Saturday, July 25, 2015

Offended by the Confederate Flag

Yes folks we took down confederate flags to appease them. Look how upset they were


  1. I'm seeing it all over the board today; liberals jumping on the fact that John Houser was a white conservative tea partier, and thus must represent them.
    Yeah right, just like that colossal jerk Fred Phelps represent all Libs.

  2. No negroids died in LA. How do libtards even know about it?

    1. We're still trying to figure out how your brother got the gun for the Louisiana shooting.

    2. Unlike you, both my brother and I know who is our father...


  3. "the jig is up"

    that's what the cops in Texas said when they found that woman hanging in her cell

  4. RN say's I love you on the first date

  5. Replies
    1. Rejecting again Kid. You do it all the time.

      Must have graduated from the Shackleford Academy of Ignorance.

    2. That would be Projecting Kid. But you knew that.

  6. ....Fags...Flags....Freebies...........the mantra of the left

  7. did that crazy bastard killing those folks in the church affect you personally? Did it cause you fitful nights? Did it cause you to not pay your electric bill? Did it cause you to lose your sight? Did it cause you to sink into a serious depression? Did it cause your ED to become severe?

    So,you see Ducky....shit happens,sometimes bad shit happens...hell,its been happening relax Ducky,it didn't affect you at all,be thankful,kick back,have a drink and stop fucking crying......don't be pussified

    1. Poor angwee self-loathing, guilt ridden so-called white having a conniption!


    2. Self loathing,exactly RR .

  8. But Ducky....I realize you don't want to answer why the church murders affected you so damn badly but can you please explain why you...sitting in Everett are so affected by the senseless killings. Were one of the dead related to you? Did your white quilt go into hyper drive?

  9. So far, I am a Trump supporter and I’d vote for him in a minute.. A lot of people are making a big deal over his McCain comment about liking guys who do not get captured. Hey, we all get mad and attack without thinking
    And I’d like to ask you Hillary Supporters, can you please explain to me why it was necessary for Hillary to have a private server to conduct State Department business? I haven't heard a good reason yet.

    Or are you and she going to sweep it under the rug by saying, “I Didn’t know”?

    1. After all, she is a Clinton. And that means she frull of CRAP.

    2. Now isn't that the pot calling the Kettle Black!

  10. While your at spreading all that Bull-Shit , can you please give us a minute of youroh so precious time and explain to me why it was necessary for Hillary to have a private server to conduct State Department business? I haven't heard a good reason yet. Perhaps a know it all liberal like yourself can enlighten us all?

    OR are you like her just waiting until it is time to say this is: Old News.!

  11. Dave Muller July 26, 2015 at 7:16 AM

    Lisa, I know you don't like to scrub, but once again Chaw is copy/pasting her entire miserable blog and polluting yours. She doesn't let you, or any of us, post anything counter to her demented anti-white and anti-success shit. Yet in her insane entitlement, she believes you must host her venal garbage.

    I know what I'd do...

    1. Thats what Progressives do, they love to spread their "Cheer" aka the crap that they write, so they spread it on everyone else's blogs.
      I am still trying to find the sense or reason in the fact that they love the liar-in-chief.
      He's a prime example of someone that sickens me. But then again so is Chaw.

      For exampel:
      John McCain served in the armed forces and deserves my respect, and I am sure he served with distinction. John McCain like all the other men and women that served are responsible for the freedoms I have enjoyed. And I am grateful. I would never call John names, or spit on him, nor disparage the sacrifice he made fighting the Vietnamese.

      But is John McCain is constantly full of shit and it took a man like Donald Trump to say it like it is...

  12. Rational Nation USA, You and Liberals/Libertairians (or whatever) like you should learn to Lighten shouldn’t let an Old Washed up Geezer like Hillary get you so uptight.
    Liberals always say that they are the tolerant ones and conservatives are all bigoted jerks, but when it really comes down to it, it’s really the reverse.

    1. You make no sense.

      BTW, HRC surely does NOT have uptight. Never have paid much attn to here and don't pa to start.

      In fact conservatives are indeed the most intolerant, just ahead of extreme flaming liberals.

    2. Rational Nation USA July 26, 2015 at 5:26 PM...Spews:

      You make no sense.

      And then follows up with this gibberish...

      BTW, HRC surely does NOT have uptight. Never have paid much attn to here and don't pa to start.

      You make it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy you buffoon blatherskite.

  13. _______ KILLERS ______

    _____ I am singing to you

    Soft as a man with a dead child speaks;

    Hard as a man in handcuffs,

    Held where he cannot move:

    _____ Under the sun

    Are sixteen million men,

    Chosen for shining teeth,

    Sharp eyes, hard legs,

    And a running of young warm blood in their wrists.

    _____ And a red juice runs on the green grass;

    And a red juice soaks the dark soil.

    And the sixteen million are killing –– and killing

    _____ and killing.

    _____ I never forget them day or night:

    They beat on my head for memory of them;

    They pound on my heart and I cry back to them,

    To their homes and families, dreams and games.

    _____ I wake in the night and smell the trenches,

    And hear the low stir of sleepers in lines--

    Sixteen million sleepers and pickets in the dark:

    Some of them long sleepers for always,

    Some of them tumbling to sleep tomorrow for always,

    Fixed in the drag of the world's heartbreak,

    Eating and drinking, toiling –– on a long job of
_____ killing.

    Sixteen million men.

    ~ Carl Sandburg (1878-1967)

  14. ....seem's RR has upset the two aging queens....


  15. ......careful RR....there might be an indictment from them....

  16. The Wall Street Journal has gained access to 3 secret documents on the verification process of Iran deal.(WSJ)
    They reveal that the Obama administration has completely collapsed on the long-standing demand that Iran come clean on the possible military dimensions of its atomic program.

    1. Need a link? Try google!
      It's all over the Internet .

    2. As I suspected, no verifiable source.

    3. Rottweiler is very dependable in a certain low class way, RN.

      Rusty Chucklenuts and Radical Redass must be on vacation.

  17. Hillary Clinton claims to be fighting for women’s rights! . What women, and what rights??
    The right for her husband to be the first US President to receive a BJ in the Oval office? Cigars, gate?
    I still find it strange that the right was so upset about the “Right-wing conspiracy, and yet she wasn’t that upset at her Husband! The right to lie about her daughter and her running from gun fire at the Airport in Bosnia? The right to lie her way out of every cover up and scandals?
    She placed her own power hungry ambitions ahead of the choices any other women in her place would had made..and chose to “Stand By Her Man” the unethical choice! That only goes to show that unethical, immoral, dishonorable, and depraved conduct was tolerated because of her need for power..
    She chose to Stand By Her Lies, from the Benghazi coverup, to her e-mail server, she's been lying for so long she can't remember which stories were true or which were lies anymore.
    How can we forget... White Water - gate,E-mail server - gate, Cattle futures 'deal' - gate, Travelgate, BENGHAZI - gate. How can we forget. Hillary Clinton’s words: “What difference does it make?”
    The staged interviews, and the rehearsed questions and answers? The fake grin, and Southern accent?
    And yet some of you can't wait to vote for her because you're dumb enough to believe she believes the nonsense she spouts..
    Bottom line, Hillary Clinton is a despicable person, and I don't want this Women as MY President!


  18. How to Stop Sounding Stupid
    After reading this:
    “A certain blog that promotes pornography, racism, and antisemitism also features an extraordinary number of shape-shifters. One of them, known as "Sleezy Green" pretends to be a liberal commenter and is accused of cutting and pasting from another blog.

    Click on "Sleezy Green" and see who it really is.”

    I Decided to Write This:


    IRREVERENT BLOGS, and the bloggers who write them. After my taking a trip down the cesspool of progressive blogs and running across this particular one.
    A thought ran across my mind. HOW DARE her accusing these fine bloggers like Lisa and Free Thinke of resorting to anything as low as she does on her stupid asinine blog. When She not only defends and supports the commenters on HER blog who fraudulently impersonates someone from Lisa’s or Free Thinke’s blog. And there are many of them. I have never seen or read where she so much as even mentions that!
    And so what if they do? It’s don mainly in fun, not to smear,or tarnish, or harm the reputation of the said blogger.
    SO MY ADVISE TO MISS PIGGIE IS FOR HER TO STFU. And to continue writing the same shit that she is accustom to. As she is much better at writing her stupid crap than playing detective Columbo

    1. Get rid of the Guy Fawkes mask if you wish to stop looking stupid.

      It's a very fey device.

  19. Oh, and by the way. anyone whos even thinking of voting for Hillary Clinton idon't even think about it, because that bitch will be in jail by election day..

  20. if only Adolph got 6 million + 1 I wouldn't have to see the ugly mug of that Philistine at the top of the page! That racist, that fascist, that traitor to the Arts and all that's good in BLUE America!

    All I'd see would be more ashes!

  21. ______ A Primly Moral Pose ______

    A primly moral pose can serve to mask
    Bilious temperament and vile conceit ––
    In fact the urge to cripple and defeat
    The one once loved now harshly brought to task.
    Counterfeit religion acts the fiend,
    Hobbling Affection’s natural course
    Overcoming love with fake remorse.
    No bliss survives when righteously demeaned.
    What makes a creepy, sickening sense of shame
    Haunt happiness as though ‘twere harlotry ––
    Even lovers' needs belong with varletry?
    Evil righteousness kills Passion’s flame.
    Let her whose pious poison mars affection
    Suffer from rebellion and rejection.

    ~ FreeThhke

  22. What a bunch of Ding-Bats, and that goes double for their Ding-Bat leader Shaw."Dingleberry" Kewie.

    And lets not forget the Putz Robert D. woh said..
    Shaw, thanks for exposing what many, many people already knew. Can't wait to see who the other people are. As I told you in an email, we knew that "Dave Muller" character was a fake liberal, and now you've proved it. Do those people on that blog realize they've been talking to themselves? That's sort of a mental weirdness in itself. LOL!

    It's not surprising people like that support Donald Trump.

    HEY ASS-HOLE, that "Dave Muller" character . IS A SPOOF!

    But I guess that YOU had a Lobotomy

  23. "But I guess that YOU had a Lobotomy"

    Did the idiot really believe that was real?

    It figures, based on the idiots that comment over at that POS's blog.

  24. Free Cousies said:

    The interesting thing about exposing them is that not one of them refutes what you've posted, the fact that they take on several fake "liberal" IDs then post at that blog where the blog owner and her fanboys talk back to the fake liberal. No one has challenged that because you've backed it up with evidence. All they can do is name-call and fart out their incoherent anger. Good job.

    Wow, you should be on TV, we need someone to replace Amos & Andy!

  25. Boston’s Bid for Summer Olympics Is Terminated

    (New York Times)
    Boston - The United States Olympic Committee killed Boston’s beleaguered bid
    for the 2024 Summer Olympics on Monday, hours after Mayor Martin J. Walsh
    said that he would not sign a contract with the organization if it wanted
    him to do so by the end of the day.

  26. Holy Shit, call me Famous Amos, I made the headlines at the Boston Zoo's blog.

    I hope that the Monkeys don't fling their Doo Doo at me.

    1. Why would they bother?

      You're already Chairman of the Board of the tribe which rubs poo in its hair.

  27. When did Boston Piggy go to Private Eye school?
    And who the "F" cares what she thinks or says!

  28. Im guessin that Boston Piggy is a VERY Lonly Women?< With nothing better to do but play detective games all weekend.

    1. Not true. I actually know her, though we are not friends anymore. She is in most ways a very nice, very good-looking, bright, talented woman with lots of friends, a husband and two perfectly beautiful children to her credit. She's a world-class cook too who never got fat –– an amazing accomplishment all by itself. ;-).

      Living in Massachusetts, however, –– particularly Boston ––, does seem to do strange things to people's heads. My grandparents were Bostonians, and they too were arrogant, opinionated, self-righteous and hyper-judgmental. They didn't approve of their son's marrying my mother, and never troubled to hide their disdain. The result of their attitude was sad for all concerned. It still casts a long shadow.

      Must be something on the water up there, because this has been going on for centuries.

    2. You mean like rednecks from Savannah Georgia, Austin Texas, Richmond Virginia, Mobile Alabama, Shreveport Louisiana, and other points with large concentrations of cons as well?

  29. Yeah Lisa, it's the flag

    Radical Redass and Rusty Chucklenuts making Nathan Bedford Forrest proud.
    Freethinke was driving the lead vehicle.

    For their next act, Radical Redass and his posse will crash a wedding shower.

    1. Another snippet of a video doesn't prove anything.For everyone you find like that I can find 10 like the one above

  30. To your Sandler graphic...

    HBO's 'The Brink' Explains Neocon Support For Israel

  31. So some people with use multiple names or they change their name, SO WHAT does that mean. It's the substance in what they say that's important .

    1. AMEN, Sister! I've been saying exactly that, myself, for more than a dozen years.

  32. If only "they" had something factual, important, rational, and in the long term rational self interests of our nation.

  33. Ducky's here July 27, 2015 at 4:35 PM...Yeah Lisa, it's the flag...Radical Redass and Rusty Chucklenuts making Nathan Bedford Forrest proud.

    Nathan Bedford Forrest - ultimate, outspoken, impulsive, hate-filled DHIMMICRUD!

    Any other self-beclownment while you're at it ghetto-dwelling EVERETT Boy?

  34. You are Boring The Hell Out Of Everyone..... But Then Again, You Have Benn Doing That For Years! ..My Advise To You Is To Go Out And Get Laid, SOMETHING THAT YOU PROBABLY HADN’T DONE IN 25 -50 YEARS.

  35. The sad, and yet funny thing about all this is that NO ONE Cares, exceot the dopes who post on her blogs and that they do the exact ame thing that she is bitching about...It's their normal routine...

    And yes, she IS boring the hell out of everybody..

  36. Why don't you go to a Gym, or learn to play mahjong?

  37. Stupidity is shown by the thing that you do, an intelligent person who does stupid things is still stupid. In other words, you are what you do.
    So the bottom lines is that if you act stupid, and waste you time doing Stupid things (providing that “your” time is meaningful in the first place) then you are just plain STUPID.
    Here’s the rule of thumb, most people think that intelligence as measured by a persons IQ. Now don’t get me wrong, your IQ is important, but so is your ability to think rationally, and doing the rational thing with your times as well as with your “brain”.
    This “Magnificent” discovery of Shaw’s is a perfect example.

  38. This dumbass blooger (Shaw) needs to do better than writing a blog and playing detective.
    Some friendly advice, don’t quit your day job, that is if you have one.
    As someone else has said, maybe she needs to get Laid!

    The homeless old bag lady is most likely getting more action than she is.

  39. And to BOOT, that Hypocritical Scumbag, " I'm Skippy's Mom" who is always is bitching and KISSING SHAW'S Fat Ass, Copied his screen mame form a person that comments right here, AND HE or SHE KNOWS IT!

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Sorry to hurt your feelings Shaw but I think that you are way off base on this one.... As usual

  42. Most people are stupid and whatever, but If you ever want proof that Progressives have no principles, you need to look no further than Shaw.

  43. Written by the Regestered Nurse..

    One cannot find a rational argument that argues for continuing to visit said site. My original purpose for visiting the subject weblog was to engage in honest discussion with other honest active minded conservatives, as well as defending liberals who offered resonable factal comments when they were attacked. Things
    went downhill quickly.

    You're right (O)CT(O)(PUS), it's time to leave them to their echo chamber of hate, bigotry, homophobia, anti-Semitism, and racism.

  44. Any cuckservatives here?

    It's the rage on the ultra right blogs.