Sunday, October 28, 2018

Breath and Reboot

If you elected this man because you thought he was the perfect role model as a husband, you should probably rethink your priorities on what the role of the POTUS is. We hired this man to kick ass for America, not for other countries. He is not the President of the World, he Is the President of the United States of America! So those of you woman and men that are looking for the perfect husband role model.....why don't you fill that role yourself....that is your job!


  1. Poor Lisa, the only tool she can use is a hammer. Just like tRump.

    1. The Blexit begins. Thanks, Kanye!

    2. Hey Dodobyrd! Are you suffering constipation from a goose egg that you can't pass? Dr. Dervish Sanders just returned home from giving Cesar Sayoc a full rectal exam to make sure he didn't stuff bombs up his anal cavity. Perhaps you should go see him to have him yank that hard boiled goose egg out of your tail feathers. When he peeks up your rectum to yank out that hard boiled goose egg, make sure you hold your breath. If you pass wind while getting probed, you might end up splattering that goose egg into Dr. Dervish Sanders' face while he takes a close look up your anal cavity.

    3. Quackobyrd passed a noisy stinker in "Dr. Dervish" Sanders' face when Dervy yanked out the hardboiled rotten goose egg out of Quackobyrd's anal cavity.

    4. Mystere refers to some sexual role-playing between him and his husband. Rikishi was "quackobyrd" and Mystere was "Dr. Dervish Sanders". The rotten hard boiled egg was one he stuck up there awhile ago.

    5. The Blexit begins. Thanks, Kanye!

      Kanye West: "I have nothing to do with Candace Owens's Blexit".

      Kanye West via Twitter: My eyes are now wide open and now realize I've been used to spread messages I don't believe in. I am distancing myself from politics and completely focusing on being creative!!!

    6. Candace Owens, even BETTER! We'll have both a Blexit and a Wexit (Women). :)

    7. If wishes were pegasuses beggars would fly.

      You do admit that the GOP does poorly with Black people in general and Black women even more so... I guess...

      Women who voted for HRC (overall): 54% *
      African American Women who voted for HRC: 94% *
      African Americans who voted for HRC (men and women): 88% **


    8. Perhaps. I bet many of the 46 percent of women and 12 percent of African Americans who voted for tRump in 2016 are regretting their vote... and will be voting BLUE in the midterms.

    9. P________ H_________ E________ W________!

  2. Poor deluded Ducky, him and his ilk still can't grasp the fact a reality TV star who had never run for any office got over 60 million Americans to vote him and beat the best candidate they could muster.

    Personally I grew up in New Jersey and knew many,many people very much like our President. People, both men and women (yea,even those fabled "Jersey Girls") people who didn't take shit off anyone and when attacked struck back ten fold.

    I don't agree with everything Trump says and does but I fully support him. I find Trump a breath of fresh air after eight years of that weak,big eared wuss we suffered with.

    1. Let's hear it for us Jersey Boys, Rusty! I was born and raised there too not very far from you, as I told you once before when I posted as FreeThinke.

      [These leftist goons, –– who by nature always take the dimmest possible view of EVERYTHING ––, wanted to believe I became "Franco" in order to DECEIVE them. };^)> Not so! I don't give a damn WHAT those assholes want to beleve. If you want to know, it happened because I was electronically shut out of my ID as FT. and couldn't get back in, so I was FORCED to create another ID in order to get back to using the internet.]

      Though I was brought up in Jersey, Rusty, I'm also a New Yorker. I was born in Brooklyn, and most of my relatives lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn. A couple of my uncles talked and acted a lot like Donald Trump. Too bad they never became as RICH as Trump, but they did well enough, and were two of the greatest guys you could ever hope to know.

      So, Trump sounds like "home" to me. I could see right away beneath his blustering, quasi-belligerent Tough Guy Act that he is a passionate, incrediby sincere, high-achieving man with a heart of gold.

      You said, "I don't agree with everything Trump says ..." Neither do I, but answer me this: Have you ever encountered ANYONE –– either in or out of public office –– with whom you always HAVE agreed?

      I'm sure you're likely to answer "NO!" so I'll go on to ask, "Why should such an impossuble standard apply to President TRUMP –– or anyone ELSE aspiring to play a leardhip role?

      As Lisa's post says very directly, albeit in different words, Mr. Trumo is an imperfect man who happens to be perfect for the job he now holds.

      ALL men –– and WOMEN too –– are IMPERFECT. God mde us that way, so we'd have something to do beside eat, sleep, have sex, and try to kill each other when displeased .

      All members of our species are imperfect, but most have within them a YEARNING for something BETTER, and a natural CURIOSITY –– i.e. a HUNGER to LEARN more and more in hopes of someday being able to recognize and understand the TRUTH.

    2. P_________H_________E_________W_________!

      Try Smartmouth. It MIGHT help, though I doubt it.

      But it's cerainly certainly worth a try.



  3. Thanks Rusty. They will never get it. Trump didn't bring division to the country . Division brought Trump. They are just can't get over the fact that the country rejected Hillary and Obummer.

    1. You're right, Lisa. "THEY" will never "get it," beause they don't WANT to. They don't want to see or acknowledge any virtue in anything that challenges the self-righteous point of view they'v been persuaded to adopt. They've become heavily INVESTED in perpetrating and perpetuating LIES, DISTORTIONS and highly selected "FACTS" to further their EVIL agenda. Leftists have always used this method, because they fervently believe it will give them an express route to TOTALITARIAN POWER, which is ALL they've EVER wanted –– all high falutin', fake humanistic rhetoric, and hypocritical "concern" for the plight of the poor and downtrodden notwithstanding.

      As one well-known critic said of the Pulitzer-Prize-winning Leftist-Feminist playwright Lillian Hellmann, "Every word she has ever written i lie –– incliding IF, AND, BUT, and THE."

      I could never go quite THAT far, because I've found much of Hellmann's work as a dramatist to be absorbing –– even riveting –– entertainment.

      HOWEVER, on further examination later on in life it's not hard to see the strong current of disapproval, derision, dismissal and condemnation of American culture as it evlved since our founding, but particularly after the Civil War. Virtually all of Hellmann's "leading citizens" are portrayed as venal, shallow, mean-spirited, greedy, ruthless, cold-hearted and contemptuous –– even of EACH OTHER.

      This almost uniformly disparaging point of view is made abundantly clear in The Little Foxes, Another Part of the Forest, and to a sllghtly subtler degree in The Children's Hour, where two wholesmely ambitious, hard-working young teachers who've purchased an elite Country Day School for Girls in a privileged Connecticut community suddenly find themselves pitted against the false accusations of a vicious, horribly spoiled child.

      Hellmann's usual harsh indictment of upper-class and upper-middle-class American life is subtly masked by making a young girl, perhaps ten or eleven years of age the ostensible villain of the piece.

      The community at large, however, prefers to believe the accusing child, which results in destroying the lives of the two young women, whom the child claims to have seen indulging in lesbian sex.

      Therefore, once again the TRUE villain in te piece is NOT the wretched little girl, but the rich, highly privieged, snowy-white, doubtless anti-Semitic, high class COMMUNITY portrayed as smug, intolerant, bigotted and too eager to believe ill of anyone not stemming from their own august circle.

      Helmann was a Jewess, so I suppose her deep resentment toward wealthy WASPS, –– who still comprised America's Ruling Class when Hellmann was rising from the ranls –– came naturally enough to her, but lurking behind all that were her profound MARXIAN sympathies –– the corrosive element that has all but destroyed America, as founded as we see i nthe lamentable condition we find ourselves in today.

    2. By the way. thanks. Lisa, for that GREAT picture of President Trump.

      I'd love to see it emblazoned on a NEW-MINTED version of the SILVER DOLLAR.

    3. He will need to die first. If he agrees to that condition by the end of the year? I say go ahead and put him on a silver dollar.

    4. Wow Dervish! You do know issuing death threats against the President is a felony with the death penalty as punishment, don't you?

    5. Wow Mystere! You do know submitting every comment in bold face is a felony with the death penalty as punishment, don't you?

    6. Did the girlyman Dervish get a visit from the FBI? LOL! LOL! LOL!

    7. Why don't you tell me? This "girlyman Dervish" being a figment of your imagination. I've never spoken with anyone from the FBI or the Secret Service, despite the Radical Racist saying twice that he was "fast tracking" an investigation into death threats (he imagined) I made against the Orange Turd. Similar to how you imagined that pointing out the FACT that the image of a living person cannot be on money (by law) is somehow a "death threat".

    8. P ________H ________ E ________ W________!

  4. The country elected President Obama TWICE. You and I both know Lisa that if President Obama were eligible to run again in 2016 he would have won. America did NOT reject Obama.

    There is zero evidence that Obama brought division to the country. That meme exists only in the minds of tRumpers like yourself.

    Angry white folks (many racist) are who brought tRump to Washington DC. Division is what tRumpers want. Diversity and Inclusiveness is what drives the tRumpers nutso.

    There is NOTHING more hilarious than the hypocrisy of the tRumpanzee minority.

    1. Yes RN, we sadly know that Obama was elected twice,that's pretty obvious. You saying Obama would have been elected in 2016 is some sort of fantasy you've concocted.
      Obama was only elected because America was tired of a Republican party that twice elected a borderline idiot like W and then nominated John McCain,the worst presidential candidate in the history of candidates.
      Yes RN, the country tired of the Bushes and their wussified Republican party.....enter, Donald J. Trump. So if you believe 60+ million Americans are "angry white folks" (many racist) you're a bigger idiot then anyone could imagine.

    2. There is zero evidence that Obama brought division to the country.

      Wow! That's quite a non sequitur...

      Then how do you explain Trump's election? Wouldn't Hillary be President if Obama had sewn "zero division"???

    3. Did Obamacare unite the nation, too?

      The Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare, received no Republican votes in either the Senate or the House of Representatives when it was passed in 2009. In the Senate, the bill was passed with a total of 60 votes, or 58 Democratic Party votes and 2 Independent Party votes. The House passed the legislation with 219 Democratic votes.

      The Affordable Care Act received 39 votes against it in the Senate, all from Republicans. One senator abstained from voting. In the House, the ACA received 212 votes against it, with 34 coming from the Democratic Party and 178 from the Republican Party.

      Doesn't sound very "uniting", does it?

    4. Are you confusing 'zero' with 'infinite' again, RN? I know that you TDS sufferors typically lack numerate abilities...

    5. Support for 2010 health care law reaches new high. Currently, 54% approve of the health care law passed seven years ago by Barack Obama and Congress [a majority].

      BTW, if the American people desperately want to take away health care from all that have obtained it under the ACA - and if they are so disappointed that it's harder to go bankrupt if you have an unexpected health emergency - then why didn't Congress "repeal and replace" as they promised for eight years?

    6. 54% is the high? Thaty should tell you something.

      Perhaps it could be fixed if the Democrats didn't block every attempt at even a minor alteration to their unilateral 2010 edicts from on-high.

    7. 54% is higher than tRump's approval rating has ever gotten, or will ever get. That should tell YOU something. What the 54% figure tells me is that the ACA has MAJORITY support. BTW, perhaps any problems with the ACA could be fixed if the REPUBLICANS didn't block every attempt at even a minor alteration.

    8. So if the majority of Americans are for something, THAT should be the law?

      The NFL players better stop kneeling then before they get locked up.

    9. Instead of firing NFL players, the plan now is to imprison them? Sounds like something a White Nationalist would approve of. Which is what tRump recently admitted he is. Even if he only thought the "white" part. Make those Black football players kneel or go to prison.

      btw, 81% of republicans think Black football players should not kneel, while 85% of black citizens think they should be allowed to kneel. A clear sign the "blexit" will soon result in so many more African Americans voting GOP, huh?

    10. I wouldn't know... but you sure seem to. :)

    11. Nope. There's a new generation of cool Republicans who are leading Democrats off the plantation. THE RNC is getting its' black majority back. :)

    12. Because tRump is offering just what they were looking for in a predisent? A White Nationalist? I know you think Black people are stupid, but they aren't. They vote Democratic because they're smart. They know that when republicans say they are choosing to stay on the "Democrat plantation", republicans are calling them stupid. "Vote for us, we think you're stupid" won't work.

    13. They've got nothing to lose. 54 years of Democrats pandering to them hasn't closed any socio-economic gaps. Why stick with failure? Try something new. Especially since affirmative action is about to get overturned in SCotUS...

    14. The answer is to vote in Democratic majorities and to hold these majorities. The reason that "Democratic pandering" hasn't worked is because as soon as Democrats enact anti-poverty legislation, republicans work like hell to defund and roll back such legislation.

      For example...

      Wikipedia/The Great Society/The War On Poverty: The War on Poverty [began with] the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, which created the OEO to oversee a variety of community-based antipoverty programs. ... The OEO was dismantled by the Nixon and Ford administrations, largely by transferring poverty programs to other government departments. Funding for many of these programs were further cut in President Ronald Reagan's first budget in 1981. [end Wikipedia excerpt].

      Black and poor people have EVERYTHING to lose. A republican vote is a vote for complete failure. The solution is for the country to move to the Left. Only then will Democrats be able to enact needed legislation and KEEP the funding. :(.

    15. Like Brazil just proved, the Left has NOTHING to offer. Socialists can't create wealth, they can only redistribute it. Economic opportunities can ONLY come from the policies of the "greedy" Right.

    16. Economic opportunities = further enrich the already wealthy.

      What Brazil proves is that if you stack the courts you can push "economic opportunities" on people who don't want them. Or people who are ignorant of who the "economic opportunities" actually benefit.

      Plutocracy is all the right has to offer.

    17. The Guardian: Brazil's new president: a global danger. (excerpt from a 10/31/2018 article) Jair Bolsonaro, a 7-term lawmaker and former army captain, represents a clear and present danger not only to his country but to the planet. At home he has defended dictatorship and torture and joked about killing his left-wing opponents. He has a history of denigrating women, gay people and minorities. The president-elect promises to bring order by spreading chaos with a relaxation of gun laws. This will cost lives in a country that already records more than 60k murders a year. [end excerpt].

      What Brazil got is a strongman type leader of the type that tRump respects and wishes he were. No surprise that you approve.

    18. No, Brazil is the Capitalist Authoritarian Right's answer to the Capitalist Authoritarian Left (China). It's still the globalist Neoliberal economic model (NOT Trump Nationalism).

      You seem to think that wealth is a zero sum game. It's not. If the rich get wealthier, so can the poor. You don't get rich by starving (taxing) the golden egg laying goose.

    19. The wealthy are not the "goose that laid the golden egg". They are parasites that steal from the productive class (the workers). For the wealthy parasites, unfortunately, accumulating more money is a zero sum game. It that they refuse to share. If the wealthy parasites were not always trying to capture more than their fair share we wouldn't need redistribution.

      Things COULD work the way you describe. But they don't because of the greed problem.

    20. Trump And Global Far Right Celebrate Brazil Authoritarian's Presidential Win. (article excerpt) Jair Bolsonaro got fawning praise after running a campaign that vowed violence and threatened democratic norms. President Donald Trump and the global far right rushed on Monday to congratulate Jair Bolsonaro, the authoritarian former army captain who won Brazil's presidential election this weekend after promising to "cleanse" the country of his political opponents and give police "carte blanche" to kill people suspected of crimes.

      Trump tweeted that he had a "very good conversation" with Bolsonaro and an "exciting call"... Throughout the Brazilian race, journalists and rights groups repeatedly warned of Bolsonaro's embrace of authoritarianism and advocacy for violence ― including against women, minorities and LGBTQ communities. [end excerpt].

      The Capitalist Authoritarian Right = oppress and demonize minorities and women + screw the poor and the environment to further enrich the already wealthy.

      It's easy to see why trumpers are excited.

    21. Things WOULD work as described, but for the self-righteousness of the ignorant Left.

    22. Wrong again. The disease that causes some to hoard money is rampant among the parasitic rich.

    23. P ________H ________ E ________ W________!

    24. As long as there's plenty of money freely circulating, who cares the some crackpots hoard?

    25. That says a lot about your ethics, Dervish, and they're anything but Kantian.

    26. Positive in the sense that morality isn't synonymous with ethics. Plutus wears no eyeglasses and is NOT an Olympian. Giving Plutus eyeglasses is how a timocracy degenerates into oligarchy.

    27. It would be moral but unethical to steal from the rich to give to the poor. But it would be both moral and ethical to tax the rich to redistribute to the poor. So my position is both moral and ethical.

    28. And who says there's no honor among thieves?

      "What is the robbing of a bank when compared to its' founding?" Bertolt Brecht


    29. Immanuel Kant (1724–1804) argued that the supreme principle of morality is a standard of rationality that he dubbed the “Categorical Imperative” (CI). Kant characterized the CI as an objective, rationally necessary and unconditional principle that we must always follow despite any natural desires or inclinations we may have to the contrary. All specific moral requirements, according to Kant, are justified by this principle, which means that all immoral actions are irrational because they violate the CI.

      What's your underlying CI, Dervy?

    30. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" -Karl Marx, "Critique of the Gotha Program" (1875)?

    31. Who's going to win your moral dialectic, Dervy? Josephine the Singer, or the Mouse Folk? Are you a Socialist? Or a Communist? You're almost certainly NOT an Individualist.

    32. “In and of itself the laughter is always close to us; Despite all the misery of our lives, a quiet laugh is always at home with us.” ― Franz Kafka, "Josephine the Singer, or the Mouse Folk"

  5. Going bananas again, Nursie Poo Poo? We found something on you.

    1. What did you find on him,Ratty?






      Do tell, we're dying to knpw th facts.

  6. Woo-Hoo! The military's coming to join me at the border.

    NONE of this beaner army is getting into MY country. We are going to waste some SERIOUS greaser ass!

  7. “The country elected President Obama TWICE”
    Yes and we got Fucked Twice!

  8. Rusty said;
    “ So if you believe 60+ million Americans are "angry white folks" (many racist) you're a bigger idiot then anyone could imagine.”

    Wrong Rusty, i ALWAY. Thought that RN was a Big Idiot!

    1. And I KNEW you were. And still are.

    2. ^"I know you are but what am I?" - part 7,000,000...^


    4. What? You sat on a hot stove mystere?

    5. RN longs for the Democratic Party days when Fred Phelps was running for Kansas Governor...

    6. And You Minus are a GD liar just like your cult leader tRump.

    7. As per the link of Minus: "In 1996 Phelps opposed Clinton's (and Gore's) re-election because of the administration's support for gay rights; the Westboro congregation picketed a 1997 inaugural ball".

      I think Minus is a closet Phelps supporter. They both are* strongly opposed to sodomy and think being gay should be against the law (*or were, since Phelps is dead).

    8. You know better than to mis-state my position like that, Dervy.

      I agree that sodomy should be universally illegal, but I have no problem with gay marriage, provided, the people in the state voted FOR its' legalization, and it wasn't enacted by judicial fiat.

      btw - All violations of the sodomy law could be protected through spousal privilege. But you'd have to be married.

    9. Phelps was a KKK Democrat. Westboro pseudoBaptist Church is a cult that the Phelps family runs.

    10. The "KKK Democrat" ceased to exist decades ago. As per David Duke, tRump has the full support of the KKK. Obama is the first president to come out in favor of marriage equality. Phelps hated Obama. According to his daughter Margie Phelps, Obama is "most likely the Beast spoken of in the Revelation".

      Also, Mystere, the Westboro Baptist Church's main thing is homophobia. You'd likely agree with much of what they preach. Although, being a (closeted) gay man, you would not be welcome to join their hate group.

      And Minus, I stated your position as I understand it. It isn't my fault that your position is so bizarre that I don't get it quite right.

    11. mystere is in the closet? He should say hi! to FreeThinke(LMAO)™.

      zi think they both like mudslides.

    12. So let me state your position, Dervy, and please forgive me if I don't get it quite right... :)

    13. No surprise. In total ignorance seems to be the way you make ALL your decisions/responses.

    14. I already explained to you that I have a data cap. It allows my household to use approximately 333mb a day (10gb for the month). You post way to many YouTube links in any case.

      Looking at the title of the video (and closing the tab before the video started loading) I see it's more of your NPC bullshit. Please explain to me how a video in which some guy pokes fun at video games will cure me of my political "ignorance".

    15. Don't blame me that you're a cheap f*ck.

      And the point of posting it was to demonstrate just how adequately your strawman political arguments of the opposition's view represent the real thing.

    16. Being cheap has nothing to do with it. I'm on the "moderately" priced plan. I wouldn't get much more by stepping up to the next tier. This issue is that it's internet by satellite (they limit everyone). And it is actually significantly more expensive than internet by cable (which is not available to me due to location).

      I didn't make any strawman political arguments. Your beliefs are quite bizarre. Being gay should be against the law unless you're married?

    17. Lie. Quote: "All violations of the sodomy law could be protected through spousal privilege. But you'd have to be married".

    18. P ________H ________ E ________ W________!

    19. Quote. "Sodomy illegal" ...not marriage. Being dense purposely contributes zero to the argument. It simply demonstrates a lack of grace.

    20. You are into being purposely dense. As your last two comments prove. Being dense purposely contributes zero to the argument. It simply demonstrates a lack of grace.

    21. I didn't stuff the strawman, Dervy, I simply called him out.

    22. Perhaps you could elaborate upon the contributions of sodomy to public health. THAT would prove to be a contribution to the argument.

  9. Now they like the affordable care act because Trump took
    the mandate away.

  10. I Keep Saying it But The Left Keeps Getting more Despicable & Disgusting by The Day! Using The Pittsburgh Tragedy to Smear The PEOPLES PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP! The Man in The Above Picture on Lisa'a blog Who has a Jewish Daughter, Son In Law & 2 Jewish Daughter In Laws is The Greatest Presidential Supporter to American Jews & Israel History Has Ever Seen! Oh! & by The Way The EVIL Murderer in Pittsburgh Hated TRUMP! Just Like The Left Hate AMERICA!!!!!!!!

    1. Using the Pittsburgh Tragedy to again accurately describe the impact tRump's inflammatory rhetoric has had on American society.

      There, fixed it for ya SIL.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. FreeThinke(LMAO)™, when you post as a sock puppet (SIL) try to make your text less homogeneous in tone.

      Your white nationalism makes your sock puppets as asinine as yourself. Take a lesson from Farmer John who has mastered the sock puppet art. You post as if you're a devotee of that ass rack ratsnapper.

      Incidentally you should write Eddie some new material. His poo poo jokes are becoming more and more infantile.

    4. Believe it or not, QUACKPOT, I am hardly the ONLY person in the blogosphere with a superabundance of brainpower.

      The Sassy Irish Lassie and I may be one in spirit, but we are NOT one and the same –– not that it makes a particle of difference to eiher of US –– and why should it to you?

      Don't you realize that pretending to be smart by repeatedly making these absurd allegations, you only reveal yourself [to those of us in the know] to be the petty, irredeemably snotty, hopelessly SILLY little guttersnipe we've always known you to be.

    5. Quackobyrd gave Fartface Dervish a free ride on his back to Florida to give Cesar Sayoc a rectal exam. Quackobyrd watched "Dr. Dervish" give Sayoc a full rectal exam, making sure Dervish could pull his head out of Sayoc's body cavity after searchin for pipe bombs. Dervish provided Quackobyrd plenty of gas for the flight by "riding" Quackobyrd's tailfeathers, pumping gas throughout the flight. Dervy's rectal probing hardened Quackobyrd's goose eggs, giving him severe constipation and anal cramps. Dervy's gay sex act left Quackobyrd in excruciating pain, to the point that Dervish stuck his head up Quackobyrd's tailfeathers to dilate his anal cavity. Dervy's enema caused Quackobyrd's goose eggs to rupture and explode inside, giving Quackobyrd severe runs. The severe explosion left goose egg on Dervish's face and a foul fowl stench in Dervish's flea ridden liberal barn.

    6. If the FBI had questioned me regarding death threats to the life of the Orange Turd, WHY would they bring me in for a rectal exam of Cesar Sayoc? Not that most of your childish blather makes ANY sense. I refer to delusions concerning anthropomorphic ducks that somehow lay goose eggs. Also your belief that everyone shares your fixation on "anal cavities" and all things fart-related. That's JUST you, Mystere.

    7. P ________H ________ E ________ W________!

    8. Putrid Halitosis Emanating Hellishly

      (from YOUR stinking mouth full of rotten yellow and brown, unbrushed teeth)


    “The country elected President Obama TWICE.”

    And the couy never recovered from that mistake!

    1. Shithead Irrigation Nation, SIN, is the nation now headed by predisent tRump, the hero of bigots, misogynists, sexual assaulters, adulterers, racists, xenophobes, and idiots. A group that you are obviously a proud card carrying member is LH.

    2. ^"I know you are but what am I?" - part 7,000,001...^



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    1. Gee, such biting satire can only come from FreeThinke(LMAO)™.

      Pure tripe.

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      He's a ding dong Ducky from Dumbass
      A world-class champion slut!

      ~ wirth apologies to Louie Armstrong



    FOX NEWS had more viewers in Oct
    Then CNN and MSNBC combined.

    Looks like the hate Trump format
    Has jumped the shark.

    1. Well, you know what they say about the average Faux demographic -- dead.

      What a crock of HORSE SHIT!
      When other HORSE SHIT
      Has got DRY ROT,
      YOURS will STILL be HOT!

      .. and steaming, and every bit as putrid as the waste mound of a Chicken Processing plant, a Pig Farm, –– or Dervcious Sanders' legendary Bad Breath, which is by far the worst, of course.

  15. Oh boy, another Ducky's here sock puppet.....idiot

  16. _______ All Hallows Eve _______

    Trick or treating, barren branches claw
    On rooftops ‘gainst the biting Autumn air.
    Jack O’Lantern flickers. Would he gnaw
    An arm away, or set aflame the hair ––
    Conspicuously real above the masks ––
    Kindling Kindergartners at the door?
    Only Satan’s own perform such tasks,
    Leering, lisping, limping as to war.
    Awake! All Hallows Eve lets loose the ghosts.
    No one escapes the Grave for long. Be wise.
    The Jack O’Lanterns flicker on the posts ––
    Each one a sentry for the Lord of Flies.
    Run home to mother lest the Evil One
    Nabs you, while you think you’re having fun.

    ~ FreeThinke - The Sandpiper, Autumn, 1996

    1. Oh, and by the way

      ________ HAPPY HALLOWEEN! ________

      Be sure to tell your kids to watch our for those razor blades put in apples, and steel filings or dish detergent –– or cyanide –– baked into any homemade cookies or candies. Leftist fiends lurk everywhere doing their best to destroy our Traditions, and remove any chance others might still have of enjoying themselves without fear.


    2. P ________H ________ E ________ W________!

    3. I've gotta crow
      I'm just the cleverest fellow
      T'was ever my fortune to know.

      I taught a trick
      To my shadow to stick
      To the tip of my toe.
      I've gotta crow!

      I've gotta brag
      I taught a trick to my dick
      That can make it stand up,
      Fill a cup fit to sup
      And then wiggle and wag
      I've gotta brag! ...

      ~ excerpt extracted from Penis Pan



    A little child knocked at my door ––
    He looked so pallid, thin and poor
    He meekly murmered, "Trick or Trea?"
    He seemed pathetic, yet so sweet.

    My heart was touched. I did not see
    His parents hid behind the tree
    Not three feet from my open door,
    Tired, hungry, dirty, poor.

    They had used their child as bait
    Alas! !I learned this much too late.
    For they rushed at me wth a knife
    I felt they meant to end my life

    But no they just swept through my door
    And tramped all over my clean floor,
    Rifled through each dresser drawer
    Taking silver –– jewelry –– more

    Stuffed them in my pillow case
    Then ate ate the food stored in the place
    I hoped by then that they'd just go
    But when I asked, they just said "No!

    "We like it here, we're going to stay
    "You tried to lead our boy astray.
    "We mean to be your family, see?
    "Accept us, and we'll let you be.

    "Remember you abused our kid.
    "We know he'll tell the cops you did.
    "You'll have no chance 'gainst us in court,
    "So get this straight, and make it short

    "We're living here at your expense
    "You'll buy our food, we'll pay no rents.
    "That's the price for being blind
    "While believing you were kind."

    That was several years ago.
    They're with me still. They'll never go.
    They've forced me to give them the deed
    To my house, and watch them bleed

    My stock account and savings dry,
    But I won't let them see me cry.
    For them I was an easy prey,
    How long they'll let me live they never say!

    ~ FreeThinke, 10/31/18

  18. As I have been surfing thru the internet and once again reading the TRASH written by Ole Shaw Kenawe I noticed that her readership has dwindled down to Two.
    And the TWO are tow of the biggest losers on the internet.
    National "Disgrace" Nation USA, and Dave "The Mexican Preacher" Miller.
    In other words, her blogs has become Persona Non Grata .

  19. Question:
    How can you tell when you’re in bed with Count Dracula?-

    He has his initials "CD" embroidered on his Pajamas

    1. Can't you just check the ID on the wallet by the nightstand?

    2. Peaceful, respectful, and classy protest of our bigoted predisent. Rational and decent people applaud the protests against tRump The Orange Turd president.

  20. I hate to inform you, RN, but there is no such thing as "Peaceful, respectful, and classy protest..." of a funeral. Westboro Baptist was never considered any of THAT.

    1. Nobody is protesting Jewish funerals. People are protesting the presence of the inciter-in-chief. Jewish leaders told him not to come.

      In regards to your Westboro Baptist comparison... they protest homosexuality. They likely like what tRump is doing. As do you. As I recall you were quite excited that the SCOTUS might be saying soon that homosexuality is illegal. Minus should be an WBC honorary member.

    2. P ________H ________ E ________ W________!

    3. The Left IS protesting Jewish funerals and there's only one word appropriate for it. Disgusting!

    4. ..and a group of PROGRESSIVE Jewish leaders in Pittsburg (Bend the Arc) is not ALL Jewish leaders there or are they the Synagogue that was attacked. They're just the self-righteous political A-holes who like the Westboro Baptist cult, have zero class and PROTEST AT FUNERALS.

    5. Besides, Jews weren't the ONLY PEOPLE AFFECTED by the shootings and didn't speak for the REST of Pittsburg.

    6. The progressive Jewish leaders of Bend the Arc have too much chutzpah (or as I like to call it, 'hubris') for their own good.

    7. The Left is NOT protesting Jewish funerals and there's only one word appropriate for liars who say they are. Disgusting!

    8. P________ H_________ E________ W ________!

    9. Dervish Sander, defender of the Westboro Baptist Left!

    10. And you check off the Arc Bender boxes in all the same ways as Westboro Baptist does.

      btw - My one is "one box less" than Westboro (funeral protests), and therefor a "Minus" one. :)

    11. Fred Phelps: "Whatever righteous cause the Jewish victims of the 1930s–40s Nazi Holocaust had (probably minuscule, compared to the Jewish Holocausts against Middle Passage Blacks, African Americans and Christians—including the bloody persecution of Westboro Baptist Church by Topeka Jews in the 1990s), has been drowned in sodomite semen. American taxpayers are financing this unholy monument to Jewish mendacity and greed and to filthy fag lust".

      Bend the Arc is a Jewish movement. There is no Westboro Baptist Arc Bender box. For you to suggest that there is - is antisemitic.

      And that makes 2 Westboro Baptist boxes you check off (while I am still zero).

    12. P________H________E________W________!

    13. I thought you claimed that all the racists left the Democrats as part of Nixon's Southern Strategy. The Westboro Democrats would seem to contradict that false assertion, wouldn't they?

      It's still O to -1. The only thing different between a "Westboro Batist Democrat" and a "Bend the Arc Democrat" is their religion. In all other ways (excessive hubris/chutpah) they're identical.

    14. btw - Under what election cycle did the Anti-Semites leave the Democrat Party?

    15. Why dialogue with a halitoxic dimwit, Farmer?

      How you could stand the STENCH emanating from his filthy mouth is beyond me.

      I can't believe that YOU of all people could possibly derive any kind of pleasure or satisfaction from breathing in fumes from an OPEN SEWER.

  21. Damn Dervy,if they make homosexuality illegal you will have to leave the country

    1. Dervicious ain't no fag, Rusty –– his breath stinks so bad no one –– not even a desperate sexual deviant –– would ever let D. Fartbreath Sanders get anywhere near them.

      Dirtish Fartbreath Sanders isn't allowed to have SEX of ANY kind, but he sure is a MASTER BAITER!


  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Of course, LH. That's because he IS shit.

      The poor thing can't help being a stinking turd, but it's high time he got FLUSHED, dont you think?


  23. Looks like the vaunted blue wave is turning into a blue trickle

    The GOP may very well pick up three Senate seats


  24. These comments were made on CNN this past Monday by Don Lemon a CNN Host, with Chris Cuomo in which he said this as the two were discussing the Pittsburgh shooting, as well as the recent murder of two black men in Kentucky.

    ‘We have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right, and we have to start doing something about them.’

    This is how the media is playing with the emotions of the people and creating problems that don't even exist in most cases.
    1. If a white person kills white person - No race will be mentioned in the headline or even in the article.
    2. If a white person kills black person - Race will be the headline and everything else related to the action will become secondary
    3. If a black person kills a black person - No race will be mentioned in the headline or even in the article.
    4. If a black person kills a white person - Most of the time, no race will be mentioned in the headline or even in the article.
    5. If a brown person kills a white person - Race will be included in the article but not necessarily it will be the headline
    6.If a brown person kills a black person - No race will be mentioned in the headline or even in the article.
    7. If a brown person kills another brown person - No race will be mentioned in the headline or even in the article.

    1. YES, OAR, absolutely!

      These two are especially important to remember:

      2. If a white person kills black person - Race will be the headline and everything else related to the action will become secondary.

      4. If a black person kills a white person - Most of the time, no race will be mentioned in the headline or even in the article.

      I disgree with only one thing in #4. If a Negro kills, or rapes a Caucasian "rc" will NEVER be mentioned in the enemedia. NEVER! There's no "most of the time" about it.

      Holding Negroes reponsible for their criminal-anti-social activities is TABOO in American Urinalism.

      We are being systematically conditioned by the ENEMEDIA to believe that Race, Ethnicity and Religion have NO BEARING WHATSOEVER on any crime or anti-social activity no matter how heinous or obviously associated with the customs and mores of a particular alien culture or foreign religion the evidence may be.



    ______ HALITOSIS HAIKU ______

    A Hopsack Full of Hate Rhymes

    __ Could anything be verse?___

    ____________• • • ____________

    by Joseph P. Lister

    Halitosis vile!
    Twenty-thousand-dollar crowns
    Trapping rotted food.

    The first time it hit
    Was in his pool. It was like
    Bathing in sewage.

    He who slurps and snorts
    With every inhalation
    Also tends to spray.

    Slime forms on the teeth.
    Then spraying transmits a stench.
    His vulpine grin offends.

    Would careful brushing
    Be enough to neutralize
    His repugnant breath?

    I know I saw moss
    Gray, grungy, greenish growing
    Making a brown smell.

    Tongue moss tends to stink.
    Fermented food ‘twixt the teeth
    Makes us want to flee

    The nasty slobber
    Precedes each vile emission
    Gurgling as he sneers.

    Fartbreath is daunting.
    The effects lurk and linger

    Piles of doo-doo seem
    Benign by comparison.
    Bad breath is a curse.

    I think rottenness
    In his case is systemic.
    He stinks from within.

    His putridity
    Makes one want to say, “Please, sir,
    Take your breath –– away!”

    January, 2018 edition

    P ________H ________ E________ W________!

    1. Posted As A Public Service Announcement.

    2. Posted As A Public Service Announcement.

    3. Posted As A Public Service Announcement.

    4. Posted As A Public Service Announcement.

    5. Posted As A Public Service Announcement.

    6. Posted As A Public Service Announcement.

    7. Posted As A Public Service Announcement.

    8. Posted As A Public Service Announcement.

    9. Posted As A Public Service Announcement.

    10. Posted As A Public Service Announcement.

    11. Posted As A Public Service Announcement.

    12. Posted As A Public Service Announcement.

    13. Posted As A Public Service Announcement.

    14. A rube from Wisconsin, Alas!
      Has a mouth that stinks worse than his ass
      His breath wet or dry
      Smells worse than pig sty
      And is manners are equally crass!

  26. Come on folks, enough with the fart stuff and silliness. You are killing this blog

    1. Hey, RUSTY!

      What could POSSIBLY be SILLIER, more DEPRESSING, more DISGUSTING, and more DISCOURAGIING to sane, hopefully enlightening conversation than the vile presence of Dirtish Fartbreath Sanders, Canardo the Caustic Commie Clown and Ratshit Nation, better known as Nursie Poo-Poo?

      NONE of those outrageous ENEMY AGENTS deserves to be taken seriously or treated with even the faintest semblance of civility.

      Besides, as Shakespeare would have put it:

      "A fart by any other name would still stink."

      Or as Gertrude Stein might have said,

      "A turd is a turd is a turd is a turd is a turd."

      I hope you agree?

    2. Indeed. Your BS is most CERTAINLY not to be taken seriously Franco, aka FreeThinke.

  27. A Note To Black Americans!

    You are NOT props. You are NOT stooges for the Democratic party. You are NOT photo ops. You are NOT political tools. You Do NOT “All Look Alike.”

    These disgusting remarks by prominent members, and Leaders of the Democrats have no place in America!

    You are ALWAYS welcome in the Conservative party, and in President Trump's movement.

  28. The "Fix" is in. The Democrats cant afford to lose this election, so much is dependent upon their winning. This will be the most 'rigged' election in our history. Barack O'Vommit is depending upon it.
    Obama thinks that he will be Dictator for Life!

  29. The invaders have shown their intention to cross into the American side of the boarder illegally and they intend to do so with or without our blessings. We have no idea who these people are, and if they are really who they claim to be, or if they are criminals, terrorists, or just plain hoodlums, and gang members! It really don't make any difference, we are still facing a serious national security threat, and lots of trouble on our hands. Now more than ever we need President Trump to take matters into his hands and lock our southern border down until we either fix our currently weak boarders, and hopefully build that wall. And thanks to the Democrats. weak , and useless immigration system we can only hope to enforce the laws of our Nation.
    Never the less we MUST keep those Invaders out, and sent them back to wherever the HELL they came from.

    1. Spoken like a loyal and good tRumper. Spread the fear, fuel the hate. Fertilize with BS to keep the base in a frenzy. MAGA!