Sunday, July 1, 2012

I Had to Share This


  1. ;-) yea BO is the ringleader of the Limburger gang and the most odiferous. Considering people like pelosi, reid, rangle, boxer, waters, frank, dodd..., hell Most of the dem politicians, - That's really saying something.

  2. Got that right! I knew it had to be something.

  3. The mandate is a tax
    The mandate is a penalty.
    ObamaCare is unconstitutional.
    Take you pick, who cares, it's semantics, the point is Obama and his supporters distort the facts any way they can and any what they sand defeat the opposition. . That has always been their game.
    But have no fear, don't let your hearts be troubled, Romney will be fine. The country has wised up to Obama and his dirty tricks

  4. PHEW!

    You can smell that BO more than a thousand miles away from The District of Columbia.

    I can smell the BS too. It's overpowering.

    Thanks for the humorous post, Lisa.

    ~ FreeThinke