Friday, October 2, 2015

Chicago Worse than a War Zone

Chicago's bloody weekend spilled into the workweek, as 14 people were shot in the city over a 15-hour period from late Monday night to early Tuesday morning.
At least six people died. They included a pregnant woman and her mother, who were struck by a "barrage of bullets" in the Back of the Yards neighborhood, NBC Chicago reports. The woman's 11-month-old child was also injured in the shooting, although he is expected to recover.

We could help stop it but why would you want to if you
Are a cop today,risking possible prosecution,jail time or
Losing your job?

But who cares since we can't see it or politicize it?


  1. These are tragedies but most inner city killings fall under the NHI category: No Humans Involved

  2. At least that must be what liberals believe

  3. ALL the emphasis in the enemedia has been on the OREGON Massacre, and NOTHING has been said about the endless unfolding Horror Show that is Inner City Chicago.

    Does anyone have any serious suggestions as to why news coverage is so lop-sided and disproportionate?

    Maybe we could borrow a bit from Golda Meir and put it this way:

    Peace and Prosperity will come to the Inner Cities of America when the Liberal Establishment begins to LOVE the People it Pretends to Champion more than it HATES the U.S.Constitution and Those Who Wish to be Governed by our Founding Principles.

  4. Got that right FT. Liberals are the champions of all those their policies hurt

  5. Got that right FT. Liberals are the champions of all those their policies hurt

  6. Deleting the truth once again Lisa. Rightwing fright is so damn laughable.

  7. The parrot showed up to squawk........Lester want a cracker......

    1. Hmmm...I think it's a chicken showing up to cluck... "BWAAACK BWAAACK! BWAAACK BWAAACK!"


  8. The left doesn't want to talk about gun violence in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit or LA........cities with very strong gun laws. They really never want to mention the gun violence in these cities are minorities on minorities. They are very sad on these issues..

  9. He preached upon 'Breadth' till it argued him narrow ––
    The Broad are too broad to define
    And of 'Truth' until it proclaimed him a Liar ––
    The Truth never flaunted a Sign ––

    Simplicity fled from his counterfeit presence
    As Gold the Pyrites would shun ––
    What confusion would cover the innocent Jesus
    To meet so enabled a Man!

    ~ Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

  10. First he and his media lapdogs gin up hatred against cops, and cops are targeted for murder. Seems they've moved on to Christians.