Thursday, February 11, 2016


The Basher of the rich and the blatherer of "Fair Share" meeting with the millionaire tax evader.
I guess if the shoe fits


  1. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton stepped up their fight to win over African-American voters, Hillary is looking to gain more votes by ass-kissing the Blacks in South Carolina, while Bernie is doing his ass-kissing in New York by joining Al Sharpton for Breakfast at Sylvia's, a famous Harlem Soul Food Restaurant.
    And Her Thighness is planning to do some of her ass-kissing by campaign with the Mothers of those “Unarmed Thugs” the now fallen heroes Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner.
    The only thing missing and it may even happen is Bubba playing his saxophone in a Black Church.
    While some may feel that it’s unfair to judge Hillary Clinton for the disgusting actions of her husband, but lets face it, it was Hillary’s choice to not only bring Bubba into her campaign, but to bring up the subject of the “War on Women”. Also Hillary should be judged by her husband's record because it's her history too. She chose to “Stand by her man” And she’s the one that coined the phrase “bimbo eruptions squad”

    In South Carolina, African-Americans account for more than half of the state’s Democrats.

    Sanders, fresh off his trouncing Clinton in New Hampshire primary, met Sharpton for breakfast at Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem huddled for more than a half-hour. A dozen supporters chanted, “Bernie, Bernie and Sanders left without an interview..

    But the King-Maker Al Sharpton said he would make a decision on an endorsement after meeting with Hillary next week, as he relished his role as a King-maker.

    But Sharpton did say, “I think it’s very important that he sent a signal that on the morning after a historic victory, he would come to Harlem and have breakfast with me,”

    Later, Sanders appeared on “The View,” where he commented on the shootings of unarmed black men by cops. And the audience went wild in their joy.

    And lets not forget that it was Hillary who chose to have Madeline Albright champaign for her and say that “Any women who won’t support Hillary should Go To Hell”.
    Anybody who would vote for that old, worn out old lying Hag would have to be dumb down to the bone.

  2. I guess the women in NH are going to Bern in hell

  3. I am sure unarmed black criminals getting shot keep him awake nights.
    African Americans commit 33%of murders in the country yet they are only 13% of the population and Bernie doesn't want them incarcerated


  4. Buh-Bye Carly! Buh-Bye Christie.

    Hello Trumpy. We're so happy you'll be the nominee! We couldn't ask for a crazier, no-experience, loud, boastful, clownish, 3-times married and 4-times bankrupted, louse business man, with stupid looking hair.! And woo-hoo! a wife the world can ga-ga over her ta-tas! And such a devout Christian! A Rethuglican candidate made in heaven for us Dems to walk all over .!

    Gee Shaw, there you go again always on the wrong side of the argument!
    Let me ask you a few questions... Why do republicans have the most clown in their nominees ? How is it conservatives are winning on being stupid?. Why are these teabaggers always living in a dream world? Since a lot of what you mentioned is still not federal law, I guess the right wing still rule. Did we get universal health care? NO!
    Ms Shaw. You follow business news so this is a fair question, why is the stock market acting so shitty?
    I know that Obama inherited a recession brought on by a congress who was only looking after themselves and a president who did nothing.
    So why is Obama is leaving a weak economy? Is he doing that just to get even?

    I realize that Politicians will never do anything that goes against their best interest. No matter what party no matter what position, but that seems a bit crazy to me, unless he just wants to mess up the country on purpose to make the next president look bad?

    The slightest thing that Obama does is magnified negatively. It's all politically.

    Donald Trump has been lying about everything except that he's breathing, and the MSM has been fellating him since he told the world that all Mexicans are rapists and murderers.

    Bernie is getting in Hillary’s way and it has the DNC big wigs certainly flustered and frustrated. By Hook or Crook the DNC will steamroll through any obstacles for Hillary, so it will all work out in the end.. That is if Hillary is not indited.
    And waht it it with that jerk-off Madeleine Albright?
    Anyone else who said crap like that would have been laughed out of the country, but no if she on Hillary’s side..
    Thanks To Superdelegates, Hillary Clinton Still Wins After Getting Crushed In New Hampshire She looks like a pile of dog doo that the dog dragged in.
    I certainly hope I'm mistaken , but I don’t think that the Hildebeest isn’t gonna be able to weasels her way back into the White House this time.

    As for Donald Turmp, Vulgar people are attracted to other vulgar people. thought his most vulgar comment is when he said Megan Kelly must have been bleeding from somewhere on her body. Of course every time he says something vulgar, his poll numbers go up. Go figure.

    Bernie Sanders may have crushed Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire popular vote, but thanks to superdelegates, Clinton will leave New Hampshire with the same number of delegates as Sanders

    Alas, it is obvious that Free Thinke and his friends don't know a fact from a fart.

    1. I guess some people prefer a little vulgarity over a lot of criminality

  5. I'm so disheartened by the level of stupidity on display especially among these young and naive stupid people. Let's look logically at what would happen if Crazy Bernie wins.

    All they think about is getting free stuff? If you are under 30, they want everything free college, food stamps, and whatever and of course free healthcare. If you're my age (55) you won't have to worry about paying for the long term effects. So hey! What the hell, I guess, get it while you can.

    If you are young, you have no problems. You get free healthcare, free college, a higher minimum wage, and whatever else Crazy Bernie has promised. But eventually the bill will come due. But hey YOU voted for him..."elections have consequences" . So that’s why I say vote for Hillary, not the Crazy Old Goat.

    Crazy Bernie says that you don't have to worry, that he'll make Wall Street pay for it. Though he never says how. Yeah, I’ve heard that old song before. Except it never works.
    Under Sanders the American Dream becomes: Hooray for me and screw you! Once you get past all that commie like shit and providing for family it becomes ever so much fun
    The young, have never worried about paying bills or supporting a family, or suffered through years of progressive programming and designed ignorance, or living thru a recession. But when it hits them like a freight train, they will learn fast enough. It may well be that the sooner it happens, the sooner we can trash all of this Teabaggers poison the better.
    My own daughter despises the Bern, and the black live matter folks as well, and the Trumpeters for that matter. I suspect she'd vote for Hillary simply because she knows that Hillary will nominate pro choice judges, but really she's not very political beyond thinking that the Repubs screws up everything more than they help.

    American people are tired of lousy disgusting Republican politicians.
    Thats the bottom line of this election.. So I try to tell her to vote for Hillary, because If Bernie Sanders and is the nominee of the DNC he will get creamed by Trump in the national election. And we will probably also lose more seats in the Senate and House--because most people a vote straight ticket.

    1. ^Lisa, Chaw copy/pasting her entire miserable blog here again. Since you see it it doubles her readership.

      Time for delousing.

  6. Love your masthead today Lisa. i guess you are making the case for the tyrannical capitalist government you and you rightwing fanatics are hoping to vote into power, eh Lisa?

    1. Yep better than a yahoo government

    2. A Yahoo government? Now that depends on whether it would be a true regulated free market capitalist government.

      Get back to me when you figure out what that means.

    3. there is a difference between regulating and over-regulating. The govt' has that kind of power.
      Imagine a Julian Castro,the dual citizenship,pro illegal immigration, anti-American, becoming president with that kind of governmental power?
      I prefer a pro-American anti-illegal immigration president.

    4. Lefties are so ignorant they would allow that to happen which would be a stepping stone to having a left wing radical nut in our WH until there is no turning back.
      That's how stupid and blinded they have made people

    5. So I se you actually understand that market regulation, in order to keep it free of predatory practices and monopolies is a good thing Lisa. I applaud your insight.

      As to the rest of your rant? HYPERBOLE and fear mongering aimed at the reichwing sheeple.

  7. As for that hypocritical b!tch Beyonce and her hubby Jayzee with his drug deals, and the NFL thing, the Black panthers were always, and still are a murderous terrorist organization.It appears these mongrels get away with what they do.

    As for Lisa's picture if Sanders and Sharpyon, you can caption it Dumb and Dumber

    1. Is it embarrassing for you to be several rungs below them on the IQ chart AG?

    2. Now you are defending the terrorist black panthers?

      You, seriously, are a first class creep.

    3. Hey asshole, point to my defense of the Blank Panthers here or anywhere else.

      And, link to a blog post of mine that even discusses the BP.

      Either that or STFU pond scum.

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  8. Love your masthead today Lisa. i guess you are making the case for the tyrannical capitalist government you and you rightwing fanatics are hoping to vote into power, eh Lisa?


    1. Love your masthead today Lisa. i guess you are making the case for the tyrannical capitalist government you and you rightwing fanatics are hoping to vote into power, eh Lisa?

  9. I would call Sharpton a tool but that would be an insult to my Phillips screwdriver and circular saw.

  10. Rational Nation USA February 11, 2016 at 3:59 PM...A Yahoo government? Now that depends on whether it would be a true regulated free market capitalist government.


    What gobbledygook. Your ignorance is downright abysmal. Your handlers obviously give you these smart sounding terms without any definition or context. And you more than prove how inept you are every time you attempt to throw one out.

    Hint: the second term makes the third and forth impossible. They are completely incompatible.

    Let me know when your handlers explain this to you.

  11. I cannot help the fact you do not understand markets, predators, or monopolies. And, I really don't care.

    Your lack of curiosity as well as knowledge is what is abysmal redass.

    Keep guzzling the kool aid dude... Maybe some day you'll figure it out. More and more are.

    1. The world is filled with endless woe
      By pompous fools who THINK they know.

      ~ Anne Animus

    2. That very well explains Trump, Cruz, Rubio, redass, and SO many more. Then of course there is Sanders and Clinton.

      Mirror, mirror, on the wall... Need I say more?

    3. Rational Nation USA February 12, 2016 at 9:43 AM...Mirror, mirror, on the wall... Need I say more?

      No. Because any mirror YOU'D be looking at would have shattered.


    4. As expected you flipped the issue in your usual attempt to evade the truth.

      Keep being you redass, the reichwing rethugs appreciate your slavish support.

  12. The political scene gets wilder and weirder when you listen to Democrats vigorously defending H. Rodham Clinton. Many of them seem really to believe that Hillary is the smartest, best informed, most qualified, most trustworthy person we could ever hope to find to rule over us.

    The Democratic Opposition truly believes –– or certainly WANTS to believe –– that all the charges and accusations against Her Heinous are nothing more than a long series of vicious fabrications conjured up out of whole cloth by "The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" whose sole purpose has been to destroy her and her husband out of sheer spite and no other reason.

    Hillawhore routinely portrays herself as a VICTIM, believe it or not –– she who has taken in as much as SIX-HUNDERED-FIFTY-THOUSAND DOLLARS for a SINGLE SPEECH pandering to Wall Street Financiers who have made her strident, fumbling, desperately unattractive campaign possible.

    And she claims with her inimitable version of a straight face –– in reality a basilisk stare –– that she has NEVER allowed a SINGLE PENNY of all the millions of dollars she and her constantly copulating Consort in Corruption have collected from Wall Street Cronies and Foreign Interests, many of them hostile to the United States, to influence a SINGLE decision she has made while in power.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it, and I guarantee you'll develop a raging fever, a blinding migraine headache, uncontrollable nausea and explosive bloody diarrhea that won't subside for several weeks.

    1. How quickly the democrats forgot the false claims of releasing Valerie Plame's name. They had to punish someone so Scooter Libby took the fall for not remembering his exact words in a conversation that took place 2 years prior. Or the skeptical that was made in the Clarence Thomas hearings.
      The racist democrats would not stand for a Conservative black man on the supreme court.

    2. Hillawhore? Classy FreeThinke, not.

      Democrats are opposed to conservatives on the SC Lisa, race does not have a thing to do with their opposition.

      Stop making sh*t up out of thin air Lisa.

    3. And Republicans are against far left radicals on the SC as am I

    4. Hillawhore










      H. Rotten Clinton

      Her Heinous










      Use them all free of charge, or make up a few more on your own.

      Just don't EVER call her Madam President.

    5. You can call her yo' momma for all I care.

  13. Hillary Clinton is a criminal, and anyone who still supports her obviously doesn't care about honesty, decency or ability in their President.

    Bernie Sanders is a delusional fool, who's accomplished absolutely nothing in 25 years on the public payroll. Besides, he's a neo-Communist whose wife is under investigation for bank fraud.

    I'll be voting for Donald Trump... one of the most successful businessmen in history. You know, a man who has proven that he knows what he's doing! It will be great to have a competent President for a change! #Trump2016

    1. And thankfully you will be in the dummy minority in November.

  14. Vote Gary Johnson, the only real libertarian left vying for the top slot.

  15. Your PET ROCK has better chance of getting elected president than Gary Johnson. Maybe that is –– and maybe it isn't –– a shame, but either way it's a FACT.

    1. That is true FreeThinke, Johnson has no chance of winning the presidency. Isn't is unfortunate when a relatively honest and self made man, an actual libertarian can get no traction but a man like Trump and a woman like Clinton, both known liars are front runners in their respective parties. One, Trump, is a narcissistic demagogue.

      American politics have become a joke as well as a huge media event.

      Yes FreeThinke it is a shame. My 83 year young father and I were just discussing this yesterday. When looking for rational conservative thought he is the one most often making the most sense.

      Happy President's Day. Whatever that means.

    2. It still means something to those of us who Love this Country.

  16. Gary Johnson is a disgrace to his race!

  17. Last night Mrs.Rusty and I were sipping a glass of wine while cooking dinner and turned on the kitchen TV and tuned to our first gander at a Democratic debate.

    I have to ask the Dem's that post here....are those two really the best your party has to offer the American people? A 74 year old avowed Socialist and a screeching 68 year old hag.

    They spent two hours trying to one up each other on free stuff they want to give to the folks. I lost track after free healthcare, free college, paid personal leave, release black and latino criminals after we educate them, make 11 million illegals citizens and put hedge fund managers in jail.

    When asked how they intend to pay for all these give aways they of course said tax the wealthy, close the loops holes and raise the corporate tax, while never saying who the wealthy are or what loop holes they would close.

    1. Shouldn't they start by divesting the Clintons off all their ill-gotten gains?

    2. All you have on the right are those who want only to take away more from the middle class and divert their attention with hate and racism while they rob you blind. So...you're good with the corporate socialism you're paying for with your taxes and getting little in return while our infrastructure crumbles and corporation who get subsidies which we pay for send their money to off shore tax havens.

      Maybe had you had some free College, you wouldn't be such a dummy.

    3. Hey tardhead 70 cents out of every dollar goes to gov't programs. If they are also going to corporations that is the faukt of corrupt government not the corporations.
      As usual the dems are making yet another election into another election of envy with no ability or intentions to do what they spew

  18. Same old boring left wing rhetoric. Bash the rich
    War on women,racism against minorities and immigrants. Then they have the nerve to say republicans are the dividers? If the democrats couldn't depend on stupidy,they would have nothing to depend on

  19. Where is a hellfire missile when you need one. (or a million)


    MSNBC's "Morning Joe" panelists railed against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her continued claim that Republicans are to MSNBC to Clinton: Stop blaming your honesty problem on GOP



    A panel of pundits on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Friday railed against Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton for her continued claim that Republicans are to blame for her abysmally low honest ratings and widespread view that she's untrustworthy.

    The discussion comes just days after Clinton lost the New Hampshire primary to her opponent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, and several exit polls showed her trailing Sanders among voters who consider honesty to be an important factor in who they choose to support. Among those voters, Sanders edged Clinton 92-6 percent as the more honest 2016 hopeful, according to CNN.

    "Let's be serious here for a second. When your hack spokesman starts attacking inspectors generals and the intel agencies, and your hack spokesman starts attacking the integrity of inspectors generals and John Kerry's State Department, you're desperate," host Joe Scarborough said of the Clinton campaign's defense.

    "When your hack spokesman's approach to this [is] attacking the integrity of inspectors generals, then yes, Hillary Clinton's week just went from bad to worse.

    "Here's the problem," Washington Post Reporter Chris Cillizza explained. "[Clinton] did an interview with Rachel Maddow earlier this week [and] was asked about this idea that lots and lots of people, Democrats importantly, don't believe that she's honest and trustworthy, and her answer for that was that's because there's been years and years of concerted Republican attacks on me that none of it is founded on anything."

    He continued, "That is true; there's no question that Republicans have spent years not liking the Clintons. But at the same time, this is why this latest investigation matters. This is the State Department [and] the FBI. This isn't the House Select Committee on Benghazi. This isn't Ted Cruz. This isn't Donald Trump."

    "It's just hard to make the case that this is a vast right-wing conspiracy," Cillizza said. "Remember there are now three ongoing investigations. There's the State Department into the Clinton Foundation and Huma Abedin. There's the State Department into the private email server and the FBI into the private email server, as well as whatever's going in Congress."

    Cillizza also noted that it's unlikely any of the agencies investigating Clinton "take their marching orders" from leading Republicans like House Speaker Paul Ryan or Texas senator and GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz.
    "I think it just undermines this idea that this is sort of an orchestrated attempt to bring her down. That might exist, but that's not what these are."

    "For Hillary Clinton to still be trotting out the vast right-wing conspiracy when you have the Justice Department, the State Department, the inspectors generals from the intel agencies, it seems to me it just makes her seem more desperate and undermines her credibility further," Scarborough added.

    [NOTE: Clinton and Sanders participated in the sixth Democratic debate Thursday evening sponsored by PBS, during which no questions were asked about the former first lady's problems with honesty and integrity.]

    1. Joe is a shill for the right who are out to screw the middle class and 'Secretary' Clinton's 'honesty and integrity problems' is a right wing meme and pales in comparison with the hypocrites, narcissists and evil shitheads running in the GOP.

  21. Good post FreeThinke. There is little question in many folks mind but what Clinton is not trustworthy. Including mine.

    The same can be said of most politicians, both on the left and on the right. IMNHO.

    1. There is no doubt Hillary is a politician, has connections and the Clinton's are a machine. Although I support Sanders, this 'untrustworthy' meme regarding Hillary is largely a right wing media fabrication.

    2. Yeah right her untrustworthiness is the republicans fault. Tell that to the FBI who is investigating her

    3. ONE-HUNDRED-FIFTY FBI agents are investigating the former First Cunt. That ALONE ought to tell us this is a DEADLY SERIOUS matter..

  22. I wonder which of Bernies freebies This One finds personally appealing?

    1. I wonder why that jerk ( This One) keeps taking to himself?

  23. He is like Bernie Sanders. He should be off in a corner dribbling and talking to himself

  24. Shaw's blog is one of the most dishonest and POS blogs ever.

    1. NO. Progressive Eructations ;-) is COMPLETELY honest, and that's what makes it so INFURIATING and so TERRIFYING.

  25. I'm a Democrat and so far I don't see any one running on our ticket worth voting for... Hillary Clinton is a liar and other things and Berne Sanders no way.but if Hillary is who gets the vote .I'll vote for the Republican candidate sorry but no way in hell will I vote for her and her husband to be back in the white house again she's as bad as Obama...

    1. Unless you're a millionaire, you will be shooting yourself and your family in the foot. The GOP will only take more from the middle class.

  26. Frankly the above poster is as offensive as Hillary is.

    1. Hey imposter, post under your own goddamn identify.

  27. Antonin Scalia’s Death Could Mark End of Constitution


    February 13, 2016

    The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia doesn’t merely mark a tragedy for Constitutional philosophy – it may mark the death of American Constitutionalism as a whole.

    Scalia’s philosophy of jurisprudence is well-known and shaped two generations of conservative thinkers: the Constitution ought to be interpreted according to its original meaning. This shouldn’t have been a groundbreaking notion given that most legislation is interpreted according to those rules, but because leftist jurists have spent a century chiseling away at the meaning of the Constitution based on their personal political beliefs, Scalia’s reinvigoration of traditional interpretive methodologies made him a historic figure.

    Scalia’s brilliant, passionate writing style made him author of some of the most famous dissents in Supreme Court history, and channeled the modern conservative frustration with the continuing abandonment of the Constitution.

    Scalia’s jurisprudence also reminded conservatives that there is no substitute for proven Constitutional originalism. Most conservatives ignored that when they greenlit the appointment of cipher John Roberts for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, a point I made when he was appointed. But Scalia provided a consistent reminder that Constitutional philosophy matters.

    It isn’t just a game of doing whatever you want politically. Constitutional jurisprudence is about recognizing the limits of the federal government – and recognizing the limits of the politicization of the Court itself.

    In the end, Scalia’s death could mark the end of the Constitution itself. That’s because the current Supreme Court rested, until Scalia’s death, on the vague, confused, indeterminate philosophy of Justice Anthony Kennedy, who apparently decides cases on the basis of whether he has a solid bowel movement that morning. That means that half the time, the Constitution has a shot, as in Citizens United; the other half of the time, the Constitution drains away into the mists of Kennedy’s magical social justice thinking, as in Obergefell.

    Unlike Kennedy, Scalia represented a consistent vote for a Constitution beyond modern progressive power politics. But with his death, President Obama now has the power to appoint a fifth justice to join hard-left social engineers Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, Stephen Breyer, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. If the Republican Senate allows President Obama to select Scalia’s successor, the left will have a complete monopoly on the Supreme Court. Within the next few years, Citizens United will be overturned, restoring limits on free speech; the Supreme Court will render the Second Amendment meaningless by reinterpreting the right to bear arms as a non-personal right; freedom of religion will be made subservient to same-sex marriage and abortion priorities; the death penalty will be ruled unconstitutional; unions will be allowed to continue confiscating the dollars of people who disagree with them politically; redistricting along leftist lines will return. Scalia ensured that the Supreme Court wasn’t a transformative institution; now it will become the chief tool in the left’s arsenal.
    It’s a sad commentary on the state of conservative politics that the only thing standing between the United States and the death of its founding document was a brilliant 79-year-old jurist. But unless Republicans stand up on their hind legs now, that will certainly be the case.

    [NOTE: Ben Shapiro is Senior Editor-At-Large of Breitbart News, Editor-in-Chief of DailyWire.com, and The New York Times bestselling author, most recently, of the book, The People vs. Barack Obama: The Criminal Case Against The Obama Administration (Threshold Editions, June 10, 2014). Follow Ben Shapiro on Twitter @benshapiro.]

  28. That is very unnerving FT .I was thinking how can only one person be the one to uphold the constitution and then I see the end of the article said the same thing.
    Thank you for posting Ben Shapiro's article. It is quite profound

    1. I thought so too, Lisa. Glad you recognize its significance.

    2. Shapiro is FAR from profound. Well, obviously he impresses some.

    3. ...but unfortunately NOT the Valueless Voters you most appreciate, RN.

    4. I'd like to point out that so called "Constitutionalism" is alive and well and emanating like a fetid gas leak from the Federalist Society.

      Justices (Sc)Alito and Roberts are members.

      The loss of someone who turned into a vituperative hack the last decade is hardly the end.

    5. When President Trump puts Ivanka on the Court, you'll be whistling a different tune.

  29. Poppycock. More orchestrated paranoia and fear. Anything published by Breitfart is suspect. Beginning with word one.

    1. LMAO!!

      One hell of a funny spoof.

      Trumpy has his 30-35%, it won't be enough.

      Live the dream though as long as possible.

      It will crumble and Trumpy with it.

    2. Farmer, if Trump is a Republican, why does he work blue?

  30. The power to nominate does NOT mean the Senate must agree. Check and balances my friends. CHECKS AND BALANCES."

    Yes. Most definitive. Of course the Senate refusing to do their job simply for political reasons will prove such a boon for RepubliCan'Ts (remember government shut-downs). But hey; wait until after the November elections and President Sanders will appoint the next justices.
    Remember, this President was twice elected by the voters of USA appoints Supreme Court justices (it is in the Constitution (try reading it)). (It would be so much fun to watch should President Obama nominate a follower of Islam to be a Supreme Court justice!)

    1. I never see you arguing against an Imperial President, so I find it ironic to see and hear you argue for checks and balances now. :)

  31. RN, why is it that you are such an ass-hole, and that you find homage in the land of ass-holes?

    1. Ah, you're from Kornholio too?

      In search of another product from Uranus.

  32. Ask the imposter that question ITTF. I have no idea why he, or she is such an a*sho*e.

  33. Rational Nation USA February 15, 2016 at 6:34 AM...(It would be so much fun to watch should President Obama nominate a follower of Islam to be a Supreme Court justice!)

    And it would be twice the fun to watch YOU swallow the business end of a shotgun when the REAL AMERICANS reject him unanimously

    1. A) That is not what I said.

      B) Come on fucker, and bring yiur fucking shotgun with you. You gutless uselesx piece of dogshit.

    2. You're right about one thing redass, you are REAL AMERICAN dogshit.

    3. Nice try idiot. YOU will put the shotgun in when your hadji buggerer gets rejected.


    4. YOU OWN SHIT . You are DOGSHIT redass.

      Go fuck yourself.

  34. Question: When Mooch-hell Ubunga goes on lavish trips aboard Air Force II, at our expense, does she ride in cargo? In a cage?

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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Go pray to your god FreeThinke. I'm certain your referring to HRC as HILLACUNT will buy you great favor in your heaven.

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. You shouldn't talk about not knowing Michelangelo when your strictly pedestrian taste in the visual arts is somewhere up your butt, Freethinke.

  38. I am encouraged, enlivened, reassured, affirmed and utterly THRILLED by those who profess to dislike me or fail to respect my judgment.

    I would take it as a personal INSULT, if scurrilous characters such as they ever expressed approbation of me or anything I've ever said or done.

  39. ______ Warrior Clowns ______

    The crowds stopped roaring
    And vacated the arena long ago.
    The spectacle had reached the point
    Where it no longer titillated,
    No longer shocked, depressed,
    Annoyed, or inspired
    Even the faintest semblance
    Of empathy, interest or concern.

    Evening shadows lengthen
    Darkening the tarmac.
    The sky purples, then blackens.
    There is no moon tonight.
    She has taken refuge ––
    Along with the stars ––
    Behind a thick blanket
    Of lowering thunderclouds.

    And still
    The weary gladiators fight on ––
    Unaware that the sweet Release,
    The blessed Relief ––
    The Peace
    ––The Joy––
    Of Death
    Can never overtake
    Thrusting in futility
    In the vast emptiness
    Of Cyberspace.
    Their Agony shall be

    ~ FreeThinke

    In and out the morons go
    Not knowing Michelangelo
    Kicking always at the sky
    None of them could tell you why
    Raging on late in the night
    Not one could tell you why they fight
    Addicted to endless dispute
    Not one could claim to be astute.
    Yet ever and anon they go
    Living lives replete with woe
    Never knowing Michelangelo
    Much less drawing inferences
    To T.S. Eliot's "in" verses.

    ~ FreeThinke