Sunday, May 25, 2014

Inner Cities Suffer Under Democrat Leadership


Don't shoot the messenger

H/T Patriot


  1. Good God Yes. It's because they don't give a * about the population, only their own enrichment. And they can do it because democrat voters are morons with a capitol F.

  2. Nice to see people admit their votes are taken for granted

  3. The only people who are more stupid than these progressive imbeciles are the illiterate non working , welfare scum of America! Yes liberals, Progressives do have a mental disorder as do many other Americans obsessed with blacks, slavery, affirmative action, the racist’s defeating perceived discrimination with bigotry, and the welfare of Blacks, who are the laziest, most non productive sector of the worlds population...

    America's only Non-racist presidents were Harry S Truman and George W. Bush. Like Oprah, Obama is an elitist, Samuel L. Jackson talks about uppity black folks, uppity means that you are black and think you are as good as everyone else. Oprah, Obama and JayZ KNOW that they are better than everyone else; they should start a new movement: the Kullered Klux Klan for elitist, separatist and entitled preppies' they should all move to Martha's vineyard.

    Oprah couldn't hold a candle to Condoleezza Rice, and neither could Michelle Obama!, or Hillary Clinton for that matter.

    I Laugh at loud when Obama said that she was the “Greatest Secretary of State". But couldn’t even come up with anything she did as Secretary of State! . Her greatest achievement as Secretary of State was to travel more than any other one in that position!.
    Or maybe it was to achieve the best or the worse Cover-Up to the terrorist attack that got 4 men murdered because she couldn't be bothered providing enough security to protect the consulate in Benghazi.

    1. Truly amazing how the left has tried to destroy any good Black conservative. There is absolutely no benefit to do this for anyone except maybe to keep the democratic party strong with more voters who have become pawns of the government.