Monday, July 6, 2015


So we have had 180 something killings of innocent people by illegals since they were released onto the streets from jails.. Isis is killing innocent children for not fasting properly for Ramadan. Chicago had the highest ever murder rate this past weekend, a  racist psychopath killed 9 innocent people in a church no less and Obama and the Pope are focusing on Climate Change and our media on Donald Trump.
Just goes to prove it isn't about the people as much as it is about an agenda.


  1. When people ask, what to do about the poor. I get flustered, why ask a stupid question like that when there is a simple answer!
    I was never able to understand why it wasn't a do-able solution to make welfare recipients work for their handouts and limit the number of kids these cockroaches could add to the welfare rolls to 2 at the very most instead of encouraging them to keep having more, and more of these little cockroaches.

  2. They should have discussed ISIS. I'm sure the ISIS leadership pays attention to the Holy Father.

    Or maybe gun control? I think we know the Holy Father's position.

    Why not climate change? That problem will be with us longer and do more damage than ISIS.

    1. I bet the pope wouldn't be advocating it if it didn't involve redistribution

  3. Really now, only morons with pea brains point fingers at those they think are responsible for all everything. Grow up.