Saturday, May 24, 2014

Check Your White Privilage at the Door

Love this guy's takedown of yet another idiotic liberal statement



  1. It seems as if the Blacks in Chicago have become VERY Unhappy with Obama and the Black Leadership there.
    Now, these are the people from the Black community themselves, so nobody can blame whites for these videos. Nobody can blame conservatives for these videos. Nobody can blame Republicans for these videos. Nobody can even blame the KKK for these videos. Nobody can blame anybody but black liberals for these videos.
    As it seems the blacks in Chicago were literally LIED to by your Progressive, Socialist, Messiah and they're aren't happy about it. They aren't happy with their local, black leaders either. They're angry for having been taken advantage of and lied to and neglected by the very people who claimed to be their champions. So you ignorant ass, why don't you watch the videos before further making yourself look like a total fool.
    Also if one of us “Crackers” used the "N" word, like they did on this video, we'd be called a racist, you can bet your booty on that.


  2. Thanks Patriot. I am posting this video.