Thursday, August 20, 2015

Her Life Mattered

A 9-year-old girl was shot and killed Tuesday in Ferguson, Missouri, while she sat in bed doing her homework, her family says.

"I never in a million years thought that I'd be laying my daughter to rest," said James Bolden, 9-year-old Jamyla's father,
Jamyla's 34-year-old mother was also shot in the leg, but she has since been released from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.
As of Wednesday night, police had no suspect in the attack, though investigators believe that the shots were fired from close range into the home, which is one block from West Florissant Ave., the center for protests in Ferguson after Michael Brown was shot and killed.

Will there be protests for his little girl? Does her life matter ? Who is going to stand up for her?
This is unacceptable and it should be unacceptable to this community .

I want to see the outcry and a movement for this tragedy. Because this is a true tragedy. Another "innocent" child killed just sitting doing her homework in her home where she is supposed to be safe.
I am sure we will hear nothing from the left wing media as to not "insult" the criminals.
This should be in the forefront and condemned otherwise this will continue. Expect to see more of this as cops are having their hands tied more and more.
What is wrong with our country? What happened to our priorities?
Take a good look at that little girl and ask yourself how you could not advocate for her life and the life of so many innocent children being killed in crime ridden neighborhoods.
Where is our president and the left on gun control now? This is not an isolated incident ,this is a way of life that we are turning a blind eye to and we should be ashamed of ourselves.


  1. Yes Lisa, I agree with you, however you MUST be a racist for pointing it out..Maybe they need to start chanting Stupid Lives Matter. It would be more apropo

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    1. De Blasio's NY is reminiscent of Obama's America and all democrat run inner cities.

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    1. Oh good Lord. These 2 were free to live amongst society? That right there is "insane"

  4. Black e-r-r-r-r... Thug's lives MATTER!

  5. The country needs to be split. It is broken and cannot be fixed through traditional or currently available means. 7 states for blacks, leaving 43 states.
    22 States for Conservatives, 21 for libtards and their 'victim minorities'. Don't call us, we'll call you.

    1. §;-D=

      Kid, you are a one man RIOT. It's actually a cute idea, but chances are ...

  6. Seriously guys, you should stop that. Why do you keep support Hillary? Everyone understands that she is not a real candidate but just a clown. A person can't be that dumb. She doesn't even know how to use her email properly. Stop trying to dump the Trump and dump Hillary instead. Let's make America a better place together. You talk about Trump way too much.
    Why is it that anyone who commits crimes against America and Americans, is a hero to liberals. Just like the Unarmed Black Gentile Giant “THUGS” , And Trayvon Martin.

  7. This was a terribly sad, near tragic event, but it's obviously a Black on Black crime. I wonder if the perpetrator(s) had brains enough to hope this would be interpreted as an attack by a "vicious white racist" in order to further inflame the Black Community and stir up even MORE violent, self-destructive activity?

    My heart goes out to that poor little girl, but I feel I must ask some politically incorrect questions:

    When will the blacks begin to LOVE their CHILDREN MORE than they HATE the white man?

    Would blacks stop killing each other and destroying their own neighborhoods if there were no white people around for them to blame for the wretched condition of their lives and their own miserable failure to follow the sterling example of fellow blacks like ClarenceThomas, Colin Powell, Star Parker, Deroy Murdock, John McWhorter, Condoleezza Rice, and Dr. Ben Carson?

    Will white liberals ever even begin to understand that NO ONE can hand SALVATION to ANYONE on a silver platter any more than any one of US could eat someone ELSE'S dinner FOR him or her?

    ALL we can do for the inner city Negroes is provide them with every possible OPPORTUNITY to ADVANCE under their OWN power, and do everything possible to ENCOURAGE them to take full advantage of all the good that's available to them.

    1. Excellent points FT. Leadership and examples is what we need. Obama had an opportunity to change perception but he has only made it worse as have all democrats with their victim mentality.


  8. "Why is it that anyone who commits crimes against America and Americans, is a hero to liberals. Just like the Unarmed Black Gentile Giant “THUGS” , And Trayvon Martin."

    Truer words have never been spoken!

  9. “Black Lives Matter” (as long as that Black life is a law abiding citizen, who does not believe in harming others, committing crimes, dealing drugs, robbing and burglarizing, and overall, being a productive member of society, and not a person who encourages negative and destructive behavior…other than that Black Lives ain’t worth a wooden nickel.) There is no rule that says a cop has to fight fair, or must meet force with equal force. Anytime a cop is attacked it’s open war.
    Blacks are the ONLY group who have refused for generations to lift themselves up. They whine and complain how their ancestors were persecuted and people were mean to them and waa waa waa. Welcome to life assholes. Name ONE single group or race that at one time, was not on the shit end of a stick at one time in history…just one. You would think that all that suffering and being put down by the man would make blacks want to succeed, and show the world they are worthy of humanity beyond being slaves. But nope. If anything, the vast majority of blacks prove that slavery is exactly where they belong. They fail to police themselves, take initiatives to make life better, and are lazy welfare collecting, crime inducing, baby burping illiterate meat machines. They NEED someone to tell them what to do and when to do it.

    The successful black is almost always the exception and never the rule. Hell, humanity is begging for blacks to succeed. We have slanted the rules in so much favor towards blacks it is amazing to me that a vast majority are NOT successful. They have been given so much, and expected to do so little, that the first reasonably abled black man that can speak decently, and with almost no experience or history of success, and we throw him in the whitehouse. We looked past every red flag that said this man was garbage, and despite everything that would have kept any white man out of the whitehouse, we overlooked it, and said to him, “show us that blacks are capable”. And yet, even with all that, this man is still a nigger. We even let him bring his homies along and give them top jobs without any qualifications, and they screwed up as well.

    Black lives matter. Well white lives matter also. And Police lives matter!. ALL lives matter. But if you are a thug, a criminal, a bad person, well, you ain’t worth shit. To be honest, the cost of the bullet that ended that life was more valuable to society. It at least served a positive role in making the world a better place. So, proving you were not worth the price of a bullet, we gave you the benefit of the doubt and invested the cost of that bullet in you, and you do not even appreciate that. Boy, YOU PEOPLE are never happy.

    Anything else I can say, has been said. Like don’t act like a thug, listen to the police, and on and on. In fact, I heard from a great man that life can be whittled down to two rules where everlasting harmony will exist. Don’t be a jerk, and don’t take other people’s stuff. Sadly, so many black fail to follow even these two simple rules. And by failing this, it is proven they do NOT deserve freedom, and should not be allowed to govern themselves.

    Black lives matter* when blacks can show all of us that they will abide by the same rules all of us abide by. That they will not harm others or steal. Only then will I give a shit about the 13% of the population that make up and commit 75% of all violent crime and prison populations.

    And since everything is valued by the rules of supply and demand, and that no matter how many black criminals get removed from society, either by prison or death, there seems to be plenty more where they came from. So, the average thug ain’t worth much. Your value to society is deemed by your actions. Work hard, obey the rules, pay your taxes, and take care of your family, well, you are worth the world. Become a thug, well, I am more upset over what you cost society than what you think you are worth. In that case Good Riddance to you.

  10. Liberals detest facts.....finger pointing at the truth..

    "Deal With It"

  11. Now THAT is a real pant load DTMB.

    Deal with it Professor ChuckleNutz.

  12. Gee, the citizens of Norway and Sweden are happy content with their lives and opportunities and have no desire to illegally cross the border between their two countries. And you want to compare this to the U.S. and Mexico, really?