Wednesday, November 3, 2021


 A new Gallup poll found that Americans favor lower taxes and fewer government services, a rejection of the Biden-Harris administration’s tax-and-spend agenda. Gallup summarized the results of their poll, writing that, “Americans typically prefer a limited government role to an active one, think there is too much rather than too little regulation of business and believe the government is too powerful.”

Despite what Americans want, the Biden-Harris administration continues to push for a massive expansion of government power. Their multi-trillion dollar tax and spending spree grants sweeping new powers to the IRS, including the authority to spy on Americans’ bank accounts, in addition to burdensome new regulations on energy producers that could send prices even higher.


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    3. Flingo aka MystereNovember 8, 2021 at 6:42 AM

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  2. An unarmed woman was brutally gunned down by a cop in cold blood. She was climbing through a window and got executed for it. She did not deserve to be judged and have her life ended by the cop killed her.... for climbing unarmed through a window.
    And something like 60 people are still in Jail without given a trial, what kind of treatment is that for America?
    Even a Illegal Immigrant Drug Dealer gets a trial.
    What Kind Of Country is this Shit in His Pants President Running?

  3. What we have here in America today is

    A Grunting, Twitching, Stuttering, Alzheimer’s President
    With a blabber mouth, blowhard, Vice Presiden
    And a bimbo bartender congresswoman making silly noises and who is
    Involved in hysteria, hypocrisy, conspiring in divide-and-conquer thories wearing masks, and mumbles, about mandates, and enormous spending..
    While other nations such as China and Japan are pushing STEM RESEARCH The United States schools are focused on Social Justice, Political Correctness, Unity and “Racial Diversity” with the bottom line being that insisting students find the right answer to math problems is a Racist White Supremacy Conspiracy..And the Athletics are trying to figure out if that should be Standing, or Knelling during the National Anthem

    In the mean time, Doddering, Stuttering, Twitching Joey Biden is no more in charge of anything in America today than the Queen of England is in charge of Great Britain.

  4. The Delusional Democratic only have Two things in their Book of Plays…
    Trump, Trump, Trump!
    And Race, Race, Race,

  5. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.
    A even Funnier thing happened when Biden want to Rome for the G20 Summit. First
    he had a meeting scheduled with the Socialist Pope but at the last minute there were changes made, banning live media coverage. Only edited recordings were later supplied. Why? Rumors flew throughout Rome faster than a turd floating down the East River.

    They say the Lord moves in mysterious ways but Holy Crap, Not This!

    Did Biden leave his Depends diapers at home? We all know that IF this happened with Donald Trump the media would be all over it like flies on Horseshit . But with Biden, OF COURSE they would HAVE TO COVER IT UP! As they’ve been covering up his Crap for the past 10 months….And this is just another day in the life of our Senile President.

    But there's no coverup for what happened next at the G20 Summit. While Biden mysteriously canceled an appearance with world leaders at the famous Trevi Fountain, he did make it to the photo call. Usually the American President is front and center for these photo ops but Biden stood at the very end with a noticeable difference between him and the other leaders. Was it the smell? Was it that he was now wearing a different color pair of Pants? Or was it that NOBODY wanted to stand next to him?

  6. Is Biden an Idiot, a Senile Lunatic, a Delusional Walking Embarrassment to our Country Yes, you can bet your last dollar on it . And so is everyone who voted for him

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  8. Your post is a laughable and desperate lie. Biden and Harris are NOT raising taxes on average Americans. We are finally getting rid of Trump's tax breaks for the wealthy so we can give average Americans more and better services they deserve and paid for.


    1. The IDIOT AKA “the one” must be a Teenager, because his brains have obviously not developed yet. If i’m wrong, then he’s even DUMBER then I thought.

    2. Frank, Pookie Toot-Toot has the mental capacity of a toddler. He can't control his bowel movements as you probably noticed.

    3. Oh they're not raising taxes on everyone who do you think covers the cost of increased taxes.
      The landlords taxes went up so does your rent how do you like those gas prices that's an indirect tax increase. so is the high cost of everything else.
      We dictated the price of oil and gas when Trump was President because we will be coming energy independent now we have to depend on foreign countries again. I guess Hunter has to continue to make his money from those companies

    4. Lisa, we did NOT "dictate the price of oil and gas when Trump was President." Man, you're stupid.

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    1. Mystere poops his pantsNovember 8, 2021 at 11:24 AM

      Sounds yummy!

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      And why are you so fixated on Mystere?

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  10. Unfortunately, most Americans, especially the dumbfucks on the right, just don't know what they want in government service and will scream once their welface checks stop coming in.

  11. Oh poor this one! His buttboy Sir Poops Alot keeps passing gas publicly, making a fool out of himself. The Pope and The Duchess incidents keep haunting this one as Sir Poops Alot aka Poopy Pants gets ultimately humiliated with the "Let's Go Brandon" chants.

  12. ^^Flingo al-Dervish has just returned from his late night duty of wiping Poopy Pants Biden aka Sir Poops Alot's behind.^^

  13. This is STILL America and just because Black Lives Matter are promising. Riots, Fire, and Murder, Real Americans are shocked and disheartened by the outright support looters, arsonists, and thugs have received from the major party of the United States. However don't expect us to be scared of your BS. We will fight back at whatever you throw at us.

  14. LOL. Almost all the "Dervish Sanders" comments are Mystere fakes. And a lot of them are "me" asking for a love nibble from Mystere. Uh, no thanks, freak. I'm not interested.


  16. So, Slow Joe says that “If he’s Healthy, he will MOST CERTAINLY run again in 2024" And if you believe that! Then SHAME on you! Because there is NO WAY in Hell that this Delusional, Senile. Stuttering, Blabbering, Idiot will run again, and if he does, he will most likely get less that the 29 Percent of the Voters who support him now, to support him in his Re-Election!
    In fact, I’d be shocked, and surprised if he even continues to stay in office through out the next year....
    If there is ANY doubt in YOUR mind, just ask yourself if things are really getting better or worse now then when Donald Trump was President?
    Ask yourself how things are today with ANY of the following!
    Start with the Economy, and work your way down, and the answers for each will be NO!
    Energy Production/Prices
    Gas Prices
    Food Prices
    Restaurant Prices
    Border/Mass Migration
    Education including CRT.
    Government Fraud
    Law Enforcement-Defunding the Police!
    Race Relations
    Increasing Socialism Communistic policies.
    Military Preparedness
    Sexual Harassment
    Corruption of Sports
    Our Policy with: China, Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, and Taiwan
    And lets not forget the Immigration CRISIS at the Southern Border!
    And the Censorship of the media and the Cancel Culture.
    And the situation is getting worse every single day he’s in office with that with that Ding-Bat, Progressive, Liberal, Socialist, Moron he calls his Vice President.

  17. It's not that Biden isn't doing what we want, it's everything he DOES DO he TOTALLY SCREWS UP!
    Well gee whiz, What DOES "Old Joe" do anyway? ? NOTHING It's natural to blame Joe Biden because everything he touches turns to CRAP!
    Don’t agrtee? Well lets take a look at the thing that he DID Control....The Afghan withdrawal? The Border? Inflation? Crime? Supply Chain issues? Covid? Handing our Free Money to people who are To Damn Lazy To Go To Work! Don’t believe that? Look at ALL the Help Wanted Signs all over the Country!
    The bottom line is this, YOU Progressive Socialist Dummies put the Dumbest, the most Delusional, the most Corrupt, the Lying, Dishonest Man to sit in the Senate for the better part of forty years behind a desk in the Oval Office and now for the lack of anyone else in the Presidency and we're stuck with the result. The Democrats will get their asse’s handed to them in the Mid term Elections, and Joe Biden will then spend two years (if he lasts that long) as the Lamest of Lame Duck Presidents.
    This is the Idiot who gave the United States of America
    Barbed Wire Barricaded Walls around our Capitol Building.
    Who treated our Troops t like Crap, Making them sleep on a Concreat Floor.
    Who made Secret deals done dirt cheap through His Crack-snorting Son with Foreign Countries?
    Who allowed 2 Million Illegal’s into our Country to flood to the country with Corvid and who knows what else? year? And then secretly bused them all over without even a Covid test or vaccine.
    The FBI sent to harass school moms?
    A totally botched pullout with 14,000 people left behind?
    Giving a terror outfit 28 billion dollars of military hardware? The best and brand new?
    Spiraling Food, Fuel and Energy Costs.
    A National debt spiraling like there is no tomorrow?
    Crime everywhere in the Countries Cities out of control
    War looming all over the Planet?
    A President who farts and Craps in his pants around every public function.
    A guy who needs to be told what to say and has to read cards to tell him what to say, and where he is.
    Covid worse than ever after being told twice this year that it was almost behind us? And after telling us last year it was only this way because the last President was Incompetent when HE was the one that gave us the Vaccines in Record time!
    Police walking around in Stores, and Restaurants like the Gestapo arresting people for not carrying a Vaccination card.
    Shutting down Our Oil Pipelines when we were Energy Independent, and had low priced Oil, and Gas. .
    Commies like him want high gas prices,

    Sounds like you lefties are Happy over the fact that your “President” and all Democratic policies are wrecking the country and you can’t even pretend otherwise anymore.
    Your party is spending cash like Drunken Sailors and THAT has fueled RECORD inflation.

    The Out of Control Crime is exploding in cities run by Democrats so I don't care how many of them pay the price for their irresponsible voting .
    It's FOOLISH to try to draw a comparison between America under Trump and this NEW Amerika under Slow Joe Biden, or whoever the hell is running things in Washington.. . You will have a chance to see how many Americans agree with my assessment, in about 11 months, when we Get Rid Of this Cancer that You Progressives have let loose on us. Joe Bidung is a Walking, Talking, Stuttering, Bumbling Incompetent Disaster.