to me that you all are ganging up on him because of his hatred of conservatives,
    Don't he have the right to hate whoever he wants tool?
    I think he does!!!!!!

    1. YUP! And WE have every right -- and frankly a DUTY -- to DESPISE and REJECT the brand of HATRED and HATEFULNESS he exemplifies, dearie.

  29. What troubles me as well as most other people that I have this conversation with, irrespective of any real or assumed anti-Israel or anti-Semitic element, is Obama’s pursuit of a deal with the Iranians that would permit them at some point to make their own nuclear weapons. It quite simply makes no sense to anyone except Obama. Iran has never made no secret of its wish to “wipe Israel off the map.” Netanyahu left no doubt that Israel would use military force to destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities. In the past they destroyed such facilities in Iraq and Syria. And that they would do so with or without the help of America. And as the way it looks today, it would be without the help of America. At least as long as Obama is in office.

    As for the Iranians, they don’t care how the negotiations turn out. They have gotten a respite from the sanctions, Obama’s so called sanctions have been meaningless, and as for the funds that were frozen? They were already returned.. As for Bibi Netanyahu’s winning the election, he did so even with Obama’s helping the opposition, and he even stooped as low as having Arabs bussed in to the polls to vote against Mr. Netanyahu. Obama’s plan to appease Iran at any cost, even with Israel, in their cross hairs!

    As for the destruction of Israel, Iran has both Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza as their allies to threaten Israel, so they can wait for a nuke to finish off the job. And who did the U.S. just remove from its list of terrorist nations and groups? Iran and Hezbollah! Hows that? Go figure?

    We also know that when a liberal starts a subject in their blog with a lie then, there isn't much point in reading it any further. Thus the reason why i don’t and won’t read that slop written by that progressive a-hole. They don't give a damn about our nation. The only thing they care about is the election of a “Black Man”! Kind of a shocking? Mind-Boggling? You bet it is.

  30. Nothing ever changes.... much... For many years the Democrats couldn't get out of their own way. They were the party of Nutjobs, Fruitcakes, and Old Racist White Men, Perverts and lying their leftist asse’s off pretending that they love Freedom, America, and support the Troops.
    And like I said, nothing much ever changes.

  31. Americans are learning the hard way that the President they elected because he is “Black” was a big mistake.
    President Obama made no secret of his displeasure that Benjamin Netanyahu was reelected to be Israel’s Prime Minister again.
    Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu madeno secret of his displeasure of his feeling towards Mr. Obama’s talks with Iran that have been Obama’s obsession since he took office despite his promise not to have these talks!
    Netanyahu’s speech to a joint meeting of Congress left President Obama deeply angered and Netanyahu’s reelection probably stunned him as he did whatever he was able to to have Mr. Netanyahu defeated even by bussing in Arabs to vote against him. However even that didn’t work. So the question is, Is President Obama an anti-Semite?
    I define anti-Semitism as someone with a serious dislikes of Jews. Well Duh? Now that Obama is in the final years of his presidency, Obama does not have to hide his antipathy to Israel, nor did he make much of an effort to do so in his first term.
    Now lets get one thing clear, I don't hate Obama. I could go have a beer with him, but I don't like what he stands for nor do I agree with just about anything that he agrees to. . And needless to say that I don’t like Beer either.
    Today's liberal stands for dismantling the things that once made this country great, like competition, success and hard work, all in the name of fairness. I don't believe Obama was ever qualified to become President.
    As a conservative, picking out things you don't like about Barack Obama is kind of easy, if fact I can go on and on all day. But I won’t bore you with that as I’m sure you already know this and have heard these things hundreds of times.
    Based on his performance, his policies, and his personality, Barack Obama is in my opinion be the worse president ever to sit in the White House.
    He is a bigger liar than Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter put together. There's nothing the man says you can count on his meaning unless he's saying something nice about himself.
    And for anyone to say that he’s doing a “good job” since he became President, would have to be dumb, dishonest, retarded, or delusional to say something like that and a hypocrite.
    While Americans were dying in Boston, and in Benghazi, or being Beheaded, he was either playing golf or going on a Fund-raiser.
    Obama was so indifferent he might as well have been talking about what he was having for lunch.
    He's the single least competent man ever to sit in the White House, he's arrogant to the point of narcissism. He's like a third string high school basketball player who thinks he should be playing in the NBA all-star game.
    He's made an ass of himself by publicly inserting himself into the Henry Louis Gates arrest with the police and the Trayvon Martin case, saying that “he would have looked like his Son, if he had one” when he should have just shut his big yap and let justice take its course.
    And thanks to Barack Obama, one out of every five Americans is on food stamps today, while the Moocher Vacations all over the world! By the way where is that World Traveler these days? Do they have a Targets Department store in Japan?

  32. What is wrong with this president?. Why would he want a nuclear deal with a country that is chanting “DEATH TO AMERICA”? Why would anyone support this ? Does not hate the USA and Israel that much?

  33. Iranians celebrate the 1979 Revolution and the overthrow of the U.S.-supported Shah of Iran as a victory against the United States. By Chanting "Death to Ameria" in the streets.

    So what do we do? Yes, give them nuclear capabilities! Sounds like a great plan Imam Obama!
    These people have nothing better to do then to burn the US flag and burn us in effigy
    And our Extremely Ignorant president wants to give them the means to destroy us.

  34. I want to give you a little information that’s not widely available publicly, and you won’t find this on any of the LEFTIES blogs either. . Last week, when Barack Obama finally called Benjamin Netanyahu after he won the election, it was not to congratulate him. They spoke for 30 minutes.
    Barack Obama insisted that Benjamin Netanyahu remove his ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer. Netanyahu said he would not. Obama pressed the case. Netanyahu said he will not.
    Obama attacked Netanyahu, he said, for the last days of the campaign when he called out the Arabs. And he attacked Netanyahu for his statements about the two state solution.
    Unfortunately, Netanyahu’s position is that he still supports a two-state solution. However he said as long as that other state is committed to Israel’s demise, as long as they won’t disarm, as long as they will not recognize Israel as a Jewish state, how can there be a two state solution? As I say, the two-state solution would be a final solution.
    And so it was a disrespectful, rude conversation on Obama’s part, IT WAS NOT A CONGRATULATORY ‘ YOU WON’, call.

    1. and what does the UN do announce that Israel treats their women poorly. Ha seriously? I wonder how much Global Warming money Obama promised them to say that.

  35. Damn, gonna need more popcorn that originally imagined! This s*it is approaching slapstick comedy.

    Whoopee and howdy do!

  36. Truth hurts huh RN? so goes the typical liberal response,denigrate the opposition.
    Another good little Alinsky comrade.

    1. No Lisa the truth does not hurt, if it is the truth. The ad hominem (and platitudes) found here on a daily basis are not the truth Lisa. In reality the reason the fringe right, of which you and your comrades are part of, engage in ad hominem is because you <><>LACK<><> truth. Therefore you resort to to tactics of belligerence and name calling. Just like little kids in the schoolyard when there is no adult supervision.

      Alinsky Lisa? Naw, you're way the f**k off the mark. I don't buy the Alinsky BS any more than I by the Glen beck or Ted Nugent BS. Or any of the various extremists that tend coalesce around nut cases; and that as I said goes for both sides of the political aisle.

      Of course I realize this is hard for you to grasp, being part of the fringe and all. Ad frankly that is all right by me because the fringe is never going to control the country. If and when a fringe does, regardless whether it is the left or the right fringe, that is when this dude WILL TAKE UP ARMS,

      Really, have a great day. I know I'll going to.

    2. because the fringe is never going to control the country.

      The "fringe" Left (Obama) already controls it.

    3. RN thinks that just because Obama hasn't ordered the Clinton wing into the Gulag yet, that he's not "fringe". Have patience, RN. When its' him or them, he WILL!

  37. Thanks for your STUPID and BIASED input Mr. Irrationally.
    Please spread your insanity and misinformation over at the Slop Shop now being operated by a Snake aka Octopussy.aka the antisemitic asshole darling of the progressives.
    Have a good day, or not!

  38. Thank you for highlighting my points so well. Much appreciated.

    Which of course is, in a nutshell, your ilk does not strive for honest and open discussion of the issues. What you strive for is acceptance of, and mutual affirmation of the fringe beliefs your masters have commanded you to believe.

    BTW, it matters not if I know how to handle arms, which I do. If I didn't? I'm a rapid learner.

    Oh, and be sure to keep heaping on the ad hominem attacks on all those (who are by the way a hell of a lot more intelligent and wise than you) that refuse to buy and conform to your bullsh*t.

    Have a good day, you desperately need one.

  39. Just something for you to consider. 12 of the 14 characteristics are demonstrated by the fringe right, of which you belong to.

    Have a good day. Or, if you prefer have a god day.

    1. Wow! I think he just called you a NAZI. You must have won the argument, NIMN.

  40. Among the many non-delights
    Found in the blogosphere
    The intellectual termites
    Are certainly most queer.

    The time they spend is worthless
    In seeding comments sections
    With waspish, witless, mirthless
    Phrases filled with misconceptions!

    ~ FreeThinke

  41. Contrarian antagonists
    ____ care rarely for what’s true.
    They’re far more eager to denounce,
    –––– so here is what they do.
    Their purpose is to denigrate,
    -––––– belittle and defame.
    Their wish is to humiliate
    –––– in hopes of fixing blame.
    The truth too easily is lost
    –––– in battles of this kind.
    Hectoring and badgering
    ––––– abuse the human mind.
    Instead of curiosity
    ––––– we often find expression
    Of little but indulgence
    ––––– of a passion for aggression.
    When avidness appears
    ––––– to open Vitriol’s loose spigot,
    The one who twists and turns the tap
    –––– is apt to be a bigot.

    ~ FreeThinke


  42. What is the Nurse's Gender Male, Female, or Something in between ?

  43. And what is the Octopussy Gender, Male, Female, Asshole, or all of the above.

  44. What is it with these people? Do they think the entire world is as stupid as their constituency?

    Evidently so..

    Obama again stands his claim that Yemen is a“Model” Of Counterterrorism Success Despite reports that “US-Backed President Has Fled Country”…
    This is the second time in three days the White House has made the buffoonish claim that Obama was right when he called Yemen the “model of success.”
    Of course, our resident dimocraps will be there defending their fellow dimocraps while lapping up this lie like the shit-eating dogs they are

  45. Meanwhile, Netanyahu won, despite the Obama machine putting arabs on buses to get them to vote against him
    Which was another slap in the face to Obumber... And to OctoPussy.

    The majority of Americans are very Happy and glad to have him back.. Except the creeps and traitors in the Democrat party

  46. Lisa, time to take out the Trash again...

  47. Senior Jerusalem source says administration wanted ‘revenge’ over Congress speech..

    The White House was directly involved in an attempt to unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in last week’s general election, during a nadir in ties between the Israeli leader and US President Barack Obama, a senior Jerusalem official said .I Am 100%for Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu ,and i Pray for his protection from Iran.

  48. Israel is close to the danger zone and all these lefties act all self righteous safely from 10,000 miles away