Friday, September 12, 2014

Watch your back Bill

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  1. I've always detested bill Maher, but he sure has it right on THIS subject.

    Hurrah for Maher -- and a Great big Raspberry to wimpy, Charlie Rose. BOY! You could sure tell whose side CHARLIE was on, couldn't you?

    Normally Charlie Boy wouldn't say Boo to a Goose, but when it comes to defending ISLAM, Man oh Man he sure got VOCIFEROUS, didn't he?

    Actually, he was defending the pervasive "liberal" notion that it is ALWAYS wrong to "GENERALIZE" about any identifiable group.

    Like most "liberal" ideas it SOUNDS fair, decent, kind and good on the surface, but in REALITY it STINKS to HIGH HEAVEN.

  2. Phil's got some points, valid points. Islam is much more akin to a death cult than a religious philosophy.

  3. FT I always detested him too which makes this all the more enjoyable to hear. As far as Charlie Rose goes he is such boring ,monotone Obama defender. Because that is basically what he is doing with his silly pro-"Islamic" rhetoric

  4. Maher gets it right sometimes. but it doesn't make up for his rant that handicapped people aren't human, and deserved to be treated like animals.

  5. Once again, you have those ignorant right wingers riling up the country and screaming about how weak Obama is to "keep us safe" from guys without ships or planes or missiles because they will come here and Behead us Americans? Really?

    Jesus Christ, are we falling for this idiocy again?

    Remember when we called us the "attack dogs" for Middle Eastern Monarchies? Are we really gonna do that again? Really?

    I say, we walk away from this idiocy and don’t allow a bunch of right-wing war mongers get us involved in another war!!! And if these “Muslims” over there do something we don't like, target their LEADERS. But beyond that, leave it to the nearly 1.5 million troops that are already there. Why is this so complicated?
    How many “Muslims” did it take to pull off 911? It also didn't help that most of the planning was done while our moron commander in chief was reading "My Pet Goat". So why is it always the US and Great Britain who respond?....let the Muslims take care of their own trash.....they all claim they don’t like these guys....so then let them send in troops....Between Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey, their combined military is over 520,000. Pakistan alone has a military of over 550,000.
    That's just over a million troops from just four Middle Eastern Countries.
    Go ahead and add in the ridiculous, worthless Iranian military and the worthless, incompetent GOP trained Iraqi military, who will never be any damn good and that's another 350,000.
    And how many does ISIS have? 5,000? 10,000? 20,000?

  6. We have listened to the advice from Pussies like you before and where has it gotten us? We have elected pussies like Barack Hussain Obama and where has that gotten us?
    We have destroyed two Islamic states since 9/11 - the only thing changed is the Muslim terrorists of ISIS are better funded and armed than before, except they are still cutting off the heads of Americans. We invaded Iraq in 2003, and then Afghanistan and the only thing that has happened is that we lost 10's of thousands of Americans .
    What is going on in the Middle East is the Arabic version of the Thirty Years War between Protestants and Catholics that laid waste to Central Europe in the 17th century.

    This conflict will continue until two more generations of Sunni and Shiite Muslims males are dead in about 2030.

    The upside for America is that our attempt at nation building in Iraq has provided both sides in the Muslim civil war with enough weapons to destroy the current generation of troublesome Muslim youths.

    Yes, we should be very concerned with Muslim terrorism in America and Europe and this should be the focus of our war effort. Here’s the deal, if we are going to go to war, and i am not saying that we shouldn’t, in fact I think that we SHOULD! But we must do it the correct way this time. What is the reason, and the good of having the capability of destroying the enemy, if we don't use that capability?
    Right now the United States has a total inventory of 4,650 nuclear weapons, including nearly 2,000 actively deployed warheads. What is the reason to have the capability of completely destroying the enemy, and sitting back only to see the enemy kill and maim our troops? If we are going to go to war again, then we have to fight to win, we can not tie the hands of our troops again.

  7. Here’s the way that I see it, if the Muslims have an image problem, it is from their own making. Islam has always ran by the theory If you would not convert willingly, you were killed. That is the tolerance of Islam, the so called Realign of peace. That is the respect that Islam has for other religions. They have been killing Europeans, and other Arabs for more than 1200 years. If Islam offers the infidel peace, it is only the peace of the grave.
    Be-headings, rape gangs, kidnaping of little girls and women for sex slaves and other atrocities is the cause for non Muslims is not peaceful by any means. Decent people will not be intimidated into silence and inaction. This is HATE not Peace or Love.
    To any other faith, Islam offers only an existential threat. It is not a tolerant religion, if you want toleration you must pay the Jizya. A bribe to live as a second class citizen, but you may not build or repair your houses of worship, and you may not recruit new members. When the Muslims grow restless, they will rape your women, and they will burn and desecrate your churches. That is how you will live until Islam finally decides to end you.
    Islam is a cult created by a madman pedophile and subscribed by evil minded people.
    Make no mistake, Europe fears Islam. It has lived under the Caliphate, and suffered greatly in their bondage. They are motivated partly by fear and partly by political correctness. That attitude lead to the Holocaust, and it would appear that they are headed there again. Even in Malmo, once famous for harboring the Jews from the Nazis, has turned hostile to them. I submit that it is far easier to side with the rabid evil of Islam than to stand for right. But while easier, it is also the coward’s way.

  8. Israel is worthy of protection and preservation. It is the lone voice of reason in the Middle East. It makes no distinctions between it’s citizens, and yet it is threatened on all borders. Watch MEMRI TV and immerse yourself in the narrow minded hatred of Islam. Learn what institutionalized hatred is all about, and maybe you will understand Israel’s predicament. But the threat to Israel is even greater than you know.

    The war between Britain and the IRA caused psychological casualties in Belfast. Injuries that are being inflicted on Israel today. How long can a child be afraid and not succumb to psychological injury? How long can an adult? The bombardment of Israel is far more costly than merely the price in blood. Yet every time that she moves to defend herself, Europe and lately the United States, comes down on her. The Palestinians brought this down on themselves.

    They are truly a vile people. They teach their children to hate, they betray their friends, and they deceive. No wonder the left loves them so, they are so alike. I guess that is why so many on the left wear a Keffiyeh.

    Muzlim anti-semitic, anti-Christian, America haters can take full advantage of our freedoms, the refusal to use common sense “profiling,” our pathetic visa laws, the lack of enforcement of visa laws, and a total denial among the liberal masses of the threat of jeehad and Muzlim terror.

    SEPTEMBER 11TH commemorates the greatest act of mass murder in the country at the hands of THE MUSLIMS.
    That is, unless you are the leader of the Free World.

    And Mr. Obama, as Commander-in-Chief, your actions — or lack thereof cost lives. As you bumble about in your golf cart, slapping on a happy face and fist-pounding your buddies, your cowardly lack of leadership has left a gaping hole — not only in America’s security — but the security of the entire globe. Your message has come across loud and clear, sir: You are not up to this job. You know it. We know it. The world knows it.

    America has always been exceptional. And she will be again. You, Mr. President, are a bump in our road.”
    So please, do us all a big favor and vacate the people’s house and allow a REAL man or woman of courage and substance to seize the reigns of this out-of-control thug-fest and regain the balance we, America, have provided throughout our great history.
    “Fool me once…..Fool me twice!!”
    For all those that put Obambi in the White House, and you “Progressives” know exactly who the hell you are, thanks for nothing..

    And on another thought, while I have center stage,
    WTF is wrong with black people? Looting local businesses & destroying property? REALLY?
    BLACKS kill other black’s, white’s, Hispanic’s, Asian’s, Cops, EVERYDAY in this country. Babies, grandmothers, parents, teens…. all in random acts of violence EVERY DAMN DAY.. Where is the damn outrage over that?
    When BLACKS kill, NO, there’s never an outrage over that, no looting of local businesses over that. No policing your own over that. But one white gets trigger happy (supposedly) and the whole damn neighborhood gets torched. Hell, the shooter doesn’t even have to actually be white as long as he LOOKS white.

    You want the Cops to ease up on your communities? Start acting like you care, and stop acting like Animals and Savage’s…
    And Obama is complaining about the way the police are treating these Blacks? Give me a friggen break!
    The full speech.
    “I um I uh am, uh sorry to umm uh hear about this uh tragedy. Moochelle and I were uh umm flying to uh, um, the Vineyard, to shoots me a round of Golf when we uh, um heard about this. I have err, um instructed uh my um errr Attorney General to conduct a um full investigation. In the meantime, feel free to take as many flat screens and hair extensions that you can carry. I um, uh thank you… And uhh, remember, No justice, No peace!

    God bless you all my CONSERVATIVE Patriotic Friends.

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  10. The Idiot in Chief is up to his Big Ears in hot water, lies, coward like actions,, IRS scandals, Cover-Up’s, Benghazi, ( you name it) and the Progressive Imbecile is still blogging about. a civilian named Sarah Palin !!!

    Obama deserves all the blame, not Bush, not Nixon and certainly NOT Sarah Palin.
    Mocking Sarah Palin and her family and the GOP, is NOT going to take the heat of Barack Hussein Obama and the Moocher! No way, No how! In other words, "What difference does it make?"
    So Get Over It You Old Ass -Hole, and Stop your stupid belly aching, no-one care what you say or write, except the three other IDIOTS who kiss your ass with praise about anything you say and write..