Thursday, June 28, 2012

Healthcare-More For Less?

Regardless of the spin there are facts to consider. Higher taxes does not translate into better quality health care. More and more illegals coming into the country means more poor people getting free health care . Bad economy means more people unemployed.
Typical liberal answer throw more money at it even though we are going broke.
The IRS will be up in your business even more now. How refreshing.
They will be enforcing health care? So what that actually means is that the only people who will be required to pay are those who file income tax. Who are those people? Not the rich,not the poor but once again the struggling middle class who will bear the brunt of rationed care and higher costs. But hey less care for the  85% is better than no care for the 15% right?
I demand that congress,the senate ,the supreme court justices ,the president and his family endure the same rationed care that will be imposed on the rest of.
There is no denying it folks, it "is" going to happen.
Also if this is so important why did the president wait until 2014 to implement the bill?
I already know the answer why,I would like to know what everyone thinks the reason is.


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  2. This lying sack of shit of a President promised no new taxes ? And according to John Roberts and the rest of the Supreme Court this IS a Tax? You Lib's can have fun with Obamascare,. Me? I'm voting for Mitt Romney, and if Obama and his administration hasn't established a dictatorship by then and. elections no longer required, he will be done!

  3. Obama got what he wanted, more taxes. I guess his statement that healthcare will not be paid with a tax increase is another Obama lie.
    Regardless if he wins or loses, by the time the healthcaredisaster goes into effect he will either be on the golf course in as president or on the golf course as former president so it won't affect his re-election chance. I can't see where he would worry about that because the leftists give him a pass on everything he does and refuse to admit he was is totally incompetent and unqualified.

    Wonder how they will fit his head on Mt Rushmore, guess leave the ego behind.

    If you want to see what makes Obama tick go to

  4. Well theres some good news tonight!

    Late Breaking News!

    House Votes to Hold Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in Contempt of Congress .

    Lets hope that we see them do something more than what they did to Charlie Rangel

  5. As for a new tax, it is only a tax if you choose to not have health insurance... we simply cannot keep paying for people, both legal and illegal, who demand medical care when they cannot pay for it and have no insurance.

    It is not a required tax and it amounts to a fraction of the payroll tax cut that the GOP wanted to repeal but Obama supported...

  6. yeah Dave it all starts out so innocent doesn't it? Call it a tax, or call it increased costs. I already spoke to 3 business owners and they tell me they will be laying of workers because as it stands they have no idea what this will cost them particularly because the government can pretty much charge whatever "tax" they want.
    I can bet there is well more than 50 million people uninsured. When you add that many people to the roles it's the middle class, as long as they still have jobs, will see increased costs over time and less access to care,way more than they pay now and the care will definitely be rationed. It may seem all rosey now but this is unsustainable that over time those people who think they will now be getting "free" health care are in for a big surprise.
    States are already cutting budgets,what makes you think that they are now going to give all the residents access to quality health care for lower costs?
    Remember it was health care that gave the republicans the house in 2010.
    As more and more people learn about this, besides increased costs, there will be more people out of work and how are you supposed to eat health care?
    Oh wait they can just go get food stamps.
    I just have to agree with the old saying by Mrs Thatcher that eventually you run our of other people's money and her country's health care system sure proves that doesn't it?

  7. I did something that I had never done before in my life, I donated $25.00 ( that was just about all I am able to afford) to Mitt Romney’s campaign. Today alone donations to Mitt Romney’s campaign have exceeded over 3 million. How much did Zipo raise today?
    And by the way, didn’t the President lie once again this time to his OWN party and to Independents and Republicans and Libertarians when he said the Mandate wasn't a tax. Obama lies, again!
    The economy is going to plummet as will the Stock Market, and jobless rates will skyrocket.. The American people overwhelming oppose Obamacare. And now more than ever before it is time for the American people to wise up and take our government back from this socialist with a Muslim name who hates his own country!
    Lets hope that Mitt Romney is wise enough to see this as a gift, and use it to energize our base!
    It is up to us folks to keep this alive in the next four months before the election.
    You know damn well that the Democrats will do everything in their power to dredge up all kinds of scandals, and other issues to deflect our attention, it doesn’t even matter if they are true or not,--they may even come up with another Congressman Weiner if that's what it takes to refocus the media and they can't find something juicy enough on Romney. I don't trust them as far as I cant throw them.

  8. Ivan, I am glad that you gave money to the first governor to pass a statewide health plan that has a mandate and is wildly popular in Mass. It has made sure almost everyone has insurance and has controlled costs. Romney was right and Mass is evidence of that.

    BTW, the Supreme Court said that this is not a tax, but functions like a tax. Beyond that actual wording, I fail to see how Obama lied about that issue when Congress wrote the law, and he just signed it.

  9. Dave I feel very sorry for you because as always you and your cronies are always missing the point, as well as the big picture.
    You can call me whatever you want to but the facts are in front of all to see. The founders of this nation never intended the Federal government to be able to place such mandates against the U.S. citizenry! .Obama and his comrades lied!!!!! The Supreme Court just interpreted this as a tax! Obama, Pelosi and Reid certainly did not advertise that. So much for only raising taxes on those "millionaires" - the middle class just got dealt the biggest tax increase in history and the Democrats are actually celebrating. this? Just how stupid do you think we are or better yet, how stupid are you!
    Call it whatever you want to, but in reality it’s just another tax for the taxpayers. Do you think that the lazy BUM’S on welfare, and the cheats who don’t even pay any income tax’s will to pay anything. I guess that the more lazy and worthless you are, the more freebies Obama gives you!
    So don't tell me or anyone else about Bush any more!
    All I can say to you Progressives who can't find your ass with both hands is Heaven help us because there will be no end to Obama's grab for power now!
    It's sickening.....We are now living under a dictatorship regardless of how anyone wants to paint it.
    Every one who loves freedom needs to try and talk some sense into every one of you brainwashed Liberals and dump this unAmerican traitor in November.

    1. the democrats think with their hearts and other people's money. The republicans think with their heads and want to see us all prosper which is done with a strong economy not another entitlement we can't afford.

  10. Dave,

    This is another tax on the people who can least afford it. Much like the Obama cigarette tax, it affects the lower and middle class more than anyone else. The rich take care if themselves, the poor are taken care of and the middle class takes care of both. While Obama panders to the royalty of America (Hollywood crowd) because after all he is a rock star, he continues to act against the middle class and small business.

    1. exactly skudrunner. Socialists never did care for a middle class. It's just talk to make people believe yet another lie. They don't like the middle class because they hae a voice,something they don't like.

  11. Sorry Dave but I have to disagree with your puny little attempt to rationalize your love for Obama and the entire Socialist system is laughable, just like the rest of you Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, Communists, Marxist. etc, they are one and the same.
    Progressivism the New Communism.

  12. I think that we can all agree that Progressives/Liberals have every right to espouse their propaganda that's what America is all about. The problem is when they implement their philosophy into policy, because that results in us losing our rights.

    I fear for our country..

  13. The potential decline in the quality of health care in America is staggering. If this s bill doesn't frighten everyone then there is something wrong with the way you have read it. Or perhaps you haven't read it!

  14. This bill is not about health care at all because if it was then why did Obama let a bunch of lobbyists ,you know the people he said he would get rid of. Just like this wasn't a tax and you can keep your own doctors.
    Lies all of it. Joe Wilson was right it turns out.

  15. My post today = "ObamaCare Realities." Possibly of interest to you.