Thursday, January 5, 2012

I post, You Decide

Enjoy If You Can

Pretty much sums it up

h/t to Jenn


  1. Incredible isn't it?. they still love em tho.

  2. I scratch my head every time Kid,lol1!!

  3. Man, the left was SO insistent that BUsh was wrong in not admitting mistakes, remember, Lisa?.........oh, for the days of feeling safe with a president who didn't A. Make so many mistakes B. Didn't feel he and his staff had to constantly admit them.!!

    Great video.......but PTUI!! xx

  4. Tebow: 316 yards passing: John 3:16?

    Tebow: 10 Completions: 10 Commandments?

    Bill Maher and KKKayinsane hardest hit!

    Tebow is even a bigger white Bronco than OJ's truck!

  5. Good one Radical Redneck

    And btw, Michelle Obama does have a big ass, & there is nothing wrong with saying that if it's the truth, so why should that congressman apologize?
    The sky is blue should I apologize for that?
    People are taking the comedians seriously and it's the politicians who are the joke.