Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Same Reason People Will Come Out Again In 2012

If this is March Madness wait until November Madness 2012


  1. That was the height of BS'ness.
    To hear /see that again I'd have to wear my Hip Boots!

  2. Sorry the Koch Brothers and the Republican Party has ran out of bull. Policemen, Firemen, Teachers, and Auto Workers have woken up. The rich is out to destroy the middle class. Scsreaming Mosque at Ground Zero don't work anymore. Screaming Gay, Black, Mexican, Illegal Immigrant dont work anymore.

    The Republican Party is dead !

  3. Who left the door to the Asylum opened?

  4. Actually Kid the Republican Party as never been more alive thanks to the democrats pretending to be for the middle class when their assault is on many of them making them responsible to replenish the public trough that all the gavones are eating out.