Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Need a smile?

This is what those RACIST LIBTARDS who hang onto their looser marxist/progressive mindset cannot fathom about WE THE PEOPLE ...

But the free Americans understand -



  1. Okay, I didn't cry until they pulled out the bagpipes!
    That made my day, Lisa! Thank you!

  2. wasn't that part great? Thanks for checking in Divine

  3. "looser marxist/progressive mindset"

    Would a TIGHTER marxist/progressive mindset be more palatable?

  4. no marxist/progressive mindset is palatable

  5. It made me cry too. It reminded me of Ben Vereen at Ronald Reagan's inaguration. He got on stage , he put on the burnt cork, and did a blackface routine. Those black people there should be ashamed of themselves. In Georgia one of the homes of the Confederacy those people were skinin' and grinnin'. Those people have as much honor as Xavier Hollander. They are not trying to be your friend, they only want your money. Black people don't walk around in black neighborhoods with either a Confederate flag or a Gadsen flag. It represent violence and hate. Any person that prays for their own demise is a fool. Seriously you need to get out more and talk to black people that you're not paying to be your friend. Black Tea Baggers are in it for the money, that's it. bWould you want to be in a foxhole with someone that would sell their own people out? If someone is putting you up above their own family they're just a prostitute.

  6. @ Lisa

    One more thing, grow up. Libtard is offensive to people who are mentally challenged. Retard is about as politically correct as the N-word.

  7. Kid go spew your anger elsewhere. Your one-sided view of the world is exactly why you still have your one sided view of the world.

  8. oh and another thing it is also offensive to call people racist for disagreeing with the president's policies.
    And the term you use so often Rethuglicans and Republikans is also offensive to people also because you are speaking about half or more of the country who vote republican.
    The real klans people are the democrats who have done what for you,other than kissing your ass for your loyalty?
    The difference is I see people first and all your libtard buddies see color first. They made that quite obvious the last 2 years by diminishing the term of "racism".
    I think it's you who are the racist.

  9. Lisa said! "oh and another thing it is also offensive to call people racist for disagreeing with the president's policies."

    Amen to that Lisa, these CREEPS think that we have to believe in any and everything the Socialist-In-Chief says.
    Well I have news for them all... WE DON"T and if you want to call me a racist because I don't and because I hope that his policies FAIL, be my guest.
    I've been called worse by people with a lot more brain than this Moron has.

  10. Got that right Mal.They are wearing thin. More people than they would care to admit are seeing them for the fools they really are. We have bigger worries than to listen to their idiotic accusations.
    Star Bucks just came out saying how this Health Care bill is going to hurt them and so did some restaurant owners. I guess just like the rest of the socialist countries we will only see rich people in restaurants paying 5.00 per cup of coffee,thats for the ones who can afford to remain open. All I see is more and more people out of work.
    Good job losers!

  11. Kid I found something for you enjoy you little weasel:


  12. Libtard is offensive to people who are mentally challenged

    Wow. What a First Class self-beclownment!
    Hint: by saying what you just said, with offense shown, you've proven your weapons grade tard cred! LOLOLOLOLOL!

  13. I'll put it in simpler language - you couldn't scream "I'm a Retard" any louder even with your "I'm a Retard" megaphone and wearing your pink crash helmet and kneepads to school!

  14. Kid is the biggest twat on the internet-

    He deletes comments right and left, when he knows his argument has no merit.

    It's funny, how the internet has enabled even the intellectually challenged to deluge the rest of us with their poorly-organized thoughts.