Saturday, December 2, 2023

Will The Real Racists Please Stand



  1. Here we go again!
    A Muslim Student Claimed White Man in Trump Hat Assaulted Her.
    But Now the Police are Setting Record Straight., Again!
    This Cock-and-Bull Story just goes to show how Despicable Progressives are in America.... As they are constantly filing False, and Phoney Police Reports to frame conservatives for "Crimes" that never occurred, as long as they add the FALSE FACT that the culprit (criminal) was wearing a MAGA Cap.
    The Bottom Line is that this story was concocted by another Progressive liar .

    This reminds me of a story about a New Jersey waitress who has been accused of orchestrating a hoax by claiming a family left her a Homophobic note instead of a tip, and is no longer working at the New Jersey restaurant where she'd claimed the incident occurred. made national headlines and received an outpouring of public support and at least $3,000 in donations after she claimed a family stiffed her and left her a note on the receipt reading, "Sorry, I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle and the way you live your life."

    But after an unidentified couple came forward a few days later with a customer receipt and bank statement to prove that they had in fact left the Waitress in question an $18 tip on top of the $93.55 check, former friends of the waitress also came forward claiming that she was a compulsive liar.

  2. An Italian street artist who regularly creates work on topics such as the Holocaust and Hamas has condemned the vandalism of his latest work depicting Anne Frank.

    On October 7, Hamas led the deadliest Palestinian militant attack on Israel in history. Israel subsequently launched its heaviest-ever airstrikes on Gaza in revenge.. According to Israeli officials, 1,200 people in Israel were killed in the Hamas' attack . Many others were rapped, and others were dismembered.

    AleXsandro Palombo erected two murals in Milan on Thursday to raise awareness about antisemitism. One depicted a crying Anne Frank holding an Israeli flag, dressed in the white and blue striped uniform of the Nazi concentration camps, including the yellow Star of David. Alongside Frank in the mural in Milan's central Piazza Castello is a Palestinian girl wearing a traditional keffiyeh wrapped around her head as she burnt a Hamas flag.

    "These works are a warning and will help us to remember October 7th," Palombo told Newsweek, adding that he wanted to raise awareness about anti-semitism.

  3. "Will The Real Racists Please Stand"

    This is the place for them alright.

    From the previous thread:
    Just look at the Who’s Your Daddy kind of people.

    Lisa’s fans:

    “Lea Carpenter is a fag and a wannabe jig”
    “At least David Duke is not some pro Zionist tRumptard. That's his only saving grace.”
    “David Duke's only saving grace is the fact he's not a pro Zionist tRumptard cultist. We need useful idiots like him to rid all Zionists for us.”
    “Dervish Sanders is a nigger lover!”
    “Moochelle Ubunga is unburdened by evolution!”
    America is for whites only (Linked to Trump swag) ”Les Carpenter loves niggers!”

    Yup. Lotta white racism here.

    Fisher is just another disgruntled liar:

    The current leader of BLM Rhode Island told that Fisher did not co-found the organization and worked only as an advocate.

    “Mark Fisher stated he was one of the co-founders of BLM – absolutely not,” said Gary Dantzler, who registered the group as a nonprofit with the IRS in 2021.

    “He was a respected advocate for BLM. That’s it. And he was paid and somewhere he got fired and demoted.” However, Fisher does identify himself on his X (formerly Twitter) account as a BLM RI co-founder.

    Dantzler told WPRI that he’s “disgusted” with Fisher’s comments. “You have good, you have bad and you have evil. Mark Fisher says he represents Black Lives Matter, but he does not represent Black Lives Matter,” he said.

    Meanwhile, another Rhode Island-based organization has distanced itself from Fisher.

    Black Lives Matter Rhode Island Political Action Committee, a separate entity from BLM Rhode Island, released a statement Wednesday (Nov. 29) clarifying that Fisher is unaffiliated with the organization.

    1. Look at the racists getting upset for being called out for their racism. Better call Dave an asshole. That's all the racist can say. At least I'm NOT a RACIST ASSHOLE like MC has revealed himself to be.
      And there are others here, too. Watch 'em pop out of the woodwork to call me names. I welcome their hatred as evidence that I am on the side of morality and decency.

    2. Dave Dubya December 3, 2023 at 2:35 PM:

      "“At least I'M NOT a RACIST ASSHOLE! America is for whites only. Just look at the Who’s Your Daddy kind of people: "At least David Duke is not some pro Zionist tRumptard. That's his only saving grace.” ”Les Carpenter loves niggers!” “David Duke's only saving grace is the fact he's not a pro Zionist tRumptard cultist. We need useful idiots like him to rid all Zionists for us.” “Dervish Sanders is a nigger lover!”"

      Well Dave Dubya, you just exposed yourself for the self righteous jackal you really are.

    3. Racist MAGAts WORSHIP their racist leader. They are so gullible and stupid they hold every word from him as gospel truth.

      The TRUTH is Trump is a racist, and so are they.

      "Trump's Repeated Attacks on Mother and Daughter Could Be His Undoing"

      Trump has continued to target two Black election workers even after they were the subject of "vile and racist" threats from his supporters, a prosecutor has filed in court.

      Trump listed one of them as being among the "monsters" who had stolen the 2020 election and "doubled down" on his attacks after the pair testified before the January 6 committee, the court filings show.

      Mother and daughter, Ruby Freeman and Wandrea "Shaye" Moss were falsely accused of using suitcases of ballots to add votes for President Joe Biden at an Atlanta voting center during the 2020 presidential election.

      The prosecutor's filing shows for the first time that prosecutors intend to introduce evidence about Freeman and Moss into the Trump election fraud trial.

      Allegations that Trump's comments prompted racist abuse could be bad news for the former president. His trial will be before a jury in Washington, D.C.

      Prosecutors filed the allegation of online abuse against Trump on Tuesday. As part of the pre-trial process, prosecutors must submit the crimes and "bad acts" for which an accused has not been charged, but which prosecutors intend to use in court to back up their case.

      "Long after the charged conduct, the defendant continued to falsely attack two Georgia election workers, despite being on notice that his claims about them in 2020 were false and had subjected them to vile, racist, and violent threats and harassment," Senior Assistant Special Counsel Molly Gaston wrote in a nine-page court filing on Tuesday.

      The submission was made to Tanya Chutkan, the Washington D.C. judge in Trump's fraud trial, which is due to begin in March 2024.

      In her submission, Gaston said Freeman and Moss gave "graphic testimony" to the January 6 committee "about the threats and harassment they endured after the defendant and his agents falsely accused them."

      "In apparent response, the defendant then doubled down and recommenced his attacks on the election workers in posts on Truth Social," Gaston wrote. "He even zeroed in on one of the election workers, falsely writing that she was an election fraudster, a liar, and one of the 'treacher[ous...]monsters' who stole the country, and that she would be in legal trouble."

      In Tuesday's filing, prosecutors said that Trump had a long history of "falsely blaming fraud for election results he does not like."

  4. The Moron above Dave Dubya seems to love to mention Donald Trump constantly and the "Bad" things about him never seems to mention ANY of the Horrendous Screw-Ups of his President or that Moronic Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas who has illegally violated just about every federal immigration law that's on the books. As he facilitates an unchecked invasion of the United States by wave after wave of Thousands, or even Millions of un-vetted illegal aliens, including terrorists, criminals, drug dealers, and biological warfare vectors. This is a clear and present danger to the safety and security of the United States. I kind of wonder why the Jackass Dave Dubya has not mentioned Alejandro Mayorkas even once? Could it be that he's ashamed of these Moronic Socialists who has been picked by that Delusional, Senile, Crooked, Potatohead Idiot that is being call the "President"?

    1. Anonymous the clueless,
      I didn't mention Trump al all above. Just you racists.

    2. Hey Dave Dubya, you conveniently left these retorts out:

      "Dervish Sanders November 18, 2023 at 1:02 PM
      I love Ching And Chong's chop suey in my neighborhood. They make the tastiest chop suey I've ever eaten."

      "Dervish Sanders November 10, 2023 at 7:50 AM
      tRump looks like a human cheeseburger. I'm feeling Bigly hungry right now. I want a Bigly bite of a cheeseburger right now."

      "Dervish Sanders November 26, 2023 at 12:41 PM
      For years, Nuttanyahu propped up Hamas ... Israel has allowed suitcases holding millions in Qatari cash to enter Gaza through its crossings since 2018..."

      "Dave Dubya November 5, 2023 at 11:33 AM
      I Hate Niggers! Dave Dubya November 6, 2023 at 4:49 PM
      Also, NIGGERS SUCK!"
      ←Oh my! You tried to bury the lead, eh Dave Dubya?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Looks like the Q-Nut is really triggered. His projection leaves little doubt he's the one who used other names to post his racist hate. Who else would think he's clever by trying put my name to his bile?
      Only the posts with my name and the blogger icon are mine.
      The stupid hateful racist asshole thinks he's fooling people.
      And HATE is certainly the common sentiment among the resentful whiny MAGAts who STILL believe every word from Trump is gospel.
      I DARE anyone here to show me the courage and honesty to show ONE statement from Trump they find false.
      Not ONE of these crybaby Trump worshipers can do it.
      Trump is their god. They have abandoned all pretenses of being Christians, just to hate those who have the sense and decency to see their Dear Leader is NOT TELLING THE TRUTH.

      Trump lost. He lied. He committed CRIMES to steal the election. ALL the evidence is plainly to see in the indictments. The cult won't even look at them. Even IF Trump committed crimes, the cult believes he's ABOVE THE LAW.
      They have chosen to be enemies of our Constitution and republic. All on the HOLY, SACRED, INFALLIBLE WORD of their LORD and Savior Donald Trump.

    5. \\He committed CRIMES to steal the election.

      Why you STILL... NOT proved it in court???

      THREE WHOLE YEARS passed.

      While you, and all DEMNs KEEP claiming that "evidances of Trump's crimes are SO APPARENT"????

      How can it be?????????!!!!!

    6. \\ALL the evidence is plainly to see in the indictments.

      That... is anti-juridical BULL SHIT.

      What evidence is needed for charges?
      In general, the police must have probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed and that the person they are seeking to arrest committed the crime. Probable cause is a standard of evidence that is more than a suspicion but less than the level of evidence required to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

      How Much Evidence The State Have To Get An Arrest Warrant?

      Means... in charges can be given only "veritable" evidences -- that person CAN BE related to a crime, and that CRIME itself DID happened.

      Evidences of it being the case, "beyond reasonable doubts" evidences... can be provided ONLY through DUE PROCESS in court.

      ONLY THERE... mere evidences can became PROOFS OF GUILT.

      NOT any earlier. And NOT on some laymen's whim!

      Like yours. And nearly all DEMNs.

    7. \\The cult won't even look at them. Even IF Trump committed crimes, the cult believes he's ABOVE THE LAW.


      As anybody else.


      Because there is such thing -- Presumption of Innocence.

      Which mean, literally -- "In essence, the presumption of innocence means that a person charged with a criminal offence must be treated and considered as not having committed an offence."

      Can You Get It????

      That your mere howlings "but Trump is Guilty" -- is offense against Justice???

    8. \\They have chosen to be enemies of our Constitution and republic. All on the HOLY, SACRED, INFALLIBLE WORD of their LORD and Savior Donald Trump.


      It looks like... ONLY you are one, who revere his words as such... here.

    9. ...


      There is NO answer from Dave Dubya.

      With this... it is established FACT -- that it either DEMN MORON... or anti-law hypocrite.


    10. Moron doesn't understand the difference between personal opinions and presumption of innocence a defendant has in court. Well, they don't call you Qtard on Minus FJ's blog for no reason.

    11. "Mystere November 18, 2023 at 1:02 PM
      I love Ching And Chong's chop suey in my neighborhood. They make the tastiest chop suey I've ever eaten".

      "Ching chong and ching chang chong are ethnic slurs used to mock or imitate the Chinese language, people of Chinese ancestry, or other people of East Asian descent perceived to be Chinese. The term is a derogatory imitation of Mandarin..."

      You are racist against Chinese people, Mystere?

    12. Dervish Sanders November 18, 2023 at 1:02 PM
      "I love Ching And Chong's chop suey in my neighborhood. They make the tastiest chop suey I've ever eaten."

      Dervish Sanders December 9, 2023 at 2:23 PM
      "Ching chong and ching chang chong are ethnic slurs used to mock or imitate the Chinese language, people of Chinese ancestry, or other people of East Asian descent perceived to be Chinese. The term is a derogatory imitation of Mandarin..."

      You're playing it loose with your retorts, Dervish. It'll swat you badly and painfully at the end.

  5. Because they sucking from some anti-USA propaganda sources...

    and that is in preface of Third World War... which Putin of Russia and Xi of China preparing to start -- and USA is the MAIN target of it... as only USA (still?) have power to subdue em.

    That's why they trying HARD to throw USA on it's knees... without a shoot... by inciting dissent and spreading propahganda to destroy USA from within.

  6. Iran Attacks US Warship December, 3, 2023--Are they using Biden's Gift of Millions of Dollars to Iran. But I guess that Iran must be wanting more money from Biden!
    Three commercial vessels were attacked in the Red Sea on Sunday, prompting a U.S. warship to shoot down multiple unmanned aerial vehicles headed toward them.
    And by the way all this was clearly verified! This aggression against America by Iran is real!
    If President Biden rewards this heinous act of aggression by Iran with more money, they better hide his skinny ass or a whole lot of American patriots will be Pissing on his grave when his miserable life on this earth is over.

    Biden needs to either throw in the towel or face impeachment. And Kamala better get help from both parties instead of calling Patriotic conservatives what her boss did. He called all of us "fascists." He learned it from his deep state advisory committee
    The development could signify a serious escalation in a series of maritime attacks in the Middle East linked to the Israel-Hamas war.
    Today, there were another four attacks against three different commercial vessels operating in INTERNATIONAL WATERS in the southern Red Sea," a statement by U.S. Central Command explained. That these three vessels are connected to 14 separate nations.

    The USS Carney, a War Ship was in the southern Red Sea, just north of the Bab al-Mandab Strait, when it shot down three Houthi drones heading in its direction, a U.S. official told News souses , adding that the action was taken in self-defense. The drones were launched from Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen, the official claimed. And yet Biden has done nothing but sit back and allow this to take place almost daily now. Why is THAT!

  7. The So Called "Women's Groups" only rise up and get angry when some woman gets grabbed on the ass or when they are screaming about "Reproductive Rights" or better yet when they see a BIG LAW SUIT. They could give a crap about women experiencing real horror and oppression. I can think of nothing worse than a 11 year old girl being denied an education and being forced to be a Sex Slave of some sub human Taliban, or being Rapped by those Animals in Hamas.

  8. Seriously:
    Did you see Biden when he go off of the airplane in Israel? Biden asked “What should I be doing now?” As he Disembarks the aircraft .
    It took 3 people to show him where to stand. And what to say....What an embarrassment this potato head is. It’s no wonder that this country is in the shape that it’s in.!
    If you were a script writer for Comedy TV show about an Incompetent Dumbass Buffoon of a President Joe Biden would be your best model.

  9. The far left is falling all over itself to accuse President Trump of being the next Hitler. They will do, and say anything to stop Donald Trump from running again. I repeat ANYTHING!
    It’s time to remind everyone what we’re dealing with.
    The far left’s propaganda arm is warming up for the upcoming election year and tuning up their nonsensical lies that the pro-freedom right, imbued with the precepts of individual liberty and limited government is somehow the same as overarching big government collectivist authoritarians. The time has come to proactively start tabulating the ever-growing and long list of startling and uncomfortable ways the Democrat party emulates the Nazi Party.
    Lies, deceit, and deception are some of the biggest similarities between the fascist far left of today and a certain National Socialist German Workers’ Party of one hundred years ago. It’s a commonality with all collectivist leftist authoritarians. This is a key facet of that side of the political spectrum in that the left side prefers force to freedom to shape society. Lies are another form of force on people’s well-being as a means of mental manipulation.
    The rejoinder is that both sides lie, but there is a marked difference between the two in that the far left dominates the media and government indoctrination centers (AKA public schools). The left can lie and get away with it, while the pro-freedom right will always be fact-checked.
    This was pointed out by the newly elected president of Argentina and self-described far-right anarcho-capitalist and libertarian, Javier Milei, in talking about his disdain for the left:
    Because since to err is human, since everyone can be mistaken, they force us to be better. And ... we are getting better than them. Since we are crushing them in the cultural battle, we are not only superior economically; we are morally superior. We are better, aesthetically superior.

    1. national-SOCIALIST... thing commies trying hard to hide behind that shortcut "nazi".

    2. Qtard is spreading its moronity to other blogs?

  10. Am I hearing this right?
    Is the Veterans Affairs providing medical services for ILLEGALS while American Veterans are still waiting, sometimes for months, to be seen!
    Well of course the Crazy Corrupt Democratic-Socialist Cult prefers illegal aliens over veterans, because Illegals vote Democrat and Veterans vote Republican. That’s the real reason why these Illegal’s were brought here in the first place.
    An Illegal can step across our border and instantly retire and never have to work again.
    The American Taxpayers will provide Illegals with Free Housing, Food, Healthcare, a Free Cell-phone, and Education
    This Democrat-run government is our number one problem.
    America has sunken to a new low.

  11. Susan Sarandon apologizes for bashing Jews at at pro Palestine rally!


  12. I love my country and freedom and that I consider myself a reasonable, and a VERY Patriotic American. I obey the law, and I respect the rights of others.
    I have always respected my President no matter who he was, until Barack Obama was elected. (Yeah I know I’m going to be labeled a “racist” because of that statement. But, you know what? I don’t give the slightest hoot, or what you may want to call me. . And I don’t care to have any Socialist policies shoved down my, throat. And I don’t want to see my Country, the Country that I Love, and gave 4 ryears of my life to serve. I try not to judge people who disagree with me, however I have Always felt that my opinion is as good as the next guys. I had enlisted and served in the US Army for 4 years, and I feel that I have earned the right to be called a PROUD REPUBLICAN. I get extremely pissed off, when I read blogs such as the person written by the “Progressive Liberal” and her Ilk. As well as her biddies like the one is always calling President names such as “Nazi”. I realize that he does that just to Piss off Republicans. But when he looks at HIS President, the Joke that’s in office now. Trump looks pretty darn good to me.
    So, the bottom line is that I say screw the Democrats, the Liberals, the Progressives Socialists or whatever they want to call themselves today. I still call them Communists .
    They are trying to get Americans to believe they are compassionate, they care about babies, seniors, the poor, and minorities, but it's too little too late, no one actually belies them, or really cares! And they have the nerve or the STUPIDITY to think that this Potatohead is a good president and that he will win in 2024. That’s the real BIG JOKE. He can’t even find his way off of the Stage after he reads, and stutters his way through someone else’s written speech. .

    1. "I still call them Communists ."
      Do does EVERY NEO-NAZI. The more you MAGAts call us commies, the more you sound like Nazis.
      When everyone you disagrees with is a "communist", you're embracing NAZI HATE and LIES.
      This is the ignorance, stupidity and evil of the radical Right all wrapped together. It also proves they have NO IDEA what a communist or communism is.
      It means no private ownership, no democracy, and no dissent. A dictatorship like TRUMP wants. He wants to purge anyone NOT LOYAL to HIM from government.
      Trump called me "vermin", just like Hitler did his opponents.
      Trump committed CRIMES to CANCEL MY VOTE and THE VOTES OF 81 MILLION AMERICANS!! He is an enemy of our democracy.
      The OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE against him is plain to see in the INDICTMENTS. No neo-Nazi or MAGAt cult zombie will even READ them.

    2. national-SOCIALIST... thing commies trying hard to hide behind that shortcut "nazi".

  13. Donald Trump Threatens Politicians, Lawyers, Lobbyists, Government Workers. I wish I had the time to make a complete list of everyone Donald Trump threatens. For us the people, Trump is our really only hope. And America’s only hope from getting out of the way of the Potatohead who is the Oval office right now.
    For everyone else, Trump stands to destroy their free ride, their thieving.

  14. What is pathetic party the dimocraps are. The FILTH that’s in our Government can not do anything gfood by themselves, they have to attack Trump’s policies, and his BOOMING economy, with no new Wars, and not letting our trading partners buttfukk us....... And Bidumb and his Puppet masters need to attack his because they have nothing good to brag about on their own. Certainly not the Afghanistan withdrawal, or the Millions sent to Iran, or what they are doing in the Hamas/Israeli war. Or the Inflation, the poor economy, the prices that we are paing in the restaurants, the Supermarkets, or the department stores. People are using their credit Cards to pay for their Christmas presidents and their cars are being Maxed out. The rents are so high that they can’t afford their necessities.

    All dimocrap the scum. Are screwing up whatever they touch, Biden’s appointees are failing left and right. .
    And you DARE to make a comparison of Trump and Hitler!
    While campaigning in Iowa on April 4, Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke spoke out against “the rhetoric of a president who not only describes immigrants as rapists and criminals, but as animals and an infestation.” “I might expect someone to describe another human being as an infestation in the Third Reich,” O’Rourke continued. “I would not expect it in the United States of America.

    Comparing a political opponent to Hitler is Cheap, Vile, Vulgar, and False. It minimizes a horrific history and reduces the evil mastermind of a massive genocide against 11 million people to being simply “bad” while it conflates a human with no such tendencies or predilections with an amoral architect of genocide. Additionally, it demonstrates a lack of couthness and restraint in the accuser, who proves himself willing to sacrifice realistic facts.

    The Democraps are panicked about 2024
    But thank God, we will win in November and hopefully we will take 320 House Seats and a near-super-majority in the Senate.
    Then, hopefully, we can begin the purge of all purges. Ridding our Country of the SCUMMIEST SCUMBAGS to ever infest a political body, and we will be sending them back to the garbage dumps they came from. Where they can write their stupid,
    idiotic Protest-Songs, and Pussy Marches, and Drug Themselves into a Stupor. Permanently

  15. Actually , and literally what the democrats are TRYING, and are actually doing to Donald Trump is exactly like something Hitler did to his political enemies.
    And actually there is such a correlation of Trump to Hitler, and that is the simple fact .
    In fact I would say that Hillary Clinton, and or Joe Biden is closer to Hitler then Donald Trump is. .
    Stupid Davey said that because Trump read Mein Kampf he’s like Hitler.
    Patton read Rommel's book. Did that make Patton a Nazi?

  16. The House committees leading the impeachment inquiry against President Biden has begun, and is expected to grill top witnesses behind closed doors this month as the investigation reaches a critical phase

  17. Remember that Disney fairytale about a king and queen with an open relationship because the queen likes the king’s high school girl friend, but it all goes south, when the king rapes the third woman?

    Not a Disney fairytale.

    That’s Moms 4 Liberty and the Florida GOP’s story.

    Hypocrites were condemned by Jesus.

    1. Dave Dubya December 3, 2023 at 2:35 PM: "I welcome their hatred as evidence that I am on the side of morality and decency." December 4, 2023 at 9:09 AM: "Hypocrites were condemned by Jesus."
      What did you say Jesus did?

    2. "Q" is showing us he's no Christian and is illiterate as well.
      Jesus condemned fundamentalist RELIGIOUS HYPOCRITES.
      Trump's cult takes his every hateful lie as gospel. They worship the word of Trump over the Word of Jesus.
      They'd rather HATE and love their neighbor, especially if the neighbor doesn't worship their Malevolent Mendacious Messiah.

  18. We sleep peacefully in our beds at night because rough men are willing to do violence on our behalf.

    Author unknown

    Let that ASININE Dave Dubya Think about that while HE Sits behind his MOMMIES Computer and writes his BULLSHIT!


  19. With all of the good work that James Comer and Jim Jordan have done uncovering the Biden Crime Family crimes, to have a few Yellow bellied Democratic traitors decline to impeach Biden proves that they are unfit to hold office. This only shows that they Love their Party more than they Love their country.
    “Go f--- yourself.”
    - Elon Musk

  20. WARNING!
    FOX(R) has gone "commie" for telling the truth.
    Trump lost.
    "The 2020 election was not rigged. It was not stolen."

    Cue crybaby sore losers...

  21. Another STUPID, and typically MORONIC comment from the Blogesphere's Bottom Feeder.

  22. The ongoing campaign by progressive activists to deny former President Trump a place on state ballots received yet another serious setback late Friday. After a weeklong bench trial, Denver District Court Judge Sarah Wallace issued a 102-page opinion in Anderson v. Griswold concluding that “Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment does not apply to Trump.” She ordered Colorado’s Secretary of State Jena Griswold to place his name on Colorado’s presidential primary ballot. This is the fourth state in three weeks to reject efforts to keep Trump off their ballots.

    The LYING, CROOKED, SLIMBALL, DEMOCRATS say that they are saving our "democracy" by repeatedly attempting to remove Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot.
    Will they ever learl?
    They lost their case in New Hampshire.
    They lost their case in Minnesota.
    They lost their case in Michigan.
    They are all silly challenges though I would go past the judges who say that they have no control over party nominations and JUST RULE FLAT OUT THAT JUST BECAUSE Rachel Maddow Calls it a Coup and Insurrection, it Doesn't Mean Squat !
    Have you ever seen such idiots?

    First they STOLE an election, and ADMITTED it, trampled all over democracy in the name of saving it?

    Democrats trample children's rights.
    Deomocrats BAN everything that they don’t agree with.
    Democrats trample women's rights.
    Democrats hate the electoral college.
    Democrats hate the 2nd Amendment.
    Democrats hate freedom of speech.
    Democrats want to pick and choose who is on the ballot.
    And Some Idiot Progressive tries to make you think that President Trump, and Adolf Hitler have something in Common, because of a WORD! What an deranged, and dim-witted IMBECILE!
    These are the people who think they are saving and protecting Democracy by spreading Fascism

  23. Independent "thinker" is neither independent nor a thinker.
    He's just another lying, thug-loving, delusional MAGAt.
    Like this one:
    Ryan Fournier, a co-founder of the political organization Students for Trump, was arrested and charged with assault last week in North Carolina after allegedly hitting a woman with a gun, court records show.

    Fournier was charged with misdemeanor assault on a female and assault with a deadly weapon on November 21, according to online court records from Johnston County.


    1. Dave?

      Have you read Mark Twain's "Running for Governor"???

    2. Yes. Mark Twain was hated by people like you.

    3. The above comment about Mark Twain was written by the commentor known as "Qtard" on Minus FJ's blog. It is a moron that has deluded itself into believing it is smart. Well, that is the case for most rightturds.

  25. OK, Frank. No opinion from me this time. Just facts.
    After the GOP introduced a bill saying anti-Zionism is antisemitism, Jewish Congressman Jerry Nadler just spoke and said how that is false. He talks about how even many Orthodox Jews, who rose from the ashes of the Holocaust, are anti-Zionist.

    Now the MAGAts will have to wonder which Jews they hate most. The majority of American Jews who vote for Democrats, or anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews.

    They sure as hell don't follow the teachings of one Jew from a couple thousand years ago. Trump is their new savior. His every word is gospel and God sent him to save America from democracy.

    1. \\He talks about how even many Orthodox Jews, who rose from the ashes of the Holocaust, are anti-Zionist.

      Well... there was Jews that even tried to enter Nazi SS... because they thought about themself being so perfectly naturalized Germans...

  26. Stop Calling Jews Nazis!
    This makes no sense. Only a DUMB , MORON with no brains in that thing on yours shoulders would say an idiotic thing like that. Or a full blown ANTI-SEMITIC idiot would as well. It's a sign that a person only has two digits in their IQ.
    Many Palestinians living in the US accompanied by idiotic US brainwashed college students with no understanding of history are calling Jews Nazis during their so-called peaceful protests. One Palestinian woman tried to assault a Jewish woman waving the Israeli flag and called the JEWISH flag a NAZIS flag! UNBELIEVABLE!
    These Goofballs are not engaging in protected speech, they are not protesting.. They are openly calling for genocide against the Jews. They should all be prosecuted for a hate crime, attempt to incite a riot, disturbance of the peace, and conspiracy to commit said acts. These are actually Dirty Criminals who need to be Removed from our society. Today in New York City a mob was parading around waving Palestinian flags chanting “there is only one solution, Intifada revolution”. What the hell is that? Where did that come from? I’ll tell you where, it came from the FILTHY mouth of those so called Members of the Squad! Is this what our U.S, Congress has come too? Do we now have Congresswomen who are ANTI-SEMITIC? Since when has our Congress put up whit that? And all they did was to Censure Rashida Tlaib? What she said was worse than what George Santos did, and they Threw him Out! Has our Congress gone down in the gutter.

    I don’t call this a “protest.” Calling for the mass murder of Jews is not “protesting.”

    If the KKK were calling for the mass murder of Blacks, would we call it a “protest?
    So, let's just rewind here and recall what real Nazis were because that term is being thrown about so recklessly these days. Real Nazis are NOT any nation that conducts military operations, nor are they people who attack people you care about for whatever reason, although the Israelis have a damn good reason.
    That does not make you a Nazi.
    Real Nazis were and are (because there are still followers of the real Nazi party) an historically oppressive and fascist political party who led by Hitler took control over Germany in the 1930s, persecuted Jews, slavs, and other minorities, initiated the greatest war in history, and committed genocide in the killing of 6 million Jews in what is known as the Holocaust.
    So, with that brief history lesson, please understand, poor history-challenged university students, that Nazis were and are the Jews' greatest enemy. Also, the Jewish flag cannot be likened to Nazism. In fact, the Nazis forced Jews to wear a yellow Star of David to identify and shame them. But it is now proudly displayed on the Israeli flag in blue and white in defiance of all who have persecuted and killed Jews throughout history.
    So no...Jews cannot be their worst enemy, the Nazis. That makes as much sense as calling climate change activists US oil execs.
    However, if you are calling Jews Nazis in order to make it "a thing" and thereby make others forget what real Nazism is and only what you believe it is, then you should know that history never goes away, it only repeats. And the Jews will never forget, nor allow themselves to be slaughtered like lambs again.

  27. CLAIM: President John F. Kennedy said seven days before he was assassinated: “There’s a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot.”

    AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. There is no record of Kennedy saying this quote, multiple experts confirmed to The Associated Press.

    THE FACTS: Posts falsely attributing the quote to Kennedy have been circulating online for years, and the AP recently reported that the claim was even promoted by a speaker at Michael Flynn’s ReAwaken America Tour.
    --Associated Press

    That's why this country is a disaster. Lisa and her pals here on her blog believe in made-up stories. They never check to see if its true or false, so they spread lies. Not surprised about this because they believe in the biggest fake in American history, Donald J. Trump. Too bad stupidity isn't painful! It would save you people a lot of pain!


  28. Did John F. Kennedy speak seven days before he was assassinated about a plot to enslave every man, woman and child?

    There is no evidence that President Kennedy said, "There's a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child."

    Matt Porter, communications manager for the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, told Lead Stories, "The JFK Library has received this question before and has found no truth to it."

    Often the claim is that Kennedy made the remarks at Columbia University shortly before he was killed. There are no records that support a speech at or even a visit to Columbia University in November 1963 or in any previous month that year. Kennedy was assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963.

    That quote cannot be found anywhere on the library and museum website, and there are no quotations attributed to Kennedy on the subject of slavery."

    Good going Lisa. You believe any shit you find anywhere! No critical thinking on your part. If it's a big fat lie, you're all in with it. LOL! No wonder you love Donald Trump!

    1. \\That quote cannot be found anywhere on the library and museum website, and there are no quotations attributed to Kennedy on the subject of slavery."

      Of course... those who would decide to kill whole president for such words... would not try to eliminate ALL EVIDENCES.

    2. Qtard: Of course... those who would decide to kill whole president for such words... would not try to eliminate ALL EVIDENCES.

      Spreading your stupidity to other blogs?

  29. Replies
    1. You nailed it, Ray.
      A cult isn't a cult to the cult.
      Their ONLY standard is if Trump says so, it is their gospel.
      In their deluded minds all it takes for something to be real is to BELIEVE in it. And FEELINGS mold their beliefs, not facts.

    2. Still. If, or more like when Trump will became POTUS you'll need to follow his orders. Or what??? Proudfool dems will revolt against state power? Will try to kill democratically elected president?

    3. Is Ray-Ray looking for a Doggie Treat? You're at the wrong place Ray-Ray! Derpish has your crunchy Tick, Flea and Tapeworm Snacks at his blog toilet Who Yo Mama.

  30. The Trumpers here on Lisa's blog don't think. They all emotionally react to bunk thaat Lisa feeds them. they're what's making this country a hell hole. Them and DJT, their cult leader!

    1. Ray,

      1/6/21 proved to us that Trump's cult is willing to KILL for their Dear Leader.

      I have NO DOUBT that MOST of the posters here would SHOOT US, if ordered to do so by Trump.

      That's how far gone they are in their bubble world of lies, resentment, anger, and hate.

      They really are America's version of Hitler's Nazis. We are "vermin" to them, just as Jews and socialists were "vermin" to Hitler.

      Educated people KNOW that German "National Socialism" was as socialist as the Democratic People's Republic of (North) Korea is a Democratic Republic.

    2. Yes. Followers of George Washington... was ready to kill.

      Because, there'd not be USA if they not.

    3. Ray-Ray and Dave Dubya are having a πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ contest. Davey, take your flea ridden mutt Ray-Ray to Boston Piggy's pig pen. She has plenty of pig slop for the 2 of you to gorge down. She even carries Dervish's flea tick and tapeworm doggie treats for you and Ray-Ray to snack on.

  31. Where are ALL the Woman’s Groups marching wearing their “pussy” hats, and costumes”, Protesting the mutilations, and Slaughtering of the Women Hamas and Kidnapped, and Murdered?
    Where are all the Parents of the Collage students that Paid Ten’s of Thousands of to their children’s College Tuition’s? .
    Is this what these IDIOT’S are marching and waving those Palestinian Flags about? Are these women not “Civilians” ?
    You are DAMMED right they are, or Where They?. Their bodies tell their stories. THEY’RE NOT ALIVE TO SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.
    The Israeli military took the Foreign Press to the site where they are taking away the dead bodies, and body parts....
    The stench of bodies was heavy in the air as the Forign Press Reporters walked the paths of the kibbutz, a farming community of where about 400 Dead people were located just 2km (about a mile) from Gaza which Israel has been bombarding relentlessly for days in Retaliation for the worst attack on Their territory in decades
    Lots of CIVILIANS, many of them were still in their homes in which they were killed, and still lying on the ground
    Do you see that or hear about it on the Media? Who is protesting that! Who are waving the Israeli and American Flags on our College Campuses?
    So Don’t you Liberal Bleeding Hearts tell me about the Israelis fairing on Civilians! Lets NOT FORGET that the Israelis gave the PALESTINIAN CIVILIANS a 2 WEEK warning to vacate! What warning did Hamas give the Israeli’s? NONE!

  32. Continues:
    When the New York Post broke the Hunter Biden laptop story, indicating that Joe had lied, virtually the entire left-wing media regurgitated the claims of former intelligence officials — including known liars like James Clapper and John Brennan — that the story smacked of Russian “disinformation.” The story, allegedly discredited, was then censored by Big Tech and big media companies.
    This week, the House Oversight Committee released financial documents illustrating that Hunter signed off on monthly transfers to Joe through Owasco PC, a Biden shell company that pulled at least $5 million from the Chicom energy concerns in 2017 and 2018. The Daily Mail reports there were at least three payments, from September to November 2018, or a few months before Biden announced he was running for president.
    Listen, the Biden family operated through at least 20 shell companies — as one does when running a completely above-board legit business venture. It’s not easy to keep up. Or, as Jon Hamm’s character quipped in “The Town,” you need a Venn diagram for these people.
    You might recall that in 2020, Biden had claimed Hunter never “made money in terms of this thing about — what are you talking about — China.” But Hunter had not only tagged along on an Air Force Two trip to China in 2013, he’d introduced his dad to the Chinese banker he was teaming up with for a private equity fund.
    So I eagerly look forward to fact-checkers, media, and the White House clarifying why this is all just fine. It’s been a wild ride so far, so I bet the explanation is going to be amazing.
    Lets fact the FACTS!
    Joe Biden has lied to the American People for the past 50 years. His first 40 were spent in relatively safe obscurity. A brief disaster in 1988 when he ran for president. Apparently America forgot all the lying and plagiarism problems he created for himself.
    Joe Biden is exactly the Same POOR Excuse for the man he was 50 years ago. Does he have dementia.? I don’t know, as I’m not a Doctor. But what I DO KNOW is that you just need an incredible memory and self discipline to keep it all right, and not with a presidentcy that is full of LIES. Eventually he has no idea between what is the truth and his Lies, and his Fairy Tales..
    Having described Josef Robinette Biden as he exists today.
    Joe Biden is exactly what Barack. Biden said is was. He is amoral as well as all of the adjectives many have used to describe him, and that he always F..ks up everything he does. .
    The election of 2020 have become one of the darkest period in the History of the USA. And this is why they stole the election. For Obama’s third term , he couldn't fundamentally destroy America in just 2, so they gave him 3..
    Are you an American or a Democrat
    Giving DSA Democrat Socialists the opportunity to create and collect thousands of ballots, all for Joey, ended the history of honest elections in our Nation.
    The blame? Barack Obama planned this for years. His desire to cripple the USA, and re-make America and eventually cause its demise, is working. The cheat of 2020 was first.
    Obama’s role in this destruction of the USA must be recognized.!
    Meanwhile under Obama's direction, Chairman Biden the Liar. is using the levers of power to arrest, imprison and torture his political opposition. Quite the Communist tyrant Chairman Biden turned out to be. So PLEASE don’t ever tell me. Or us about Donald Trump using the word “Vermin” again. Because they way he said it was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.
    So what is the Bottom Line? Does all of that make the illegality any less. Absolutely not. Lets not forget that Joey Baidung committed treason by dealing with the Chinese.
    What were all those secret documents doing in that China Town Office and the shared office with a Chinese official?
    Lets also not also forget the fact that Joey was VP when he got the prosecutor fired because of his Son Hunter's involvement in Burisma.
    It all points to the Baidung family doing illicit dealings with the Ukraine, China and even Russia and Joey the “Big Guy” was getting his 10 Percent off the top.

  33. Is Israel is right to try to eradicate the threat of what Hamas did, and what they might properly do in the future? YES!
    But killing ISRAELI civilians, women and children is WRONG, and way over the Top. And Hamas is not right by doing just that, and they MUST be Stopped

    Has Israel been targeting civilians? NO! Have ISRAEL thrown babies into ovens, and burned them alive? NO!
    Has Israel been Rapping and Murdering, and Kidnapping Palestinian women? NO!
    Has Iseral been Holding 240 Hostages, NO!
    When you have a people who's soul existence is geared to eradicating another people then it's time for Action.

  34. Once again, the progressive communist democrats, anti-Semites, and Hamas propagandists/sympathizers at the New York Times couldn’t wait to smear Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who they believe is standing in the way of a two-state solution.

    More specifically, holding on to Judea and Samaria, which the leftists believe is critical for a two-state solution. These dumb bastards watched former President Barack Obama, an Once again, the progressive communist democrats, anti-Semites, and Hamas propagandists/sympathizers at the New York Times couldn’t wait to smear Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who they believe is standing in the way of a two-state solution.

    More specifically, holding on to Judea and Samaria, which the leftists believe is critical for a two-state solution. These dumb bastards watched former President Barack Obama, an anti-America, anti-Israel, anti-Semite, sell out the United States to Iran to “neutralize” Israel’s military power – even if it put America’s safety and security at risk.

    These dumb bastards watched the Biden Administration, led by a cadre of progressive communist democrat Obamacons like Antony Blinken, blow up a peaceful Middle East after former President Trump’s Abraham Accords.
    And now, these dumb bastards are trying to destroy one of the world’s most significant leaders, Benjamin Netanyahu, who puts his country’s survival and well-being above his self-interests – unlike so many corrupt politicians like President Joe Biden Pastor who sat in the Church of an Anti-semite for 25 years . Once again, the progressive communist democrats, anti-Semites, and Hamas propagandists/sympathizers at the New York Times couldn’t wait to smear Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who they believe is standing in the way of a two-state solution.
    A blueprint reviewed by The Times laid out the attack in detail. Israeli officials dismissed it as aspirational and ignored specific warnings.
    Israeli officials obtained Hamas’s battle plan for the Oct. 7 terrorist attack more than a year before it happened, documents, emails and interviews show. But Israeli military and intelligence officials dismissed the plan as aspirational, considering it too difficult for Hamas to carry out.
    The approximately 40-page document, which the Israeli authorities code-named “Jericho Wall,” outlined, point by point, exactly the kind of devastating invasion that led to the deaths of about 1,200 people.

  35. A new set of anti-Trump talking points has been poped up in the corporate press recently, warning of the horrors that will come to pass if Trump wins the election. Most of it is shameless fearmongering, but there’s something else going on too.

    Democrats are afraid that if Trump is elected he’ll do to them exactly what they’re currently doing to him. When Trump fearmongers in the media A cry out with one voice that Trump will weaponize the Justice Department and the courts will, rig our elections, and shred the Constitution, it’s pure projection. Because that’s exactly what they’re doing right now in a desperate bid to try and prevent Trump from winning office again.

  36. I MY True, and Honest OpionDecember 6, 2023 at 2:25 PM

    Its clear that the state of Israel is treated as a special case by the liberal west. Actions that would be condemned by other states are pardoned by the world.

    I don’t know if this is a sign of guilt. Hitler was able to murder people without any hindrance and we TERRIBLE that this happened. I think we can all agree on that, But the murder and other atrocities by HAMAS is no different
    .Will the West only stand by and watch ? Are the current democratic politicians are too weak to make a stand? Is that possible.
    But I don’t see the younger generation doing, or saying any thing. Has the American people lost its caring? They will be judged by the standards of the civilized world. Such as they are. Why is it that ONLY the Palestinians are the only ones that are picketing,, and Parading. And waving flags, etc.
    Hamas started the war and will pay a heavy price for it. If you don't want people killed then they shouldn’t start a war.
    I hope that the repucussions for all of this are not visited on my children or their children. But I suspect that will happen...
    Nazis hated Jews, Les Carpenter David Dubya hates Jews, Therefore Jews are Nazis? Are you kidding.
    That Scummy, Schummy Dave Dubya, is really a TRUE Scummy SCHMUCK!

    1. Great Reply David, You showed us that you are truly the

      ASSwipe that we always KNEW that you were and are

    2. It's a true joy to see Jew-hating DemoKKKrats try to strong-arm Biden into dividing his party and abandoning the only democracy in the middle east.

      This does nothing but help Republicans, and Trump in particular.

      So. Keep It Up Biddumb,and the rest of you ASSHOLE S that think like the Moron Dave DubyaAbove.

    3. Not one brainwashed willfully ignorant person here is bright enough to know why these guys said what they said:

      Hitler said, “What good fortune for those in power that people do not think”.

      Trump said, "I love the poorly educated".

  37. Dave Dubya, you are SO stupid that you don't seem to even understand why Nobody answers you! IR'S BECAUSE NOBODY READS THEW SHIT THAT YOU WRIT, THEY IGONRE YOUR STUPIDITY!

  38. Why is it you progressives always seem to be looking in the mirror when you accuse Patriots of things that you either want to do, or like our Current President .

    No wonder there are so many therapists in this country. You Democrats-Progressives really need them


  39. How could Biden not know the election was being stolen? BECAUSE he's SO dirty.

    The REAL question isn't whether they told him, it's IF he remembers1


    let this be dedicated to all of our military members who gave their lives to protect the United States of America from our enemies on December 7, 1941, and who stand watch over America in this time of political division and turbulence both here and abroad..

  41. And YES, those leftist Progressive who come here trying to tell us that they are "not Jew haters" are full of the same Crap that they smell from. Yes, I'm talking ABOUT THE TWO DAVES, AND THAT


  42. MASKS DO NOT WORK says CNN who was reporting on a NEW YORK TIMES Article about a bunch of MEDICAL STUDIES. NONE OF THEM WORK
    It is what we have been saying all along….and then Fauci disagrees somehow, saying some unintelligible nonsense about “It will protect the individual, but not the whole….”
    Fauci disagrees WITH THE SCIENCE.

    Here is the SOURCE RESEARCH:


    1. Why can't Anonymous share a link to his NYT or CNN story?
      He won't even share a name.

    2. You know something MORON!
      You always have so much of your SHIT to say, why don't you try to look this up yourself, and even try Google, or better yet Youtube. ...

    3. Anonymous BELIEVES he knows more than Fauci, and even the flawed Cochrane study he references.

      From the source:

      Statement on 'Physical interventions to interrupt or reduce the spread of respiratory viruses' review
      The Cochrane Review 'Physical interventions to interrupt or reduce the spread of respiratory viruses' was published in January 2023 and has been widely misinterpreted.

      Karla Soares-Weiser, Editor-in-Chief of the Cochrane Library, has responded on behalf of Cochrane:

      Many commentators have claimed that a recently-updated Cochrane Review shows that 'masks don't work', which is an inaccurate and misleading interpretation.

      It would be accurate to say that the review examined whether interventions to promote mask wearing help to slow the spread of respiratory viruses, and that the results were inconclusive. Given the limitations in the primary evidence, the review is not able to address the question of whether mask-wearing itself reduces people's risk of contracting or spreading respiratory viruses.

      The review authors are clear on the limitations in the abstract: 'The high risk of bias in the trials, variation in outcome measurement, and relatively low adherence with the interventions during the studies hampers drawing firm conclusions.' Adherence in this context refers to the number of people who actually wore the provided masks when encouraged to do so as part of the intervention. For example, in the most heavily-weighted trial of interventions to promote community mask wearing, 42.3% of people in the intervention arm wore masks compared to 13.3% of those in the control arm.

      The original Plain Language Summary for this review stated that 'We are uncertain whether wearing masks or N95/P2 respirators helps to slow the spread of respiratory viruses based on the studies we assessed.' This wording was open to misinterpretation, for which we apologize. While scientific evidence is never immune to misinterpretation, we take responsibility for not making the wording clearer from the outset. We are engaging with the review authors with the aim of updating the Plain Language Summary and abstract to make clear that the review looked at whether interventions to promote mask wearing help to slow the spread of respiratory viruses.

      Of course, Anonymous isn't bright enough to comprehend this, so he'll have to call me a moron again, hateful fascist that he is.

  43. That Dingbat Ex-bartender Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said she is very upset, and disappointed by the Democrats losing their majority in the House — despite the fact that they didn’t!... And this is the bubbleheaded idiot. THIS is the RETARDED clown that is running your party, and that Clown Biden doesn't even know it.

  44. President Joe Biden told donors in Boston on Tuesday that he might not be running for reelection had Donald Trump not entered the race.

    “If Trump wasn’t running, I’m not sure I’d be running,” Biden said, according to reporters present at the event. “But we cannot let him win.”

    Biden didn’t immediately elaborate on that thought process, but the admission shouldn’t come as much of a shock.

    Going back to 2020, Biden’s campaign pitched him to voters as the party’s best chance at stopping Trump from securing another term in office, arguing that an establishment Democrat would do better in swing states than his progressive rivals for the nomination.

    When he succeeded in nabbing the nomination and winning the general election, Trump seemed unlikely to be a formidable opponent in 2024.
    He’d lost the popular vote by a sizable margin, squandered support in the Republican Party over his role in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol and declared that the American election system had been rigged against him in the 2020 election.

    But within two years, Trump had announced his candidacy. AND HE IS RUNNING. SO WHY IS THIS STUPID COMMENT BEING SHOWED NOW? AND He’s currently polling as the front-runner for the GOP nomination by massive margins. Is Bidumb that DUMB that he's doesn't even know that Trumps running and winning?

  45. There are several things that I don’t like about some blogs that I really, do not visit much becausr of the idiotic hatred by the author of the blog and totally agree with is the incredible depth of hatred and contempt for liberals, Progressives-democrats, and yes even the Socialists that post there. In general and especially the blogger Shaw Kenawe. I actually can’t say that agree with all of these comments, but lets look at, and kind of examine the core of them
    The bulk of these comments from people have been suggesting all liberals are stupid, anti-patriotic, name it. One even suggested that Shaw Kenawe the blogger is a hypocrite for allowing a anti-Semite to comment on her blog, well I can’t agree with that one, after all this IS American and even a anti-Semite is allowed to comment on open blogs.
    And I must say that I kind of agree with the majority of these commentors. Freedom of expression is the American way! Kind of like the contempt expressed by liberals towards conservatives. And the way that Mr. Trump is SO Viciously critized, and Biden’s moronic policies complely ignored.
    I've met extremely intelligent people from across the political spectrum - and I will be the first one to agree that many of them are idiots, however they still have the right to express their opinions. I've talked to fascists, idiotic’s who may be Liberal’s or Conservatives, a lot of them may be intelligent and a lot of them are brain-dead centrists. there seems to be some truth in that, but in my case, I have heard so many morey of this hated from the Left that it docent compare to what the other side (the Conservatives) say. Not in the least. The left wing posters are the most rabid bunch of haters I have ever met.
    But, if there is a REAL reason, for hating liberals - if you want a good reason HATE and to mock this rabid pile of leftist garbage , Ladies and Gentleman, is the Hypocrisy

    And as for the remarks made here about our Former President, I’m extreme happy that finally, someone has the balls to take on the Mishell Moocher on her bogus "eat healthy America" garbage that she spews while she shovels unhealthy food into her body on a daily basis. She’s no different than the rest of the Progressive HYPOCRITES, that post and comment on these boards.

    1. Anonymous pretends to offer a rational perspective, but the anger and bias is clear. He hates everyone who doesn't take Trump's word as gospel.
      Any facts offered by someone like me are IGNORED and met with more hateful and ignorant name calling.

      How many times have I offered a sensible framework for the Trumpists to disagree with me and offer their evidence that proves them correct?


      Not one person here is capable of good-faith discussion or rational, evidence-based debate.. Hate is the ONLY response.
      WHAT "hypocrisy" is Anonymous even talking about?
      He WON"T say!
      Once again I challenge the reason-impaired to refute my points:
      “Dave, I have to say you are stating falsehoods by claiming (_____) and (_______). These facts and evidence (_____) and (____) suggest you are quite mistaken.”

      Or this:
      "Dave, you are being hypocritical by saying_____, and then doing this:_____ and saying this:_____."




      Cue anger, hate, ignorance and cult-mentality...
      No facts. No rational statements. Not even basic human decency.

      This is how fascism crushes democracy and takes over a country. It's ALL built on hate and lies,.

  46. There has been over 12 Thousand (Twelve Thousand) ILLEGAL'S crossing our Border EVERY DAY , DUE TO BIDEN'S OPEN BORDER POLICY.
    AND THE NEWS SAID THIS MORNING that the democrats don't like Trump's policies and that's the main reason why they must stop him..

  47. Trump's "policy" is he is ABOVE the LAW and our Constitution.
    He promised to be a dictator on day one. NO dictator EVER relinquishes power willingly, as he proved on 1/6/21.

    Trump declared: “Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution.”

    Trump has pledged to purge our federal government of all those he deems disloyal to HIM, and to hell with the Constitution. That is dictatorship by definition.

    See the radical Right Heritage Foundation's "Project 2025".

    When enemies of the Constitution tell you what they are, believe them the first time.

  48. The prof who shot up UNLV since he didn't get a job - did he lose out to a nigger?

    Because then I don't blame him!

    1. Lisa's Latrine is full of Trump Turds, as seen above in the fake "Dave Dubya" comment. Lisa is queen of the fakes: Fake meme about JFK, and hosting people who steal other commenters names. Free Thinke named Lisa's blog well: Lisa's Latrine. The complete name is "Lisa's Latrine of the Trump Turds." Bwahahahaha!

    2. Sir,
      Fake Dave Dubya of Hillsdale Nazi Academy is one of many racists welcomed here. Tells us all we need to know about them.

    3. "Better Blame Biden(TM)"

      Biden had nothing to do with the inflation over that past years. Covid related supply chain and Corporate GREED did. And who goes hand-in-hand with GREED?


      Republican Senate candidate’s family egg company caught in price-fixing plot

      Several food giants claimed that Rose Acre Farms – which John Rust chaired until recently – unlawfully fixed the prices of eggs

      The family farming company of a Republican candidate for the US Senate was found liable on Tuesday in a plot to fix the price of eggs.

      Rose Acre Farms, which claims to be the second-largest egg producer in the country and until September was chaired by John Rust – now running as a Senate candidate for Indiana – was accused in a civil suit of cutting supply to raise prices.

      Food giants including Kraft, Kellog, General Mills and NestlΓ© filed the suit in Illinois federal court, arguing that between 1999 and 2008 Rose Acre and other producers – Cal-Maine Foods, United Egg Producers and United States Egg Marketers – “unlawfully agreed to and did engage in a conspiracy to control supply and artificially maintain and increase the price of eggs”.

      Jurors agreed, finding that the egg suppliers had exported eggs to cut supply in the US market, as well as limiting the number of hens, reducing flocks and killing chickens earlier than they usually did.

      The food giants argued that, as companies which buy eggs, these moves hurt them by artificially driving up their costs.

      The court will consider damages starting on 29 November.

    4. Isn't it Incredible that Boston Piggy Says Nothing About Rosalyn Carter's Passing
      What? No squeals, oinks or grunts about the passing and memorial for Rosalyn Carter, Shenehneh? Don't you care for one of your own party members, Boston Piggy? One of your former First Ladies took her dirt nap to eternity, and you don't even make a peep or muttering about it?

  49. Hunter Biden Indicted - Nine Counts
    Just coming across. Hunter Biden, President Biden's son, has been charged with nine federal tax crimes, according to a federal indictment unsealed Thursday in the Central District of California.
    Joey Biden Ids Next!

  50. So, it appears Hunter Biden has been indicted on tax charges in California !

    Still think we Republicans are Hitler's!

    Still saying that Lisa's Latrine is full of Trump Turds?

    Well I'm, saying that Shaw's Shit House is full of assholes.

  51. It’s Incredible , that Joe Biden STILL insists he never discussed business with Crack-Head Hunter!
    I guess that he knows that so many of his Stupid supporters are as Dumb as Dogshit, and will believe this outrageous
    Cock N’ Bull Story!
    And he never communicated with any of Hunter's business associates. Those 1,000+ emails to Hunter's associates must have been by His Evil Twin
    Many of them are right here on these Blogs.
    It’s just Unbelievable how ignorant this bumbling stuttering moron is. That he actually thinks anybody would believe his BS. I've actually met some dogshit that was smarter than a Biden supporter. But Joe has given his statement on live TV; he is on record calling it all a bunch of lies despite the fact that there is mountains of proof, witnesses and testimony proving him a liar.
    But yesterday we saw Joe taking press questions as usual with the Back of His Head as He Walks Away. Trying desperately to find his way off the potioum.. If you look closely, you can even see the 3.5mm mini jack port on the back of his head where his handlers connect to feed him his taped answers to questions.
    Maybe if you promise Corrupt Joe an extra Ice-cream Cone he'll say whatever you want him to!
    The failure of the media to press him on these LIES is even more remarkable than the spinelessness of the Washington press. Maybe if Letitia James was on the case he’d be more likely to answer her questions!

  52. Our American History, Our Values, Our Identity, Our Unity, is all going to Hell in a Hand-basket. Reasonable Americans everywhere regardless of politics want a more unified country and less of the increasing polarization going on. This Biden Inflation that we are all suffering from is killing our standards of living.
    I think it’s going to be unpopular with the woke crowd, but the solution is worth it: We need to take more of a hard line stance on standing up for our Country. It means putting our collective foot down and saying NO, NO MORE to open borders, and No to Critical Race Theory, and No Defunding our police, Sanctuary cities, Welfare from Cradle to Grave, the Deconstruction of Our Values and Culture, and NO MORE being Pushed Around Internationally, Seeing Our Country as a Cesspit of Racism, Being Afraid, or Embarrassed to Fly Our Flag, or to Stand for Our National Anthem, Celebrate Our Freedom and do all things American, and NO MORE on Jewish Kids being Afraid to go to Schools. ! It’s great to see that some states are starting to do that, such as several banning Critical Race Theory from the schools and that “sanctuary” cities are changing their minds, respect for our for 2nd amendment rights is returning. . Did you see those Idiotic College Presidents testifying on TV? They should and MUST be FIRED immediately! How Stupid can anyone be? We as citizens NEED to desperately do our part too be voting for candidates who are pro-America, passing laws that put America first, building communities with values that lift up, not keep us down, treating others with true equality, not being afraid to express our Patriotism among countless ways to support our country, and putting America first, and it’s very important to BUY AMERICAN. There is a growing backlash against the anti-American lunacy and we can all take a stand!
    After ALL, Who Are These People? They can NO-LONGER tell us what to do, and how to do it! They aren’t going to tell us (me, and you) what to write on these message boards! Or silence us when we respond to their LIES, and BS. They are NOT going to Ban our former President from giving HIS opinion on a Public Board any longer! Not when WE take over! Not starting this coming November! NO Sir, things are going to change, and Change Drastically! They are no longer going to Shut Us Up. They are no longer going to call us those Stupid, and Fake Names like White Supremacist, or “Racists”, or any other stupid, Childish names, PERIOD!

    Who are these people? And why are they so afraid to Unite with us Americans? And Why do they think that they have a Monopoly on writing here? Or anywhere else?
    Do you thing the readers of these Facebook comments, or Blog comments only want to hear from their Bleeding Heart Voices? Well then I’m sorry but you are just going to have to PUT UP WITH ME and the rest of the Patriots that are sick, and tired, and embarrassed to hear our Inept, Senile, Stuttering, President insulting the half of the counties Patriotic, and Loyal Americans.
    We can also speak out about these INEPT Morons who are desperately trying to Ruin this Country.
    We didn’t spend our years defending our beloved Country so that these TWO IDIOTS and their Puppet Masters could turn her over to the Commie’s. Did You think that you have a Monopoly on writing here?
    Do you thing the readers of this only want to hear from your Bleeding Heart Voice? Well then I’m sorry but you are just going to have to Put up with Me and the rest of the people who are Sick, and Tired, of what this Senile President is doing to our country. These INEPT Morons in Washington are desperately trying to Ruin this Country.

    1. Continue:
      We didn’t spend our years defending her so that these TWO IDIOTS and their Puppet Masters could bring us to another WAR! We had a President who not only defended our Country, but brought us to a new high that we have never seen before. We had a Country who was NO-LONGER dependant on anyone else for our energy. We were independent from anyone! We had record employment, we put China, and Russia, and Iran in their place. We no longer were paying their bills at the UN, or anywhere else.
      And now we have lost all of that! We have become the laughing stock of the world. Half of our own country can’t stand the sight of our country’s Flag, and would rather get on a KNEE, then STAND and show respect for it. Enough is enough. This CRAP is more than enough. I for one am proud to stand for our Flag. And to tell you the truth, you can call me a “white supremacist all you want to . If you hate America that much be my guest and call me any name that you want to, As long as you don’t MESS with MY Freedoms, and MY Rights, You can even get on the next boat to China, or Canada if you Hate this country so much.
      Even the word “Patriot” is now a code word for the Leftist’s according to the media. Showing pride in our country, and also those who defend it is now distorted into something ugly by the Left, who only wish to disconcert from our identity. Even something as simple as standing for the National Anthem is now CHALLENGED. ! In light of that, it’s no wonder many on the far Left even call for cancelling the 4th of July as a “white supremacist, sexist, racist etc…. Everything that we loved from our entire childhood, YOU have wiped out, our Nursery rhymes, our Cartoons, even the Pancake Syrup that we loved. Noe America is only great for milking her, for getting Free Stuff. And if you can’t get it, You are now Stealing it, Looting it. . All of American’s apple pie apparently is also racist and nationalist ! Rightfully defending our country is seen as unjust, and some even go so far as to say “We Deserved 9/11" ! This clearly goes beyond SANE criticisms of our country, instead being a one sided attack that only seeks to tear down our national pride and identity, deconstructing rather than constructively improving our remaining faults.
      You have alreay tore down our Countries Statues, and the History behind them You have been eliminating our Holidays, like Columbus Day, and some of our Great President’s birdays,
      Perhaps next you want to take away the 4th of July, the National Anthem, displaying American Flags and such, is the Left’s various social agendas dismantling our core values. Our country was and still is known around the world as the place where you can work hard and achieve your dreams. Why do you think that all these MILLIONS of lleagles want to come here? Did you ever see even one person that wanted to go to ANT of those Shit Hole Countries? . No, life is not a picnic here., But we still have the Greatest Country in the whole world, with the the opportunity to better yourself and the resources to do it are still second to none!

    2. Continue;
      However now we seem to be so consumed in racism and inequalities that it make it literally impossible to realize your American Dream. . Yet, try telling that to the disadvantaged people that who came here and beat the odds! No one denies they have had to face far more obstacles, including poverty, bias and discrimination, but never the less they made it and are proud of the country that helped them succeed. The defeatist attitude that you can’t only leads to a society of people who have no motivation to better themselves and blame the system for all their obstacles rather than actively try to overcome them. Relatedly, values such as personal accountability are also under attack. If you can simply blame systemic racism, sexism, or the “claustrophobia” for all your mistakes such as your unwanted pregnancies, broken homes, unemployment, financial struggles, the fact you didn’t get the job or admission to college etc… then that absolves you of your own personal choices you could control despite other circumstances you couldn’t! Shifting the blame onto excuses of insurmountable oppression has chipped away at our moral fiber as a nation has enabled a chronic welfare state, broken families and homes, cycles of violence and abuse and poverty, poorer health outcomes, learned helplessness, underachievement and untapped potential. NONE of which helps our country!
      We ignore the dangers of rising crime rates and results of what it means. ARE racist and sexist brought over by many who want to take advantage of our freedoms yet don’t appreciate our country in return

    3. Continue
      I don’t blame people who are only here for a better life, and I welcome those who come with an open mind and grateful attitude to share the American Dream like many of our own ancestors. However, along with the good ones, come criminals trafficking drugs or fellow human beings, gangs, and those who resent us and want to undermine Western values. Sounds paranoid and extreme, but those so called sanctuary cities have skyrocketing crime rates, and an overflowing welfare state. Even if only productive families came who would help the country, we can only take so many and must look after those already here as legal citizens. No one has the right to just enter any country and demand its resources. There are ways to officially become citizens and many immigrants honor this and it’s unfair to them to just jump the line! Imagine if I randomly decided to go to Canada and demand they give me all their resources without becoming a Canadian citizen! If that sounds ridiculous then why isn’t it for America? Don’t even get me started on how we’re treated internationally by other countries and how we let them step all over us…

      We now have a President from the party who would rather divide the country along identity lines. Conservative vs. Liberal. White vs. Black. Men vs. women. Gay vs. straight rather than lose their power.
      These Socialist Democrats, who are leaning on Communism actually would rather destroy America and to divide us against each other! We did that once, and the results ended in 600,000 Americans dead, more than WWI and WWII combined! While there haven’t been calls of a literal second civil war yet, the violence this division is stoking is an all too real threat. With racial tension at an all time high, and BLM and Antifa around there has been an increase in violent protests, looting and overall lawlessness. Even more frightening, they get a free pass to do all of the above as it’s politically undesirable to hold them accountable to the law. Looting hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise is now okay in the name of reparations! If that doesn’t sound like insanity I don’t know what is… Now, the latest attempt at utterly dividing America comes from Critical Race Theory. This is their view that everything can be seen through the lens of racial injustice and oppression at the hands of white people, and that our country is inherently racist at its core. And that White people must renounce their “privilege” and people of color are oppressed. Just ask Colin Kaepernick he has become the Hero of the Oppressed Blacks, he even has this CRAP being taught in schools across the country to our children as well as in higher learning to brainwash and divide them from their white friends. Are You Going to even try to tell me that this is healthy for anyone? To tell their white friends, the same children that they grew up with that are “oppressors”? To tell children of color they’re inherently oppressed and cant go as far as their white friends can?
      How about ALL of our Black Doctors, and Lawyers, and School Teachers, and Politicians, and Generals, Mayors, Governors, Actors, and Actresses, Barrack Obama, the new Mayor of New York City (this biggest City in the World)? Were they ALL Oppressed? Was Colin Kaepernick so Oppressed?

    4. Walter appeals to reason and then abandons it entirely by blaming Biden for the inflation brought on by covid, the supply chain, and corporate greed. Now that inflation is falling will he credit Biden?
      Why not? How could Biden raise and lower inflation on his own?
      Record corporate profits tell us who pumped up inflation.
      Remember when the Right blamed Biden for the high price of eggs? They didn't know what they were talking about.

      Republican Senate candidate’s family egg company caught in price-fixing plot

      Several food giants claimed that Rose Acre Farms – which John Rust chaired until recently – unlawfully fixed the prices of eggs

      The family farming company of a Republican candidate for the US Senate was found liable on Tuesday in a plot to fix the price of eggs.

      Rose Acre Farms, which claims to be the second-largest egg producer in the country and until September was chaired by John Rust – now running as a Senate candidate for Indiana – was accused in a civil suit of cutting supply to raise prices.

      Food giants including Kraft, Kellog, General Mills and NestlΓ© filed the suit in Illinois federal court, arguing that between 1999 and 2008 Rose Acre and other producers – Cal-Maine Foods, United Egg Producers and United States Egg Marketers – “unlawfully agreed to and did engage in a conspiracy to control supply and artificially maintain and increase the price of eggs”.

      Jurors agreed, finding that the egg suppliers had exported eggs to cut supply in the US market, as well as limiting the number of hens, reducing flocks and killing chickens earlier than they usually did.

      Now watch the Trump cult say this is "hate" and attack me personally for showing FACTS.

  53. Continued:
    If so then how did he get the Millions that he has, or the Mansion that he lives in, or ALL of his Luxury Cars? And how come he has become the Spokesmen for a company like Nike?
    If you ask me, HE IS A Resentment to his own Race!
    Instead of being one “UNITED” Country, we now have two separate National Anthems, our Regular Anthem, that we had for almost 100 years, and now a Black Anthem WHY? Because of Black “Activist Athletes” who instead of thanking America for the wonderful, opportunity that they have achieved so much and come so far and represent America at the Olympics of all places, where they Stand to Protest in Spite of what they have managed to achieve. They would rather have two separate Americas! Where their friends, and families are divided over politics. Politics told to them by some strangers from an Organization called Black Lives Matter, where children are estranged from their parents, their siblings on opposite sides of each other, separated from their relationships, friends un-friending each other over a political sides, this is exactly what is tearing us apart.. Politics is no longer about ideas, but identity, and every little thing that you do now puts you on one side or the other regardless of your own opinions! It’s going to lead us into another civil war!
    Can you believe that yesterday Karine Jean-Pierre said “It’s “Stunning” That Republicans Are Demanding a Secure Border: “History Will Remember Them Harshly!” Is she KIDDING?
    Can you remember only 3 short years ago when the Democrats all backstabbed Trump in his first term withholding funding for the Wall in the first Omnus Bill. Then Trump tried to get funding and tyrant judges appointed by Obama, Clinton, and Bush #2 blocked his efforts just like they did his Muslim ban. Well look at what has happened since then! He then used Military funds to get at least 400 miles built. He'll get the rest built when he's president again.
    I just can’t wait till Donald Trump gets back into office and implements President Eisenhower's "Operation Wetback" deportation government program on a grand scale. History will remember him, and thank him.
    Our history, and our values, as well as our identity, our unity, it’s all being DESTROYED ! Most of Americans really want a unified country and less of the increasing hatred that is going on.: We need to be standing up for our country. We need to foot down and saying NO to open borders, No more Critical Race Theory, No more Defunding our police, No more Sanctuary Cities, No More Destruction of our History, our Statues, and our Values, No More Banning of anything any We need to be treating others with equality, We need to NOT being afraid to express our Patriotism and to Support our country against the anti-American Lunacy. And you can BET that I Blame Biden!
    We must all take a stand, AND WE MUST DO IT RIGHT NOW!!

  54. The Democrat Party has racist roots. They supported slavery, they created Jim Crow laws, they ran the KKK.....thier statues are being torn down all over the South, so why not tear apart the primary cause of racism in America?
    And RIGHT NOW as I type this, the Jewist Kids in AMERICA are afraid to even go to school. And to add to that they are even afraid to walk doen the streets where they live.
    Yesyerday a Man wearing Religious Jewish clothing was Punched in the face and robbed on Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY. And thats nothing new! The collages” are being a battleground with Palestinian Flag wavers intimination the Jewish Children! IS THIS AMERICA?
    In Israel, Hama acted like animals, and THEY are picketing? Are they Kidding. But what gets me is that these college kids are acting as if the entire school is ANTI-SEMITIC! And the College President are adding to this!
    According to New York City's District Attorney NO ONE is going to prison, or even to trial? Leftist rioters who attempted a mass casualty terrorist attack in Los Angeles. In San Fransisco, you can walk into a store in Broad Daylight, and LOOT it by filling up those Large Garbage Bags, and simply walk out, and No One is going to bother you. Thaty are doing this with 75- to 80 people rushing into Luxury stores Smashing the Show Cases and grabbing whatever they can and running out all in the perioed of 5 minutes.

    In New York City, the Subways a filled with these LUNATICS running around throwing people onto the tracks just to steal their Cell-phones.
    Remember Kamala Harris was bailing out Violent Thugs, who were rioters, arsonists, and even Murderers. Remember “Michelle Obama” threatening America during the Democratic National Convention? As blue cities burned, she said that the “chaos” would only get worse if Biden lost the election, so people should vote for Biden “like our lives depend on it.”
    Remember Obama saying "If they bring a Knofe to the fight, you should bring a Gun.
    These are the kind of people that lead the American left. They are not “friends we haven’t met yet,” or fellow citizens with different views. They are domestic enemies, trying to wreck our country, persecute their opponents, and strip us of our rights.

    Keep that in mind the next time some spineless RINO calls for “bi-partisanship.” Or some hack from the Planned Parenthood (i.e., Bush) wing of the GOP scolds you for “undermining institutions and norms” by indulging in “populism.” There’s already a civil war on, but only one side is fighting.” END

    I completely agree with this, surprisingly enough; You see I GET THE TRUTH, I really do….and so I think it’s important to grab anything that combats all this stuff……Like Maher warning people about not hating all of the Right, or strangers on the street who’re for Trump though we’d never have believed it, or Black Conservative groups forming, or L.A. high schools with 200 kids in Conservative groups, etc etc…………

    It’s a VERY weak start, but it’s a start.……with the things Biden says, he is digging his own grave, in my opinion; he sounded like a COMPLETE hateful IDIOT in his Voting Rights speech in Georgia yesterday, particularly afterwards, when he tried to flub through the absence of Stacey Abrams…”I spoke to Stacey this morning….WE ARE VERY GOOD FRIENDS, we REALLY UNDERSTAND each other….just got our SCHEDULES MIXED UP!” You jerk! You’re the PRESIDENT! She had something more important? Unreal. He is a LOSER and I believe even HE knows it…

  55. If one good thing comes from the war in Gaza - apart from the complete destruction of Hamas - it will be the end of the extreme woke ideology that categorizes all people as oppressors or oppressed, and destroys the ideas reducing everybody’s identity solely to the group in which they are a part. It has exposed the breathtaking hypocrisy of the far left who say speech is violence and using the wrong pronoun is abuse while rationalizing the “Genocidal” calls for and actual physical violence against Jews.

    There is something deeply deeply sick in our universities that needs to be rooted out and expunged
    Anyone that is paying the slightest bit of attention knows they have been that way for some time.....You can trace most of the responsible for the ills of our country to a ivy league Liberal Sheep aka Professors, and that Motley Crew of College Presidents of those "Disgraceful Universities" that we saw on TV this week. May they ALL BE GONE SOON.


  56. So, it looks like the S...t is finally going to hit the Fan. It appears Hunter Biden has been indicted on tax charges in California !
    They are felony tax evasion charges. Being on drugs doesnt help his case at all. In fact, it makes it that much easier to convince the jury of just about any charge they give him.

    You democrats are not prepared for whats coming at all. You have happy talked yourselves for the past year, but that shit is not going to help you in the end. As the Justice Department Files 9 New Criminal Charges Against Hunter Biden – Tax Evasion – Faces Up to 17 Years in Prison.. As we know that just ain’t happen, Sonny Boy ain’t gonna Jail. But this sure brings a Lot of Thought to the Lies of Pappa Joey! Who said he knew NUTTIN about Sonny Boy’s working activities. But they want us to forget about Joe Biden. There is not even a peep from any of the other Dems about "deep state" or any other of the other Crime villains.
    That is a democrat tactic. Democraps have been proclaiming that they are victims of the system for years now. So, just Run along little people nothing to see here.
    What is wrong with these people?

  57. So, the smartest guy that Joey Biden knows just got hit with Nine New Criminal Charges!
    When Joey screams against "The Rich Not Paying Their Fair Share", He’s talking about his own Son Hunter, right?
    Check out just a few of these FUN things that Hunter spent his money on instead of paying his taxes!
    Hunter Biden made instead of paying his taxes, per prosectors

    - $683,212 to "Various Women”
    - $397,530 on "Clothing and Accessories"
    - $188,960 on "Adult Entertainment"
    -$214, 923 on “Restaurants”
    -1,664,005 on Cash Withdrawals”
    -71,869 on “Drugs, and Booze”
    And this is only a part of it.
    So this is "...My Son Hunter, Who’s the Smartest Guy I Know."

  58. #hunterbidenbestfirstson


  59. I have seen no evidence that Donald Trump is a Nazi, or has ANY resemblance to one. as the hysterical Progressive’s and Ultra-Liberal, Democrats scream.
    He has all the right in the world to use the word “Vermin” as any American can without being call ANY of those stupid, and NONSENSICAL terms.
    What we are really debating in this new WOKE and society? Do we now call people Nazi’s because they are our Political opponents, or the opposition? Indeed, many "whites" hate Blacks,, and many Blacks hate Whites, but that is just as wrong! There are mamy great men such as Reverend Martin Luther King to correct this stupidness or should I have said Try To.

    It was things like Reverend Wright's "God Damn America" versus The Founding Father's and William Bennett's God Bless America, The Last Best Hope. Western Civilization is not perfect, and its people have committed many sins, but it has also demonstrated a remarkable ability to self-correct.
    Black against White is a stupid debate, as is ANY American against the Jewish people is. .

    It seems like Progressives, & Liberals not only hate their Country, Christians, and Jews, and the Constitution., But they Love Gays, Socialism, Hippies Obama, Biden, and Drugs.
    Talking about Stupidity, both Lester & Shaw are the biggest Name-Callers, and hateful people on these blogs.
    And by the way, Mark Levin who is a Political Commentator on TV is another Brilliant Jewish man who has seen the Light, when it comes to Presidential candidates. .
    So, when you get it straight from the horse's mouth, you HAVE to believe it, unless you're too stupid to understand -- and I know damned well you're not

  60. Candycorn.

    You really have no clue of the similarities between Trump's rhetoric and Hitlers. YOU show the same kind of support for the hate and bigotry espoused by neo-Nazis. Hating Trump does NOT mean we hate our country. This is a Nazi tactic in itself.
    Most American Jews are liberals, yet YOU insult them as you LIE about them. THAT is the point, not that Trump or his cult are literal Nazis. They just SOUND and ACT like Nazis did before they took power in Germany.
    You invoke the name of MLK, but we KNOW you would HATE him today, just for saying, ​“America must move toward a democratic socialism."

    I invite you to show that any of the points I make are false:

    But I KNOW what your reaction would be. First you're narrow mind won't care to learn what it doesn't want to know. Second, you will hypocritically resort to the name calling you condemn in others.

  61. ...and Qtard does it's part by defending Putin's puppet, dotard donald. Idiot says it is a foreigner from "far far away". I say it is an anti-American foreigner who wants to see America go fascist under a "president for life" donald tRump.

    The idiot Qtard wants tRump back in office bigly. Why he echos Putin's talking points regarding the 2020 election being "stolen". Says (as Putin does) that the J6 insurrectionists were at the Capitol that day to "ask questions". And that they did nothing wrong. They were walking by the street and entered a free admission building.

    Oh, and they were exercising their "human right" to overthrow the results of a free and fair election their didn't like the results of. Just like the "fathers founders" did in the US war for independence.

  62. anti-American Girl: So, the bottom line is this: the home of Anti-Semitism in America is the Democrat Party.

    I support the people of Israel. I also support innocent Palestinians. Rightturds like Qtard and anti-American Girl say that, because I don't support the rightwing Nuttenyahoo government, I am an antisemite. Which is false.

    Israel needs to get rid of the corrupt Hamas-supporting Nuttenyahoo. A majority of Israelis want him gone. So, according to trumpturds, a majority of Jews in Israel are antisemitic.

  63. #davedubyabestblogger

  64. The bulk of these comments from people have been suggesting all liberals, and especially the Progressive Liberals are just plain stupid, anti-patriotic, dumb, ignorant, name it they are that! . One even suggested that Lester Carpenter Ant the blow-hard is a gigantic anti-Semite, and that moronic asswipe is allowed to comment that Progressive blog, well I can’t agree with that one, after all this IS American and even a anti-Semite is allowed to comment on open blogs.
    And I must say that I kind of agree with the majority of these commentors. Freedom of expression is the American way! Kind of like the contempt expressed by liberals towards conservatives like that other jerk-off Dave Dubya the guy with the Hitler obsession
    I've met extremely intelligent people from across the political spectrum - and I will be the first one to agree that many of them are idiots, however they still have the right to express their opinions. I've talked to fascists, idiotic’s who may be Liberal’s or Conservatives, a lot of them may be intelligent and a lot of them are brain-dead centrists. there seems to be some truth in that, but in my case, I have heard so many more of this hated from the Left that it docent compare to what the other side (the Conservatives) say. Not in the least. The left wing posters are the most rabid bunch of haters I have ever met.
    But, if there is a REAL reason, for hating liberals - if you want a good reason HATE and to mock this rabid pile of leftist garbage

    1. Peter can't see the hate and racism in the MAGTs here, because HE is one of them.

      Hardly a single post by the MAGAts here doesn't include hate and name-calling.

      The mere fact that I point out how similar Hitler and Trump are in hateful and demonizing rhetoric is taken as "hate". Yet NOT ONE person can disprove ANY OF MY FACTS. This is why hate and name-calling is the default position for the radical Right.

      Your goddamn malevolent mendacious messiah of mayhem is a criminal and thug, bent on vengeance and retribution against the "vermin" who oppose him or hold him accountable.

      He sounds like Hitler and he tried to CANCEL MY VOTE, so anyone who sides with HIM is an idiot, asshole, fascist, or downright traitor to our republic.

      Having your head so full of Trump bullshit can have that effect.

      Trump has shown every intention of removing anyone in our government not loyal to HIM. The word for that is dictatorship.

      In fact, he promised he WOULD be a dictator on "day one". He's already shown us how dictators refuse to concede power and will only be worse than before.

      Since when is that "conservatism"?

    2. The ASSWIPE Dave Dubya Said! "Having your head so full of Trump bullshit can have that eff"

      Better than having YOUR Head Up BIDUMB'S and Shaw's Ass, and Kissing it!:

  65. Right wing MAGA hate:

    All U.S. extremist mass killings in 2022 linked to far right, report says

    Right-wing extremists committed every ideologically driven mass killing identified in the U.S. in 2022, with an "unusually high" proportion perpetrated by white supremacists, according to a new report published Thursday.

    Driving the news: The high number of killings linked to white supremacists was "primarily due to mass shootings," the report released by the Anti-Defamation League found.

  66. Now we have another even better reason to hate the Democratic - liberal- Progressives, in American Universities such as Claudine Gay, the President of Harvard University, Liz Magill, President of University of Pennsylvania, and Sally Kornbluth, President of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, testify before the House Education and Workforce Committee Harvard and where their presidents are NOT condemning the calling for the Genocide of Jews. And people like Dave Dubya doesn’t say ONE Bad word about them, but sits there like the Monkey he is criticizing, and Name Calling former President Trump who has done more for America in his past position while being obstructed by the left for his entire 4 years that the Crooked, Delusional, Ignoramus in the Oval Office today.

  67. After reading the Home pahe of that Progressive POS Dave Dubya, I must say that the term Malignant Mentalities really fits, and DO exist among the various political groups of this Country!
    The bulk of these ignorant comments from people have been coming from the liberals, progressives, and democratic-socialists who no doubt are Stupid, Anti-patriotic, and really name it. You can even say that Shaw Kenawe the progressive blogger is a hypocrite for allowing a anti-Semite to comment on her blog, Well I guess that I’ll have to agree with that one, after all this IS American and even a Anti-Semite is allowed to comment on open blogs.
    And I must say that I kind of agree with the majority of these commentors. Freedom of expression is the American way! NOT at all like the contempt expressed by liberals towards conservatives.
    I must say that I've met some extremely intelligent people from across the political spectrum - and I will be the first one to agree that many of them are idiots, however they still have the right to express their opinions. I've spoken with many fascists, idiotic’s who may be Liberal’s or Conservatives, a lot of them may be intelligent and a lot of them are brain-dead centrists. there seems to be some truth in that, but in my case, I have heard so many more of this hated from the Lefties that it doesn’t even compare to what the other side (the Conservatives) say. Not in the least. The left wing posters are the most Rabid Bunch of Haters I have ever met. Talking about “Hate” Liberals had no problems with saying those Hate-filled things about the GOP candidate Donald Trump for president. And if they can’t find anything, they’ll invent something. .
    Liberals actually “Hate” all followers of President Trump as well, and that really gets me.
    As for our Queen of Progressiveness, Shaw Kenawe, she actually “HATES” everyone who has a “R” in front of their name. In fact she hate’s anyone who isn't a Liberal.
    As a rule, Liberals are not very friendly or respectful to anyone with American values, or patriotism

  68. Back Again shows the dark heart of con-servative Trumpism. Just like with all Nazis, it's ALWAYS about hate, blame, and scapegoating. The college presidents use the word "context" and the fascist brain gets short-circuited. They were truthfully responding to questions about the WRITTEN POLICIES.

    "NOT condemning the calling for the Genocide of Jews" is a LIE!
    This LIE is by definition MORE than "ONE Bad word about them".
    Neo-Nazis don't want to know the facts. HATE is their chosen response to anything that doesn't come from the foul mouth of their Felonious Fuhrer.

    Statement from President Gay: There are some who have confused a right to free expression with the idea that Harvard will condone calls for violence against Jewish students. Let me be clear: Calls for violence or genocide against the Jewish community, or any religious or ethnic group are vile, they have no place at Harvard, and those who threaten our Jewish students will be held to account.

    The context that fries the brains of the ignorant cult is in the wording of Harvard's Discrimination and Harassment policy.,the%20individual%20an%20equal%20opportunity

    "Discriminatory harassment is unwelcome and offensive conduct that is based on an individual or group’s protected status. Discriminatory harassment may be considered to violate Harvard University Policy when it is so severe or pervasive and objectively offensive that it creates a work, educational, or living environment that a reasonable person would consider intimidating, hostile, or abusive and denies the individual an equal opportunity to participate in the benefits of the workplace or the institution’s programs and activities."

    As set forth in the Anti-Bullying Policy:
    Bullying, used as a shorthand for hostile and abusive behavior or power-based harassment, is defined here as harmful interpersonal aggression by words or actions that humiliate, degrade, demean, intimidate, or threaten an individual or individuals. For a violation of the Policy to occur, such aggression must be sufficiently severe or pervasive and objectively offensive that it creates a work, educational, or living environment that a reasonable person would consider intimidating, hostile, or abusive and denies the individual an equal opportunity to participate in the benefits of the workplace or the institution’s programs and activities."

    Obviously they need to revise their policy.

    "Name calling former president Trump"??

    LOL!!!! He tried to CANCEL my vote and calls me "vermin", so fuck you.

    Your malevolent mendacious messiah is the KING of name-calling, and ALL YOU NEO-NAZI MAGATs do the same goddamn thing!

    You're all too stupid or willfuly ignorant you have NO IDEA of the LIES he tells, and the CRIMES your CROOKED and CORRUPT savior committed.

    Trump lost, lied about it, and committed crimes to overturn our election.

    MAGAts are ENEMIES of truth, decency, and democracy. Not to mention being bigots and racist as hell. JUST LIKE NAZIS.

  69. Dear Davy BOY,
    FUCK YOU.... and YOUR Nazis Obsession .
    If you have Any Questions? Stick them up your ass.

  70. And Fuck President Gay as well.

  71. Donald Trump is going to be the 47th President of the USA starting January 20, 2025 and you better get get used to it.

    1. And if Trump loses AGAIN, who will you want to KILL then?

  72. Anonymous sounds just like a Nazi for a reason:
    Trump is the closest America has come to a home-grown Hitler. The similarities are numerous.
    Hitler's Putsch: 1923
    Trump's coup: 1/6

  73. Ha, ha, ha, you are such a PRICK... Bye, Bye, asshole

    1. Speaking of REAL pricks and REAL assholes:

      Rudy Giuliani will go to trial where a jury could decide if he must pay tens of millions of dollars in damages to two Georgia election workers he repeatedly defamed.

      The attorney has already been found liable for defaming mother and daughter Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s electoral loss to Joe Biden. But he will stand trial beginning Monday to determine how much he may have to pay the two Georgia election workers.

      Giuliani conceded in July that he had lied about Freeman and Moss while he was acting as an attorney for Trump, saying his statements were “actionable” and “false” in an attempt to stem a crush of legal bills related to the case. The pair sued the lawyer in federal court in 2021, alleging Giuliani repeatedly spread conspiracy theories that they had brought in illegal ballots while counting votes in 2020, as well as a flash drive used to alter digital tabulation machines. But he did not say at the time the lies had caused any damage to the pair and claimed the statements were protected under the First Amendment.

      While those claims were repeatedly proven to be lies, they quickly spread through the Trump orbit, with the former president himself calling Freeman a “professional voter scammer” in a call with Georgia’s secretary of state in 2021.

      Freeman testified last year that both she and her daughter had endured severe abuse stemming from Giuliani’s falsehoods, including death threats that forced them into hiding at times..

      “I’ve lost my name and I’ve lost my reputation,” she told lawmakers. “Do you know how it feels to have the president of the United States target you?”

      “I’ve lost my sense of security — all because a group of people, starting with Number 45 and his ally Rudy Giuliani, decided to scapegoat me and my daughter, Shaye, to push their own lies about how the presidential election was stolen,” she added.

      Attorneys for Freeman and Moss intend to ask the jury for between $15.5 million and $43 million in damages. That total does not include any punitive damages the jury could award, or those for intentional inflection of emotional distress, according to The New York Times. Giuliani has already been ordered to pay the womens’ legal fees.

      Trump told the same racist LIES about those Black women. HIS turn is coming…

    2. Who cares about a couple jigaboos?


  74. The Super-Moron in the White House is on a mission to harm the US and its citizens, period. Where President Biden just pledged to Shut Down 60% of America’s electric power! Hos he lost ALL of his marbles?
    This cannot stand. Our destruction is inevitable if he's allowed another illegal term in office
    The Biden administration made two virtue-signaling proclamations at last week’s COP28 conference in Dubai it says will help save the planet from climate change.
    JUST GO FOR IT JOE!. Shut down our Air Conditioners next summer and see how the election goes for you and your Moronic Party!
    The idiot in DC, and his idiotic friends need to learn that you cannot eliminate one (major) source of energy until you have something at least as good or better to replace it with.

    Does that Patatohead really think that our country is going to run on SOLAR PANELS ?

  75. Talking about “Hate” any Hate, Hate for Jews, Hate for Black, or Gay’s etc, Liberals have no problems about Hating anybody. For example, Shaw Kenawe, the HATEFUL Progressive she actually “HATES” everyone who has a “R” in front of their name. In fact she hate’s anyone who isn't a Liberal.
    As a rule, Liberals are not very friendly or respectful to others about religion, about patriotism, or family life, American values, in fact Liberal’s as a rule are very Hateful altogether, Take that fool Dave Dubya for example. He claims to Hate EVERYBODY that is a Trump Supporter. But then again, he’s a very poor example, because he is a complete half-witted-nincompoop, therefore a poor example. We need to say to ourselves "There but for the Grace of God, go’s a Liberal.” and we need to thank God that we are not one of those People.
    Thank You for you time, and for reading this... Much appreciated, thank you again.. I may sound a bit trite to you after your reading this, but I feel that the secret to healing all perceived divisions that may at first sound unimportant is permitting the overwhelming power of love to your fellow man that overrides all other considerations to enter your heart. And believe me when I say that it never ceases to work miracles, unless you've allowed its opposite -- Cynicism, Distrust, Contempt, Prejudice, -- to take control of your thinking and thus blind you to the power of Truth, Beauty, Affection, Devotion, Loyalty, Courage, Integrity, Curiosity, Ingenuity, Excellence, Aspiration, Inspiration, Humility, Pathos, Humor, Empathy -- and all the other myriad intangibles .

  76. Dark Fury hates me so much he has to LIE about what I said.
    FACT: I NEVER said I "hate EVERYBODY that is a Trump supporter".
    Not once. He won't cite where I said it because I didn't. His HATE for me fabricates lies and delusions.
    Preaching about love for your fellow man that you will never give just shows the hypocrisy. The fact is he HATES the people Trump wants him to HATE. This is a rejection of the Word of Jesus and embrace of TRUMP as his mendacious malevolent messiah.
    If he wasn't so full of dark fury he would open his mind and heart, but that has NEVER been a Trump value. The evil man admitted he wants to be DICTATOR on DAY ONE.

    1. The Moronic Dave Dubya seems to be Deaf, and Blind to all the Screwed--Up actions by the Current President of the United States, but would rather spread a trail of BS CRAP but a Civilian who wants to "Make America Great Again" I say "Again" because it Once Was Until that
      Birdbrained, Delusional, Bonehead, half-witted, nincompoop came into office and totally DESTROYED everything that was Great about this Country.

  77. I'd Like To Know Why!December 11, 2023 at 7:56 AM

    This is CERTAINLY a year for stupidity, the collage students certainly aren’t smart enough to even know which way is up, so how would anyone expect them to know that it was Hamas that started this Horrible thing, so why be so angry at the Israeli’s . And also HOW in the world did America become so stupid to elect this walking Vegetable we have sitting currently ijn the White House!

  78. Mystere The Gay ProctologistDecember 11, 2023 at 11:04 AM

    Pull down your pants and your panties men (and ONLY the men). I'm here to inspect your endos! I will judge which of you has the sexiest anus.

  79. We are currently experiencing the BIGGEST, and WORST Scandal that has ever happened to the United States of America before.
    We have a current President of the United States who is trying to eliminate his strong political opponent in the 2024 election by jailing his chief opponent. And by having him removed from running against him. Here is his imaculately-researched case that can only be fixed by impeachment of the current president, his weaponized DOJ supporters, and his sell-out of America to China co-scandal to the demise of the Constitution of the United States of America. Regardless of your party, you need to reconcile in favor of the Constitution or become the weakest member due to the continuation of a Communist pursuit of powerful ownership by the Feds over every aspect of human life in America, where people can be thrown into jail or executed by whim of the Party in charge, and by design President Biden's Democrat Party that can incarcerate political opponents by whim. We're in dangerous territory, but I'll let one of the best fiscal reporters in America explain the upside down world of today's White House. I hope it sinks in to both sides of the aisle, as hearing this will be the best hour you ever spent understanding how to survive this crisis without destroying the Constitution intelligent men of the eighteenth century, our Founders, delivered a plan, which if respected, will restore the nation to some semblance of reality of dealing with prices of cars being $48,000, gas prices high, to be lowered for a short time before the election, then restored to its double or triple price before Joe Biden sold out America to the Communist Chinese for $5 million dollars for himself, and $5 million dollars for his son, Hunter Biden. Do you want to become a subservant of the person in power's demands? Please take an hour of your precious time to research this yourself .
    Thousands of Americans can't feed their families anymore, and are facing a inflated economy and decreased wages. This is the story of many across America. Leftists only want to talk about how great the economy is instead of families like this who can't even afford food anymore. But Multi Billions are being spent on Illegal immigrants, and on a war in Ukraine.
    Biden, as usual, blames other people for his actions of pay to play, disasters,
    in an unprecedented scandal to jail his formidable political opponent of our 247 year American History.
    It's never been done before, and I hope it never happens again.
    Donald Trump stands for what America wants, and needs to save her from the evils of the Left and it’s lap dog media! They are destroy America and they are succeeding because of that Delusional, Senile, Potatoehead that we are allowing to ruin, and RUIN the Country.
    Impeach Biden Now!

  80. Remember Michelle Obama's famous "BRING BACK OUR GIRLS" Campaign?
    well apparently that didn't include or apply to Jewish Girls!

    1. Doc is showing us his racism again. I bet he LOVES Rudy for HIS racist lies.

      One of his and Trump's victims:
      “They kept telling me they could hang me and they could hang my mom. I was afraid for my life. I literally felt someone would be coming to hang me, and there was nothing anyone could do about it.”

      -Shaye Moss testifying in Georgia today against Trump's goon, Rudy Giuliani.

      Trump piled on with the same bullshit LIES. His turn is coming. Those women will be able to retire comfortably on the damages from those racist liars.

  81. VINCIT OMNIA VERITASDecember 12, 2023 at 5:45 AM

    Unless you fits into the Democratic, Liberal, Progressive sector of the political spectrum , and you actually “HATE” Donald Trump Then you are "bad"!.... That’s the way of the Prejudiced, Ding-a-ling , Biased Progressive Blogger Shaw thinks! "good" paradigm and meta-narrative...
    If Donald Trump did anything that was considered to be “Good” .. Then in her delusional eyes, “It NEVER happened”.

    And if it did get reported, it was only reported to the extent necessary to impugn the motives of the "nasty" REPUBLICANS HATERS”



  83. In these times of political turmoil, aggressive online discourse, wars over thinking so viciously, and Hatefully, and in a spiteful manner and lord knows what else, one thing is hard to deny: there’s a lot of hypocrisy flying around. People regularly and angrily lambast others for doing something, while doing pretty much the exact same thing themselves. But if you are one of those hateful Liberals who Complains about Donald Trump, who is just another American Citizen , and not making the Terrible decisions that Biden is doing and who is RUINING this country with his Lie, and Corruption , and you support Joe Biden you are a hypocrite, of Gigantic proportions
    This leftist bullshit has to stop. Now they’re destroying WWII Memorials by spray paonting it with Red paint. ... Wasn’t it enough when they were buring down the Cities where they live? Turing over Police Cars, throwing Bricks at the Police and tearing down our Statues,
    What the hell is their excuse for doing that? NOTHING! Excuses will do nothing, and will stop nothing! What makes those jerks that did this do things like this????
    The American people are sick of the racism and bullshit of people who think like you. Wake up.
    And now I’m reading that the Harvard Board of Directors actually disagrees with REMOVING that Female Back President and her antisemitism testimony.
    The Harvard Corporation, the highest governing body at the university, HAS BACKED the university’s president, Claudine Gay, to remain in post after calls for her removal following controversial testimony over antisemitism on campus. That is DISGUSTING! I think that EVERY Jewish Donor to that SLEAZY School should STOP their donations NOW!

    1. Doc and every racist wants to see the Black woman fired from Harvard for "controversial testimony", that he LIED about saying her words were antisemitc.
      As if SHE was screaming "ALLAH HU AKBAR! Death to Israel".
      No. That level of hate is found here among the poorly educated, semi-literate dupes and neo-Nazi racist MAGATs.
      Doc has no issue with lumping vandals with all liberals, so he shouldn't mind being lumped in with racist cops, the Klan, white supremacists, and all his friends who terrorized congress and beat cops bloody.

  84. As they now have decided to indict Hunter Biden for his obvious crimes.

    I have to ask the real question. Why haven't they already done that? Are they all part of the crooked DC cabal? It may be time for a revolution or secession. This country seems to be on its last legs ever since that moronic Potato-Head became the President

    1. IMHO,

      You mean Hunter's "obvious crime" of being a Biden? Hunter is indicted and you STILL WHINE.
      Convictions require EVIDENCE, like the mountains of evidence against your malevolent mendacious messiah.
      Feel free to move to Russia. You WANT a dictator like Putin so much anyway,

    2. If Donald Trump wins the election next year, will MAGAts still believe that Kamala Harris has the constitutional authority to throw out his electoral votes to make Joe Biden president again?

      Yeah, I didn't think so . . .

    3. ME whine? That's the funniest thing Ive heard all year, YOU ARE THE BIGGEST STUPIDEST, thing I've ever heard. You are the biggest "WHINER" along with the biggest Bullshit artist on this site!
      Everyone would be happier if you just Get the Hell OUT OF HERE. And get lost somewhere or even fall off a cliff.

    4. So "Anonymous" is also crybaby IMHO. Got it.
      What if Kamala exercises the same power you thought Pence had?

    5. Shut up turd burglar

    6. "Shut up....or WAAAAAH!" whines crybaby IMHO.
      IMHO, I know you're one. IMNOT one.

  85. Even if Israel is wrong in attacking Gaza ( And I don't believe that) why are people attacking Jewish Americans? American Jew’s are not responsible for actions taken by others. .
    And, Gaza isn't a country of its own, it's part of Israel.

    Would you want to see a small part of America that was given to an enemy that we beat in a war? A small part of the country the UN demanded we give them? A small part from which they could launch attacks on the rest of the country?
    Bad idea.
    As to WHY, is Hama attacking Israel? It’s because they are Subhumans that are resentful over the fact that they are not Humans... That’s why!.
    Also, People wrongly equate being Jewish with being Israelis In the USA, most people are probably against the harsh treatment that Israeli people that have suffered for decades. From the treatment from the Arab nations There Certainly is NO excuse for the terrorism by Hamas

  86. Because of Biden, the US is currently in deep peril. The true question is when is the Biden/Harris Administration going to answer for it?
    There are 200,000 DEAD Americas due to Biden's open border policy is alone grounds for Impeaching his Slimly Corrupted Ass. He's a traitor of the first order!
    If he and his CRACKHEAD Son took money from the enemy, or give aid and comfort to the enemy in any way...they are committing treason.
    But you ignorant people wanted to impeach the President of America for NO really True reason but only because he wasn't in your your party invented LIES , and Fake Stories, from assholes like Adam Schiff, and Hillary Clinton just to get rid of someone you didn’t like. Well this time the Table has Turned. So SUCK IT UP! Or don’t, no one gives a crap!

  87. The Gray One Talks Ass.December 12, 2023 at 10:24 AM

    The Democrats are Afraid that Donald Trump will do to them what they have done to him!
    A new set of anti-Trump talking points has been cropping up in the liberal phoney Media recently, warning of the horrors that will come to pass if Donald Trump wins the election in 2024. Most of it is shameless fearmongering, but there’s something else going on too.
    It seems as if the Democrats are afraid that if Trump is elected he’ll do to them precisely what they’re currently doing to him. Like Impeaching, and making up Lies, and Fairy-tales When Trump fearmongers in the Liberal Media cry out with one voice that Trump will weaponize the Justice Department and the courts, rig our elections, and shred the Constitution, it’s pure projection. Because that’s exactly what they’re doing right now in a desperate bid to prevent Trump from winning office again.
    Day 1 will be known as Bloody Monday due the amount of pink slips and reduction of force notices that will go out to the various Government agencies. Politics can be a nasty Profession, when it comes to KARMA..

  88. If Joe is that popular and won by that much he shouldn't have to jail his opponent. Apparently that is the only way he could win .either that or cheat

  89. Lisa,
    Joe won. Trump lost. You either have the emotional or intellectual maturity to accept what is real, or you fall into every lie and conspiracy theory Trump throws at you.
    Your choice.
    Now show me, if you can, how Biden has indicted Trump, when in fact he was indicted by grand juries and troves of evidence.
    I know, I know. You just FEEL Trump is an honest and wronged man. I get it.
    But rational thought and factual evidence have nothing to do with your FEELINGS. Trump throws tantrums and you must throw tantrums.
    Grow up.

  90. Read, and Weep Davey Boy
    Poll shows Biden hitting record low approvals, falling behind against Trump in 2024 match up!

    1. Talk about intellectual maturity Davey BOY, You Have NONE!

    2. Let me know about the polls AFTER Trump is a convicted felon.
      FORBES Today:
      President Joe Biden would beat former President Donald Trump in seven swing states in a general election matchup, according to a new poll that also found a potential conviction could hurt Trump significantly—the latest survey, amid a series of negative polls for Biden, showing a hotly contested race if both become their respective parties’ nominees.

    3. Do You Mean President Joe Biden the CROOKED Cocksucker, the LYING Son of a Bitch, the one who has been milking our Country for 40 years? The DICTATOR who wants to cut the Electric for this country so that we would need to buy more SHIT for China? The Bastard who has been raking off 10% for "the Big Guy!
      Oh yes that's the one!

  91. Glad that your "Quite entertained"

    You are entertaining all of us, as well.

  92. Anonymous (IMHO or otherwise),
    That's the spirit! Very open-minded of you.
    Most folks here just want to get their adrenaline rush from angry and vulgar adolescent name-calling.

  93. Perhaps Mr Dubya was referring to THIS!
    "Biden's presidential victory was fueled by a record-shattering $145 Million in Chinese Communist Party "Dark Money," says"

    or this
    President Biden just pledged to shut down 60% of America’s Electric power.
    Or this!
    President Bident was Confused right out of the gate. As Ukraine President Zelenskyy was right next to him as the Usurper read his answer to a reporter’s question directly from a script in front of him. How Embarrassing and Pathetic.
    It seems as if this Country is in the hands of a bunch of psychopath!

    In a fair election Trump should win by 50 million votes.

    And MAYBE Mr Dubya can explain this?
    WHY are we are still buying oil from Russia as we finance Ukraine's war with Russia... And WHY are we are sending weapons to Israel to Fight an Iranian funded Hamas as we send Iran Billions.?

    1. Oil is a GLOBAL commodity. The US Stopped buying directly from Russia, but there are loopholes utilized by Big Oil corporations. You know, the elites Trump gave TAX CUTS to.

      After Russia invaded Ukraine, the U.S. and European allies banned the import of Russian oil and natural gas. But a new report reveals that fuel made in part from Russian crude is still ending up in American gas tanks. Nick Schifrin and producer Teresa Cebrian report on a new investigation released by the organization, Global Witness.

      The story begins in Siberia, which holds the majority of Russia's oil reserves. Russia produces 9.6 million barrels of crude oil per day, its single most important source of revenue.

      And it sells that oil to countries outside the U.S. and European Union, including China, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and India, home to the world's largest oil refinery, the sprawling Jamnagar refining complex.

      Before the war in Ukraine, Jamnagar imported almost no Russian crude. Today, Global Witness found about one-third of its monthly crude imports are Russian. At Jamnagar, the Russian crude is blended with other foreign crude and refined into gasoline, diesel, and other products that can be legally bought by American companies.

  94. This will be the America that the Democrats are promising if they "win" again in 2024..... More, Riots, murder, food shortages, because the groceries have been burned and looted. Real Americans are shocked and disheartened by the encouragement and outright support looters, arsonists, and thugs have received from the major party of the United States.
    The “Big Guy” is on a mission to harm the USA and its citizens, period. This just CANNOT STAND. Our destruction will be inevitable if he's allowed another “ILLEGAL” term in office.
    The idiots in DC need to learn that you CANNOT eliminate one (major) source of energy until you have something at least as good or better to replace it with.

    Solar panels and wind farms are a big Joke!
    It looks like Trump will have a lot of work to do.

    1. What is wrong with DR's head? It's so full of emotionally charged bullshit she lost her grip on reality.

      As of January 2023, 73.5 gigawatts (GW) of utility-scale solar capacity was operating in the United States, about 6% of the U.S. total.

      U.S., wind currently generates twice the amount of electricity it did five years ago and provides 10% of the nation's electricity — a share expected to grow to more than 25% by 2050.

      Both ARE being EXPANDED to replace coal.

      Only a paranoid idiot would believe Biden will shut off their power.


  95. Why did, Liberals Complain SO MUCH About the Koch Bros but not at all about George Soros?
    Have the Progressive Communist Democrats have suffered a Brain Freeze in their logic when it comes to that Treasonous POS? .
    When your Enemy openly tells you “that they want to kill you”, it is best to believe them.

    Unfortunately, the Progressive Communist Democrat Elites, the academics, and the liberal media are so arrogant as to believe that some other individuals and organizations do not share their same value system. They use their power construct, which divides everything into oppressor and the oppressed—believing they must stand with anybody that self-identifies as being oppressed, be they Queer, Black, Transvestite, Marxists, or Murderous Terrorists. They cannot admit that their basic ideology contains flaws and is Completely Bogus.

    As for anti-Israel or anti-Semitism, the equation holds. Even though the Palestinian-Arabs, in reality, Egyptians and Transjordanians, have been self-governing without a Jew in sight since 2005, they must be victims because they remain poor while their neighbor Israel is comparatively wealthy—ignoring the 20% of the Israel population that is Arab and refuses even to consider any other country as their homeland. And, forgetting that the leadership of Gaza are millionaires and billionaires and live in luxury outside of Gaza—continuing to steal Billions from the Humanitarian Aid That Is Meant for the Gazens

    As for the American College Dummies that are parading allover the College Compasses waving those hundreds of Palistionan
    They are being led by trained professional agitators, with today’s Palestinian flag that are substituting for posters of Che Guevara, another Murderous Terrorist who personally machine-gunned his victims while eating a Papaya and Cocoanut while stabbing his fellow Communist in the back. .

    The Bottom line is…If America is to fall, it will fail because us dummies did nothing to stop them.
    If you are an international student and side with America’s Enemies, you should be deported, at ONCE, just THROWN OUT PERIOD, no questions asked. . If you are an American and Destroy Public and Private Property, you should go to jail and be treated as the Felon. You are.
    If you are a Progressive Communist Democrat and an Elected or an Appointed Official, YOU NEED TO LOSE YOUR JOB! We have more than enough trouble without the likes of YOU!

    1. Just a tip.
      Whenever someone calls democrats "communists" they have shown the world their ignorance and hate.

      This shows the deep brainwashing that would manipulate MAGAts into killing anyone who is against Trump.

      It is NAZI rhetoric, as any student of history would know.

      Note that NOT ONE such accusation is based on any fact or understanding of what communism really is. It's purely a demonizing word to stir up more HATE. (ANOTHER NAZI TACTIC like "vermin")

      I know you people HATE education, but your IGNORANCE is lethal to a functioning democratic republic.

    2. "Just a tip" !
      You Know Where You Can Stick YOUR TIP, Don't You!

  96. Yes Mr. DUBYA, I Know it much to well. MY HATE LIES DIRECTLY At YOU "Democratic, Progressive Communists"

    1. “Well done Republicans. Well done gramps”. Russian state media praise McConnell and GOP.

      Russia is celebrating as lawmakers remain deadlocked over aid to Ukraine.

      All you KGB commie loving Putin/Trump suckers are WITH him, aren’t you?

  97. NOW GET THE Hell OFF OF OUR Republican Board, no one here likes you in fact the ALL HATE you and your stinking ILK!

  98. Hunter Biden arrives at the Capitol, and the first thing that he says is “ My father was not financially involved in my business!”
    Of course he said don’t implicate the person who can pardon you. What a lying sack of sh*t. Actually, it was the other way around. Hunter WAS IN HIS FATHER‘S BUSINESS.
    150 Suspicious Activity Reports Don't Lie. And neither do the Banks that are involved.

    1. 150 Suspicious Activity Reports NOT INVOLVING JOE BIDEN.
      Get the FACTS.
      There is ZERO evidence Joe got "10%" of anything. It was PROPOSED by Hunter and REJECTED by Joe.
      But you cultists never hear about that, do you?

      What about that “big guy” email?
      Data purportedly from a laptop that allegedly belonged to Hunter Biden included a May 2017 email from one of his business partners laying out how percentages of equity from a proposed venture with a Chinese energy company could be divided. One line of that email asks the question, “10 held by H for the big guy?” Hunter Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski, who was one of Donald Trump’s guests for a presidential debate in 2020, told Fox News that he believed “H” stood for Hunter and “the big guy” was Joe Biden. Beyond that, Fox News also reported that there was no evidence that any part of the business deals with the Chinese entities went to Joe Biden. It is also worth pointing out that in 2017, Joe Biden was no longer Vice President and was nearly two years away from announcing his candidacy for President.

    2. From NOW ON, Lets, Totally IGNORE this POS "D.D."Davey Douchebag ! He's nothing but a Scum- Bag that hasn't any Respect for his Country! And a Progressive Communist Lover.

    3. Anonymous really has gone all NAZI. There's no doubt he would shoot anyone his Fuhrer Trump tells him to shoot.
      No morals. No ethics. No basic human decency.

  99. Now the Democrats are the “Bad Guys” for calling the College Students as NAZIS. Yep. The left are out of the Closet and Exposing Their True Socialist Fascist Selves.
    After all the times that the leftist Democratic Shitlords were calling others "Nazis"

    That was projection. Now it all came to light after Oct. 7th. Idk why, but I guess they felt they no longer had to hide their
    inner Nazism after that.
    Why did it come out all of a sudden?

    You have to ask yourself, why did Hamas conduct the attack on 10/7 in the first place? For what purpose? It was for the purpose of eliciting the reaction they received, which was retribution for their attack. Then they sat back and cried over being killed and oppressed. The hospital debacle incident is a prime example. The Israel government DID NOT even attack it, as the hospital was not even hit directly. But at the end of the day, you send out your propaganda army to try and persuade the world to fight on the side of Hamas which is what they need in order to win.

    The Left is all about using such events as George Floyd or 10/7 as rallying cries for their cause, all the while making it a one-sided story with only one side being victimized, just like with George who had enough Fentanyl in his system to kill him, who had Covid, and who resisted police any way he could. In fact, that was his life's history, and looking at it, you wonder how he had lived this long. Yet, the police officer was seen as the sole reason George died with no accountability to be shared with the victim. The Left tried to do the same with Hamas, but that was hard considering Hamas admitted to targeting women and infants and then danced in the streets afterwards when they had been slaughtered.
    Yea, that was a hard sell, but the shithead Commies on the left managed to sell it..

  100. Joe Biden said in his Hanukkah speech that the October 7th attack on Israel was 65 years ago.
    So, Now tell me that this Potato-head is not Senile!

    1. Biden said "65 years" instead of 65 days. Good to know that's the only problem you have with his speech.

      October 22, 2020: Trump says if Biden is elected, the stock market will crash.
      December 13, 2023: the stock market reaches a new record high as the Dow Jones Industrial Average closes above 37,000 for the first time ever.

  101. Can anyone show me one piece of legislation that the now GOP controlled House has passed to help the American people?




  103. Dave Dubya If you call anyone on this Blog a NAZI again. I promise you that I will personally contact that person and ask them to IGNORE YOU as I am going to right after I finish with this post. .

    1. Falsely and malevolently calling me and others a communist is what Nazis do.
      If you're not a Nazi, don't ACT LIKE ONE!

    2. How did it feel being called a NAZI?
      Something that YOU have been doing to everyone else!
      You Prick!

    3. Unlike all the MAGA snowflakes, I don't get my panties in a wad when assholes and idiots call me names. They're just showing me what they really are.

      Note. NOT ONE person here can show where ANY of my facts are wrong. So they attack me personally, like spoiled adolescent bullies.

      But they prove their heads are as full of lies and hate as any Nazi.

    4. Do you really think "MAGA" which means "Make America Great Again"are Nazi's?... has your mind been that corrupted?.... I feel sorry for you, can you really be that Stupid? ... You MUST be a terrible American when you go around calling your fellow citizens Nazi's... your side will never win with people like you in it... so I'm happy to see you spout your hatred for your fellow man.... and I'll be even happier to watch you lose... again...

    5. Do you really think "MAGA" which means "Make America Great Again"are Nazi's?...

      Yes. maga is a White Supremacist Nazi movement.

    6. So Anonymous is upset about me (AND THE POPE) comparing Trump to Hitler, but is JUST FINE with racist crap like this:

      Les CarpenterDecember 13, 2023 at 5:28 PM
      Dave Dumbya loves niggers!

      That tells us all we need to know. I get the hate, but the racism gets a pass.

      Jesus knows the hate in your hearts. You insult his Word to love your fellow man. He condemned such HYPOCRITES. This is truly a pit of racist neo-Nazi MAGAts.

    7. MAGA now means, "My Attorneys Got Attorneys".

      Trump's criminal cartel is facing justice, so the cult wants to kill every American who isn't loyal to Trump and worshiping him over our rule of law and democracy.

  104. Anonymous @ 4:43 AM,
    What veteran did I call a Hitler?
    You take may comparisons of authoritarian bigots to Nazis as a smear against all veterans somehow.
    Look at the MAGAt who stole Les's name to make a RACIST ATTACK ON ME!
    The fact YOU ARE OK with that, but despise me, tells me something about YOU.
    I see you must ignore ALL the horrible name-calling cast at me just for SHOWING FACTS. Why do you hide behind veterans, as if I denigrated them? NOWHERE have I done so. If a MAGAt happens to be a veteran and calls me a commie, I WILL retaliate against his hate and lies.
    The same kind of hate and lies were how the original Nazis rose to power.
    You just made up your own excuse to hate me. I've done nothing to harm anyone. What does that make YOU?
    It suggests TRUMP is your messiah. You probably think you're a Christian, but swoon over a hateful narcissistic servant of MAMMON. Maybe you have a beam in YOUR eye?
    You HATE anyone who sees Trump as an evil man and a criminal who openly stated he wants to be dictator.
    Funny thing is, THAT IS WHAT HITLER WAS.
    I was raised with Christian values.
    I try to love people I disagree with. Everyone has a right to their beliefs. But when they believe hateful LIES and attack me for telling the TRUTH, I will RESIST them. I will tell them facts that they do not want to know, so they HATE me for it.
    My brother is a Vietnam vet with PTSD and Agent Orange in his body. He was getting shot at while your hero got lame medical deferments from a doc who owed his father a favor. He sees Trump for the draft-dodging, lying COWARD he is. Maybe you want to call him a commie too?

  105. Anonymous,
    While you're busy hating me for my facts and honest comparisons between Trump and Hitler, you'll have to hate this guy, too:

    In his new book “Let Us Dream,” Pope Francis takes aim at populist politicians whose rallies conjure memories of 1930s fascism, fanned by the likes of Adolf Hitler.

    “Today, listening to some of the populist leaders we now have, I am reminded of the 1930s, when some democracies collapsed into dictatorships seemingly overnight. We see it happening again now in rallies where populist leaders excite and harangue crowds, channeling their resentments and hatreds against imagined enemies to distract from the real problems.”

    “People fall prey to such rhetoric out of fear, not true religious conviction,” he noted. Such “superficially religious people vote for populists to protect their religious identity, unconcerned that fear and hatred of the other cannot be reconciled with the Gospel.”

  106. Dave DubyaDecember 14, 2023 at 6:36 AM

    Anonymous @ 4:43 AM,
    ASSHOLE! YOU SAID "What veteran did I call a Hitler?
    You take may comparisons of authoritarian bigots to Nazis as a smear against all veterans somehow.'


    1. Anonymous @ 4:39 reacts just how a Nazi would react.
      If you don't like being compared to Nazis, STOP ACTING LIKE ONE!
      The reason you hate me is the same reason all American neo-Nazis would hate me. I support democracy, decency, truth and compassion.
      This is why the racist MAGAts and fellow neo-Nazis hate me.
      Note NOT ONE MAGAt here will condemn the idiot using the racist slurs. Because this is how you ALL THINK.
      Just look at the racist portrayal of the Obamas.
      The best defense you have is, "I'm an American white supremacist MAGAt, NOT A NAZI".
      Hitler was a vet. Many American neo-Nazis served in the military.
      From the Department of Defense:
      "We work very closely with the FBI to identify any current or former military personnel engaged in domestic extremist behaviors," the official said.

      Some military personnel are seduced by the violent militia behavior. "You've seen many examples of that in this country over the years of these militias becoming armed and active," the official said. "Then (there is) another domain within this phenomenon (of those) that are racially or ethnically motivated."

      The rise of extremism in the general population affects the department, the official said. "There has been a resurgence of white supremacy and white nationalist activity over the past five or six years," he said. "The 2017 rally in Charlottesville was probably the largest gathering of white supremacy in this country in decades."

      Being a veteran SHOULD mean supporting our democracy and Constitution, but any racist vet who worships the traitor Trump is also a traitor.

      No wonder all you racists get upset with me. ;-)

  107. I have zero sympathy for civilians in Gaza, the majority of whom support Hamas and celebrated the October 7 terrorist attack. Likewise, children who are taught Jew hatred and to play act killing Jews. It is with complete moral clarity I declare that any civilian death is on the hands of Hamas, the continued perpetrator of terrorism and the practice of using civilians as human shields. Any diminution of force would increase the number of IDF casualties
    There is something you need to understand.... There are no civilians in Gaza. I'm not in the mood to look for it but a poll was done about who Gaza civilians like and don't like -- The USA is the most hated of anybody, even Israel. They don't like the other Arab States either. Or even Iran. If Hamas was using “human shields” as we’ve been told, killing civilians should also yield a huge Hamas fatality rate, since Hamas would be hiding among civilians. Yet the IDF has managed to kill massive numbers of civilians while barely touching Hamas. Maybe they’re just lying about human shields?
    And if they had already MURDERED the rest of the Hostages, I suggest that the Israelis’ follow their lead and return the favor.

  108. Is Joe Biden the greatest president in America history? I say he might be. Let's wait until his 2nd term concludes. Though I think by then it should be obvious that the answer is YES.

    That dotard donald was the worst is something we know NOW. This fact will be confirmed when dotard donald is sentenced to a long time behind bars 😁😁😁😁

    I pray he doesn't die before getting locked up πŸ™

  109. That's rich, Derpish SandersKKK666! You're the Klan Grand Kleagle of Paris Tennessee. And your hatred of Bibi Netanyahu and false accusations of Netanyahu being a pro Hamas terrorist race traitor keeps adding ammunition to Satan's war chest. Satan is cheering for you, Dervish. There's a special place in Hell for your kind, the Jew haters. When you hang off a meat hook next to Adolf Hitler, Satan will be laughing at you until the moment comes for Fire Lake to consume everyone in Hell.

    Consider this a warning about what awaits you when you take your dirt nap soon.

  110. The DINGBAT Joe Biden Superfan said:
    "Is Joe Biden the greatest president in America history? I say he might be. Let's wait until his 2nd term concludes"