Thursday, March 24, 2011

Racist Republican Achievements

Nasa was created by Republicans.
the Clean Water Act was created by Republicans.
-Republicans freed the slaves.
-Republicans defeated the Soviets in the Cold War.
-Republicans ended Vietnam, which was started by Democrats.
-The Republicans in Congress went on to pass the nation’s first ever Civil Rights Act and I have a source to back it up.…
-Republicans passed the Constitutional Amendment that allowed Blacks to vote.
-Republicans passed the Constitutional Amendment that allowed women to vote.
-Republicans created the Tuskegee Institute
-Republicans repealed FDR's orders that Japanese Americans could be held, without habeas corpus, in internment camps


  1. And lets not forget that it was Ronald Reagan who stood up to the Russians and said:" "Tear Down This Wall"

  2. Then Ronald Reagan supported South Africa and let Nelson Mandela rot in prison.

    Beck sent out a dogwhistle and had five policemen shot, four dide.

    Oreilly had Dr. Tiller murdered.

    Kasich selling Ohio properties that make money to his friends for pennies and increases the deficit. Scott Walker does the same.

    People bring loaded machine guns and racist poster to President Obama Heath Care rallies in Arizona where a Congresswoman is shot.

  3. Lisa, you fail to understand that the Republicans who were abolisionists were LIBERAL Republicans of their day. I would have been a Lincoln Republican. You also apparently don't know that Lincoln's Secy. of State, Wm. Seward, and Lincoln's Secy. of Treas. were afraid Mr. Lincoln wasn't LIBERAL enough on abolition.

    As you bend over backwards so far that you're kissing your heels, tell us why the South stopped voting as a solid bloc for the Democratic Party AFTER a Democratic president, Lyndon Johnson, signed the Civil Rights and the Voting Rights Acts?

    And why did the great REPUBLICAN, Ronald Reagan say that the Civil Rights Acts was "an insult to the South?"

    What you fail to understand is that the Republicans who promoted civil rights--or ANY rights for minorities--were LIBERAL Republicans.

    Why we have our very own LIBERAL Republican senator right here in Massachusetts, Scott Brown. He's left the Tea Party, and understands that if he hopes to be re-elected in 2012, he can't be associated with the conservatives in his party.

    In any event, thank you for being proud of those LIBERAL achievements of the old-time Republican Party.

    Name one civil right that the present GOP is for.

    How about gay marriage? The GOP is NOT in favor of it.

    How about DADT? The GOP has proposed repealing it!

  4. We actually need more Democrats like Reagan. After all, he

    1. Raised taxes 11 times.

    2. Put thousands of banksters in jail after the Savings and Loan scandal.

    3. Gave amnesty to 3 million hard working people here illegally.

    4. Liberalized abortion laws while governor of CA.

    5. Dreamed of a world free of nuclear weapons.

  5. What a Schmuck you are! In case you don't know what that means Jerry Critter ... It's a Jewish word and it means prick!

  6. too bad the democrat party has morphed into left-wing socialists.
    Obama is against gay marriage. Or is that before he was for it?
    Shaw you may think Gay marriage is a civil right but technically it isn't.
    Bush also put African Americans into the highest positions than the democrats ever did. Even Obama doesn't put any in high positions.
    And don't use Obama as an example because he was the clear choice of the MSM who yes does influence elections.
    McCain was more qulified but he lacked the charisma. Too bad it's not about the qualifications anymore but the appeal.

  7. What's the matter mal? Can't dispute what I say so you call me names? How "grade school" of you.

  8. Jerry,

    "tha malcontent" never refutes the facts we place in front of him, because he can't.

    What he CAN do is call people names!

    He's really good at factless ranting and raving.

    And Lisa is his biggest cheerleader.

    Notice how neither she nor he have responded with contrary evidence to what I commented.

    "tha malcontent" did, however, call you a schmuck!

    What brilliance! (Next up? He'll call me a name, too.) LOL!

  9. "Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain."
    - Friedrich von Schiller (1759-1805)

  10. Talk about brilliance!,,,,,,,,Any one that would write a comment as this Idiot did just because Lisa and I wrote something nice about Our Great President Ronald Reagan is nothing but a Schmuck, like it or not, make no difference to me.

  11. Lisa, it seems like your blog has attracted a bunch of pathetic losers and a Black Idiotic Racist.. I guess they were right when they say that "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder"

  12. Ralphie, you never disappoint us.

  13. Ralphie. I love it. It is even a grade school name.

  14. Shaw Kenawe said...

    Ralphie, you never disappoint us..

    I try!

  15. well Mal we know their M-O. They are out to right all the wrongs of the world now that the greatest president ever to occupy the White House
    the stars are all aligned in the sky in their fantasy world meanwhile Rome is burning and they are all singing Kumbya because the world is such a better place thanks to them and their Chosen Savior sent from the heaven up above as he walks on water and is adored by all like a King to be adorned with lavish goods and parties galore like the royalty they think he is.

  16. Aww isn't that cute. Lisa's friend Radical Redneck put a link to a racist picture of Hitler.

  17. Make your "boy" look bad?

    We've GOT to do something about the 13th Amendment. Weakens the nation.

  18. @Radical Redneck

    One thing that I got to say to you Radical, unlike the rest of the liars down here you're showing your true colors. Lisa and the rest of her friends that post here LOVES you. You say exactly what they're thinking about but don't want to get caught saying. Yes you Lisa, tha Malcontent and the rest want me dead. The only people Lisa is fooling with her "racism lite" routine is herself.

  19. RR I love ya and I know you just did that to provoke but just the same I had to let it go.

  20. You know what Kid you should really get out more,I am worried about you,those voices in your head are starting to make me think you should be taking clozapine.

  21. Lisa said...
    You know what Kid you should really trailer park.

    Yeah Kid, the chains were take off your legs a long time ago. In case you missed it, Blacks have all the rights that whites have these days, and perhaps a bit more. But thanks for sharing, you thoughts, they are very enlightening and brilliantly put . But I've learned to ignore ignorance from people like you a long time ago.
    But then again, you are black, and Liberal. so how can you be a racist?

  22. Yeah Kid we also have a half black president,who up until he became the nominee wasn't "black enough" for you.

  23. Kid the Democrats should have had Hillary as the nominee because then they could have had the first woman president and the first black president all rolled into one:

  24. Hey Kid is this what you mean about looting for survival?

  25. By the way, Lisa, did you know Obama has the distinct privilege of being the first President to wage 3 wars at the same time. I'm sure that honor will make the Obama lovers very proud.
    And perhaps nominate him for another Nobel Peace Prize. I think he deserves another one as much as he deserved the first one.

  26. Obama's war--is really a Soros Doctrine/Hillary Clinton war. Obama couldn't lead his way out of an open White House door. Oh that's right--he can't break in to one. When will these moonbat "Critters", who feel so academically superior learn the truth. They are, and always have been on the wrong side of history; no matter how many times they rewrite it.

  27. Scott asks: "When will these moonbat "Critters", who feel so academically superior learn the truth. They are, and always have been on the wrong side of history; no matter how many times they rewrite it."

    Just like you can't teach an old dog new tricks, and you can't teach the liberals from making up their version of History or about race or about war and peace. That my friend is the meaning of liberalism. Liberals have always had their idiotic idiotic philosophy.
    The Nutcases that believe in the Obama administration are a prime example.

  28. that's right Mal you can't teach an old Liberal New Tricks,lol!!!!!

  29. So...where have all these republicans gone?

    These accomplishments that you list were all the result of RINO republicans....

    Nixon couldn't get out of the primaries nowadays, neither could Reagan, Lincoln would have switched parties by now, but George Wallace would have felt right at home nowadays in what you claim is the Republican party....

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