Friday, October 7, 2016

I Don’t Give A RIP About Trump’s “Hot-Mic Moment”… And Here’s Why

As a traditional, Christian conservative, Donald Trump’s “hot-mic moment” from 2005 — in which he was caught in some serious “locker-room banter” making lewd comments about some females at the time, while also dropping a few not-so-nice words — should probably come as a shock to me.
But it doesn’t — and frankly, I don’t care.
“Why?” you might ask. Two stupidly simple reasons:
First, the entertainment industry is a filthy, secular cesspool — and it doesn’t surprise me one bit that Trump, who worked in the show business for decades, would have engaged in raunchy conversations.
Also, any hollywood actor or entertainment phenomenon who condemns Trump for his hot-mic comments should burned at the stake of hypocrisy.
Secondly, those comments from 10+ years ago do not personally effect me, nor my family, friends, and co-workers. Heck, if he said them right now, it still wouldn’t effect one single American.
You see, I don’t care about rhetoric, inflammatory statements, or prior controversy. If you put aside every single scandal Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been apart of, one thing remains standing — policy.
And for the record, I care about policy, and policy only.
Clinton’s political agenda has not and will not work — and the top 10 most impoverished cities in America can attest to the failed policy found in the Democrat platform.
Trump, on the other hand, represents the good, the bad, and the ugly — all in one package. He’s got policy that works (strong borders, tax-cuts across the board, and the political will to simply say “No”), but he comes with the politically-incorrect downfalls of having led a career in the entertainment industry.
Again, as a traditional Christian conservative/deplorable, I won’t lose an ounce of sleep choosing good policy over inflammatory comments from 10+ years ago.
-Addison Riddleberger Columnist


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  2. This campaigning by Character Assassination and the gleeful fake outrage that follows it slavishly adhering to the dictates of Political Correctness is the PITS, the Bottom the Bitter Ass End.

    The way the enemedia –– especially FOX –– just laps it up disgusts me more than anything else. Scandals fiendishly trumped up through militant Opposition Research are meat and drink to those hyenas.

    Are we trying to elect an androgynous plaster saint so we can place it in a niche, light votive candles to honor it, then kneel down and worship it for four years, or do we need someone who can deal effectively the festering issues and threatening events to the best advantage of OUR country?

  3. FYI: Addison Riddleberger is a columnist for The Conservative Tribune


    1. Well FT did you think a liberal columnist would write

    2. Hardly, Lisa. ;-) I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of copying and pasting Mr. Riddleberger's article in the comments section of my blog today. I gave you credit, of course.

      Try to visit us today if you can. We've already collected 46 thoughtful very interesting comments on this subject

      Leftists get only limited access at my place, of course. We won't let ourselves be trolled by moronic, disingenuous mischief makers.

      But we DO allow for responsible honest disagreement.

      Do drop by. We'd love got see you there.

  4. Show me a guy who has never engaged in locker room chatter about women and I'll show you a faggot.

  5. Trump's Vulgarity

    This is what Sen. John McCain said today about the vulgarity Trump displayed in the now famous 2005 video:

    "There are no excuses for Donald Trump’s offensive and demeaning comments," the Republican senator from Arizona said in a statement. "No woman should ever be victimized by this kind of inappropriate behavior. He alone bears the burden of his conduct and alone should suffer the consequences."

    There it is. Republicans trying to distance themselves from their elected candidate, that all Republicans endorsed. Even today, the Republican leaders won't take bake their endorsements of Trump, including McCain.
    Read my post, "Republicans Endorsing Clinton" and you will know I reject all these Republicans denouncing what Trump does, or says, yet, still supporting him and telling Americans to vote for him for president. Republicans will get off to easy if we allow them to now get away with disowning Trump. A price has to be paid for their bankrupt policies and their hate filled candidates.

  6. Totally with you on this, Lisa! Hollywood has been hedonistic since the days of the silent films.

    In fact, during the days of the silents, porn films were created by the studios and distributed to the elites on the sly. How do I know this? From a friend who was settling an estate of a very wealthy elite here in the D.C. area. I saw the films he obtained as part of the estate inventory! Yes, I saw them for myself.

    The false and ginned-up outrage over Trump's use of "the p-word" and related comments (male braggadocio) is disgusting. Furthermore, this feigned outrage all about creating a narrative for tonight's debate -- and getting HRC into the Oval Office.

    Trump is apparently a huge threat to the Left and to the GOP establishment, who, no doubt, were in collusion with the Democratic Party's Left wing for a long time -- since the days of George H.W. Bush and his "new world order" speech. That new world order has at its core globalism and Zinn-ism.

    1. I am afraid our votes don't count anymore . Not a fan of Bernie Sanders but the establishment threw him under the bus and I am sure the establishment had a sit down with the Clintons in 2008 to make the "black guy" the nominee and it worked for them by throwing the race card around

  7. What do you think the reaction would be if Hillary Said..."I Just Walked Up And Grabbed Him By His Package"

    1. If she was recorded with her friends I wouldn't care either

    2. But we will never know but I heard she has used the "N" word

  8. At Waterloo Napoleon did surrender
    Oh yeah
    And I Trump have met my destiny in quite a similar way
    The history book on the shelf
    Is always repeating itself
    Waterloo I was defeated, you won the war
    Waterloo promise to love you for ever more
    Waterloo couldn't escape if I wanted to
    Waterloo knowing my fate is to be with you
    Waterloo finally facing my Waterloo



    If Mr. Trump is smart, he will denounce the tactic of emphasizing the exposure of his PRIVATE conversation with Billy Bush as dwelling on a triviality when

    1. Dealing humanely with ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION



    4. Welcoming INDUSTRY back to USA with massive TAX BENEFITS in exchange for providing more and better JOBS for AMERICANS,

    5. Dealing effectively with the TWENTY-TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT,

    5. Scaling Back the Massive, Overbearing MUCH TOO COSTLY BUREAUCRACY,

    6. Making a serious effort to RESTORE and BOLSTER the VANISHING VALUE of the DOLLAR,

    7. RETURNING LOCAL-CONTROL to EDUCATION, and ridding us of the NEA

    8. And of course getting SERIOUS and providing SERIOUS PROPOSALS for REPLACING OBAMACARE with a SYSTEM that WORKS, etc.

    All THESE things should be uppermost in EVERYONE'S mind.

    Dwelling on M. Trump's TAXES, his pursuit of OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE, his private dealings with WOMEN, and the merits and demerits of Mr. Trump's PERSONALITY is as INANE as it is TRIVIAL, and he should immediately DISMISS and DENOUNCE all references to these things as BALONEY, then pivot to asking questions of his own as to why his militant adversaries show no interest in pursuing issues that MATTER. to the health and strength of the NATION.

  10. If anyone thinks that a private conversation that happened between 2 men that happens 11 years ago Compares to a man while in office had an affair with a young intern and womanized (raped) woman, while his wife who is also in politics for 20 yrs stood by as if she didn't know and she used a private email server for confidential emails, uses her foundation as a private hedge fund, basically was responsible for 4 Americas being murdered, and you that's ok...seriously?

  11. Lisa, LOVE those header images...

    And I stole this from IMP's comment at Geez..
    Not everyone has their depends in a knot….

    Billionaire donors Robert and Rebekah Mercer react to the lewd audio of Donald Trump that was released yesterday. Complete statement below:

    “If Mr. Trump had told Billy Bush, whoever that is, earlier this year that he was for open borders, open trade, and executive actions in pursuit of gun control, we would certainly be rethinking our support for him. If he had admitted to Mr. Bush that he had profited privately by allowing the sale to Russia of 20% of US uranium deposits or that he had amassed his personal fortune not by hard work in the private sector but by selling favors to foreigners on the American taxpayers’ dime, we would certainly be rethinking our support for him. If he had argued that he needed both a public and a private position on issues facing the American public, we would certainly be rethinking our support for him. And finally if Trump had serially terrorized and silenced the victims of violent sexual assault whom he feared could damage his political career, we would most definitely be rethinking our support for him.

    Donald Trump’s uncensored comments, both old and new, have been echoed and dissected in the media repeatedly in an effort to kindle among his supporters a conflagration of outrage commensurate with the media’s own faux outrage. Can anyone really be surprised that Mr. Trump could have said to Mr. Bush such things as he has already admitted saying? No. We are completely indifferent to Mr. Trump’s locker room braggadocio.

    The same media that resolutely looked away when the most powerful man in the world, a sitting U.S. president with multiple violent sexual assaults to his credit, snared an impressionable young intern in his web and ruined her life, now expects us to gasp with revulsion at Mr. Trump’s irreverent comments. America is finally fed up and disgusted with its political elite. Trump is channeling this disgust and those among the political elite who quake before the boombox of media blather do not appreciate the apocalyptic choice that America faces on November 8th. We have a country to save and there is only one person who can save it. We, and Americans across the country and around the world, stand steadfastly behind Donald J. Trump.”

    1. Love that comment Kid thank you .I am so concerned that we will never again have fair elections in this country

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  13. ____________ MY REVIEW of SUNDAY NIGHT'S DEBATE ____________

    Mr Trump’s performance tonight was much better than his last, but I so wish he had a better command of English. In that one regard I must admit Hillary is superior to him, even though she appears almost entirely disingenuous.

    I believe Mr. Trump really does want to help our country. Considering the insolence, total dishonesty, the weight of his opposition, and the tremendous amounts of sheer FILTH thrown at him by the enemedia, the Clinton Campaign, AND the GOP Establishment, whom I regard as RINO’S, I think Mr. Trump appeared extraordinarily poised and he controlled himself admirably, even though I could see he felt stressed by his grayish pallor, the huskiness in his voice and the nasal discharge that kept him sniffing constantly for the first twenty minutes –– in many a sign of nervous strain.

    SHE, of course, is the smoothest, glibbest, most practiced LIAR in the business. It’s almost frightening to see how she has somehow gotten herself to appear less harsh and almost attractive. Her skills as an actress have improved greatly, which only makes her all the more dangerous.

    I don’t know whether you noticed or not, but I was struck by the STARTLING OMISSION of any mention of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. I felt strongly that Mr. Trump should have made a point of injecting that into the conversation, himself.

    And of course, the nakedly biased performance of the “moderators" was appalling, as it usually is. That woman, Martha Raddatz actually jumped in and rudely started debating Mr. Trump HERSELF. A terrible exhibition of bad form.

    Tonight's event was nowhere near as bad as the embarrassing debacle of last week's vice presidential event, which was a fiasco, but still the moderators interrupted Mr. Trump at least five times more than they did Madam Clinton.

    By the way FOX's Megan Kelly should be taken out, tortured on The Rack, Hanged till Half-Alive, then Drawn and Quartered –– her remains should then be fed to the pigs. What a HATEFUL BITCH she has turned out to be!

    I believe hope is still very much alive. Let us keep our fingers crossed.

    1. FT,
      ... I was struck by the STARTLING OMISSION of any mention of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

      I thought that I heard something about open borders. Maybe I didn't.

      The moderators steered this debate away from discussion of illegal immigration. Frankly, I cannot imagine that the question wasn't in the pool of cards from the audience. IMO, the cards were culled.

    2. FT,
      I, too, am a member in good standing of the Grammar Police. Even so, I excuse any bad English that Mr. Trump used. He got across some excellent points -- and the peasants beyond the moat cheered.

    3. HRC lies and smiles while doing so. Sociopath -- at the least.

    4. He mentioned illegal immigration FT. Saying we don't know who is coming over our southern border with crime and drugs which is why the border patrol endorsed him .

    5. I would have liked to hear more on it too AOW
      Of course they don't want to insult Hillary's voting base

    6. All right, he mentioned it yes, but the issue got short shrift. Nothing was said about building the Wall or Deporting criminal aliens, and I thought he was wrong to back down on demanding a COMPLETE MORATORIUM on Muslim travel to OUR country.

      He is absolutely RIGHT about that, and I don't give a hoot in hell, if the traitorous, idiotic bastards on the Left DO call it RACISM. LET 'EM!

      It's time we retired that term and made it officially obsolete –– the way THEY have with Negro, Oriental, Peking, Bombay and Ne-VAH-da. ;-)

      We've GOT to stop letting THEM control our use of LANGUAGE.

  14. Great post Lisa! And FreeThinke, I'll have to check your blog out! My blog buddy Rattrapper might stop by as well.

    1. Cool thanks mystere.I always appreciate your comments

  15. On the day that the U.S. Supreme Court was poised to hear oral arguments about same-sex marriage April 28, Hillary Clinton changed her "H" logo to rainbow-colored and tweeted:

    Hillary flip-Flopped on this and finally came out in support of same-sex marriage in 2013 after more than a decade of opposing it. But her views are particularly in the spotlight now that she is a presidential candidate.

    We decided to put Clinton’s statements about same-sex marriage on our Flip-O-Meter, which measures whether a candidate has changed their views without making a value judgment about such flips. We found that as public opinion shifted toward support for same-sex marriage, so did Clinton.
    In conclusion, Hillary Clinton opposed same-sex marriage as a candidate for the Senate, while in office as a senator, and while running for president in 2008. She expressed her support for civil unions starting in 2000 and for the rights’ of states to set their own laws in favor of same-sex marriage in 2006.
    It’s up to voters to decide how they feel about her changed stance, but on same-sex marriage she gets a Full Flop! For Sure!

    1. I can't understand why EVERYONE doesn't know by now that you can't trust a THING Hillary says.

      If she told me it was RAINING, I'd have look out the window and see for myself before I'd bother to get an umbrella out of the closet.

  16. Replies
    1. Cute, but NOWHERE NEAR as GOOD as "HE said, PUSSY!"

      THAT one really clicked all the boxes and rang all the bells.

  17. The folks from Haiti who got plundered by the Clintons probably don't care, either, Lisa.