Thursday, August 28, 2014



  1. Several CONSERVATIVE bloggers have been repeating this misinformation (which they probably read on other rightwing blogs and news sites):
    "We do know from every media source that three representatives from the White House will attend Brown's funeral tomorrow. I think that at least one of those representatives went to school with Michael Brown's mother back in high school.
    In contrast, there was not a single representative from the Obama administration at the recent burial of Major General Greene at Arlington National Cemetery."

    The above claim is TOTALLY WRONG. This is what happens in the right wing blog sphere. They read a false claim and it spreads like wildfire.
    The fact is that President Obama's cabinet officer, Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel attended Major General Greene's funeral.

    Will the right wing blogs and news sites retract their abominable lie?

    "Right-wing media outlets criticized the Obama administration over news that three administration officials planned to attend shooting victim Michael Brown's funeral, citing the myth that the White House failed to send representation to the funeral of Maj. Gen. Harold Greene, who was killed in Afghanistan -- In reality, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel attended the two star general's service."

    I loved the part about using poor black Americans as pawns! I hate to sound mean, but this list is nuts.
    "No cover up"....Benghazi. I think I'd rather have a cover up than send the message to all future CIA intel people that we don't have their back. Go figure, huh? Please tell the deads' parents what really happened and why it did; it'd be good for us all to know because, it DOES matter to us.

    Well Frankly Shaw, We Don’t Give A Flying Fig, What YOU Think!....Touche'

  2. Hi Rusty,

    Of course you give a flying fig, honey chunks, because you come to my blog every single day, more than once a day, read it very carefully, then post what I write on conservative blogs.

    Rusty, you sweet little thang! You care very much and everyone know it! Why else would you be so obsessed with what I write.

    Thank you for being such a faithful and close reader.

    And have a nice day.

    See you soon!

  3. I understand what Mr. Atkinson is saying very well, and I agree, BUT I think it would do far more good if we affirmed everything we believe to be good about OUR religion and OUR worldview, instead of damning others.

    If we fail in that regard, we could easily forget who we are -- or who we are SUPPOSED to be -- and then our enemies political, ideological and physical have a much better chance of winning by default.

    If we want to know what Miss Shaw has posted at her blog, all we need to do is go there and read it.

    If you don't like it, WHY would you want to copy and paste it thus giving a point of view you, apparently, detest MORE exposure?

  4. to get back to your post, it's SO WELL SAID. Good one, Rowan Atkinson.
    We're teaching faith OUT of our kids then wondering why Islam is filling in the void? Good luck with that.

    1. So true Z they use Islam the same way aimless kids join gangs

  5. Everybody but that friggen asshole goofer should have known what the the rest of the world knew, that ISIS was becoming a very serious threat,

  6. For whatever reason, while Obama addressed serious issues such as confronting the ISIS militant group in Syria and military conflicts in Ukraine, in his 4 and a half minutes

    Some reporters could barely even pay attention to U.S. President's words in light of... stupid looking Panama Jack suit that he was wearing.

    Oh, by the way Shaw, that Panama Jack Tan Suit, that you couldn’t help yourself blogging abbot so that you could show your dumb-ass readers the fact that (Bush and Reagan also wore one) looks mighty empty on Obama to me..

    1. The contrast from that suit almost made him look like he got a spray on tan

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  8. Suitgate is giving the president a taste of what it's like to live in a woman's world. But what good does that do anyone?
    President Obama Makes Statement In The Briefing Room Of White House
    In Defense of Barack Obama’s Tan Suit
    Obama Says ‘We Don’t Have a Strategy Yet’ for Fighting ISIS, well DUH, why tell the whole world that?

    We all know that Female politicians have been criticized for what they wear since they first began running for office. Hair too long, skirt too short, too much or too little makeup: any and all of it can derail an interview and focus attention on style over substance. It almost doesn’t matter what you say if you don’t look good doing it.
    What else can I say except, that I guess that he gets this stupidity, and BAD taste from his wife.
    Obama looked ridiculous in that Tan Suit, where is Heidi Klum, or Tim Gunn when you need them?

  9. It might be helpful if we stopped referring to islam as religion. It is a cult and it's "holy book" is a blueprint for sadistic conquest of the rest of the world.

    It's clear the world is not ready to deal with this threat. (Nothing personal or to be read into you post) What will it take?

  10. The Stupid unwarranted Blog written and posted by Shaw Kenawe today about Ronald Reagen was despicable, and for a Asinine Idiot like her to be a Cheerleader for that POS in the white house today only makes her look like the FOOL she is.

    I always said that anyone who voted, and who still supports this POS is part of the problem.

    This is the real obama legacy!

  11. Don’t those idiotic progressives ever get tired of writing that STUPID JUNK ABOUT REAGAN AND BUSH?

  12. Don't they ever get tired of bringing their knee pads in defense of the current president? It's really getting tired and old. But what else would we expect from "stuck in the sixties" hippies?

  13. For sure. Had Clinton gotten rid of Saddam Hussein ,he would have been hailed as the Great Liberator