Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Not that we didn't already know

There are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state. The first is the most important.
1) Healthcare - Control healthcare and you control the people
2)Poverty - Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.
3) Debt - Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.
4)Gun Control - Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.
5)Welfare - Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income)
6)Education - Take control of what people read and listen to - take control of what children learn in school.
7) Religion - Remove the belief in God from the Government and schools
8)Class Warfare - Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.
Any of this sound familiar?


  1. More FALSE FACTS, Lisa?

    Man, you are the champion of passing around emails that are NOT true,

  2. Never said he knew him Shaw,but he has quoted him often and uses his tactics

  3. I'd hate to be a kid today. Or a libtard.

  4. Lisa, my comment documents the fact that your post is FALSE, and A LIE. Saul Alinsky NEVER WROTE what you've copied and pasted. But that seems not to matter to people whose only contribution to any sort of information is the feeble and puerile "libtard." Wow! I know 6 year olds who can give better than that. But then again, the person who uses that epithet on a regular basis does call himself "kid," so he obviously know what his mental acuity is.

  5. Shaw those are still Obama's policies and so are these Alinsky guidelines he follows:

    Change is brought about through relentless agitation and “trouble making” of a kind that radically disrupts society as it is.

    There can be no conversation between the organizer and his opponents. The latter must be depicted as being evil.

    The organizer can never focus on just a single issue. He must move inexhaustibly from one issue to the next.

    Taunt one’s opponents to the point that they label you a “dangerous enemy” of “the establishment.”

    1. The more a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those who speak it. - G Orwell.

  6. Who cares WHAT they're called or WHO said it; it's what's happening today. Great Red Herring to scream HE NEVER SAID THAT...he didn't. But the truth is this list is exactly right for this awful administration... I dare anybody to find one incorrect. Eager to hear :-)

  7. As Z said, it does not matter WHO said all that. Every bit of it is TRUE.

    If Alinsky was NOT the author, it was not wise to attribute it to him for obvious reasons, namely that the LEFT will POUNCE on ANYTHING to DISCREDIT the TRUTH if there is even so much as one ATOM of inaccuracy in an otherwise truthful statement.

    Defaming and discrediting the TRUTH is what the Left LIVES for, so let's try not to give them any petty inaccuracies to throw back in our faces, please.

  8. Shaw the FCFB is a one trick pony....discredit or cry racist if anything negative is said about Barry.

  9. .....and finally today Obama announced his strategy......he will change from an interlocking grip to an overlap and move the ball back in his stance.....hey,it cant hurt.....

  10. Free, in a sense, no, it does matter, and yet it does.

    Falsely attributing material to a particular source renders one, and their message suspect.

    Continuing the charade after it has been shown to be false, is worse than bad journalism, it's lying.

    As a writer, you, more than most, should know and appreciate that.

    This type of work in a university or scholarly would get you removed for plagiarism.

    As to Z's question of accuracy, couldn't the left ask the same of the right in regards to the "rules of fascism" that are found on dome web sites?

    Demonizing is always easier than working together to find mutually beneficial solutions isn't it?


  11. Dave, I'm sure that in your sick, slanted , blind, eyes this is all Bush's fault. But be it as it may , the fault lies in the bloody hands of Obama and Hillary. Two peas in a rotten pod.

  12. There I edited it for you Shaw and Dave so now instead of focusing on the origin, , we can see what the real meaning of the post was about which you conveniently ignored.

  13. Z I agreee with you that the origin was irrelevant because that's all they can focus on .
    All meant to weaken the US and our enemies are quite aware of it as well

  14. No. 1 (Mr. Obama does NOT "control" health care. The insurance companies who provide coverage do. The A.C.A. simply mandated that all Americans get coverage, which Americans purchase from insurance companies, with subsidies from the government for those who can't afford the premiums. Subsidies are American as apple pie, just ask the oil companies and farmers.

    No. 2. Poor people are easier to control and will not fight back? The 10 CONSISTENTLY poorest states are all run by Conservatives governors or legislatures., So your fake Saul Alinsky "rules" are being implemented by conservative governors and legislatures. Explain that.

    3. Obama cut taxes for the middle class and the deficit has fallen during his administration.

    4. Obama has NOT passed one law or even proposed one that threatens the 2nd Amendment. No. 4 is pure b.s. It is interesting to note that both President Reagan and Gov. Romney came out against owning particular automatic weapons, though.

    As for the people here who say "who cares who said it or if it's true," we'll remember your personal values about accuracy in quoting or attributing lies to you or your politicians.

    You folks here see nothing wrong with dishonesty. Those are your values.

  15. Obama cut taxes temporarily for the middle class which averaged 20.00 a week for some,.
    His policies also created more unemployment especially for the black community who IMO the dems take for granted . Not to mention the burden of high energy prices that is adding to the struggles of the middle class.
    Subsidies for the oil companies are not to line their pockets but for exploration. And why do you think it's ok for the the government to take .49 per gallon fuel tax on every gallon , and increased costs of tolls that the middle class need to get to their jobs,those that have jobs.
    So if Obamacare is so wonderful why does he keep delaying it until after the elections?
    Debt has increased under Obama to 61k per household. How does that help the "Middle class"?
    This is the longest struggling economy ever. Maybe he thinks WWIII will help just like FDR .

  16. The gap between rich and poor has grown under this president ,remember how the left attacked Mr. Bush for that?

  17. No. 6, Education? The great state of Texas, a very red state:

    Texas Conservatives Win Curriculum Change
    Published: March 12, 2010

    AUSTIN, Tex. — After three days of turbulent meetings, the Texas Board of Education on Friday approved a social studies curriculum that will put a conservative stamp on history and economics textbooks, stressing the superiority of American capitalism, questioning the Founding Fathers’ commitment to a purely secular government and presenting Republican political philosophies in a more positive light."

    No. 7 is pure b.s. as well. Mr. Obama has NEVER proposed removing religion from government. It was the SCOTUS that ruled forcing children to recite prayers in school is against the Constitution.

    No. 8) Class warfare? Keeping the minimum wage so low that a family cannot subsist on it IS class warfare, and the GOP is the political party that is against raising the minimum wage.

  18. Lisa, this thread is now devolving into an "Obama did; Obama didn't" argument. We can both find arguments to prove our points.

    What you cannot prove is that Mr Obama is conspiring to take away 2nd Amendment rights, to remove religion from the U.S., And yet you and your friends here maintain that the president is following Saul Alinsky's rules for radicals?

    Please show us with evidence how President Obama is removing religion from the U.S. and proposing ending gun rights.

    Of course you can't because none of that is true. So why should any reasonable person believe the rest of the fake rules for radicals. I've answered the challenge that Z put up.

    Can she provide any evidence to show that President Obama is conspiring to eradicate religion from the US and take away 2nd Amendment rights?

  19. Obama doesn't have to do it outright Shaw,he has hi base with their undying devotion to him,doing it for him.
    he is doing it,indirectly.
    How can you believe that he truly isn't of this mindset especially with his background and the people who influenced him.

  20. You're giving into paranoia. You have no evidence that the president is engaging in any of those fake rules, but somebody's doing it for him? Where's the evidence? Show us how Obama is "doing it indirectly."

    All you've given us is unsubstantiated claims backed up by a fake list of rules that Alinsky never wrote.

    Why would anyone believe your claims? There are no facts to back them up?

    How can I believe that "he truly isn't of this mindset?"

    Because his ACTIONS speak louder than your fake rules. He has not implement any of those claims. Not ONE, except in your and your friends' paranoid minds.

    That's how.

  21. Shaw I find it very odd that you aren't aware of Obama's influences in his life

  22. it isn't the republicans claiming all these "phony" wars on people
    That is the paranoia him and his followers are creating

  23. The ACA MANDATES what insurance companies will cover. Ergo, Obama - via the ACA and his continual executive orders changing things - controls the health insurance.

  24. thank you Glen I was trying to word that.
    Obamcare is not accepted in many places either. If you say have Cigna through your job or privately,a doctor who takes that may not take Cigna if you get it through he exchanges.So like other countries with this system who cares if it is lousy,it's free.
    Eventually we will be paying for it as some already are with higher premiums and higher deductibles an denied services. Another way Obama is looking out for the middle class,.

  25. Shaw, Lisa herself is in favor of amending the Constitution to eliminate freedom of religion for certain faiths, regardless if the impact it will have on Christians around the globe. She's said so in other blog comments here. As you've correctly noted, Pres Obama has never proposed any sort or religious curtailment or moved to confiscate any guns.

    We are seeing young people saying in large numbers that gun ownership should be curtailed. To the extent that young people tend to vote more Dem than GOP, perhaps one day people will say Dems limited the right to unlimited ownership of guns.

    I don't expect Z to return to the conversation. She's made it clear that she does not want to converse with people who do not mostly agree with her.

  26. Glenn, I think you may have a point, the ACA does regulate the Health Insurance industry... forcing it to provide access to all Americans.

    I for one am very happy with my plan as are a majority of the people working in the offices where we are. Of course while we are all non profit folks, we are certainly not all libs. Many are dyed in the wool libertarians and/or conservatives, grateful to have access to health insurance after many years of affordability or rejections for pre existing conditions...

  27. Dave,

    Young people are coming out against guns because they are too stupid to analyze the propaganda from the left, and they consistently vote Democrat for all the "freebies." More ignorance, because the "freebies" are paid for by taxpayers with higher taxes.

    Nowhere in the Constitution does it permit the government to meddle in businesses - they have no business telling insurance companies what they must cover. NONE. Even for pre-existing conditions, why should the government tell private insurance companies to cover them? That's like forcing car insurance companies to pay for a car already wrecked, or home-owners insurance to cover a house that is already damaged. Insurance was developed as a way to "insure" against unexpected loss, not to pay for loss which already occurred. I think liberals tend to forget that.

    And now that MY insurance company must cover procedures they didn't previously cover prior to 2010, my personal premiums have doubled since then. Before long I will have to decide whether I can afford health insurance!

  28. same here Glenn our company raised our premiums and they told us it was because of the increased taxes an penalties due tot the ACA.

  29. Glenn... I don't have a problem with your viewpoint on government in business perse. Where i struggle is when people slam President Obama for "meddling" in business, but have not been as vociferous in their criticism of the same practices by other presidents and admins.

    Lisa's comments here are a good example... she is critical of Pres Obama because the ACA is bad, yet it is okay for the government to subsidize oil companies.

    It is this double standard that many hold that confuses me, and leads me to ask why, after years of subsidies, are conservatives suddenly against this practice? Both, in spite of Lisa's denials, line the pockets of business, so what is it?

    Conservatives, unlike the more libertarians among us, have in the past favored this type of approach, so there is no idealogical purity they can claim.

    Maybe Lisa can enlighten us.

    While I disagree with you, I do respect your consistency on many issues. At least I know where I stand.

    I still don;t agree with your bent to call people names when you disagree with them. I don't believe it is proper in polite company. Just sayin...

  30. Lisa, you said subsidies to oil companies were not to line their pockets... as they are a for profit business, isn't making tons of money for themselves and their shareholders their mission, goal and fiduciary responsibility?

    Why should the gov't subsidize that? Why should the gov't subsidize the big agricultural companies? What objective standard do you use to determine what is a good, and what is a bad subsidy?

  31. Dave,
    I'm consistent no matter who runs the gov't. If they subsidize anything, the are wrong. If a business can't stand on its own feet, it isn't the government's problem or responsibility. Well, it is the gov't responsibility if THEY caused the problem with onerous taxes, absurd administrative procedures, etc.

    And I never call people names just because they disagree with me. I reserve name calling for behaviors and/or parroting a party line instead of using their own brain.

  32. Exactly Glenn, consistency... and yet if a lib brings that up on conservative blogs like this, he is pilloried... maybe Lisa can explain why that is.

    I doubt it though. If I've learned anything here, it is when the questions become too tough, the comments denigrate to name calling and deflection.

    1. Maybe you can " learn" more at the Progressive Queen 's blog!

    2. Well, I don't know about the name-calling yet, other than some juvenile "libtard" stuff; I've only recently started following this blog since she posts over at Joe's site. Thought I'd take a look-see.

    3. Glenn, Libtard is a clinical term. One that many professionals would agree with. Liberal + mentally arrested (retarded) development. Many professionals do agree liberalism is a mental disease.


  33. I've been labeled a racist since Odumbo was elected, from the moment that I first criticized him so I don't give a damn what you libs or you progressive crew of nitwits think..


  34. God Bless President Obama and God Bless Obamacare. President Obama is the only President in the history of this Great Nation who has felt in his heart, the need of affordable healthcare for the Common American, who can be taken as the middle and lower class American. Please, Hear me out, Now is the time for these Common Americans to show their Respect and Support to the President of the United States in return for this heartfelt thoughtfulness and protest against this lawsuit being filed on the President of this Great Country.

    The Opposition rather than wasting their sources, resources and energy in destruction and criticism of this great program initiated by this President, they should feel ?What can we do to make it better and better and better in the future?? They should demonstrate humble consideration to the Common American who are unable to afford reliable healthcare. Today, there is a greater need for affordable Healthcare than ever before.

    So once again, I cry on behalf of each and every Common American individually that the Affordable Healthcare Program is very much needed for healthy Citizens of this Great Nation. Indeed, No nation can progress and prosper or have a secured future without healthy citizens. God Bless Obamacare

    1. "The Progressive Queen" is either Rusty Shackelford or Radical Redneck who are my best readers. They copy and paste everything I write into conservative blogs, like this one. Thank you for a great service! Hugs!

      "The Progressive Queen" is R.S.'s or R.R.'s sweet little way of dealing with what I write on my blog. My opinions disturb these darling little munchkins to distraction and force them to read me every day. Isn't that precious?

      They are adorable little tykes. If I could, I'd give them belly tickles, just like I give to my favorite little chihuahuas. "The Progressive Queen" is a cute little tail-wagging pup wanting attention and approval from his big grown-up friends here.

      Please, someone, pat him on the head and tell him he's a clever and cute little pet. He needs some love.

    2. Nice try twit. I haven't been to your virulently mind numbing diseased organ you call a blog in years. But keep up your amateurish attempt at a doppelgänger for me and maybe your gaggle of tapeworms you call readers will cheer on your area code sized ass.

      Anyhoo, here's your Worst Lady out in the Victory Garden...

    3. LMAO , great job there Ole Boy, I loved it .

  35. Lady, you don't like being labeled a racist or other names, so you do the same in response? How does that lead to civil conversation?

    Georgie... as if on cue, you perfectly illustrate my point.

    Glenn, it certainly is juvenile, but that is what goes on here and other places like this... if you don;t agree with what someone is saying, or the questions are too difficult, call people names...

  36. Kid,

    Don't be silly. I know "libtard" is a juvenile word. I know what it means, and psycho-babblers had nothing to do with the term.

    1. Glen, Show me a progressive that acts over the age of a 3 year old brat, and I'll entertain your objection.

      But you're welcome to your opinion.

  37. Dave I never called you or any other commentor names? The problem with subsidizing health care is it raised premiums and higher deductibles for people who are are already struggling . It's always the middle class who gets hit in the-pocketbook even though the democrats are always patting themselves on the back about how they care about us.

  38. Lisa, Honestly, if people in 2014 don't see that big government programs are life sucking failures, what can be said or done to help them? Nothing imo.

  39. Kid,

    Progressives - i.e. liberals - do indeed behave as spoiled brats. Always wanting entitlements, are "offended" constantly, etc. But that doesn't justify juvenile name calling. Grow up.

    1. Glen, It's time to call a spade a spade. Maybe you think you have the higher ground by pretending 3 year olds (as you now admit) are capable of honest debate. They are not. Call them what they are. Maybe fewer of them will aspire to achieve the level of libtard 3 year old when they "grow up". Do you have another Honest label for them? I'll certainly consider using that. I will Not treat them as being capable of honest debate or that their opinions belong in an adult conversation.

      If you disagree then we're done eh? No sense going to their level on this.

  40. Come on you guys ,you are on the same side

    1. My last comment there defines my position with nothing left to add. I'm adamant about it though. It's time to stop the pussy footing. It adds Nothing. I tried it for 20 years. No more.

  41. No Lisa... there is only one side, our side... as Americans! The fact that some people believe in a different way to move our country ahead, should not, at least in my opinion, brand them as unAmerican.

    There is no one perfect way to solve our problems. It is going to take a little of this, a little of that, some stuff no one has ever thought of, and a lot of grace and patience.

    Name calling, denigrating and writing screeds that serve no purpose other than to make oneself feel good, serve no purpose. Nor does an attitude that says only one side has all the answers.

    Regarding health care, you still did not answer subsidies are good for some, but bad for others. Is the concept bad, as Glenn alleges, or simply when it impacts health care?

    1. Oh bullshit Dave, you are the first one to Name-Call.

      I read that Rag once in a while full of the Progressive
      Scum where YOU hang out .

  42. It's bad when it impacts others negatively


  43. Maybe the newest news and that a second American has been beheaded will force President Obama to recognize that he has to stop playing Golf and stop going to “Fund-raises” and that he has no more compelling priority today than stopping the Islamic State and its blood-shedding of Americans!

    In its latest barbarity, ISIS aimed to project American weakness to the world. Just before he beheaded Steven Sotloff, the ISIS executioner explained the butchery this way:

    WE are back, Obama, and they are back because of your arrogant foreign policy towards the Islamic State, because of your insistence on continuing your bombings. . . So just as your missiles continue to strike our people, our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people.

    He’s half right. Obama’s policy has contributed to this tragedy, but not because we’ve been too strong, It’s because YOU have been so weak!.

    It’s because of the fact that YOU have NOT taken any action except to show these Sons of Bitches that YOU have been the worst of both worlds: too weak to eliminate ISIS but stupid enough to not do anything . After all President Obama is was YOU who declared, “We don’t have a strategy yet.”

    Wherever ISIS goes, it leaves a trail of human cruelty whose way is marked by the blood of men, women and children who don’t share its twisted brand of Islam. The beheadings of Americans and proudly posted on the Internet — are especially distressing because they are meant to underscore the impotence of the world’s mightiest power to stop them.

    It’s too much to expect the Obama administration to admit ISIS is in good part a function of his choices, and do a swift 180 degree turn and wipe these bastards off the face of the earth?
    Or that this is what comes from treating terrorism as a law-enforcement issue.

    It’s too much to expect the Obama administration to now call these TERRORISTS “TERRORISTS”
    Instead of using US power to bring home to our enemies that we will exact a high price for molesting Americans, we have the Obama law-enforcement model: Wait until the crime happens, and then hope you can bring the guilty party to federal court.

    All around the world, Obama and the United States are mocked.
    YOU bombed 2 empty buildings and a truck. and they cut of the heads of TWO AMERICANS! Because obama has no intention of hurting his Muslim brothers.
    As a result, the world is a far more dangerous place for innocents, whether they be passengers on a Malaysian civilian jet, schoolgirls in Nigeria, Christians and Yazidis in Iraq, a Marine in a Mexican prison, three Americans in North Korean prisons or now two American newsmen who have been beheaded.

    The president’s only real option is to step up attacks on ISIS in Iraq, launch new attacks on ISIS targets in Syria and make clear to the world that he will get the jihadists who murdered these American citizens.

    And not by arrest and trial: The world needs to see the BETTER justice then our Ambassador Stevens and our Navy SEALs received....

  44. Let's all help out the Wicked Old Witch of the Left and blame Ronnie and Nancy because Oblabber is WEAK and would rather be out playing Golf than running the country..

    Happy now?

  45. Trashmouth, what real world ideas do you have for stopping ISIS, a group that is currently in multiple countries? Should we bomb everywhere? How can we avoid troops on the ground, which a majority of Americans do not support?

    Unless and until those clamorning for action are specific in their advice, their calls and taunts demanding action cannot be taken seriously.

    1. With this ass of a president, we will never know

    2. And who said that the majorly of Americans don't support ?

      Maybe you wimp Libs don't. , but thank God we are not all like you.

  46. Kid, when you resort to such childish name-calling, you lower yourself to their level. And you just give them more ammunition for them to show how "ignorant" conservatives are. Right here in this string you see the evidence, and yet you let THEM have the high ground!

    1. Glen, One last time. I'm not changing. It makes no difference what so ever that you treat a libtard with respect or not. They won't return it to you and they won't learn a single ounce of anything you try to impart. When you've been doing this as long as I have maybe you will come to realize it.

      What's more they deserve no respect.

      So, now I enjoy getting under the skin of libtards who are actively destroying my country., Do what you want. Don't tell me what to do. Dig?

      Or are you one of those republicans that wants to control other people? Hint those folks are not conservatives. Libtards will never have the high ground. They know they have no class or morals or anything else and They Don't Care.
      The only thing they care about is themself. They prove it constantly.

      I hope I'm clear here.

  47. Georgie, polls, even from conservatives, consistently show that Americans do not support troops on the ground in Iraq again, and few military thinkers believe you can eliminate the ISIS threat without those ground troops.

    So I ask again, what realistic solutions do you propose?

  48. And to answer your next question.... Yes

  49. Kid,

    I'm not TELLING you what to do, I'm ADVISING you to grow up. I've been dealing with this type of political crap for and fighting against liberal ideology for almost 45 years; I'm not new to the game, lad.

    Yes, you're very clear. You want to remain an immature dolt.

    1. Oh Glenn... I've responded to you 4 or 5 times now and somehow managed to Not try to insult you. You? 4 insults in 5 comments tossed my way.

      So, tell me, who needs to grow up?

      I think we're done here. In fact, I'm sure we are ! :)

  50. Kid,

    Insulted you because I called you immature? Perhaps you need to look in the mirror and assess your behavior. You are the one who bragged about how long you've been dealing with liberals, and my point was that you are still a rookie -- as you demonstrate continuously.

  51. Glenn I wished the issue wasn't so much focused on the term libtard. As kid explained he uses it as a clinical term,you know like when the left calls conservatives baggers,racists,ect
    I think if you could have let that go by you and kid could have had some good back and forth on issues instead of that. I mean the things Ducky has called you directly was very uncalled for.
    I do appreciate your insight so please stop by any time

  52. Grow up your self you asswipe, take you advice Crap over to Shaw's place thats where the DICTATORS hang out!

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. Lisa, please don't defend childishness.

    It is NOT a "clinical term," it is a stupid attempt at being funny by calling liberals retarded. I was making a point originally that it is those sorts of things which lead the liberals to make the attacks on conservatives as a whole, and it would be best if we behaved as adults and addressed the arguments rather than juvenile name-calling. Just because the LEFTists call names, that doesn't mean we have to. Calling someone a name based on their behavior is one thing - but name-calling just because you don't like their ideology is just lowering yourself to their standards.

  55. Trashmouth,

    Thanks for that highly intellectual comment.

  56. Any time Glenn, just ring my bell when you need some more help..
    On another note:
    President Obama is trying to blame Bush but he won the war and Obama then handed over to ISIS.
    He thinks people will fall for his blaming Bush BS for what is obviously his failure, but that line has been getting thinner and thinner and now, it’s nothing more than a cheap lie and a lame excuse for Obama’s failures..
    And by the way, President Bush warned that if we pulled out of Iraq too soon, it would be dangerous for Iraq, the region and the United States; it would mean surrendering the future of Iraq to al Qaeda. It would mean we are risking mass killings on a grand scale. It would allow the terrorists to replace the safe haven they lost in Afghanistan. It would mean we’d have to return at a later date to confront an enemy who is even more dangerous
    I’m glad to hear this, It's high time that Bush to call a spade a spade...a very dull spade.

  57. President Barack Obama vowed to "degrade and destroy" the Islamist militant group behind the beheading of a second American journalist. "We will not be intimidated," Obama told reporters during a visit to Estonia on Wednesday. "Those who make the mistake of harming Americans will learn that we will not forget and that our reach is long and that justice will be served.

    Thinking back to the some of the other challenges in our history, I can't remember any of our Presidents talking about 'shrinking to a manageable level' when rallying the nation against any evil force, be it Nazi Germany or USSR or the Japanese empire, Al Qaeda etc... I also don't remember them being reliant on the dedication of the international community.

    It really seemed more like a calculated political speech meant to help with optics more than it did any sort of rallying speech to inform the citizens of a clear plan of action.
    Of course, I'm a designated 'Obama hater' so I'm sure my opinion on such matters is moot.

    Bottom line” Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig!

  58. Even the liberal media is blasting Obama for not having a strategy on ISIS. It’s kind of late, but better late than never

    Could be that the people are just sick and tired of seeing this president on the Golf Course? The pictures of too many golf games seems be starting to catch up with the American people and even his loyal supporters are starting to puke at the sight. .Lets face it, after all he was elected to run the country...he needs to stay home and contend to the business of running it and not playing games with our lives.

    1. Ben, all part of the strategy. Twofold: They're starting to hammer on obama a little, now that it means nothing, so they can say they claim they did their job and (2), they'll start playing up the hildebeast as "the solution" to the obama "problem".

      Watch how many buy into it. sigh.

  59. Folks, there is a war going on, not between one country and another, but between Good and Evil.

    This man is proof of that there is EVIL people that want to harm and destroy us. And let us not forget that we have seen this before. Yes, unfortunately we have seen these atrocities before. We saw this when Adolf Hitler rose to power, we saw this on September the 11th 2001, and we are seeing it again right now. But unfortunately, our Dear Leader Mr. Obama is not able to handle these monsters, either he don’t have the know how, or he is to much of a coward to rise up to the situation and do what has to be done, What MUST BE DONE, before it’s too late. The destruction of ISIS is imperative, and Obama has to lead to way or get out of the way! Obama's foreign policy. It's pretty clear, it’s like he said himself, "We DON'T have ANY strategy yet"! Where the heck did he come up with that? Since when do we tell anything like that to our enemy?
    We don’t have the time for On the Job training.
    Obama thinks that he must defeat America's enemies....not ISIS but the Republican Party! The Domestic Terrorists! God Help Us.

  60. Kid it is amazing how easy it is to sell Americans a bill of goods.
    Obama was put up as a candidate to be a figurehead and to manipulate Americans,IMO.
    Clearly he is not a leader and obviously unqualified. He looks so lost when he is with other world leaders.

    1. Lisa, it is more than a bullet point of course but they mis-educated and uneducated the last few generations and made many so dependent so as to not be able to care what is going on, that they actually believed in this incredible imbecile obama with all his fairy tales and that he'd make everything all better. It didn't help that the republicans have no strategy for winning an election either and still don't.

    2. PS, Yes, laughing stock to anyone with a brain long before he got elected the first time, then Mind Boggling that he was elected a second time. And against a decent candidate - Romney.

      This proved to So many people that this country is broken with no potential fix in sight, that they simply went dark (bloggers and commenter's) and went about their lives.
      I agree with them. No way is any of this getting fixed in my lifetime but I just can't shut up.
      In the end, this is our system. Enough people voted for this that it happened. I believe voter fraud in swing states (all 4-5 of them) but still. This crap is essentially voted in. A former house majority that should probably be in a home. etc ad nausium.....
      So, this is what they get under our rules for government.

      But I'm going to be a thorn in their side as hard and as long as I can. I consider them all enemies of the country and they get nothing from me.

  61. And the spin goes on!
    Are you sick and damn tired of being lied to by our President and his bunch of crooked cronies yet? My guess is no!! ... because frankly I have rub completely out of any patience that i may have had left with our lying, covering ups,, bunch of liberals who are running this country (into the ground).! A interview was aired last night which should convince the nieve bunch of American citizens, who still believe in the “Tooth Fairy”, “Unicorns” and “Gentle Teen-age Giants” once and for all that their government, and it’s leader is not telling the truth about what happened in Benghazi. Libya two years ago. that has been obvious to many of us for the past two years. And most importantly what should be done about it. This is not a storu that should nor is going to go away! People died and Obama lied about Benghazi. We are into a cover-up of a cover-up of a cover-up and the left continues to whine about the unfairness of wanting to get to the bottom of the murders of an Ambassador, two Navy Seals and a embassy worker. The world is upside down in the liberal mind. We CAN NOT take murder and the inability of our military to protect our people to lightly, and this administration does, and I am offended by it. Just as I am offended by our President telling the world that “"WE don't yet have a “STRATEGY"!
    Is this our newest method of intelligence? Is this our newest foreign policy? Telling our enemy that we still don’t have any plans as to handle the barbarians, savages who are be-heading our Citizens?
    And is this the way our lefties support the dopes who are doing this idiotic thing? You always can tell when the radical left, knows that they are wrong and that they are in deep doo-doo. They lose their cool and start changing the subject to something ,anything stupid like what Ronald Reagan did 25 years ago, or how many vacations George Bush took, or Paula Dean, Climate Control, and the one I like most is George Bush Political Cartoons !
    It’s been 2 years since Hillary Klinton, and Susan Rise, and Obama and the rest of their goons finally admitted it was "terrorists" that killed 4 Americans in Benghazi, Libya on 9-11-12, we would think that they would've arrested them or killed them by now.
    What's holding them back? Why haven’t these terrorists been arrested and “brought to Justice “? Like Obama told us they would? Did Hillary include that chapter in her “Hot” selling book? Or was that to much of a "Hard Choice"
    No wonder why the left want the Benghazi Scandal buried. But i don’t!
    But Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is still sticking with old school liberal thinking? If you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it's the truth!

    1. I think that I’ll remain silent on that one Dude. But I have to say that I do agree with you on every count. Of course, I'm a registered “Obama hater” so I'm sure my opinion on such matters doesn’t matter much to these lefties!

  62. Glenn, what goes around, comes around! Don't you think? I do.

  63. Isn’t it Pathetic how these liberals who run the Pravda Media Complex of the obama regime have the time to attack the media.
    And yet their “boy” Obama still has NO strategy!

  64. Patriot whatever Obama wants they will make it look like the right choice.
    Like for instance they are all on board with Obama holding off on immigration because the "Politics" have changed. Seriously moon bats?
    Of course they won't report all that much on it because they have to protect their "interest"