Monday, December 26, 2011

Great Chrismas Card

I would like to share a card that my cousin who owns an advertising agency made this year. He makes cards every year using his 2 dogs,his wife and 2 daughters,but this was my all time favorite:

A brief overview of the card:
His 2 dogs on the front of the card saying "News Flash" a movement titled "Occupy Law Street" sweeping the Space Coast has taken an ugly turn focusing on loathed advertising tycoon MM.(my cousin)
Open the card and inside he has his 2 daughters and wife holding protest signs angrily as he walks past them in his his top hat and cane looking down his nose at them.His one daughter KM,whipped up into such a frenzy she forgot what she was protesting, yells" I want that MM's' head on a platter. I want his money,cars and other cool stuff served on a gold platter"His other daughter states" I am the 99% but I can be bought" ,who thought it was 99% off sale.Then he has his wife saying " "Those Wall St fat cats thought they could hide from me",a woman who would stop at nothing to trap herself a rich man,"now let me pick one to take home"
Then at the end he has them getting hauled away in a police van and he ends it with "Let them occupy jail for a while. Perhaps they will find sympathy there as they get passed around like a fresh pack of menthols"
Isn't that hysterical?