Thursday, September 11, 2014

So True

Anyone who disagrees with Mr Sowell is a racist


  1. It's all they have. That can't win with that can they Lisa?

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    1. I love it when you talk like that ;-) heh.


  3. So President Obama vowed to “destroy” Islamic State in Iraq and Syria terrorists in a prime-time address Wednesday that sought to restore eroding public confidence in his leadership and ability to safeguard national security.

    Ah yes, a liberal WAR Monger! I can remember the good old days, not so long ago when a Republican was president and your Messiah could shoot his mouth off about Iraq, and call then President Bush all those dirty, nasty names anytime he wanted?

    Yeah, those were the "good old days."

    Now, the shoe is on the other foot. NOW, a Democratic Liberal, Progressive is president and what do you know? Terrorists DON'T love us any more because a black man, who happens to be a Muslim, Kenyan, or whatever he is these days is president.

    But now, Obama finally has the problem sitting right there in HIS lap, and guess what? He don't even have a “Strategy”. But just wait a day or two, and he’ll have one. His “Czar’s” will whip one up faster than you could say Jay Z, or Beyonce

    Yes, Siree he talks tough. He draws Red Lines like he already did in Syria and then did . . . . NOTHING.
    So, now he's talking tough again.
    Wait and see.

    Just count on those brainwashed, HYPOCRITE LIBERALS Not to call Obama a war criminal, and claim he's violating the Geneva Convention (that was always a funny one) or he violating the Constitution (and when has Obama cared about the Constitution?)

    But cheer up libs. You can always keep on blaming Bush! As always!

    Oh wait, did I mention that “HIS” military killed Osama bin Laden, and then he told us that al Qaeda was “on the run” and with it the ideology of radical Islam."

    Except it wasn't HIS military. It was GW's. He even had a hard time pulling the trigger. And did I mention that just a few months later, 15-20 of those same guys, riding together on a helicopter were coincidentally shot down.

  4. Islam is a sick, radical, extreme, barbaric, so called religious organization of a bunch of savages. These SAVAGES must be destroyed as fast as possible. No matter how, no matter where, before they do their dirty work here on American soil. Obama says that he doesn’t yet have a strategy, but I don’t agree. Obama's strategy is to destroy our way of life and frighten the hell out of our citizens, by pretending to be incoherent about the ISIS issue.
    While innocent Americans and other people are being killed throughout the world, the Muslims in those third world nations are dancing in the streets! I say we have to give them something to stop that dancing, like a freaken Bomb in their caves.
    Why, is it only up to America to take responsibility for the destruction of these terrorists? ISIS? When every country in the Middle East have the capability to protect themselves. They know how to launch Missals at the Israeli’s, why don’t they launch a few at these terrorists? Why? Because they agree with them, that’s why! They have been fighting with each other since the beginning of time, so they have to have some kind of weaponry to protect themselves. I believe this whole crazy issue is the staging of world war III. I also believe that the United States should step up and wipe out ISIS once and for all. They were responsible for the beheadings of Americans a way of taunting America into sending more Americans to their deaths, while protecting people who really hate us, which is just wrong, our soldiers are suppose to protect and fight for America. I believe that these people must be taught that messing with Americans means retaliation anywhere on this earth. The threat is already here in America by domestic terrorism, so our troops need to protect our borders and air space, America has sacrificed enough and for what? Obama has set free the very terrorist that were responsible for the deaths of American troops who died for nothing.
    George Bush got crucified for somehow not seeing 9/11 coming, yet Obama was told about ISIS a year ago, and he just gets a pass.
    With a President like Obama and his pussy followers here., America doesn't need foreign enemies.

  5. Sowell, smarter than 99.99% of the rest of us, defies the stereotype of black people as being unengaged, racist sheep who buy into the leftist agenda of the Democratic Party.

    He makes right-wing racists uncomfortable, as well as those left-wing ones who when faced with such people call for them to be lynched.

  6. It is painfully evident that, with ALL the problems, screw-up, lies, Cover-ups, scandals in the Obama camp ...that the PROGRESSIVE Witch still hangs on to blogging about Sarah Palin!
    Aren't they!

    1. Shaw Kenawe is not a Senator. Nor a representative. Or a state or local politician. Nor for that matter is she a media figure of any national prominence.

      Comments like the one above by "Not In My Name" surely might boost Shaw Kenawe's ego some, because "Not" is acting as if Shaw is a figure of some major national prominence.

      Why else would you be commenting about her, the "Not" account and other accounts, if you didn't feel she was such an important figure that what she does deserves comment a lot more than what our political and media elite do?

    2. Maybe to she what an idiot and hypocrite she is

    3. EXCELLENT reply, D. Marks! Miss Shaw may be a political ideologue -- misguided by "our" lights, -- but she is an intelligent, sensitive, many-faceted person who is much more than she generally reveals herself to be at her blog. I happen to know that for a fact. She and I are as far apart as East and West when it comes to politics, but we have been able to maintain an affable offline friendship even so.

      I will say this, however: Several of her "regulars" at PE come across as thoroughly detestable. Her unswerving loyalty to that aggressively obnoxious element does tend to weaken the bonds of our friendship. Nevertheless, I refuse to give up believing friendly relations between political or philosophical adversaries are not only possible -- but NECESSARY -- for the survival of Civilization.

  7. Conservatism, as practiced by men and women of the stature achieved by the late, great President Ronald Reagan, Dr. Sowell, Dr. Carson, Condoleezza Rice, Dr. Ron Paul, Governor Scott Walker, Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Nikki Haley, et al. is really just a matter putting good old-fashioned COMMON SENSE and COMMON DECENCY into practice. Conservatism is REALISTIC, eminently PRACTICAL and serves best the interests -- not any particular minority or groups of minorities -- but of GREATEST PROPORTION of the WHOLE.

    Conservatism UNIFIES.

    Progressivism DIVIDES.

    1. Great comment thanks FT. None of the above mentioned conservatives speak with passion abd common sense,not anger like we hear from lefties like Wasserman Shutz,Harry Reid and the man himself ,Obama

  8. Consevatism Rules
    Progressivsm Sucks

  9. I blame the Liberals, they started all this with their "Hey, we'll pay you lots of money if you have children out of wedlock and have no father around to provide guidance to your children and you must live under our control." Just look back at the music Blacks made in the 60's and 70's, it was some of the best music made!! Then as the "Fatherless" children began to grow up Gangsta Rap started coming out and beautiful Motown music basically went away. It's not a coincidence, that these kids grow up to be "Thugs". And now we see it happening with these "Thugs" in Football players. These people were nothing but "Thugs" to begin with, and now the Chickens are coming home to roost....

  10. Agreed Will, LBJ's chickens have sure come home to roost,good one

  11. .

    "Anyone who disagrees with Mr Sowell is a racist "

    This coming from Who's Your Daddy? Gotta say, "_Love_ Who's Your Daddy's sophistry. The humor is just sooooo droll.

    "Conservatism 101

    “Education is not merely neglected in many of our schools today, but is replaced to a great extent by ideological indoctrination” Thomas Sowell"

    On what planet does Thomas Sowell live, that his schools neglect education? In USA, schools, teachers, parents, and staffs work diligently to assure the highest standards of quality schooling and education are maintained.

    Ema Nymton

    1. In the USA, Ema, the thugs of the teachers unions encourage that all teachers are grossly overpaid, bad teachers aren't fired, and drunk teachers and rapists are kept in the classroom, while the union thugs encourage low standards and schools in which we spend more and more money and get worse results.

  12. Ema is was a metaphor. Mr Sowell is correct being a scholar himself he knows that the teaching in schools today have become politically left.

    case in point and this

    and let's not forget this