Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Gotta get rid of those bitter clingers somehow. Who needs death panels, when you can just eliminate hospitals. Next time a liberal tells you that ObamaCare makes medical care more affordable, ask him how anyone is supposed to afford it if they can't even get there?
Stewart-Webster Hospital had only 25 beds when it still treated patients. The rural hospital served this small town of 1,400 residents and those in the surrounding farms and crossroads for more than six decades.
But since the hospital closed in the spring of last year, many of those in need have to travel up to 40 miles to other hospitals. That's roughly the same distance it takes to get from Times Square to Greenwich, Conn., or from the White House to Baltimore, or from downtown San Francisco to San Jose.
Since the beginning of 2010, 43 rural hospitals — with a total of more than 1,500 beds — have closed, according to data from the North Carolina Rural Health Research Program. The pace of closures has quickened: from 3 in 2010 to 13 in 2013, and 12 already this year. Georgia alone has lost five rural hospitals since 2012, and at least six more are teetering on the brink of collapse. Each of the state's closed hospitals served about 10,000 people — a lot for remaining area hospitals to absorb.
What's behind it? It begins with an O and ends with an A.
Critics say the ACA is also accelerating the demise of rural outposts that cater to many of society's most vulnerable. These hospitals treat some of the sickest and poorest patients — those least aware of how to stay healthy. Hospital officials contend that the law's penalties for having to re-admit patients soon after they're released are imptossible to avoid and create a crushing burden.
 And that just happens to benefit some of the big health corps that supported ObamaCare. One of those little corrupt coincidences.
That's how you kill people while promising that you're helping them.
Another dead white man who won't be voting anymore. Mission accomplished.


  1. http://www.healthcaredive.com/news/surviving-the-rural-hospital-closing-challenge/405892/

    Read this article.


    1. Read something that doesn't represent their pea brained black and white viewpoints?

    2. So what your article is the only one that is right?

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  3. Why would I read anything that YOU suggest?
    It's most likely a sack of lies, like everything else you have to say.
    You disgusting piece of S$$t.

  4. Laura, is that your real name or are you just another sock puppet here at Who's Your Daddy?

    In any case you do a very effective job of projecting.

    1. Is Rational Nation USA your "real name"?
      No? So don't ask questions that don't require answers!
      And as for "doing effective jobs"..
      You do a great bob at embarrassing yourself every time you write a comment.

    2. You do a great bob

      He certainly does a great bob on the other side of the glory hole in the greyhound station's men's room!

  5. In all fairness I have to say that I know SEVERAL poor people, personally, who were unable to obtain ANY kind of health insurance before Obamacare came in. NOW they can afford it, BECAUSE the GOVERNMENT (that's you and me, of course!) is picking up a large percentage of the tab.

    One of these people has been battling cancer for ten years. He used up his ":lifetime benefits allowance" on his policy seeking treatment, and was literally thrown into the street unable to get ANY medical care at ALL after the insurance company quit on him.

    HE will tell you in all sincerity that Obamacare has saved –– or at least prolonged –– his life. I can't say I'm not glad for him. He's a good guy and the father of six children he'd like to see grown up.

    So the adage holds true. There really are TWO SIDES to EVERY COIN.

    1. we are still picking up the tab. Insurance that cost 30.000 per month with a 10.00 copay is being paid for by someone either way.

    2. I feel bad for your friend FT really. I had a friend who was being treated at Sloan Kettering and was told they are not taking Obamacare or the new insurance her company was forced to take due the higher costs. As a matter of fact he ER copay went up to 1000.00 and they didn't keep her overnight since she didn't have the 1000.00 copay. So yes there are 2 sides to every story.
      so many people at my company cannot afford the higher premiums we have now and we were told the increase was due to the taxes and penalties inflicted by the ACA.
      So it seems we are still in the same boat. Some benefit,some don't

    3. Yes, Lisa. I'm glad for ANYONE who receives effective medical care in a timely manner, and I AM glad for my poor friend.

      The trouble with the whole thing, of course, is that ALL we've done in adopting the ACA is SWITCH VICTIM GROUPS. Somebody always has to get screwed, and now it's "our" turn.

      It reminds me of the French and Russian Revolutions.

      It's as though the government were playing Whack a Mole with the heads of its citizens. Sooner or later you KNOW they're gonna ZAP ya.

      If this be "Social Justice," we might just as well go back to the Feudal System.

  6. Thank you for your honesty here FreeThinke and this real life story.

    The ACA is certainly not perfect and MUCH
    needs to be done to correct its
    deficiencies and improve it so it works as intended. The real issue of skyrocketing medical and drug costs combined with ridiculously high insurance premiums (and super high deductibles for bronze plans) lies at the heart of this nations healthcare woes. The ACA did very little to alter this, except for the poor and low income folks. The middle took it on the chops as usual. It made no difference at all to the very wealthy.

    1. And the GOP let the middle class take the brunt by insisting insurance companies remain part of the process.

  7. well I guess we have to sacrifice some for others. Shared responsibility
    I guess

    The ambulance got to Walter Skellie in plenty of time in September. But the 45-minute ride to the nearest hospital since Stewart-Webster closed was so long he became violently ill. He had two strokes hours later.

    We saved lives," says Ammons, who was a nurse at the Stewart-Webster Hospital that was forced to close. "We saved a lot of lives."

  8. Again rather than pursuing a rational discussion on the weak points of the ACA with the purpose of improving it for ALL you focus on an extreme event for the purpose of trying to discredit Obama in particular and liberals/progressives in general. This approach is adolescent at best and is doomed to failure.

    I do not know if you studied history at all Lisa but if you did you wilfully missed a lot. Life is about progress, gaining new knowledge, grasping new concepts and the insights they often provide. Life is not about going backwards Lisa, it never has been. Our founders understood this, at least the most enlightened of them did.

  9. oh we are going backwards believe me. Hillary wants a new "New Deal"
    Race relations thanks to the democrats are worse than ever and minorities under democrat policies are worse off even before the "New Deal"
    Progress is just a word .

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  11. It's not the fault of these jigs, these evolutionary throwbacks are literally 10,000 years behind whites and Asian's in the evolutionary process. They are not able to use critical and analytical thinking skills to come to rational conclusions, they are emotion driven animals and are easily duped and mislead by their Democrat handlers. They are the same as trying to domesticate a wild animal like a wolf or lion, they may seem safe and OK to live among but at any moment they revert to their inherent savage tendencies and attack, like, who actually kills a person over a pair of kicks or because someone looked at them wrong and they thought they were dissed. Reality is something they can't deal with, only about 10% of them are capable of living in the modern world as civilized human beings.

    1. Rig a jig jig and away we go!
      Away we go! Away we go!
      Rig a jig jig and away we go!
      Hi ho! Hi ho! Hi Ho!

      Away we go! Away we go!
      Away we go! Away we go!
      Rig a jig jig and away we go!
      Hi ho! Hi ho! Hi Ho!

      Repeat until loss of consciousness occurs.

    2. Thanks Shaw for summarizing the racist, pea brained attitudes from the right.

    3. Aw look, Shaw is posting the same screed at screwliberals.com under 'Lester.' Asswipe.

  12. I do find it interesting the dialogue in America is not about honest discussion and analysis of ALL all data by both "sides" and eventually acceptance or compromise based on reason and or science. Rather it is about searching for and accepting only information that supports ones already held views or beliefs regardless of validity or truth.

    While both conservatives and liberals fall prey to this malady it is the extremes that are the most guilty. Most moderates who lean slightly right view the tea party as rather extreme and disengenuos.

    Attack the message with honest data and correct information and you will win. Attacking a messenger shows fear. Which is why the feat on this weblog glows in neon.

    1. Incredible to think you are JUST finding that out!

      I've been inveighing against exactly that for decades –– not that anyone takes much notice.

      "A prophet is without honor in his own country."

      "Plus ca change, plus ca la meme chose!"

    2. With all due respect, it is incredible to me that you ms me the assumption that I am "just finding that out."

      Those who know me know it has been my concern for years. However it has not been my posistion that everything must be as I might wish it to be.

      Inflexible rigidity and uncompromising stubbornness closes the door of opportunity for greater knowledge and opportunity.

      Continually shooting the messenger and mounting unfounded personal
      attacts simply because one disagrees is pointless, unproductive, and childish.

      There is such a thing as respectfully agreeing to disagree and moving on.

      At any rate things are unlikely to change. But there is always hope for a change for the better.That is if we strive for rational compromise and unity rather than manufactured division.

      There is certainly enough blame to go

      Thanks for the discussion FreeThinke.

  13. See that, it Happens all the time, all this time you thought that i was the biggest idiot in this board, and all the time it was really SHAW

  14. RN, going foward please refrain from commenting on health care related subjects until you actually have personal health care.

    Thank you for understanding

  15. You really are dumb RS, but that's okay it's not your fault.

    Thank you for trying to grasp things above your head though.

  16. be very careful playing the position of "catchers" without health care in case you happen to get iinjured

    1. Yep. One can really get hurt doing "catchers"! (cue up a trite "I know you are but what am I" from RN USSR)

  17. RN, whats your opinion of the "catchers" for the Kansas City Royals.....do you think he's a good "catchers?"

  18. In the end none of this matters, because we're all headed in the same direction –– None of this matters in the long run, because we're all destined to meet a fate that no one can escape. What may or may not lie Beyond we cannot know till we get there. Edgar Allan Poe, one of our greatest poets, had grim, forbidding vision of the nature of death.

     The Conqueror Worm (1843)

    Lo! 'tis a gala night
__ Within the lonesome latter years!
An angel throng, bewinged, bedight
__ In veils, and drowned in tears,
Sit in a theatre, to see
__ A play of hopes and fears, 

    While the orchestra breathes fitfully
__ The music of the spheres.
Mimes, in the form of God on high,
__ Mutter and mumble low,
And hither and thither fly ––
__ Mere puppets they, who come and go 

    At bidding of vast formless things
__ That shift the scenery to and fro,
Flapping from out their Condor wings
__ Invisible Woe!

That motley drama –– oh, be sure
__ It shall not be forgot! 

    With its Phantom chased for evermore,
__ By a crowd that seize it not, 

    Through a circle that ever returneth in
__ To the self-same spot,
And much of Madness, and more of Sin,
__ And Horror the soul of the plot.

But see, amid the mimic rout
__ A crawling shape intrude!
A blood-red thing that writhes from out
__ The scenic solitude!
It writhes! –– it writhes! –– with mortal pangs
__ The mimes become its food,
And seraphs sob at vermin fangs
__ In human gore imbued.

Out- out are the lights –– out all!
__ And, over each quivering form,
The curtain, a funeral pall,
__ Comes down with the rush of a storm,
While the angels, all pallid and wan,
__ Uprising, unveiling, affirm 

    That the play is the tragedy, "Man,"
__ And its hero the Conqueror Worm.


~ Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849)

    No amount of legislation, mere earthly treasure, or coercion by self-styled do-gooders could hope to save us from that!

  19. we know FT thanks. But it's still fun

    1. Of course it is, Lisa, and that's why I despise the Left. They see nothing but the grimmest, dreariest, most depressing, discouraging, enervating aspects of life, and dwell on the negative so intensely their view of the world blots out all awareness that life CAN be beautiful at times, and that is IS possible for us to enjoy being conscious and aware.

  20. Speaking of "catchers" all the trendies want Mike Fox to throw out first pitch of the World Series for a trendy "Back to the Future" schtick. You'd need "catchers" on every side of the mound with shaky throwing.

    And would he ever throw? He'd always be shaking off the "catchers"!

  21. I am throughly convinced that you don’t have to be too terribly intelligent to be a reporter for the liberal mainstream media, I realize the mainstream media does a lousy job of reporting when FACTS are in the equation, but for crying out loud, catastrophe in Benghazi Libya in was a blatant misrepresentation of facts and history.
    So here we are again with Hillary Rodham Clinton confronted by charges of obstruction of justice, perjury and general improbity. Such behavior has been going on with her for a long time,,
    We hear such lies for that Cover-Up, that it made the Bosnia Sniper Fire story look like a Child’s fairy Tale. And we are still listening to Hillary's Blatant Lies. Liar, Lies, and more Lies, followed by Implausible Deniability. I could go on, but you get my drift. There is a long record of blatant corruption up to the very present, and though the American taxpayer might not remember other markedly unsavory figures. And this is what these Progressives A-Holes want for their President!
    Maybe the mainstream media can write, at least to some degree, but has issues with math. Opinions can vary, but Facts do matter! And if Hillary is elected, it is our own damn fault, just like it was when Obama was re-elected.

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  23. Golly gee. With all those,"facts" you allude to if they could have been proven you would think that after the longest running investigation in United States history the dimwits running it would have been able to produce something. But they haven't, and they never will. Ever.

    There is a reason for this and it certainly has escaped the pin head party and their supporters.

    1. Your desperation to save that dried up, dust filled old cooze is sweet sweet music to my ears. Hitlery is GOING DOWN (and NOT LIKE the way the boys at the rest area do)

  24. Frankly Redass your GOP tea party approved method of operation is laughable and adolescent at best and pathetically sick at its worst.

    Time to team up with your sidekick Chucklenutz right Redass?

    1. Once again your blather says absolutely nothing. When you make an assertion, Clarence Darrow, it is to followed up with evidence. After failing at this 21,998 straight times Maybe you should try to get it right

      Oh and lookie here and slash vertically: see how REAL AMERICANS react to your vile old dried up cooze snake of a candidate's wet dream or seizing guns from REAL AMERICANS. Picture that x 300,000,000. Still believe you totalitarian shitbags will be successful?


    2. Sanders is a Communist,, and Clinton a “joke”

  25. No hollow man, what was laughable were the five cornballs on the dems debate stage.

    Jim Webb couldn't string two sentences together and appeared to have a broomstick up his ass.
    Martin O'Malley touting a delusional idea of success as mayor of Baltimoe, leaving it a war zone.
    Bernie Sanders, whose give away programs, if done would cost 18 trillion dollars over a ten year period. Free college, does he actually understand someone has to foot the bill. Someone needs to tell the old fool there aren't enough billionaire's to cover his freebies.
    Hillary Clinton, a dishonest old hag, who will go which ever way the wind is blowing.
    Lincoln Chafee, just waiting for the mother ship to land and take him back to the planet Mongo.

    Yes Lester, that is really a crew to be proud of.

    1. Amen. And for the record: every time a raghead (or liberal) gets ventilated, the Baby Jesus smiles!

    2. Well that put it neatly in a nutshell,good one Rusty


    I. The Minor Poet

    His little trills and chirpings were his best.
    No music like the nightingale's was born
    Within his throat; but he, too, laid his breast
    Upon a thorn.

    II. The Pretty Lady

    She hated bleak and wintry things alone.
    All that was warm and quick, she loved too well-
    A light, a flame, a heart against her own;
    It is forever bitter cold, in Hell.

    III. The Very Rich Man

    He'd have the best, and that was none too good;
    No barrier could hold, before his terms.
    He lies below, correct in cypress wood,
    And entertains the most exclusive worms.

    IV. The Fisherwoman

    The man she had was kind and clean
    And well enough for every day,
    But, oh, dear friends, you should have seen
    The one that got away!

    V. The Crusader

    Arrived in Heaven, when his sands were run,
    He seized a quill, and sat him down to tell
    The local press that something should be done
    About that noisy nuisance, Gabriel.

    VI. The Actress

    Her name, cut clear upon this marble cross,
    Shines, as it shone when she was still on earth;
    While tenderly the mild, agreeable moss
    Obscures the figures of her date of birth.

    ~ Dorothy Parker (1893-1967)