Friday, August 7, 2015

Last Night's Debate

So who did you all like best in the debates last night? I think Fiorina,Rubio,Huckabee and even Ben Carson although he is no actor he is relate-able IMO.
Rubio was very professional,Huckabee knows how to make a point,Fiorna seemed like she was talking to the people not just making speeches and Carson is very smart and I think could do a great job of uniting the country. Yes he has to learn a few things but really how much on the job training did Obama get when you think about it? The real Ben Carson was the one from the prayer breakfast. He looked like the adult in the room.
There just wasn't enough time for each candidate and Megyn Kelly?  Really? Thanks for inciting the infighting. They may have just as well had George Stephanopolous moderate/instigate.
Oh and don't count out Trump just yet.


  1. Polls aren't out yet on Donnie's standing after the Trumpbate. We hope his numbers are still high with the TGOP. We want Donnie to be the nominee and the representative of today's Republican Party.

    Ten people were on the stage. Nine of them were running for president, with the man in the middle, the undisputed leader in the polls, still acting like an insult comic. While Trump didn’t dominate the debate as expected, he did his best to keep the substance to a minimum. His performance was true to form—somehow both shocking and totally predictable. Early on, he botched a question from Megyn Kelly about his previous statements on women.
    Go figure. I guess Tpeers women like seeing other women demeaned. Especially by a known misogynist like Donald Rrump
    Donnie has stated that America will not vote for another black president because of President Obama, thus exposing his lack of any historical knowledge about terrible white presidents being succeeded by other white men.

    That's about all there is to know about the Trumpets performance -- predictably "In-Your-Face" substanceless, loud and ludicrous. And the stupid imbeciles of the Tee-Partee still loves him. Just proves what idiots the republicans are. The Republican Party has literally become the party of stupid!
    We are at a point in this country when intelligence is looked down upon, and where knowledge is ridiculed.
    But, It really doesn't matter, the Tea Party doesn't live in the real world, so let them push for the Clown tRump to be the nominee. We couldn't wish for a better opponent for the Democratic nominee.

  2. All in all, in My Humble Opinion my final analysis is that none of these idiotic, pathetic, pitiful, candidate really won but Foux News surely lost.

  3. The only hope for democratic party is trump. He owes clinton for past favors and he is paying it back.

    I think overall the panel did a good job on their questions. If this was a democrat debate or an obama interview, the questions would be puff balls so tough questions are good to see.

    Rubio was impressive with his answers and knowledge, Walker was weak, Cruz was in the weeds and I have never cared for Huckleberry.

    What the dabates/Q&A really showed is the republican party has a number of qualified candidates. The democrats only have one unqualified candidate that will extend the obama policy of no growth and opportunities for none for four more years.

    Stupid is correct, the democrats couldn't wish for a better opponent that trump.

  4. Exactly Skud. I am sure this from Hucakabee sent them all into their 5 year old taunts. My favorite comment of the night

    “Ronald Reagan said trust but verify. President Obama is trust but vilify.

    He trusts our enemies and vilifies everyone who disagrees with him. And the reason we disagree with him has nothing to do with party. It has to do with the incredibly dangerous place that this world is going to be as a result of a deal in which we got nothing.

    We didn’t even get four hostages out. We got nothing.”

    1. Perhaps, Skud, but nevertheless, OUR worst alternative in this steeplechase would have to be JEB BUSH, –– who in the proud tradition of previous Republican candidates like Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush, who threw away his second term by acting like an imbecile, whiny, mealy-mouthed, two-faced old John McCain, and handsome-but-vacuous Liberal-Lite Mitt Romney ––, may be counted on to take a dive most graciously to accommodate The Oligarchs' One-World Agenda.

      If you don't know by now that the BUSHES and most of the RINOS are part of The Oligarchy, I'd be surprised because i've always considered you pretty bright.

  5. I think that the Trump was clearly the winner, Carson looked kind of weak – but had great closing statement. The other winners were Cruz, Rubio, Huckabee, and Christie.
    Paul was the clear loser.
    It is up to us the republican voters to decide who did best and who will be the frontrunner, I’d pick “The Donald”.

  6. Donald Trump showed his true colors first crack out of the barrel last night when he refused to say he would NOT run on a third party ticket if he failed to win the Republican nomination, which of course he won't. I see him as insincere, manipulative, sefish and very dangerous.

    I wouldn't be a BIT surprised if the Clintons hadn't put Trump up to this to help ensure her ascent to the throne in 2015. The Rich and Powerful stick together. Never forget that.

    We shall see what we shall see ...

    Meanwhile, I find myself most impressed by Carly Fiorina, Dr. Carson and Scott Walker. Chris Christie, whom I had frankly written off, made a surprisingly strong showing last night as did Mike Huckabee, who is one of the most genuinely likable candidates out there, however both Christie and Huckabee are more liberal than conservative, as their records show.

    Marco Rubio did better than I expected and acquitted himself admirably. With his matinee idol good looks he's sure to be a favorite with the ladies, BUT –– as we all should know by now –– it is the ENEMEDIA who chooses our candidates. "We," the electorate, have very little to do with it, and haven't most of our lives.

    What we saw last night and are apt to see from now on in is POLITICAL THEATER that –– tragically for the future of our nation –– teeters on the brink of farce.

    I was very disappointed in the performances of Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace last night –– particularly Megyn. I despise moderators who play to the Peanut Gallery with the primary purpose in mind of calling attention to THEMSELVES. And as AOW said at her blog, it's clear that FOX News is controlled by the GOP Establishment as represented by the person of fat-faced Karl Rove.

    1. Roger Ailes has decided that Donald Trump will not be the candidate.

      Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace had their marching orders to attack Trump and neither has the guts to disobey.

      If you don't understand that you really are lost.

    2. Yep I agree Ducky as per the above graphic

    3. I do too! I already SAID exactly that n just those words SEVERAL TIMES –– LONG before Drecky exposed his not-so-smart ass crack here.

      HOWEVER, there are FAR more important issues at stake than the snarky little sideshow Megyn Kelly was doubtless instructed to put on. Issues that Donald Trump understands as well as anyone, and MIGHT be able to do something about if given the chance.


  7. Losers trying to out loser one another to a pea brained audience, The GOP candidacy brought to you by Fox News and bought by the Koch brothers. You guys are worse than morons. Unbelievable.

    Fox News Had Time To Ask The Candidates If They’ve ‘Received Word From God,’ But Not These 7 Topics

    Mike Huckabee’s bizarre fetal personhood proposal would criminalize miscarriages

    Rick Santorum’s Plan To Devastate The Poorest People In America

    Marco Rubio Forgets He Cosponsored Abortion Ban With Rape, Incest Exceptions

    Scott Walker Says In GOP Debate He Doesn’t Support Abortion If A Woman’s Life Is At Risk

  8. Megyn Kelly rocks!!! Called the misogynist and bigoted a-hole Trump out; and the WATB's of the right are upset. Gee, how surprising not.

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    2. RR is celebrating the bombing of Hiroshima as "... 70 years since we dropped the first one on the slants! Been singing this all day!" on

      What a guy.

  9. Jon Stewart Finale: 3.5 million
    Fox GOP debate: 24 million

    7 times more watched creation of the next president than that unfunny, mendacious Ozulu bootlicker Liebowitz. REAL America is back. Huge majority want to see the next President and it will be from the CORRECT party!

  10. The subjects brought into the debate were valid subjects. All of them were on the minds of sane people. But I will agree the content of the questions had a lot more bite than required and did put a negative spin on the whole affair.

    Just like with obammys campaign in 08, watch again as the democrats moderate their debates and other national events like day care events full of peace, love and bullshit to keep all the little libtard kindergarten brains in their comfort zone.

  11. I couldn't agree more kid . At least they discussed issues that are on people's minds . Not free birth control,government subsidized abortions,sanctuary cities,war on women,black lives matter,and all the rest of their ridiculous bs

  12. Fox News Had Time To Ask The Candidates If They’ve ‘Received Word From God,’ But Not These 7 Topics

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  15. Tyrone SlothropAugust 8, 2015 at 4:10 AM
    Isn't it funny how the Scum-bags on the left HATED Megyn Kelly before the debate and now that she acted like a Liberal Scumbag they all seem to love her!

    I guess that All Of A Sudden Fox or Foux Nooze isn't so bad after all

  16. You Nailed It in that picture of Megyn Kelly on your Home Page Lisa. The Democrats are desperate. They know Donald could fix this country in a New York minute. They don't want that. And I think Megyn Kelly is despicable for bringing up the Rosie O'Donnell thing..The Personal, and Tacky questions they asked Trump were totally inappropriate for a Presidential debate. And now suddenly Megyn Kelly has become the Darling of the despicable Lefties. And I guess it’s better to be a Socialist Dictator rather than to have a bad Hair style!
    And I guess that “Faux Noozze” isn’t so bad after all.
    So Shaw Kenawe, and her Critter friends seem to feel.

  17. Does this BS from the left ever end? I guess that the truth does hurt!
    Lets get one thing straight! Donald Trump did not steal your money. Donald Trump did not raise your taxes. Instead of him calling people names, making fun of their Hair and trying to be funny, how about trying to deny anything that he has said?
    Those are the thing that should not have been asked at the debate! AND those are the thing that should asked, and said in those despicable Leftist blogs. Ask the same questions that you would ask another candidate, or a Liberal candidate, do not make personal attacks on a candidate because you want to knowk him out of the race.
    Donald Trump did not quadruple the price of food. Trump is not stirring a race war. Trump did not leave any US soldiers in Benghazzi to be slaughtered and desecrated by Muslims.
    Trump did not send the US Navy to fight for Syrian Al-Qaeda. Trump did not arm ISIS and systematically exterminate Christians throughout the Middle East. Trump did not betray Israel.. not that i care about that one.... Trump did not provide financing and technology to Irans nuclear weapons program. Trump did not give our military secrets to China. Trump did not remove our nuclear missile shield in Poland at the behest of Russia. Trump did not shrivel our military, and betray our veterans. Trump did not cripple our economy. Trump did not increase our debt to 20 trillion dollars. Trump did not ruin our credit, twice. Trump did not double African American unemployment. Trump did not increase welfare to a record level for eight years. Trump did not sign a law making it legal to execute, and imprison Americans. Trump did not set free all of terrorists in Guantanamo bay. Trump did not steal your rights, violate US Constitutional law, or commit treason, hundreds of times.
    Trump is being ripped apart in the news, non stop. Barrack Hussein, Hillary Clinton and the criminals occupying our government, are not.
    The media is the Democratic Party.
    Oh, and as far as Hillary goes, how about trying to deny ANY of the things that SHE is being investigated for and the things that she is being accused of?
    You can say whatever you want about of Donald Trump and I don’t have to defend him, he does a pretty good job at that himself BUT! Trump is a more HONEST person than Hillary has EVER been and will ever be. Was he ever caught saying any LIES? Made up stories, “Miss-Spoke? .
    Save your culture. Stop listening to them.
    And furthermore, he has said NOTHING derogatory about MEXICANS .... He has said what American citizens KNOW..... This country has to close its borders to ILLEGAL Immigration!

  18. Why DIDN’T Megyn Kelley ask “The Donald” any of these issues of the day questions? Rather than make a Monkey out of herself?
    Why didn’t she ask about:
    On National Security issues’s: (Iran, Isis, Islam, Israel, Russia, China, Benghazi, Hillary Clinton”s e-mail, our Military)
    U.S. Economy (Jobs, Tax Reform, Flat Tax, Offshoring, Keystone Pipeline, Trade Policy)
    On Immigration (Labor, Unions, Assimilation, Voter Fraud, Sanctuary Cities)
    On Entitlements (Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, Social Programs)
    On Education (Common Core, Vouchers)
    On Healthcare (Obamacare failures, costs, lack of real competition, VA Hospital)
    And how about the failure and corruption of the political class (President, Congress)
    Public Employee Unions (one-sided politics, unfunded liabilities, fraud)
    Or on Woman's issues, Abortion, Planned Parenthood, War on Women)
    On Civil Liberties (Racial Politics, Social Justice)
    On Gun control, violence in the inner cities, demonization of police in our big cities such as New York, and Baltimore, and Ferguson!
    How about on Drugs
    And especially on Foreign Policy
    Media Bias (False narratives, Ferguson, lack of coverage on liberal issues)
    Or on Repealing Obama’s Executive Orders
    Hillary Clinton many, many, scandals such as Benghazi, Email, Clinton Foundation for example.
    The back room money deals of ODumbo and Hillary and Reid, Holder and the rest of the Whores in Washington.
    Or on Voter Fraud, and on Photo-ID
    The influence of the so-called Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson
    And about the Divisiveness, that is going on in American.
    NOT about Calling women names! Or on his Bankruptcies, it was obvious that she had an agenda and she didn’t hide it well.. What a disappointment she turned out to be.

    1. A4A. I was going to repost these excellent observations that I copied from AOW's blog then reposted at mine with a few emendations, and post them here FOR you, but I see you beat me to it. ;-)

      Normally I don't encourage 'boilerplate" meaning posting prepared comments already seen elsewhere, but in THIS case I was glad to make a rare exception.

    2. I agree FT, A4A made some excellent points. People want to hear solutions from the candidates not this 3rd grade bs "This one said that"and "that one said this"
      You are correct A4A neither party wants to fix the problems. They just seem to keep creating more problems

  19. looking for examples of a choir? Try looking at that Shit House that YOU hang around in, or your own Shit House that YOU call a blog.

  20. Progressive Blogger wrote:
    “Trump Says Female Moderator Who Confronted Him About Sexism Was On Her Period.”
    First of all that is NOT what he said! However, Ithink that YOUR stupid blog often resemble Menstruation.

    I love it when a Monkey flings poo and hits herself.

    Furthermore, Who gives a Flying Fig what you think. Ms. Progressivehead.

    Your side for decades has been calling people Racists, Bigots, Homophobes, Womanizers, and so on for years now...............All of the them mean the same thing, So may I suggest that you STFU, I'm tired of it, and YOU and your low standards!
    I guess that this LIB is having a bad day!
    You Libturds just don't get it. PEOPLE ARE SICK OF YOU PC NAZIS!

    The Ignore function is working on this site So STFU

    1. There's always the kid's table for these Progressive morons.

  21. Same ol', same ol'......this proves Trump's really not a Conservative; it's leftists who get questioned on valid things like calling women horrific names and blame the questioner.

    I thought Kelly did a fine job and has a little personality, which apparently bug a lot of people...she was also ill that night, so I give her credit for being was (the awful) Rand Paul who was apparently suffering badly with stomach cramps, according to Huckabee.

    Huckabee isn't right for the presidency.

    There are a lot of good men and women there and it'll be interesting...but it'd be more interesting if Trump went away; the ego on this man knows no bounds and it's laughable to hear conservatives say "at least he can't be bought"...because he sure likes being on the buying end of that equation (hear when he told Rand Paul "I gave to you, too?); i find both abhorrant.

  22. I admit Trump is about as subtle as a sledge hammer, but he’s being intentionally funny, as he uses humor and bombast to fight the abominable curse of Political Correctness. I can't help but applaud him for that. It takes real guts break taboos, and for that Trump deserves great credit.

    There's serious conversation, and then there's a thing called banter. There's superficial chit chat we use at cocktail parties and other purely social occasions. There’s Ridicule, Satire, Parody, Burlesque and Travesty. There’s even such a thing as Gallows Humor. It’s a good idea to become more knowledgeable and sensitive as to which is which

    "Life is much too important a matter to be taken seriously."

    I don't know who said that first, but I agree with him wholeheartedly.

    I hope everyone will take this in the spirit in which it is offered. To me it’s a rich and brilliant example of Gallows Humor at its best:

    I am reminded of a joke a close Jewish friend told me many years ago. He related:

    At Auschwitz in a line of Jews waiting their turn to go into the gas chamber one young man stepped out of line, and screamed, “Enough is enough, I'm not taking this lying down anymore.”

    An elderly man behind him tugged frantically at his coat sleeve and said, "SHUT UP, what are you trying to do –– cause TROUBLE?"

    If you're not laughing, I apologize, but because I things of this sort should not be taken literally, I see tremendous humor there, and I truly believe that "humor is the best medicine."

    ”Laugh more; lament less, and above all stop taking everything you hear literally. You may not live longer, but you'll have a much better time, while you’re still above ground.

    I doubt very much if the Kingdom of Heaven could open itself to welcome those who fret constantly, and rarely-if-ever look on the bright side and take time to express gratitude for all that is good.

  23. Even Eric Erickson of Red State has criticized The Dumpster, or Garbage Can if you prefer, over his pathetic remarks about Megyn Kelly filling the debate. Eric, unlike the Trump groupies here, had the good sense and decency to call him out and un-invite him to the Red State

    1. Erickson is a petty gatekeeper wannabe. If Trump wasn't conservative enough for RedState, why did they invite him in the first place?

      Boycott RedState. They're NOT a conservative mouthpiece.

    2. Erickson is Salem Communications' cabana boy.

  24. I'll repost this fine post from American4Americans in an edited form, since it received scant attention, and deserves a great deal more.

    REPOSTED from AOW's BLOG at FT's Blog (edited for clarity):

    american4americansAugust 8, 2015 at 8:16:00 AM EDT

    Does the BS from the media never end? I guess that the truth does hurt.

    Lets get a few things straight:

    Donald Trump did not steal your money.

    Donald Trump did not raise your taxes.

    Instead of him calling him names, making fun of his Hair and trying to be funny, how about trying to deny anything that he has said?

    There are things that should not have been asked at the debate, and there are things that should have been asked, and discussed at Leftist blogs.

    Try this: Ask the same questions that you would ask any other candidate, Liberal or Conservative, and stop making personal attacks on a candidate because you want to hound him out of the race.

    Donald Trump did not quadruple the price of food since 2008.

    Trump is not stirring a race war.

    Trump did not leave any US soldiers in Benghazzi to be slaughtered and desecrated by Muslims.

    Trump did not send the US Navy to fight for Syrian Al-Qaeda.

    Trump did not arm ISIS and systematically exterminate Christians throughout the Middle East.

    Trump did not betray Israel.

    Trump did not provide financing and technology to aid Iran's nuclear weapons program.

    Trump did not give our military secrets to China.

    Trump did not remove our nuclear missile shield in Poland at the behest of Russia.

    Trump did not shrivel our military, and betray our veterans.

    Trump did not cripple our economy.

    Trump did not increase our debt to 20-TRILLION dollars.

    Trump did not ruin our credit, twice.

    Trump did not double African-American unemployment.

    Trump did not increase welfare to record levels for eight years.

    Trump did not sign a law making it legal to execute, and imprison Americans.

    Trump did not seek to free terrorists in Guantanamo Bay.

    Trump did not steal your rights, violate US Constitutional law, or commit treason.

    Yet, Donald Trump is being ripped apart in the news non-stop, while Barrack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton and the rest of the scoundrels occupying our government, are not being held accountable for their wrongdoing.

    The media is in league with the Democratic Party.

    Oh, and as far as HILLARY goes, how about trying to deny ANY of the things for which SHE under investigation, and the many other things she's done that OUGHT to be investigated?

    You can say whatever you want about Donald Trump. I don’t have to defend him, he does a pretty good job of that, himself, BUT, Trump is a more HONEST person than Hillary has EVER been or will ever be. Was he ever caught saying any LIES? Made up stories, “Misspoke?" NO, Trump tells it the way he honestly believes it is.

    Furthermore, he has said NOTHING derogatory about MEXICANS. He has said what American citizens KNOW, namely that his country in order to survive HAS to close its borders to ILLEGAL Immigration.

    Donald Trump gets it. Political Correctness is not even in his vocabulary.
    Trump has told the truth, that's all, and a lot of people can’t handle it.

    Save your culture. Stop listening to the media.


    1. Good job on that post FT and especially Americans4America!

  25. Z said "I thought Kelly did a fine job and has a little personality, which apparently bug a lot of people...she was also ill that night, so I give her credit for being was (the awful) Rand Paul who was apparently suffering badly with stomach cramps"

    I respectfully disagree . I agree with Lisa that Ms. Kelly acted like a Hit Man.
    The only thing that I DO agree with was that Rand Paul was the " Biggest Loser"

    As for trumps performance , I DO put most of the blame on the moderates and their stupid irrelevant questions!
    As for the lefties, I won't even give them the satisfaction of replying to their "chicken shit" remarks.

    1. The "moderates"?

      Is that dumb ass for "moderators"?

  26. Replies
    1. Why not boycott Faux Snooze while you're at it, Farmer.

      You were more interesting when you were posting at Beak's as Kuhncat.

    2. ...and ducky, you were much more interesting when you didn't do beakerkin impersonations trying to guess (erroneously) who was posting as who.

      Fox IS the establishment mouthpiece. RedState is NOT the "conservative" mouthpiece.

    3. ps - Trump blew off Fox this morning, but spoke on the other morning shows. Trump isn't dumb. He knows who's owned by the GOP establishment, and who's NOT.

  27. Sorry folks, but I’m NOT OK with Erick Erickson’s uninviting Donald Trump from the Red-State Gathering of conservatives in Atlanta, even with latest so called the embarrassment of and the Trump controversy!
    Yes, it’s his event and he can invite or un-invite anyone that he pleases, but I wonder if Erickson would have such morals if he had thought about Megyn Kelly’s extremely sexy picture! Just in case you missed it, it’s a picture of Ms. Kelly in a sexy negligee, with one shoulder strap off of her shoulder. I wonder how Erick Erickson’s would feel if his daughters saw that!
    Erickson’s “principals or his morals ” is not a good reason for pulling Trump out of the affair and denying the American people another chance to hear from all of the candidates. That was a Chicken-Shit move!

    So Trump lashed out against Megyn Kelly “un-fair” questions during the debate. She DID ask HIM about HIS use of derogatory language toward women and whether it reflected the “temperament of a man we should elect as president.” If that was an OK question, the what was wrong with his rebuttal?

    I don’t mean this to sound like a pervert, but if a woman allows pictures of herself dressed in the above fashion to be posted all over the ‘net, and goes out and sells it for profit, would she REALLY have a right to question Trump about his blunt speech towards everyone else?
    Referring to Kelly’s questions, Trump told CNN in an interview late Friday, “There was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her “wherever.”
    Yes, it’s true that Trump doesn’t know when to shut up, im not going to argue with that. And I’m not going to deny that Megan Kelly threw him (Trump) under the bus and I thought he handled it well when he returned with the Rosie O’Donnell comment. I thought that was hilarious. And that debate was in need for a little humor.
    In his latest remark, Trump may have meant something different, it seems Erickson’s mind may have heard, or thought something “nasty” or perhaps not, no one will ever know, and certainly not you or I or even Erickson.
    And let’s face it; we’re talking about Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly, so lets not pull the PC switch so fast.
    Also lets face it, no one else on that stage got a hostile question like Trump did from Megyn Kelly . No one! He got attacked and he is pushing back.
    Unlike the outspoken Chris Christie, Donald Trump did not seem prepared to discuss the actual issues. Personally I think that Trump is a breath of fresh air in a politically correct world.
    Chris Christie, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, we all prepared for the debate and Trump wasn’t.
    And that’s why they all impressed, and Trump didn’t.
    Maybe it’s because I am NOT one of those politically correct wussies, and pussies at Red State, but here’s the reality; to say that “She was SO mad blood was shooting out of his eyes/ears/nose or whatever”, may get some to think about a lower body opening but those people may be the ones with the dirty minds that want to preach to everyone else about our morals, or what they see as a lack of. I suppose that everyone has mixed feelings about that, no harm, no foul in my opinion, but this is politics, we’re talking about Donald Trump and that means you better wise up and smell the roses, because he is what he is!

    The politically correct crowd, and the Liberals are exactly what is wrong with this nation, it seems to me that Donald Trump is out to correct the PC mantra, and I, for one, find it to be a breath of fresh air. And to HELL with what they think.

  28. On a personal note, and putting all the peripheral bullshit aside, Mr. Trump is saying what most of us Americans are thinking. I think Mr. Trump should have ignored the Megan Kelly issue. It was and is a distraction. I like what Trump says, but I have a word of caution. Is Mr. Trump REALLY a conservative? If you explore his background over the years there are reasons to doubt his sincerity. However, I agree that anyone can change their mind on issues that effect the whole of America. We need to pay close attention over the next 12 months and pray that we can change the course of current events. God only knows.
    The bottom line is that Trump is what he is and none of this is new or shocking, and if he leaves the race it will be on his terms and his choice, he won't be pushed out, and, if he is pushed out than our Country is in a lot more trouble than I thought........That is my 2 cents worth.

    1. Funny the left hates him for bashing Megyn Kelly but they love Jon Stewart for doing the same thing

  29. I’m still enthusiastic about Trump, and maybe even more than before, just because he is saying the things that rage me every time I watch any news cast or read various blogs.
    And personally, I don’t give a Rat’s Ass about Erick Erickson or his “Red State” whatever! I’m OK with Donald Trump, and whatever he said about that Hit Women Megyn Kelly. Personally I think that she deserves everything that Trump throws at her. The should have known better when they hired her to do their dirty work. I DON’T have any respect for two faced double-dealing frauds, or conservatives turning on each other..
    We, as a nation, are being sold down the river and all the peripheral bullshit aside, Mr. Trump is saying what most of us Americans are thinking.. And Trump can take the low road if and when he has to..Lets not forget that there is more than one way to skin that proverbial cat. And that there's life in the old dog..

  30. The last time I checked, Bernie Sanders the future of the Democratic Party is the current pervert of the Democratic Party. The presidential contender Bernie Sanders wrote an essay in 1972 that women fantasize about being raped by multiple men. And those hypocritical progressives dare to talk about the Republican’s War on Women!

    Now there's an impressive dirt bag for you!


  31. Ducky's here Said

    The "moderates"?

    Is that dumb ass for "moderators"?

    You should know Dick-Face, your the King of Dumb Ass's

    1. Well not exactly Sloth Man. you're actually the King of Dumb Asses.

      BTW, did you get your English composition degree from The Chucklenutz Academy of Grammar?

    2. ^Not only did you spew your 19,993th "I know you are but what am I" but NOW you're aping Dicky.^

      You really have hit a new low in ridiculous and pathetic.


    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. "Your"?
      Is that dumb ass for "you're"?

      Or don't they teach contractions at the Rusty Chucklenuts School of Spelling and Proctology?

  32. Replies
    1. If Truman were a republican the story would be Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki by order of Republican President Harry Truman.
      But all the stories are 70th anniversary of Nagasaki by U.S. forces

  33. RN , You're so Freaken stupid that you think you're smart, but everyone else thinks that you are a dumb Shaw ass kissing Prick

    1. Your verbal skills are as poor as your writing skills Sloth Man.

      Frankly Mr. Sloth, intelligent individuals know you're full of something, and it certainly isn't smarts.

    2. Why don't you do everyone a favor and take the Gas Pipe!

  34. Plus ca change, plus ca la meme chose!

    }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} SIGH {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{

  35. I like Trump. He talks like we all do. He says the things we think a politician should say. If someone attacks you, you attack back. I am sick of politicians who double speak, and say things like, “I am sorry you feel that way”, when they are attacked. Fight back dammit. That is what Americans do, or at least used to. I like Trump. Maybe I am wrong, but hell, we tried the others, and it seems to lead us all in the same directions of slavery and loss of freedoms. Dems or Repubs…makes no difference lately…they all look the same to me now.

    So, what is the worst Trump could do. I would replace obama with a retarded monkey and not be any worse…but then again, that would not really be a change now would it.

    Anyway, he at least puts on a good show, and he pisses off all the other politicians, on both sides, that has got to count for something and mean he is doing something right.

    I have always said that PC will be the death of us. What better way to reverse this nonsense than to elect a president that ignores the rules of PC?
    Trump is in it to win, and he will win, because the people are fed up with all the corruption going on in Washington from the house, senate , justices right on down to Hillary and her emails.
    For now, I like Trump. Drastic times calls for drastic measures. We are told to always think out of the box. Not to act like everyone else is acting. Be different, stand out and on and on. Well, it appears to me, that Trump is doing exactly that. He is breaking the mold on what a politician is. Trump has come out and stated in no uncertain terms, that all politicians are killing America, and they hate him for this. Trump is upsetting their apple cart, and threatening to empty the pig trough that all of them feed from. This scares the piss out of them. Well GOOD. I want my politicians afraid for once. I want them to know what it is like to possibly be out of a job, like all of us. To believe that they might be replaced…ALL OF THEM.

    1. Not a chance.

      The big money boys haven't placed their bets yet and they aren't risking their dough on a jackass like Trump.

      So you say that Trump finances his own campaign.
      Well only if you believe his own statement about his net worth.
      It's much less and he's so highly leveraged he's going to need a sugar daddy.
      And they don't like assholes who tell Megyn Kelly she's got the rag on.

      He's toast.

    2. Trump gets all his publicity for free. The paparazzi LOVE him!

  36. The very fact that Trump is polling at 25% among Republicans shows modern American conservatism, the "Reagan Revolution" that started in the 60's and reached it's apex in the 80's, is dead.


    1. If Reagan were alive today he would not be a modern T-Pee conservative Jersey.

    2. Is this dumbass RN still around, or better yet is this ass hole still alive?

    3. Your pathetic liberal hypocrisy is so thick it could be cut by a knife. I guess your apparent senility doesn't allow all you dumb assed libs to remember all the disgusting you have spewed about conservative women over the years. But hey I guess attacking women is only justified when it's you doing it. GO Crawl back in your hole, your spew has no validity, you Progressive Hypocrite.

    4. I'll outperform your ass, outlive you, and bury your sorry ass Sloth Man.

    5. Christ I Ain't Got No Blog, what the FUK are you babbling about?

      You really do sound dumb to thinking folks.

    6. He looks like a slobbola, Les.

      Anyway, I really do think the "movement" started by Goldwater, Buckley, Reagan, etc, is over. It's run it's course. The overblown military was always the kicker. We have spent trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars, Les, on the military and you just can't overstate what that has done - or not done. That could have been the best education on the planet for millions of Americans. That could have been huge leaps forward in research and development in countless fields. That could have been a modern infrastructure that is the wonder of the world. But it was spent endlessly raising and maintaining a massive military. That was always the great downfall of modern American conservatism. All the other problems with it pale in comparison.


  37. And what does it show about the Democratic Party when their Front Runner is known Lair, Cheat, Crooked, cover-up artist, with American blood on her filthy hands. Huh?

    1. Duh, I dunno, duuuuuuhhhhhh, maybe it shows just what a steaming pile of scumbags you dopey stupid cons put up against her and yet we still prefer her?



  38. To change the subject for a bit and to see what oters will say on this matter..
    The anniversary of the killing of a Black Thug has sparked days of renewed protests, that led to the shooting of an Innocent Police officer, and at least two other people.

    A man who opened fire on officers in Ferguson, Missouri, is in "critical, unstable" condition after being struck when the officers returned fire, the St. Louis County Police chief said

    Anyway, what are the Liberals and anti-gun crowd are going to say about the GUNS and the SHOOTERS in this particular instance? As I said; I am willing to take serious bets that ALL concerned NOT on the Police side were Black, and according to the Police on scene they were fired on by *subjects unknown* but they do know it was done by the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

  39. they are silent just like they are about yet another illegal who viscous attacked a murdered a 64 year old woman veteran in her own home
    The only people the left like to rile up are the thugs

  40. Hey Jizzy McJizz, shouldn't you be brushing Mooch-Hell Ubunga's tail? It's THAT time of the month.

    1. I'm still trying to figure out what's radical about you...


  41. I happened to catch the evening news tonight.....can you believe there is a memorial to Michael Brown at the spot he was put down in Ferguson. I mean they put a memorial up for a fat fucking thug.....unbelievable.

    Now these animals are pissed off because some 18 year old jig started shooting at the cops last night and thankfully the police put a couple rounds into his sorry ass.....the news interviewed a couple of these ebonic speaking lowlifes.....they weren't NASA material.

  42. Hi, Lisa...
    I'm not reading up the comments page, so forgive me if this has been said, but one thing I loved from Ben Carson a day or two after the debate was "I hope people start asking me questions that aren't only medical or race related."
    I found that a touching thing for him to say; it's time we remember he is a MAN, an AMERICAN MAN, and his color is of no consequence, and his profession's no more important than any of the lawyers running for president is.
    I hope Americans give him a real second and third look; I know his ratings went quite high in the polls this weekend.
    Huckabee's out for me...anybody who says the FBI and Fed Troops need to come in to stop abortions isn't my guy. I'm all for doing all we can to stop abortions, but that's not the way to do it. He's said other things that really bug me, too....though I think he's a fine man.

    Don't know what to say about Trump except I wish he'd disappear .....

    1. Well said and spot on Z.

      Carson does not interest me as a candidate for president nor does Huckabee.

      I certainly am in complete agreement with you on trump. Fiorina and Kasisch are really worth second and third looks.

      trump has turned the race into being all about trump. He has yet to give any specifics on policy and everything he has said is just hyperbole and noise. Buthyperbole and noise is all the low information voters require.

    2. I like Carson a lot too Z . I wish people could see his capabilities also instead of his color and hi medical background. I mean really are we to believe Obama actually knew that the Baltic States were part of NATO?
      I bet he still didn't know that since his presidency has been mainly reading speeches off teleprompters.
      I think Ben Carson has problem solving skills. I think he is much more capable than Obama was going in .
      Obama was never asked specifics about American History when he was running. I think that would have been the end of him had the media asked him the same things that were asked of any republican candidate.
      who do the dems have anyway. An old socialist and a rich above the law Clinton?
      Unfortunately to the left those 2 are more acceptable than the many more qualified Republican candidates.

    3. Gee, Lisa, you're so smart. You're right. A brain surgeon who came to popularity insulting the President at a prayer breakfast is far better qualified than a constitutional law professor. You must be a jeenyes!


    4. OH stop Jersey Obama was never a professor. Who even really knows. Why don't you look up his GPA.
      Obama strolls onto the American political scene as a believable, marketable and charismatic figure. He played up his Harvard degree like it was sanctioned from brain heaven and then he strolls around like he was a freaking polly sci-fi Einstein. His ability to articulate was his meal ticket to political clout and his newness gave him instant cool-guy popularity. That is how how did it. Not by being some kind of phony Rhodes scholar.
      And you and the dumbed down public fell for it hook line and sinker ,not because you felt he was capable but because he was the cool black dude who made you believe his brilliance was a Godsend . But while he was running, his so called "brilliance" was not once challenged. He was put up on an alter that idiots worshiped to like he was some kind of saint. It was really amazing to watch the stupidity.

  43. Hey Z, stop sounding like the the Progressive Flakes around the boards, Trump is the best thing that happened to the Republican Party since Reagen.

    1. Z does not sound like a progressive sloth man. Z speaks to truth and is being genuine. Because you immediately attack Z's comment equating it to progressivism simply highlights your own ignorance.

    2. I'm not attacking her Dummy, just setting the record straight.

    3. Z's heart's in the right pace, she just doesn't understand the value of vulgarity in political campaigns.

      After all, the masses ARE vulgar, and love to hear "higher-ups" address them in their own gutter parlance.

      RIght now, the Trump Effect is working like a charm.

  44. I would like to throw in my two cents in reference to the Trump course of events.. I’ personally am enthusiastic about Trump just because he is saying the things that rage through my mind every time I watch any news cast or read various blogs. We, as a nation, are being sold down the river and all the peripheral bullshit aside, Mr. Trump is saying what most of us Americans are thinking. What Trump has been saying should be of concern to everybody. He is reflecting the mood of the entire nation. There’s an old saying that says, “The most successful politician is the one who says what the people are thinking and he says it loudly.” (Or words to that effect). I think Mr. Trump should have ignored the Megan Kelly issue. Because it has become a distraction. He should be sticking to the issues, that’s what brought him to the front of this pack in the first place. We need to pay close attention over the next 12 months and pray that we can change the course of current events that Obama has led us into. Obama has sold us down the river, and Trump will get us back on track again.. At least I hope that he will.
    I like many of you am sick and tired of Obama and his miserable administration blaming others for their failures. And I won’t sell “The Donald” short of his knowledge of Foreign affairs either. I think that Donald Trump probably knows more about dealing with politicians than anyone who was standing on that stage. Even Rand Paul said as much in his statement last week.
    Now, let me get to the vicious name calling and bitterness from the left.

    1. trump is polling favorably among a 25% minority of a minority. He is far from appealing to the majority of the American electorate. Intelligent folks who base their decisions on valid information, specifics, and analyze a candidates pros and cons know trump is all about self promotion, he is a bombastic oaf, a narcissist, has no real interest in making America great again, and if he here ever to be elected prez (we won't be) he'd be considered a WATB by other world leaders.

      trump is a rump and it is time the serious and knowable in the GOP kicked it off stage.

    2. Laughing my Ass off, coming from a Jerk-off like you, your analysis isn't with a damn.

    3. To low information sound bite mentalities like yourself sloth man it is true.

    4. Put the Fool on your "Ignore" list and


      The FOOL is pissed because someone insulted His Lord and Master, Queen of the Progressive's .

    5. Sure, as always the above fool advises the ignore list. The fall back modus operandi of those who know they have nothing of substance to offer. Then comes the personal attract followed by the deflection.

      You're so angry at the world you live in you think shutting out all views you find uncomfortable will preserve your small myopic world view and all will be well for you. Stay angry and disillusioned, apparently it makes you "happy"?

    6. Let me help you. out here.....

      YOU are one of the useful idiots that we are talking about. . So stay angry, stupid, and disillusioned, apparently that makes YOU happy.

    7. Thanks oh ignorant one. You have willingly become one of the useful idiots of the deranged right-wing of the stupid party.

      Please keep swallowing their bullshit.
      Vote Trump the Rump!

    8. Which 'failures' are you referring to? I'd sure like to know.

  45. There is a certain Progressive blog written by a sick lefty who knows nothing more than to call the opponents of the lying sicko’s names and lies, and to degrade them in any and every way that she can. She has done this with every one of the Liberals
    opposition from Mitt Romney, to Herman Cain, to John McCain, to Sarah Palin, to Rudy Giuliani, Alan Keyes, Mike Huckabee, and the list goes on and on. And now she is following thru with every Republican who was standing on that stage last Thursday night. Attacking their personal life, the Marriages, their business’s and even their sex lives.
    HOWEVER, I have never even once seen her mention Monica Lewinsky an intern at the White House and who had a VERY SPECIAL personal relationship with Billy, the details are even to filthy for me to mention here, Paula Jones who brought a sexual harassment lawsuit against Bubba while he was president. Or Gennifer Flowers who had a relationship with Clinton that began back as far as in 1980. And after initially denying it, Clinton later admitted that he had a sexual encounter with Ms. Flowers when he was under oath during the Lewinsky investigation! And tes, that list gpes on and on as well.
    Nor has our Progressive Blogger ever mention the lies and cheating of her Dear Hillary Clinton, like her Cock n’ Bull stories like the Fairy Tale about the snipers in Bosnia!
    Oh, forgive me it wasn’t a “LIE” She simply “MISS-SPOKE” when she said she had to evade sniper fire, and ran under the sniper’s fire when she and her also lying Daughter was visiting Bosnia in 1996 as Our First Lady.
    But her account for that Fairy Tales was challenged, by Sinbad, the comedian, who traveled along with her, and then by several news organizations, including the Washington Post, which awarded her four “Pinnochios” which they reserve for major whoppers!! It seems as if the truth is a Major Problem for Madam Hillary, and that she has a talent for being a congenital liar.
    And how about that “FIB” Telling the world that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary?
    And I’m not even going to mention the worst of the worst, Benghazi. But, at this point, what difference does it make, right?
    Hillary is the best candidate for Alcatraz!

    Also Our Madam Progressive has never had a bad word to say about another Drunken Murdering Liar, who just happened to be her Senator in Massachusetts. Who was guilty and pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident, where a young girl in the car he was driving went off a bridge and he SWAM away while the young lady drowned. He was found guilty for contributing to the death of Mary Jo Kopechne! What a bunch of “NICE” people this blooger is So Fond Of! But Donald Trump is a monster! What a joke!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. opposition from Mitt Romney, to Herman Cain, to John McCain, to Sarah Palin, to Rudy Giuliani, Alan Keyes, Mike Huckabee, and the list goes on and on.
      You don't think that grouping of butt wipes deserves criticism?

      But thanks for reminding me that the current crop of fringe right morons is so comprehensive that even Alan Keyes' stupidity would be superfluous.

  46. Well you did a fine job of taking all down memory lane. Complete with the usual right wing embellishment and false attributions. Slinging poo is a time honored ritual with the angry disillusioned right-wing.

    Now to the present. I have yet to hear trump refered to as a monster. A narsisscist, self promoting, buffoon, clown, misogynist, bigot, one lacking substance, and other truthful description but never a monster. Perhaps you can provide a link to specific sides where monster was used to describe trump.

  47. The Buffoon Rational Nation USA said:
    ". I have yet to hear trump refered to as a monster. A narsisscist, self promoting, buffoon, clown, misogynist, bigot, one lacking substance, and other truthful description but never a monster. Perhaps you can provide a link to specific sides where monster was used to describe trump."

    Then perhaps YOU should take a trip down the memory lane where you post at so frequently. Otherwise known as the Cess-Pool of Progressive Comments.

  48. First major post-debate poll shows Trump GAINED 7 points from the previous week and has backing of 32 per cent of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents

    Stunning result after Trump attracted criticism over debate performance on Thursday
    Trump has 32 per cent nationally among registered Republicans and independents who say they lean to the right
    No one is anywhere near The Donald, with Jeb Bush in second place at just 11 per cent
    Poll supervised by former Washington Post journalist and shows no one else in double digits

    Tell that to you progressive Morons!

    1. We're pushing for a Trump candidacy also, dipstick.

      Damn, you're slow.

  49. This administration is more concerned about being Politically Correct than doing the necessary things to keep America the greatest country on this earth. I for one am more offended by this racist president and his DOJ cronies bashing our law officers and giving the populas twisted reasons to disrespect the individuals wearing the uniform and stepping in harms way everyday to protect those bashing them. Please Donald get us back to the respectful America we once were. It is time the politicians in America be more concerned about the People they represent than their Personal gains. Thanks for running Donald.
    The Liberals would rather have a lying crook as their President rather than Donald Trump.
    1. Unlike Barry Soetoro Trump is an American Citizen.
    2. Unlike Bill and Hillary (the death toll for those two alone now stands at 46 lives–and that’s not even counting the men, woman and children burned alive at Wako) and unlike Barry, who hasn’t killed anyone (that we know of) in months, Trump doesn’t need to be a thug to get things done.
    3. Unlike Barry, Bill and Hillary Trump is not a communist (actually Stalinist since they, like Joe Stalin, believe in the usefulness of American Gulags (various federal prisons) and of solving the problem of people who disagree with them in the manner of Stalin, i.e., a bullet to the back of the head (except Barry, or the person he has do these little jobs for him, apparently prefers poison).
    4. Unlike Barry Trump has a brain (Barry’s IQ is down around 85-IQ or less) and more importantly Trump knows what works best for a Productive America–I’ll be a very happy camper when America ceases to be the laughing-stock to the rest of the world when Trump makes the white house The White House once again..
    5. And since Trump is as rich and as powerful as almost anyone who would try to buy him off so he’s apt to be less money or power oriented than Barry, Bill or Hillary and more result oriented–which is how he got rich in the first place.
    how pathetic! Hillary has to fall back on that worn out argument with nothing solid to back it up. Anytime someone doesn’t agree with you, just pull out that ‘you’re racist’ card. ‘End of Discussion’.

    Hillary has absolutely nothing valid to run on: in politics her entire adult life, wife of a two-term president, Secretary of State for four years, ran for President twice, traveled the world on the tax payers dollars, making deals which earned her PERSONALLY millions of dollars. She accomplished NOTHING! Now, like a stupid thug she calls her competitor a racist. The woman is progressively getting more senile. Surely she can be a little more creative. (That’s what being progressive gets one!)

  50. And Another Thought!
    Donald Trumps Wife Will Restore The First Lady's Status Of Being Glamorous And Elegant .. It will be so refreshing to have this beautiful and elegant as our First Lady.
    Rather than Mochelle.

    1. You dig the common streetwalker look?

    2. Is the Shoe Shine business a little slow today?
      You seem to have s lot of free time on your hands!
      Maybe Obammy has some handouts if you hurry and get on the line.

    3. Speaking of streetwalker looks, where are Sasha and Malia, anyway?

    4. 'Mochelle?' What a good little lapdog you are, lol!

    5. where are Sasha and Malia, anyway?

      Tag-teaming Claire McCaskill's arid and dusty hooch undoubtedly.

  51. We've more than 6 years with one who cannot handle the pressure of the office. One that has spent most of his time in office making childishly snide comments about anyone who dares to disagree with him and has moved on to make some really bad decisions because he is so intent upon showing everyone that his way is the only way. I personally long for a leader who makes good solid decisions that are based upon what is best for this country,and I think that Trump has that ability .and Zhillary certainty doesn't .

    1. Morons like you would prefer another pea brained loser who'd get us into another war and sell the middle class down the river to corporations.

    2. And Obama has done such a wonderful job of pulling up the middle class. Not to mention his destruction of our economic engine,small businesses

  52. Some times I think this Gay marriage and confederate flag BS is all a smoke screen to keep us occupied...while Obsma gets his Socialist policies thru.

    1. Yeah, name me these 'socialist policies?' Moron.

    2. You're right, Hans. Never forget it is the ENEMEDIA who decides what will concern the public, and what they talk about.


  53. Two of the most powerful members of the Democratic Party, former and current senators from New York, now hold the fate of the putative deal with Iran in their hands. Because they alone can overturn it, this means that presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and presumptive Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer carry a heavy burden that will deeply affect their personal reputations and, most probably, the trustworthiness of the Democrats in foreign policy for at least a generation.

    Their former senatorial colleagues Barack Obama, Joe Biden and John Kerry already own their decision, though their logic still remains unclear to both the most diligent and the most casual observer. The president asserts that his piece of paper will prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons, presuming both the honesty of a regime that has displayed mendacity and hostility for 35 years as well as the existence of a wide-ranging verification capability that his own agreement has fatally compromised. And then, of course, there is the sunset provision that enables Iran to acquire nuclear weapons anyway. As they congratulate themselves on the hard work that produced this bizarre document—Bloomberg News related that “[a]ll present were in a kind of awe”—have these former Solons stopped to wonder why Iran negotiated in the first place when their leaders still insist on claiming they don’t want nuclear weapons? The entire process is built on lies. If the Iranians didn’t want nukes, then why would they want a time limit?

    And now we are hearing Obsma's anger st Sshumer, and Jew bashing him as we never heard before.

    1. Oh, you're full of crap. Idiots like you would prefer to start a war and sacrifice more Americans lives.

    2. we should have just left the sanctions.They were working just fine.

  54. Geaux A Retired Marine August 11, 2015 at 9:29 AM...Donald Trumps Wife Will Restore The First Lady's Status Of Being Glamorous And Elegant .. It will be so refreshing to have this beautiful and elegant as our First Lady.
    Rather than Mochelle.

    At least she will restore the tradition of walking on her hind legs.

  55. Retarted Nation USA August 11, 2015 at 11:38 AM...Vote Trump the Rump!

    VERY GOOD! You thought that all up yourself? Have a cookie!

    It only took you 10 times longer than my 5 year old nephew - and he's a redneck!

    1. So you're saying I should call him Trump the Ass?

      I guess I forgot for a moment you prefer the more graphic and offensive.

      I'm sure your 5 year old nephew is brighter than you Redass.

    2. Truthful comeback, which is by far more important than scathing.

  56. The 'hatchet job' that the asswipe Magyn Kelly did on Trump didn't seem to hurt Trump. At least his polls return that impression. Moderators should manifest and maintain an aura of Neutrality, in order to properly execute their duties. This is not a difficult concept to abide by! Just make the debates neutral and fair.

    BTW, Watching Hillary Clinton get indicted is gonna be FUN!

  57. BTW, in a recent right leaning Rasmussen poll trump is at 17% support amoung likely GOP pimary voters. Down 9% from his pre debate high of 26% in late July.

    Rubio, and Fiorina picked up support and Fiorina is now at 9%. A seven point increase comfort of the debate.

    Kelly speaking the truth and asking the fair and reasonable question was proper. trump's response and his remarks on last Friday have hurt him; as they we'll should have. Intelligent AND reasonable folks see trump for what he is. A rump.

    1. Wow! Trump FLOORED the GOP Audience in Michigan last night. He'll be up 20 points in the polls later this week.

    2. Hey idiot, stop drinking the crap that's making you delude your brain cells.
      If Donald Trump's comments about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly are hurting his standing in the Republican primary, it's not showing in the numbers.

      According to the latest NBC News Online Poll conducted by SurveyMonkey, Trump is at the top of the list of GOP candidates that Republican primary voters would cast a ballot for if the primary were being held right now.

      The overnight poll was conducted for 24 hours from Friday evening into Saturday. During that period, Donald Trump stayed in the headlines due to his negative comments about Kelly and was dis-invited from a major conservative gathering in Atlanta.

    3. Trump's smart enough to troll for gullibles... such as yourself.

  58. None of that stopped Trump from coming in at the top of the poll with 23 percent. Sen. Ted Cruz was next on the list with 13 percent

  59. The left prefer politicians who lie and deceive them. The minute someone speaks the truth they are shut down

    1. 23% of likely GOP primary voters remains a minority of a minority, no mater how you cut it. This percentage of the electorate at large that supports trump is of course an even smaller percentage, maybe 10% at most.

      So yeah, keep deluding yourself that trump is the next Ronald Reagan. But he ain't and he ain't going to be the party nominee either.

    2. RN
      Polls also show that 25% of trumps support comes from registered democrats. It is amazing how many voters on both sides are fed up with the current incompetent administration and want something else.

      One bright spot for the Bama administration it he has been very successful in keeping growth and well paying jobs under control. His fiscal policies have created hundreds of new millionaires and made the rich richer. HRC will just be another four years of the obama doctrine. Keep the poor, poor and make the rich richer, to hell with the middle class.

    3. That does not chamge the fact trump is going nowhere. Other than what ever businss benefit he gains from his narcisistic self promotion.

    4. Thank you, Skud. We can always depend in you to provide sobering bits of truth to counteract the endless campaign of Big Lies. Thanks again, only please try to quote your sources. It makes your statements that much more powerful and convincing..

  60. Head of Group Opposing Iran Accord Quits Post, Saying He Backs Deal

    Another win for Obama. Damn, the out of touch just keep losing support!

    Go Trump the Rump!

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. Here's some good reading for those with the ability to undertand it.

    Who Threatens America Most?

  63. Why in hell would you link to an ignorant NYT article that was nothing but jibberish? Try to make better use of your time in the future.

    1. I knew you would be one of the ignorant ones. You didn't disappoint me Chucklenutz.

    2. The New York Times is nothing but a RED Propaganda Mill. It has been since the 1920's at least. Their only virtue is their dedication to using good standard English for their incessant formulations of LIES, DISTORTIONS, OMISSIONS, DECEPTIONS and DISINFORMATION.

    3. What's your journal of record, Crabby Appleton?

  64. Replies
    1. How come the authorities don't allow you within 1,000 feet of playgrounds?

    2. Projecting again I see.

      What a sorry ass yo are Redass.,

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. AND GOT RID OF THE REGESTERED NURSEIE ONCE AND FOR ALL.It would certainly make your blog much more credible.

  67. 50 Ways to Improve your Blog..

    #1 thru #50. Get Rid of the A-Hole called Rational Nation USA!

  68. CBO: Full sequester relief could add as many as 1.4M jobs

    Time to chill on the seqeusteration GOP. 1.4 million job growth possible as a result.

  69. Replies
    1. Yeah Right! And I suppose that Hillary is On the Right Side? LOL

    2. Were we talking about HRC? Or e-mails and e-mail servers for that matter?


  70. DDT= DENYING OBVIOUS FACTS. The definition of delusional disorders can be discribed very easily, delusional disorders aka Pathological Liars. In other words, LIBERALS.
    Liberals are not always aware of what makes them delusional. From their earliest public school experiences, liberals are taught to hate the military, the police, businessmen, and the capitalist economic, and anything else that has to do with BUSINESS!
    Liberals are taught that corporations are "evil" and that corporations enSLAVE people and harm the environment, and that cheat their employees, . The only "good" people, they are taught, that business is bad for the environment, for animal "rights" activists, social workers, and, of course, it’s the Liberal teachers who are brainwashing
    their students. In this case "brainwashing" means the psychological conditioning that public school teachers use to promote the liberal agenda. Unfortunately for the United States and the liberty and freedom most of us value, this liberal agenda is more and more the promotion of Marxism. Capitalists are Bad and Evil.
    During the recent "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations one clueless protester was asked who he would vote for in the coming presidential election. The bearded unwashed freak replied, "Mao Tse-tung."
    Did this moron realize that Mao Tse-tung had been responsible for murdering tens of millions of his own Chinese people?
    The "Occupy" protesters also claim that the rich one-percent of the population is oppressing the other ninety-nine percent of the population and that the one-percenters stole their wealth from the ninety-nine percenters. The rich one-percent are characterized as "evil" in the typical liberal delusion. During the "Cultural Revolution," inspired by Mao Tse-tung in China, anyone who was uneducated and dirt poor was considered "superior" to those who were educated and successful. Anyone with an education was either killed or sent to "reeducation camps." There smarties are the same ass-holes who were crapping in the streets.. The liberal delusion in the United States is that liberals do not realize that they arebeing used to promote destructive Marxism.

    The "Occupy" movement was and is Marxist inspired, yet it is supported by Barack Obama and liberal Democrats. American liberals aka “Progressives’ tend to act more like a cult than a political movement. Cult members are not aware of how they are being manipulated, they are to stupid and brainwashed to even think!

  71. Shaw Kewane said;
    "The only thing that can cause HRC to not be the DNC anointed one is if she ends up in jail. That is unlikely to happen given the political affiliation of the justice department."

    Doncha just love the way TPer males lump women in with illegals and welfare families? Two groups that the TPers call moochers and takers? In doing so, skud has once again given us more evidence of the TGOP's anti-woman mentality.

    Also, there's the TGOP's fantasy of throwing Hillary in jail, in addition to all their other special fantasies about her. And the last jab? With absolutely zero evidence skud predicts that Hillary, who has not been indicted for anything, is being protected by the Justice Department.

    So skud here has illustrated, once again, the fact-deprived/depraved mind of a typical TPer. They throw fists full of crap at the wall (in this case Hillary's wall) and hope some of it sticks"

    Well Einstein, Jail is exactly where she should be!

    1. There's more than enough raw sewage in this place already, Hans. Why IMPORT it from one of its PRIMARY SOURCES to further befoul the atmosphere? It's enough to gag a maggot here already ;-)

  72. From their earliest public school experiences, liberals are taught to hate the military, the police, businessmen, and the capitalist economic, and anything else that has to do with BUSINESS!

    That statement is, in and of itself, the most flagrant pieces of lying rightwing boilerplate BS I've ever read. It is pathertic and disgusting in its one size fits all mentality.

    Liberals have fought for and died defemding this country and its freedos and liberaty.

    Liberals have helped to build thi country exactly as have conservatives.

    Your BS hyperbole does nothing other than expose your abject ignorane to thinking people who read this rag of a weblog.

    For 35 years you idiotic rightwing reactionary cons have been the ones brainwashed to the point of being brain dead. Hopeless you are and this country has to pay the price for you GD ignorance.

    When you jackels actually stop lying to yourselves and take a seriouys look at what you've accomplished you'll likely want to commit suicide. That is is you have any integrity at all you will.

  73. That's total bull shit Nursie, you and your ilk of fru