Friday, October 26, 2018

The Left Proves it Every Day

They show us every day what they think of the American people. Even their own base. 

With all this news coverage of the "bombs" being sent to Democratic party members, there has been a lot of footage of where these folks live. The thing I have noticed is that they all live behind 8-foot-high security fences, with security guards and security cameras covering their property. They are important people, and are able to afford to be protected from those who would do them harm. Yet, they tell us that we should have open borders that allow anyone to come here; they live one way, and speak another. How many homeless people or illegals are living on the property owned by Hillary or George Sorros? Just makes me wonder, and it should make you wonder too, even if you're a liberal. Who's being played and why? Think for yourself...their actions broadcast their intentions.
---from David Granberry


  1. Replies
    1. All I know about Libertarians is that they're almost as morally dumb as Progressives.

    2. You a "Moral Supremacist" Minus? Think you're "better" than those miserable "demon rats" cuz you hate brown people? That doesn't make you "superior" Minus. Just an idiot.

    3. I don't hate brown people. What makes you, personally, inferior is your belief that you know what I believe.

      Sun Tzu would have been embarrassed for you.

    4. What about the brown people who are coming here to steal our jobs, leach off the American taxpayer, commit crimes and vote Democratic? I thought you wanted to build a wall to keep those brown people out.

    5. There aren't any white people coming, too? Sounds like a pretty racist bunch you want to let in, Dervy.

    6. I was referring to people illegally crossing our southern border. If any white people are doing that, the number is likely very small. My comment had nothing to do with who I want to let in, btw.

      Anyway, I believe Minus re him not hating brown people as much as I believe the leader of the KKK when he says his organization does not hate black people. Which would be not at all. Racists being big believers in taqiya.

    7. So was I. You think my wall comments had anything to do with letting white people in?


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    9. I don't know. Does tRump want to build another wall on our northern border to keep out Canadians?

    10. But if it gets to be a problem, Build a northern wall, too!

      In 2009, there were 1.75 million visits from Canada to the US declared as lasting for 14 days or more. Because Canadians working illegally in the US can move freely between the two countries nonetheless, one would expect them to be in this number at least once per year to renew their six month tourist visa. But this number includes everyone for any reason going into the US for a longer trip, so it is a very high upper bound. It would be extraordinary if more than 1 in 20 of those represented an illegal worker, so a more realistic upper bound would be 80,000. That compares to a total illegal immigrant population over ten million, of whom about 56% are from Mexico.

    11. "Foolish consistencies are the hobgoblins of small minds." - RW Emerson

    12. There is nothing in my prior comment from which you could deduce that I think all Canadians are White. I do assume Canada is whiter than Mexico, however. Very probably the US too. Maybe they need a wall to keep us out?

    13. We have invaded them in the past...

  2. _________ TURN BACK, O MAN _________

    Turn back, O man, forswear thy foolish ways.
    old now is earth, and none may count her days.
    yet thou, her child, whose head is crowned with flame,
    still wilt not hear thine inner God proclaim,
    "Turn back, O man, forswear thy foolish ways."

    Earth might be fair and all men glad and wise.
    age after age their tragic empires rise,
    built while they dream, and in that dreaming weep:
    would man but wake from out his haunted sleep,
    earth might be fair and all men glad and wise.

    Earth shall be fair, and all her people one:
    nor till that hour shall God's whole will be done.
    Now, even now, once more from earth to sky,
    peals forth in joy man's old undaunted cry:
    "Earth shall be fair and all her folk be one!"

    ~ Words: Clifford Bax, 1919, Music Gustav Holst

  3. I have an answer:

    Cesar Sayoc, registered Rethug nutlog and driver of the tRumpmobile.

    What his motives were, who knows.
    This was so bizarre you'd have to ask FreeThinke(LMAO)™.

    1. A Republican's bombs would have worked. My vote is still agent provocateur...

    2. Here's your Trump supporting and loving "provocateur"

      AVENTURA, Fla. — Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr., a South Florida man charged in connection with a string of bombs mailed to prominent Democrats, appeared to have a lively social media presence, where he frequently posted in right-wing circles and shared conservative news stories and condemnations of liberal politicians.

      Mr. Sayoc, 56, appeared to post frequently in Facebook groups like “The Trump American Party” and “Vote Trump 2020” using an account with the name “Cesar Altieri Randazzo.” The account, which was suspended on Friday after reports that Mr. Sayoc was a suspect in the bombing case, shared photos of Mr. Sayoc attending political events and working out at the gym.

      Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, the account shared news stories from Breitbart, video clips from Fox News, and posts from pages like “Handcuffs for Hillary.” That year, the account included numerous photos and videos of Mr. Sayoc, a registered Republican, at a Trump campaign rally, wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat.

    3. I still wouldn't be surprised if Sayoc was funded by the Open Society Institute as a deep agent provocateur. Although it isn't impossible that it was simply a Trump supporter enfuriated by the lying media spewing totally fake news to cover the treason in the Justice Department and upper levels of State and CIA.

    4. Farmer, go stoke off to your autographed Alex Jones glossy.

    5. Ducky, are you still wearing Shaws late husbands tux?

    6. Exactly, ducky. Where is Alex Jones? Did THAT prevent (or cause) the faux-bombing retribution?

    7. When you silence the opposition, take away "verba" all they have left is "acta".

    8. I seem to recall when the Tea Party Movement took off, the DNC headcheese Howard Dean encouraged his liberal base to infiltrate the movement, start riots and take the movement down. Cesar Sayot must be one of Howie's pet whackjobs. He bears the stench of the lie cheat and steal movment of the DNC.

    9. Cesar Sayot is an Orange Turd cultist who was acting under orders from his Orange Turd Cult leader. The Orange Turd Cult attracts people with weak minds, explaining why a mentally ill person like Sayot succumbed. The "Speedy G" comment above is an example of this kind of mental illness. Add a personal tragedy (Sayot's homelessness) and you get a right-wing wack who wants to murder people.

    10. Sayoc was initially somewhat cooperative, the official said. He told investigators that the pipe bombs wouldn’t have hurt anyone and that he didn’t want to hurt anyone.

    11. Maybe they will let him go, then? Seeing as it was all just a joke. No harm, no foul.

    12. I don't know, what happened to clockboy?

    13. He should immediately cry Seminoliphobia! The Democrats (Andrew Jackson) had a long history of oppressing Seminoles (even fake ones).

    14. If clock boy was any precedent, maybe they'll suspend his strip club access for a week...

    15. Wikipedia: "Following the incident, police determined Mohamed had no malicious intent, and he was not charged with any crime".

      I think Cesar Sayot will end up in prison for a very long time. Would you reverse the two (put Ahmed Mohamed in prison and let Cesar Sayot go)?

    16. Nope. I'd lock them both up, and throw in Hillary as well.

    17. Democrats have shown themselves to be notoriously incompetent when determining "intent."

    18. The police that determined Ahmed Mohamed had no malicious intent were Democrats? Who knew? btw, regarding the last potus election, of all those running, I think it's DJT who should be locked up. Not only for colluding with Russia, but for his decades of illegal activity. Lock up his daughter, namesake son and son-in-law as well. They are all guilty.

    19. Ahmed Mohamed's only "crime" was it not occuring to him that his clock might be mistaken for a bomb... WHILE BEING MUSLIM.

    20. Not occurring to him? He was directly warned/told...

      Mohamed said he brought the clock to school because he "wanted to impress all of his teachers".[12] His engineering teacher, upon seeing the clock said, "That's really nice", but advised him to keep the device in his backpack for the rest of the school day, as he thought it resembled something akin to a briefcase bomb.[14] Mohamed, however, later plugged it in during his English class and set a time on the clock.[12] When the clock alarm started beeping, the English teacher requested to see it, and said, "Well, it looks like a bomb. Don't show it to anyone else."[11] In an interview posted on KXAS-TV (NBC 5), Mohamed said he "closed it with a cable ... 'cause I didn't want to lock it to make it seem like a threat, so I just used a simple cable so it won't look that much suspicious."

      It was only AFTER being told that it might be mistaken for a bomb that he activated the clock and took it to his next class.

    21. Would you give Trump a trial, or just lock him up on your suspicions?

    22. According to the text you quoted, several teachers were aware the item was a clock and not a bomb. So why should he have been locked up? Because you determined that he intended to cause a bomb scare? Even though the authorities determined otherwise (apparently because they were Democrat police).

      Would you give Hillary Clinton a trial, or just lock her up on your suspicions?

    23. I give up. Why didn't the FBI advise the public as to the inertness of the devices they had disabled? Did they want to continue to garnish headlines and look like heroes or something, or were they worried about jeopardizing a future criminal case? The intentions and actions of "authority figures" are often difficult to gauge. That's what makes "oficialismo" so dangerous.

      Oh, and I'd give Hillary a trial and let her be judged by a jury of her peers, not just one in-her-pockets Deep Stater in the FBI (James Comey).

    24. Dervish is fixated on orange colored turds, the food staple of moonbats.


  4. Yabba Dabba Doo

    The economy grew at a robust 3.5%
    In the last quarter.
    We as Americans should join together
    and thank our most excellent
    president Donald J. Trump for
    revitalizing a Democratic caused
    moribund economy into the present
    booming economic environment we are

    1. The stock market's tanking on fears that Dems will win the House...

    2. The markets know that tRump growing the debt can't be good in the long term. tRump is also ramping up his trade war. The sugar rush will end soon. Then the tRump recession.

    3. Gee, America will be shut off from cheap Chinese goods... what will we do???

    4. We're going to be "shut off"? I thought tRump was enacting tariffs, not an embargo. My guess is that consumers will pay more for some items. Something they might not be enthused about.

    5. They won't pay more for American made items though. :)

    6. Why would anyone invest money to bring manufacturing back to America when tRump's tariffs will only stay around as long as he is in office (2 years or less)?

    7. Good point. The Never-Trumpers in the GOP (along with the neo-liberals in the DNC) are banking on just that.

    8. Making America GREAT for the 1% again...

    9. Because the purpose of the "reforms" is to complete America's transformation into an oligarchy. After tRump is booted from office the idea that our trade policies need reforming (they do) will be dead. Opposing globalism will be synonymous with racism. btw, I do not think tRump is an evil genius. I think he is Putin's useful idiot.

  5. Get ready for the Blue Tsunami. Time to rid the US of the dumbfuck deplorables who have noting but hate in their hearts and nothing between their ears

    1. ...and time to get back to making all culture's sacred except the European ones... which are evil and need be erased from history.

    2. Yeah, Pookie Toot Toot. Get ready for the blue tsunami for sure. Blue as in choking again when your libtards cry foul after booby trapping yourselves and watching things blow up in your face.

  6. Bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc had been kicked out by his parents, so he has living in the van that we have seen in pictures today, according to a law enforcement official.

    The sticker-covered white van was taken to an FBI facility in Miramar, Florida.

    The FBI agents used flash bangs in making the arrest and took him into custody near the AutoZone in Plantation, the official said.

    Sayoc was initially somewhat cooperative, the official said. He told investigators that the pipe bombs wouldn’t have hurt anyone and that he didn’t want to hurt anyone.

    1. Notice that Dr. Dervish Sanders MD hasn't been making his fart noises here? He must have taken a trip to Florida to do an exam. A news source informed me by email that Cesar Sayot worked as a stripper before making pipe bombs. Dr. Sanders must be on assignment, giving Cesar a full body cavity search. Keep up the good work for once, Dervish! Be sure to give Cesar a thorough full body exam to make sure he didn't shove any pipe bombs up his holes. We don't want anything to blow up where it shouldn't.


    1. Twit twit twit
      Jug jug jug jug jug jug
      So rudely forc'd.

    2. This is the way the blog ends
      This is the way the blog ends
      Not with a Bang
      But a blast of Fartbreath

    3. I thought you said you and your fartbreath were departing? No surprise that you lied. Lisa should ban you due to your threats to shut down her blog. Despite the fact that you are clearly failing.


  8. In the winter of 65 we were hungry
    Just nearly alive


    1. Offered in a spirit of charity...

  10. So today we have yet another Donald-tRump-inspired act of violence. A shooting at a Pittsburgh Synagogue results in 11 dead. The shooter bought into the right-wing conspiracy that the caravan is being funded by George Soros and so decided he needed to kill Jews in order to protect "very fine people".

    Just today I saw a Marsha Blackburn add about how MS13 gang members and Middle Eastern terrorists are traveling with this caravan. All unproven conspiracies to gin up fear being pushed by the hate-monger-in-chief. Looks like direct cause and effect to me.

    Vote Blue in the upcoming election and send a message that Americans are sick of the hate.

    1. Put down the tabloids, Dervy, Trump isn't screaming "Kill the Jews". His daughter and son-in-law would stop working for him, if he did.

      So stop watching CNN, NBC, ABC and the other tabloid news channels.

    2. btw - How is shooting Jews in a Synagogue going to stop the migrant caravan? Enquiring minds wish to know...

      After all, Soros isn't really a Jew. He's an Esperantoist.

    3. Vote Blue in the next election. You'll get a free subscription to National Enquirer and get to read new and novel conspiracy theories about Trump's responsibility for alien abductions and anal probes.

    4. David Pecker, the National Enquirer's publisher, had a policy of printing pro-tRump stories. If the stories you describe where printed, they would say that Hillary Clinton is responsible for alien abductions and anal probes. Last I heard, Pecker was cooperating with Mueller, so I don't know about now. But when the Enquirer was printing anti-Hillary and pro-tRump stories, they found that their readers really liked them. Their readers being trumpers. I don't read the trumper National Enquirer.

    5. How is shooting Jews in a Synagogue going to stop the migrant caravan? You'll have to ask Robert Bowers. My guess would be that he killed Jews he could get to. According to Bowers "there is no #MAGA as long as there is a [Jewish] infestation". IMO what we have here is yet another MAGA terrorist. How long until another one pops up?

    6. No, what we have is another TDS fit by the deranged, and yes, youself amonst them.

    7. Your support for tRump is deranged. He is awful. The sane people are the ones opposing him.

    8. P_________H________E________W________!

    9. HEY! Let's try to do something NICE for a change.

      We need to start a GoFundMe account for Dervish Sanders, so he can afford to purchase the lifetime supply of BIOTENE and SMARTMOUTH and the services of a GOOD Periodontist he so desperately needs to TRY at least to neutralize his legendary HALITOSIS.


      I've heard tales from reliable sources that when poor Fartbreath walks into a diner, or tries to stand on line at McDonalds or Burger King customers scatter like dry leaves in a hurricane to get out of the place.

      His breath is SO vile waiters, waitresses, hostesses, janitors, and even short-order cooks, have been known to QUIT their JOBS on the spot, because they couldn't stand to be in the same place with his horrifying stinky breath.

      Store clerks run from behind their counters when he approaches, and no barber will cut his hair –– so terrible is the STENCH that emanates from his filthy mouth.

      At least two pizzerias have literally been FORCED out of business, because they couldn't stop this putrid Fount of Foul Exhalation from entering their premises.

      So PLEASE help ALL of SOCIETY by contributing to the Stinkmouth Sanders GoFundME Anti-Fartbreath Account.

      Helping this miserable wretch overcome his lifelong addiction to COPROPHAGIA would doubtless be a GREAT help in stemming the flow of his profound HALITOSIS –– truly The Breath of Death.


  11. Now,now Dervy, you do understand over 60 million of your fellow Americans supported Donald Trump....are they all deranged?

    1. TAKE a GOOD, LONG LOOK at this short poem, RUSTY.


      He preached upon 'Breadth'
      ___ till it argued him narrow ––
      The Broad are too broad to define
      And of 'Truth' until it proclaimed him a Liar ––
      The Truth never flaunted a Sign ––

      Simplicity fled from his counterfeit presence
      As Gold the Pyrites would shun ––
      What confusion would cover the innocent Jesus
      To meet so enabled a Man!

      ~ Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

      Obviously, Miss Emily was too well acquainted with someone whose character, disposition and personality was nearly acongruent with those of the members of the WYD Tri-DUMB-vi-rate –– Dirtish Fartbreath Sanders, Nurse-Poo-Poo aka Les Carpenter, and Ding-Dong Ducky aka Canardo.

      It applies also, of course, to their Mother Superior Pookie Toot Toot better known in these parts as This One.

      These pestiferous naysaying types have doubtless been wiih us since we lived in caves –– maybe even before.

    2. tRump's unfavorable rating is over 50%. Are all those people deranged (have "TDS") Klansman Shackelford?

      That everyone who voted for tRump is deranged is not what I was saying, btw. Franco is clearly deranged. A lot more are just f*cking racists like you. Some people are both, like Franco. He is a deranged racist. Every single one of the people who support tRump are stupid. Or not paying attention. tRump is running up the debt to make the economy look good. It isn't going to work out in the end. The tRump recession is coming.

    3. Here's an HONEST thought for you, Dervicious:

      I know you don't like it, when I call you "FARTBREATH," and keep piling on reference after reference to the putrid, ungodly stink that emanates from your filthy mouth. You feebly respond to these unkind assertions by saying there is no way I could possibly know this, because we have never met, etc. blah blah blah.

      That's TRUE, and I ADMIT it.

      I have deliberately set about to harass and defame you, because I instinctively dislike the way you habitually present yourself here and elsewhere in the blogosphere.

      Now HERE'S the POINT:

      What I have been doing to you and your wretched, thuggish compatriots is EXACTLY what the LEFT in concert with the RINOS and GLOBALISTS have been doing to President TRUMP, and everyone CHOSEN to serve, or looked on FAVORABLY by President Trump.

      The distinguished jurist who’s already had a lengthy, honorable career at second highest level of American Jurisprudence, Brett Kavanaugh, is only the LATEST victim of the vicious, brutal, totally unprincipled power-mad THUGGERY indulge by the DemonRats

      The bloc YOU represent here has FABRICATED a DEFAMATORY, ACCUSATORY –– utterly BOGUS –– "NARRATIVE" against Mr. Trump, and REPEATED IT HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of TIMES 'round the clock seven days a week in every available venue knowlng full well that –– according to The BIG LIE Theory –– that repeated often enough your BIG LIE will eventually get ACCEPTED as the TRUTH.

      Then you did the same thing to Brett Kavanaugh.

      Therefore, I ––– as one of your avowed antagonists –––, decided in effect to FIGHT FIRE WITHFIRE.

      If you don't understand what I have just confessed, you are even STUPIDER than I thought.

      I have no hope, of course, that you –– or any other blind partisan fool –– will ever be able ACCEPT this astute analysis, but at least I have it on record.

  12. With the approaching Trump recession I'm sure you are liquidating all your stocks and bonds,along with other assets and you are moving towards minerals. Dervy, allow me to suggest you invest all you holdings into Zinc.

  13. Bad news for Fartface Dervish: Bowers is a registered Democrat.


  14. _____ AN EVALUATION _____

    Dirty-minded, imbecilic oaf
    Evil thinking, evil speaking fool
    Ruled by laziness, inclined to loaf,
    Vicious, virulent Subversives’ tool
    Irrational, unthinking, filled with spite
    Shallow, stupid, vacuous, inane,
    Hollow, doomed to live in endless night

    Sophists maimed and crippled his lame brain.
    Anomalous to all that’s good and real
    Noxious notions form and fill his core.
    Demented propaganda spread with zeal
    Erupts from every orifice and pore.
    Retarded reject schooled in Marxist culture
    Sanders preys on virtue like a vulture.

    ~ Anne Imus in Mourning

  15. NOVEMBER 6 2018: Dhimmicrats vote moonbats into the House.

    NOVEMBER 7 2018 11:30 PM: Liberal maniac shoots up Borderline Bar & Grill in Blue Ventura County city of Thousand Oaks California. Ventura County Deputy loses life in gun fight. 13 people total die, including libtard maniac.

    NOVEMBER 8 2018 Brushfire breaks out near site of the mass shooting, spreads to neighboring city of Camarillo. City of Newbury Park also facing threat. Fire is rapidly spreading in Ventura County. Home of dead liberal whackjob gunman Ian Long in path of fire.

    God's warning? Perhaps.

  16. Replies
    1. NOVEMBER 9 2018: Malibu Canyon fire breaks out. 2 people found dead.


  17. NOVEMBER 7 2018 11:30 PM: Liberal maniac shoots up Borderline Bar & Grill in Blue Ventura County city of Thousand Oaks California. Ventura County Deputy loses life in gun fight.


  18. ___ A VETERAN’S DAY LAMENT ___

    The thought arises once again:
    That our brave men have died in vain
    If in our now-degraded state
    We see no more why they were great,––
    And rattle on belligerently ––
    Rejecting Thought that made us free ––
    Embracing now with loud insistence ––
    Malice threatening our existence ––
    Tearing at each other's throats ––
    While a leering Satan gloats ––
    A sorry spectacle that wrenches
    My heart thinking of the trenches
    Filled with anguish, fear and dread
    As bullets whizzed above each head,
    And buried in the mud the mines
    Lurked to shatter limbs and spines,
    While in the distance cannons boomed
    Inspiring fear that all were doomed.
    Then to see a body shattered ––
    One a buddy –– now parts scattered ––
    In the mud with corpses strewn ––
    Gruesome lit by sun or moon ––
    More pitiful the wounded lie
    In agony praying to die.
    And all around the smell of blood
    Vomit, –– urine, –– faces, –– crud
    Defined the hellish atmosphere
    But few if any shed a tear.
    They knew they had a job to do ––
    Protecting our land –– and you ––
    From Tyranny, –– Brutality ––
    Poverty –– and Slavery ––
    Their Sacrifice –– Our Legacy –
    Now relegated to the Fire ––
    Ever the Enemy’s Desire ––
    Because their precious Victory
    Was neutralized by Sophistry
    That promised Peace eternally
    By ceding our Sovereignty
    As a dumb ovine assembly
    Always led too easily
    To the abattoir where brutally
    They end up slaughtered ruthlessly.
    And so the Enemy has won ––
    Not by bayonet, bomb, or gun ––
    But by an ideology
    Seductive, to those lazily
    Imagining there’s an Easy Way
    To stop becoming Satan’s Prey.
    Thus lulled into a stupor we
    Now feel a false Security.
    Forgetting the we owe a debt
    To those brave men who fought to get
    Continued Opportunity
    To cherish their fine legacy.
    Because the Left runs Education
    We’ve lost our great Emancipation ––
    Betrayed great men through dissipation
    Made worse by endless argumentation.

    ~ FreeThinke (11/11/18)

  19. With the approaching Trump recession I'm sure you are liquidating all your stocks and bonds,along with other assets and you are moving towards minerals. Dervy, allow me to suggest you invest all you holdings into Zinc. gclub online

  20. _________ To Thanksgiving _________

    This holiday is often overlooked
    One feels, because it doesn’t generate
    The flow of cash, the airlines overbooked,
    Hysteria at fear of being late.
    A humble, homey, family-style affair,
    No supernatural glamour European
    Kicks Concupiscence awake to dare
    Sobriety to drink and make a scene.
    Giving thanks for what one has is not
    In fashion in this Age of Gimmemore.
    Virtue, quaintly comical, has got
    Inhibited. It fears to be a bore.
    Nothing satisfies, however wild, like
    Giving thanks for home in manner childlike.

    ~ FreeThinke

  21. Too many have forgotten to mention the ONE THING for which ALL should be most grateful:


    _______ GOODY GOODY! ________

    So you met someone
    __ who set you back on your heels ––
    ______ Goody Goody!
    So you met your match
    ___ and now you know how it feels ––
    ______ Goody Goody!
    So he put you in your place,
    ___ proving you were a disgrace
    And he broke your pride in pieces,
    ___ as he smashed your haughty face.

    So you lie awake
    ___ just singin' the blues all night ––
    ______ Goody Goody!
    So you thought that you
    ___ were a barrel of dynamite ––
    ______ (Not a chance, dear!)
    Hooray! and Hallelujah! you had it coming to ya
    Goody Goody for TRUMP! ––
    ______ On who you got the jump
    And I hope you're satisfied, you crooked fool!

    ~ Apologies to Benny Goodman and Ella Fitzgerald

  22. Dear, Lisa,

    Just in case you check in on this thread, I do want you to know that, despite all the nonsensical drama posted here, I have never stopped praying for your husband's return to good health.

    You've given us no news for a long time, so I can only hope that in this case NO NEWS really is GOOD NEWS, and that you did in fact have a LOT to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

    Best to the two of you and to the pups.



  23. I suggest that the Character known as Rational Nation USA should Hang it up already, your posts are getting to be very boring, as well as Stupid.

  24. A PEARL of WISDOM re the ART of BEING:

    BE who you ARE.

    ENJOY who you ARE.

    You might as well, because you CAN’T be anyone ELSE.



    There'll be nothing to tout.
    Nothing to buy.
    The stores will run out.
    Your funds'll run dry.

    DEMOCLAWS are coming to town!

    For their mill you are grist.
    They think fun’s a crime,
    They just clench their fist,
    When you seek a good time.

    DEMOCLAWS are coming to town!

    They'll monitor your reaping.
    They’ll ration what you take.
    Whatever you try keeping
    They will grab for their own sake!

    SO, you’d better not smile,
    You’d better not dance.
    Demoleaders are vile,
    They'll all look askance.

    DEMOCLAWS Upon You Will Frown.
    When Democlaws take over the town!

    They're the Communists
    Who would make us slaves


    Despite my customary advocacy of earnest prayer and supplication, I have come to believe that the best way to neutralize the effect of chronic societal irritants and toxic influences is to MAKE FUN of THEM.

    Satan and his poor benighted followers have NO sense of humor.

    Just as LAUGHTER is the BEST MEDICINE, so SATIRE may well be the BEST form of REVENGE.

    +... HAPPY...+... NEW ...+... YEAR...+