Monday, November 14, 2016

International Terrorist

Tell us something we didn't know


  1. Soros never sponsored or directed any rioting. This story is BS.


    1. Wake up Jersey! He is the douchebag funding protestors, paying off bimbos to bring up last minute charges against candidates, and a whole load of other things.

  2. Note to you "Liberals", Progressives", Hillary Sheep and Cry-babies". Wearing s safety pin has to be one of the most ludicrous political statements ever!

    It makes more sense to keep it in your Diaper.

  3. Trump will bring Churchill back to the White House after Obama embarrassed himself and our nation by removing the bust and replacing it with a picture of himself on the cover of the radical leftist rag, The New Yorker.

    Barack Obama EMBARRASSED HIMSELF AND THE NATION when he removed the Churchill bust from the Oval Office in 2009.

  4. Last night, I was asked my a long time friend of mine how I could ever support Trump after the comments he made over 11 years ago about women and if I would still support him if he made those comments to my daughter? My response was this....If he had put our nations security at risk, I would not vote for him. If his organization received large donations from countries that killed women and gays, I would not vote for him. If he boasted 30 Years of government experience, but still could not discern if an email was classified or not, without someone letting him know if it was or not, I would not vote for him. If he boasted about how he has defended children his entire life, but is for abortion, (even late term, when the child can feel pain) I would not vote for him. If he caused lives to be destroyed in Benghazi and then lied to the faces of the parents as they stood at their child's casket, I would not vote for him. If people who came against him mysteriously turned up dead, I would not vote for him. If he suddenly developed a southern accent when he was in the South, campaigning, I would not vote for him. If he continually broke the law and that was ignored, I would not vote for him, but right now, the ONLY person who does ALL these things is Hillary. Right now, the fact that Donald made these remarks over 12 years ago, does not move me. I'm bigger than those remarks and we all have said stupid things throughout our lives. To me, the fact that Hillary lies continuously, is a much bigger problem. We can see the effects of her lies by the state of our poor country right now...

    1. Well Mr Know liberals know what issues are most important

    2. ^^^Lisa, time to take out the trash.^^^

  5. George Lopez said : I'm Moving And I'm Not Telling You Where I'm Going...


  6. So, when did it happen? America did not go to hell in a hand basket over night. It took time, and an ongoing assault to try and bring her to her knees.
    Was it when someone decided our pledge of allegiance was so offensive because our forefathers dared pen "one nation under God"?

    Was it the day some atheist decried that prayer in our schools could no longer be tolerated?

    Did it happen when someone in a position of influence and power made the decision that our schools could no longer present a Christmas concert or play; "they will be,from this day forward, referred to as winter or holiday events". Anything to keep a mention of Christ out of the mix, I suppose. Frosty and Rudolph ok. Moses?, Jesus?, not so much. How sad is that?
    Maybe it happened when our children were told that prayer and reading their Bible during school hours and on school property could no longer be tolerated.

    Maybe it was when we elected a Racist president, Or maybe it was when the country decided that Socialism, Progressiveism, was the way to go?
    Maybe it was when these Idiots in Hollywood, TV, and on Footballs fields influenced our children.
    I'm thinking it has not helped that immigrants to our country, illegally or otherwise, are put before our veterans when it comes to employment, healthcare, small business loans, college loans, etc.
    Was it when our elected officials decided their bank accounts are more important than the citizens that gave them their jobs?

    Maybe the fact that our president made time to have representatives from a terror organization visit him at the white house but could not give the prime minister of Israel the time of day. And who the heck is Glozell? Really?

    Just a thought here, but when did it become so danged terrible that we have winners and losers in anything competitive? How soon will our kids and grandkids receive passing test scores for just showing up for class? C'mon, folks. A medal or trophy for participating? If thats the case every man and woman to ever wear a military uniform and serve our country should be awarded the medal of honor. Failure is not all together a bad thing. It should make us try harder. Work harder. Study harder. If you're sitting on your butt waiting for success to fall in your entitled lap you're going to be sitting there a long time.

    When a youngster approaches me at work and says "yes sir, no sir, please and thank you" I want to hug 'em. And then I want to hunt down their mama and daddy and hug them too!

    When I hold a door open for someone or let them ahead of me in line and they blast on by like its their birthright I don't see it as only a rude individual, but as the product of their environment.

    Greed nor envy has helped us. At all. The lack of a moral compass by our so called leaders has bred a generation to believe that its no longer "all for one and one for all", but its all about "me, me, me".

    By now some of you who started reading my rant have found better things to do or written me off as another redneck conservative with a bad attitude and too many guns, so I'll call it a night for now. I'll pray for my family and friends. I'll pray for my fellow citizens and those not blessed to have been born an American. I'll pray for our new president and his family.
    And I'll pray for America. She needs our prayers now more than ever .

    God bless America

    1. ^^^Lisa, time to take out the trash.^^^

      I’d suggest machine-gunning them all into a ditch just to shut them the fuck up for awhile, but that would probably be raciss! or something.

      I’ll settle for snickering, chortling and shaking my head while their bulbous heads explode and the shit inside swirls down the bowl into the drain. Where it belongs.

  7. Hillary. and her supporters staged a naked Trump making fun of his hair, private area, and back side. Not one ounce of media coverage except social media, If a Trump supporter did that about Hillary we would hear all day on the media outlets how hateful and sexist Trump supporters are.

    Hillary supporters are all about Trumps taxes, Ask whats he hiding, Yet have no interest in what Hillary is hiding in her 33000 emails, Goldman Sachs transcripts or her medical records.

    Hillary supporters go crazy when Trump says He would issue a temp ban on Muslim refugees until we can vet them but have no issues that Jews are banned from entering 16 Muslim countries.

    Hillary supporters say WOW Trump donated playdoh, Actually he donated $75,000 worth of Food, Clothes, and Toys and then he donated $100,000 To a rebuild collection with his own money, What did Obama and Hillary donate out of there pockets?

    Hillary supporters ask why is Trump asking for money thought he didn't want money, Trumps donations come from his supporters and Hillary's comes from special interest and lobbyist that he is against, If you don't know the difference maybe you're too uneducated to vote.

    Hillary supporters continue to tout how Trump is going to deport 12 million immigrants, He said illegals, We over here who support Trump don't classify law following immigrants to illegals like Hillary and her supporters do.

    Hillary's supporters are delusional hypocrites! Don't put too much faith in these polls, They as rigged as Bernie's primary chances were, These polls are coming from the same people who barely reported about the primary email hacks that proved this, If Trump would of done that every media outlet and Hillary supporter would be calling for his arrest for interfering with the election process. All you have to do is compare rallies, Town halls, and their Facebook pages, Any one with at least one brain cell knows Hillary isn't winning shit. Media is trying to discourage Trump voters from voting for him and now that he WON, they are doing whatever they can to discredit him.
    But it aint gonna work. So suck it up or don't. But He IS the new president, like it or not!